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EQ’okmfl January, 1996
~ ’ . Volume 67, Number 1 :"
we; , ‘i f ' « wcad ..___,. - Vi... "—— ;
I a; K i N UBRA ' ' \fiégg‘gfi The Otilclal Publication
- _ 2 A January 2 - ._‘:3§£g}§§33§9 oi the Kentucky Press Service
‘ A "w 1996 Kentucky Gen al . ~ 5'1: ”'m‘“ '_ cg o n
5 7" \ssembly Regular Se io- J a ' 1m WCKY [2 E 35 T24;
' - f? _, . 2 Z V ; .
f. " Begins ‘ w .. . _ a g g E (D .
g ' PERIODICALS ’d r --— ~ - \ \ 9 e m m <31
January25'26 ._.-... r . jjgr‘ .
’ periodicals KPA Winter Convention, . § 91 75 :3 92
Dept. Radisson Plaza, Lexington " . . § 6 E7) 3 ._- »
N Does Not C r: “3% 01
I Circulatc January 27 K \ Cg Egg 8
’ , University of Kentucky ' ‘ ‘ " j j E 3 300 " '
_ Journalism School Technology . 3 9i m
‘ Survival Workshops ' ' (<03) -i
March 4 - 8 . '
_ - Newspapers in Education Week 0 l ge e O l e ‘ a S L I
, O ’
, March 20 - 22
. NNA Government Affairs ' ‘ ° ‘
— i... It s Wmter onvenuon time ‘
' Capital Hill, Washington, DC. '
' . So what else is new? Seems like The seminar ends at 5 p.m. and is has a high-powered session on Count-
April 18'19 every year the wanna be weather fore- followed by the Opening Reception down to Better Management for pub-
1996 Kentucky Press casters talk about a major snow storm from 6 to 7 p.m. in the KPA Trade lishers, general managers and adver-
Association Spring Advertising in January, just about the time of the Show. tising sales directors. The KPA Associ-
. Seminar, Louisville (TBA) Kentucky Press Association Winter The Wagners' N'West Iowa RE- ates willbediscussing'WhatTechnol- _
Convention. VIEW has been named Iowa's best ogy Can Do for You," with Associate
June 20 . 21 One time in 126 years, they've hit newspaper in nine of the last 14 years members taking part in presentations
KP A Summer Convention, the target (need we remind you of the and also has received national acclaim on the Internet, video teleconferencing '
. Bowling Green 17 inches of snow that fell in 1994 just as one of the nation's top weekly pub- and other means of communication. _ /
threedaysbeforetheopening).Chances lications. Following on last year's successful “
. her 25 _ 28 are slim to none that this year‘s pre- I‘he rather-son team combine Fri- seminar for college journalism stu- ’
_ Septem , , drcted four to srx inches of white stuff day morning in the first general ses~ dents, Torn Caudill IS putting together -
National Newspaper Assocration will fall around January 25 should be sion with a double-value program, a host of speakers to prepare college
Convention, Opryland Hotel, taken with a grain of salt. (In January, Turning Creativity into Reality. This students for journalism careers and I ,
. Nashville 1984, eight inches of snow fell on the session for publishers, general manag- preparingthemfor interviews. Follow- ,
morning the convention was sched- ers, editors, advertising sales reps and ing the session, students will be able to ,
p . " September 26 . 27 uled to start and everyone made it to classified ad staffs teaches the seven talk with newspapers at a job fair.
KPA/KIDS Board of Directors The Seelbach without problem). basic steps to creating new sales, circu- The convention ends Friday night fie
Fall Retreat, Opryland Hotel, So that means, make your plans lation and editorial promotions de- with the Awards Reception (6 p.m.)
Nashville nowfor the 1996 KentuckyPress Asso- signed to solve promotion, staffing, and KPA Fall Newspaper Contest ’ _
ciation Winter Convention - Thurs- financial and distribution problems. Awards Banquet (7 to 9:30 p.m.).
, , day, January 25 and Friday, January 26 The general session is 9 a.m. to 12 noon,
, Notice Of Busmess - at the Radisson Plaza in downtown With the Wagners' seminar taking up UK to host two high-tech seminars
. ..~ ' ' Lexington. And as an added benefit, the first two hours. At 11 a.m., Julie
Meetmg t0 COHSlder planon staying anextra day (Saturday, Carter Foth, head of the Communica— But the learning doesn't end then.
‘ By-Laws Amendment January 27) for one of two high-tech tions Liability Claims Department for On Saturday morning, the University ’ '
V survival workshops hosted by the UK Employers Reinsurance Corp. dis- of Kentucky Journalism School will be -
' Theofficial Business Meeting of Journalism School (see schedule on cusses various libel situations and hosting two, half-day technology ses-
the Kentucky Press Association will Page 8). And for those lucky enough to claims faced by the media and how sions. One features an introduction to
, be held Friday, January 26, 1996, at find UK basketball tickets, remember these situations could have been using the Internet and the second is a
the Radisson Plaza, downtown Lex- the Wildcats play host to South Caro- avoided. Beginners Guide to Pagination and the
.. ington, beginning at 8 a.m. (East- lina Saturday night in Rupp Arena. At 10 a.m. Friday, separate from Electronic Darkroom.
em). Featured guests are Peter and Jeff the KPA general session, circulation Both will be held at the UK Jour- g
» _ . Businessitemstodiscussinclude Wagner withtheN'WestIowaREVIEW whiz Ron Anderson begins an all-day nalism School, from 8:30 a.m. until 12 .
- anamendmenttotheKentuckyPr-ess and Ron Anderson, a New York-based seminar aimed at helping newspapers noon. Registration for the UK semi-
. ~ ~ Association By-Laws, same being circulation consultant who returns to increase single copy sales, retain sub- nars is separate from the convention
adopted unanimously by the Ken- Kentucky by popular demand. scribers, develop new products, and registration and is Iirnited to the first15
tucky Press Association Board of The convention officially opens at promoteand market newspaper prod- for each seminar to register.
a. ., ' Directors on Friday, November 3, 1 p.m. on Thursday with a Reality ucts. Asecond mailing with all conven-
1995. Writers Workshop, featuringJeffWag- Following lunch, with Gov. Paul tion materials is scheduled for Decem- ‘
- . . The recommendation is to net. The four-hour session puts edi- Patton invited to bethe speaker, KPA ber27.RoomsattheRadissonPlazaare
. . amend Article II, Section 3, Par-a- tors, reportersand copyeditorsinreal- hostsfiveafternoonseminars(130p.m. $63(single or double) withaJanuary4
' ' ’ ' graph 2, which presently states: life situations and gives them an op- t05p.m.)forNewsEditorial,Advertis reservation deadline. After that date, _
' .. There is also established the portunity to test their news judgment ingtheAssociates, college journalism KPA's room allotment will be avail-
, ‘ Associate Member Newspaper and skills covering a simulated break- students and Circulation. able to the general public. .
1 ’ ‘- membership within this division. ingstory.Participantstakepartinbud- Jeff Wagner conducts the News Thedeadlinefor convention regis-
“ . . getdecisions, story development, ethi- Editorial sessions on Moving into the tration with IG’A is Thursday, January .
. 4 -. F ‘ Continued on Page 2 cal considerations and sharing the fin- letCenturyandGoodPhotos are More 18. For more information, contact KPA
' .. ished story. than the Roll of a Dice. Peter Wagner at (8(1)) 264-5721.