has simply been imjzassié/e. I have not seen a day when I
felt that I could be absent for that purpose without detriment
to other interests of the University. The work of erecting
the buildings for the Mechanical Department and organizing
it upon a practical basis, together with all the other general
and pressing interests upon my hands, has been more than  
enough for any man. Nor do I see much relief for the future.  
Yet whatever of manhood I possess is pledged to a faithful {
i service in behalf of the Institution. I hope to be able to do
something, however, during the coming year in that direction·
It affords me great pleasure, in conclusion, to bear testimony
to the faithful, laborious, and efficient manner in which Major ` · I
E. D. LUXTON, whom I called to my aid under a resolution of 4 ‘
your Board, has co—operated with me in all the labors of the i V
year. I have never known more earnest devotion to the
1 interests of an Institution than he has uniformly shown; and- .
I can never repay the personal obligations I owe him for his p
self—sacrif1cing labors. I recommend most earnestly that the f
Board recognize, in an appropriate manner, the value of the
service he has rendered in this department, as well as for his {I.
efficient labors as Military Commandant in the Agricultural if
and Mechanical College. l [
To you, gentlemen of the Board, many of whom have stood
with me from the very beginning of this great work, ever {
prompt and faithful to your trusts, I mustexpress 1ny profound  
thanks for the warm sympathy and conhdence you have ever L1
shown in our relationships. l\’Iay God still continue to bless  
Y our labors, and keep us to the day when we shall see its `
7 ` complete success. L
ii Respectfully submitted.
il ]. B. BOVVMAN, ..
if Twzzszzrcr ](e1zim1y/ U7ZiU€75Z.ZQ/. li .
_ 5 ASHLAND, jumz, 1869. , `
*____ * _ I