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ATTENTION GLSO Fairness Campaign of
The GLSO mailing list will be turned over to the
Community Mailing list after March 1, 1994. If for any Januarv EVCHTS
reason you do not want your name on the community Martin. Luther King, J 1' - Parade.
list, please call Mary Crone and request that your name The Fairness Campaign Will be participating in the
not be turned over. If you or your group would like parade on Monday, January 17th in Lexington. Exact
to be part of the decision making for how the Community times are not known at the time of this writing, but in
List is to be managed, contactAnn Olliges for the time the P253 the parade has begun . 3F 11:00 am, and
and place of the Service Network meeting. organization for those groups parLiCipating Will begin
at 10:00 am. As soon as more information is available,
itwill be announced on the Information Line: 275-7812.
Belween lhe Acts!
. _ u . n . Meeting forJanuary.
Eigflglt tocsgimbgy 81:51:36 ean 3:122, AEXS'Debt/firk $13113 After the parade, Fairness will have their first meeting
calendar for March 11th and 12th. Look for details in Of the year. After the successful ca mp aigning for
the February issue of the GLSO News or call Barb at George Brown, J r. .m the Qty COUpCll race ag?1“.5‘.a
277-5119 Right Wing Extremist candidate, Fairness is optimistic
' about the upcoming year, and how to help integrate
gays, lesbians and bisexuals into local areas. At the
RID! HOTlInE meeting, we will be discussing how to proceed with
0 this task, and with similar events in the coming
elections and political decisions. At this time, we will
2 . . ,. ,, .. ,. .7 ... ... ., .. . . also be discussing the Steering Committee, which Will
' °”'”"I" have approximately 2—4 Openings in 1994. In addition,
.. v ,, , [Ollnslcfh - v - announcementswill be made concerning events taking
_ _ ‘ .. .. _‘ __ . ‘_ place in 1994, such as “Stonewall 25” march on the
, - , . v ., United Nations in New York to further the equal rights
' " - " cause. if you do not wish to volunteer, we would still
0 ' i H i l ' " like your input on these and other issues.
l. H ' db Have you been discriminated against
[POHIODG H Um- in the Commonwealth of Kentuc
V_ HID! V l t .. for your sexual orientation?
- 21 -5383
oF ..loxlnglon. . 5
o .
GStscrimimti‘anPro cc:

___ "4" 19'5” . _,. O
EEK! 91210 avenues egg} SISTER SPIRIT NEEDS YOUR
Published Monthly by the SUPPORT
[axingfon gay/£aafiém 5510!:5551
(Organization I first met Brenda and Wanda Henson seven
PO. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575 years ago atthe Southern Womyn’s Music and Comedy
Festival. They worked in and later managed the crafts
area, selling a variety of jewelry, stones, and other
GLSO Annual Dues - $1 5 .00 items to support their work in Mississippi. They started
Dues for Couples _ $2000 the first feministbookstore in their state and found it
to be a community focal pornt for a variety of causes.
NCWSIeuer Only ‘ $10-00 They started women’s discussion groups, coming out
support groups and an HIV support network. Four
mm, years ago they incorporated as Sister Spirit, a non—profit
and don't necessarily represent those of the 61.50 Board or organization and bought 120 acres of land near Ovett,
3:25:23:32:35:21.3: m: .131. .:.“:i:::i°::..:::°:: :2: Mississippi. Camp Sister Spirit is described as a feminist
author. The staff reserves the right to edit submission and ads to cultural rem-ear Where volunteers have set emergency
Iiiiiifliii'T‘TJSS‘fin‘??? 3.131112%: 32 2:: ‘35:; J21: 2112‘ 221' food and clothing banks, worked to combat illiteracy,
denote a person's sexual orientation nor a business' customer provided hospice forPWAs, offeredsupport OI; battered
. \fmm' re 1, ,7 - women and more. Lesbian and straight women work
' AER ‘-::_- :i‘ ,--/= ' together to meet some of the needs of the community.
E Not surprisingly, they have had to deal with
I’ve been involved in on gay CiVfl rights issues since opposition and harassment from the surrounding
I was a teenager. For over twenty years now I have tried commuity. Recently, several religious leaders have
to stay aware of our current enemies. Their faces keep organized community memberts to protest agains
changing, there was Senator Joe MCCfiFthY, J.Edgar Camp Sister spirit and have urged the county Board of
Hoover, all the way through Anita Bryant and Senator Supervisors to intervene and limit the women’s use of
Sam Nunn. I have relished every confrontation With the land. At recent town meeting, Clint Knight,(as
the homophobes, andI applaud every inch of progress quoted in the Hattifiburg American) said “These
that we’ve made. In fact, I think the PIOgICSS we have people can pick up our little girls and take them to this
made and are making is unbelievable sometimes, I place and do Whatever they want to.” Another
could not have imagined how far our dialog would go community meeting is planned in oven on January 4.
in 20 years. The National Gay Task Force and the ACLU are
I sometimes read the e—mail correspondence of the working with Wanda and Brenda. They need both
UK Lambda members and the GAYLIBN IiSt and I can financial and moral support. Letters of support can be
sometimes recapture that same enthusiasm thatI once written to the jones County Board of Supervisors,
had. bers. Let me tell YOU, as a group, I think we have Courthouse, Laurel, Mississippi, 59440. Financial
made some remarkable progress, and I am proud that contributions and letters can be sent to Brenda and
I have been a small part of what is happening Wanda Hanson at Camp Sister Spirit, PO Box 12, Ovett
Yet, when a member of the community takes his or Mississippi, 39464, I have known these women for
her own life I realize we Still have a way to go yet. I amny years and I’ve seen them return any profits from
have lost many friends and acquaintances to suicide their work to community organizing. I think they are
OVCI the years, more than I’ve IOSt to AIDS- And Of very deserving of any contributions of time or money
course, besides explicitly suicidal behavior there is all you can make.
the ways that we can kill ourselves indirectly, drinking -Mary Crone
or drugging, consorting with abusive companions or
practicing unsafe sex. I’ve come to realize that despite
the many faces that homophobia and intolerance have [3 Q DDIPW mg W
takes in our lives, the very worst face is the face that
looks back at us in the mirror every morning. Until we
can conquer our own internalized homophobia, we U
can never really be free. D
—Peter T.

 Pegasus Travel Inc. A Dlrcciorv of Gov, Lesbian
4/ giggf‘f-“ijfiw, and Bisexual Publications
I’ M P& M“ 6"wa Have you ever wondered what the gay
g;-_ K; 1;, community is like in another part of the country, say
Z .4. 5:31; .;.;:__ :__-;_ New England or the deep South? Or a particular city
33?? 33:53: _;:;j *3}: if; _" . £5535 :73“? if: 32.551535 .-;5; f j_ like Seattle or Milwaukee? What the social scene is like
' ‘ ’ ' ' ' " ' ' - real estate or rental prices. What kind of services and
8 O 0 2 2 8 — 4 33 7 6 0 6 2 6 8- 4 33 '7 businesses serving the the lesbigaycommunity? Whether
2 O 4 O I (:11 e Hour C e nt e r you plan to visit or move there or maybe even thinking
Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502 of advertising your business there. Or even if you just
, GLSO DONATION WI TH EACH PURCHASE! need something special or unique that could best be
found in‘the lesbigay community for yourself, a friend
0 or relative.
PGOIOU’ up , It would have been difficult to learn this
information until recently, butJim Sorrells, in Guerneville
- California has just compiled a directory of 181 gay,
nu BP°°d P0! 600°!“an lesbian and bisexual publications across the US and
Canada. The Directory is like a cross-section of gay
' America. There are papers and magazines with as few
Elpflfllt‘nOfld as 20 readers or as many as 40,000, from porno reviews
to literary reviews ranging from the very slick to
definitely homespun. There is now at least one
lesbigay publication in 45 of the 50 states. Canada has
77-9 6 fourteen publications listed inJim’s directory, including
one in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! The Directory
includes (when possible) frequency, circulationc
subscription cost, ad cost, address and telephone, FAX
number as well as a brief description of the publication
[ad/‘4 E 41/65/44, M5” and its editor. At $17.95 including postage and
1 . ' handling, this is a real bargain. To order send a check
6%0011/570/4/ Mfg” or money order toJim Sorrells, PO Box 1946, Guerneville
garIf/fiéz/flM/Za/pgaméwg genre/”or CA 95446-

4.36 h/mfmdftmr 4 m 1“ GUESNGI 11m V
[ex/WM” [Warm 5 ' §
> ism, imitation 4
606 254—9772 g ., _ ,_ Q
a :
b Po. Box 25095 g
255-6209 fl Lexington, KY40524 ‘


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as eg Sing an ance gou In 0 a un
spirit. Q9 .
‘ Fridag, February 18th
8:00 at the Unitarian Church .
$12.00 (includes punch and cookies) Q9
The Coffee House Three
3 t The evening will be filled with dancing
plus live entertainment by Mariam
DaVIdson, Karen Jones 8 Bev Futrell
‘ Fridag, March iith
Unitarian Church
Doors open at 8:30
The Comedg Cafe ~ i
Starring the Rub fruit Comedians Q_;-° 99‘
Saturdag, June 4% \;§C§;\/
Details coming soon! 3 av t f
’ Please note the date changes. We don't want you to
miss Rubgfruit’s ovvn l\/\ariam Davidson as she performs
with Muse on February 11th 8 12th.
For more information please call iris events, inc. at

 of Gay, Lesbian : :
and Bisexual : :
in the U5. 8t Canada I I
: YOU can live with AIDS. :
181 entries E » v Mme MW. :
y I am :1 Kentuckigm I
from 45 states - f j, ,1. *L) Xi‘fsfli‘éfrfjfiéiiific‘lfim =
I I I. scvcn vcurs ago, Than Your vcurs ago. I
: \ E I u‘us diugposhd with AIDS: - :
0 n1 $17 95 : A: l m :
y . : For services whieh can help HIV-positive Kentuckians lead :
Iim sorrells . E Efzggggjgigcgtne Ines. call your local health dcparlmtnl :
P. 0. Box 1946 : Kentucky HIV/AIDS Program 0 Cabinet for Human Resources :
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I \
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V A tax deductible gift to support GLSO. NEWSLETTER, 12.0. BOX 11471
V Change of address. LEXINGTON, KY 40575

 by Linda West

I once had a terribly bitter argument with a straight friend. Our argument
was over whether Willa Cather’s family was justified in destroying (as they did)
on Cather’s life as a Lesbian. I said the family’s action denied Lesbians our
history as a people and that similar acts of destruction, multiplied thousands
and even hundreds of thousands of times throughout history, have excluded Lesbians
and Gays fronlthe human record and preserved the myth that we are isolated aberrant
individuals. I said the family’s action was an act of oppression by one group
against another. My friend disagreed, saying that Lesbians as a group had no claim
on Cather's “private” life, and that because Lesbianism was a “private matter,”
the family's decision to conceal Cather’s Lesbianism was also a purely “private”
matter. My friend went on to describe the notion of “Lesbian history and culture”
as “bogus."

Maybe it’s memories of that argument which explain why, when I hear people
such as Cincinnati's mayor refer to their sexual orientation as a private matter,
I feel so thoroughly depressed.

Is Lesbianism a private matter analogous to whether one has had
psychotherapy, or is it a matter of membership in a social and cultural group that
has existed through time, passing a heritage of mores and values from one generation
to the next? The question is significant because, if, as my friend asserted,
Lesbianisnlis nothingxnore than a sexual taste, then to conceal it is not to distort
human history. Moreover, Gay and Lesbian studies programs become no more
justifiable that people—who-have—had—psychotherapy studies programs, or for that
matter, people—who~have—had—liposuction studies programs.

One way of looking at this question, it seems to me, is to ask whether Lesbians
and Gays have a group cultural life. We might, for example, compare ourselves
to “people—who~have—had—psychotherapy.” Do such people form their own churches,
choruses, AA chapters, drama clubs, rodeos, bar associations, softball teams, and
youth groups? Do they have their own flag, their own cultural and religious symbols
such as the lambda and labrys? Do they celebrate their own holidays? Do they
have directories of businesses owned by them—ranging from restaurants and moving
companies to doctors and funeral homes? In the world’s larger cities do they live
in ghettos? Do they have an international association given consultative status
by the UN?

The answer of course, is that they do none of the above, but Lesbians and
Gays do them all, and on a grand scale. Here, in the backwater of mid—continent
America, I attend a Gay and Lesbian church; go to Gay and Lesbian plays and concerts;
shop at Gay and Lesbian businesses; can bowl, run, or play bridge with Gay and
Lesbian bowling leagues, running groups, and bridge clubs; read Gay and Lesbian
newspapers; have a Gay and Lesbian long distance phone company; and owe money on
my Gay and Lesbian MasterCard.

How is all of this private?

Beside my computer is a pile of fascinating materials. On top is a Fall,
1993, class schedule for the Institute of Gay and Lesbian Education in Los Angeles.
The classes encompass Gay and Lesbian art, literature, history, and anthropology.
are Ph.D.’s specializing in Gay and Lesbian studies. The class schedule explains

 that the Institute is currently seeking accreditation by the state. Twenty years
froulnow, do not be surprised if there are Gay and Lesbian colleges and universities
in this country much as there are now Black and Catholic schools.

Under the above class schedule is New York City’s equivalent of the Eink
gages. Its listing of service organizations includes a Lesbian and Gay Clinic,
which has “provided health care to lesbians and gays for almost twenty years.”
Further down in the pile is an interview of Gay Congressman Gerry Studds, in which
he expresses hope that someday there will be enough homosexual members of Congress
to form a Gay and Lesbian Congressional Caucus. Still further down in the pile
is an announcement of the formation of a Gay and Lesbian committee within PEN,
the association of writers. The announcement states that the writers involved—
among them Edward Albee, Allan Ginsberg, Gore Vidal, and Adrienne Rich—wish to
have their “cultural identification” publicly acknowledged. Explains Rich: “My
Lesbian identity is an informing part of my poetry.”

Finally, at the bottom of the pile, is an anthology of essays on Lesbian and
Gay history. It includes such titles as “Homosexuality in the Renaissance:
Behavior, Identity, and Artistic Expression”, “Lesbians in American Indian
Cultures”, and “The Birth of the Queen” a scholarly article describing the early
eighteenth century “molly houses” in which British Gay males gathered and engaged
in such cultural rituals as mock childbirth ceremonies and Gay weddings, one of
which in 1726 took place complete with a local celebrity bridesmaid by the name
of “Princess Seraphina”.

How is any of this private?

Is homosexuality really a private matter, like being in therapy, or is it
a public identity, like being Jewish? It seems to me that once the closet is gone,
we are revealed as members of a richly evolved human culture which fosters an
identity that is social, cultural, and political. And matters that are social,
cultural, and political are net private.

My mind returns to my straight friend who wished to minimize the significance
of my Lesbianism, and who eventually distanced herself fronlme when I did.not share
her View that Lesbianism had nothing to do with my life outside the bedroom. In
the final analysis, her claim that homosexuality was “private” probably bothered
me most because it suggested that one's homosexuality is unimportant to who one
is. That I and my lover had sex did not upset my friend; what sent her running
was our participation in a unique culture, different from her own. I don’t know
about Cincinnati’s mayor, but the three most important identities I possess are
that I am female, that I am American, and that I am Lesbian. My Lesbian identity
has profoundly shaped.my View of the world. To call it “private” is to trivialize
it. It’s to say that homosexuality is solely a matter of whom we have sex with,
not a matter of loving, long—term relationships that should, in the manner of
marriages everywhere, be publicly acknowledged. It is also to deny that
homosexuality is about the freedonlto participate openly in a culture that differs
from mainstream America’s; about having our history of persecution, resistance,
and achievement included in the human record; about worshiping as we want, clothing
ourselves in the dress and speech and body language of our culture, and challenging
Western Christian cultural supremacy.

All of this is why, when I hear Cincinnati’ 3 mayor say “It’ s a private matter, ”
what I hear is not a call for freedom, but a frightened defense of one person’s
closet” Not only is fighting to be allowed to keep our sexual orientation “private”
net what the Lesbian and Gay Hmvement is about, but for anyone who Views
homosexuality as more than a recreational sexual “lifestyle” the claim that it’s
private is just plain false.


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