96 ‘ A1>1=END1X.
I   .
Gc1zz‘/eww qf {hc Board q' Czzmz‘0rs.· I
. In accordance with the law of the University requiring the
Treasurer to render a true account current of the state of his .
office, I beg leave t0 submit the following report. ` ·
For the information of those who have not been familiar A
with the history of the various funds which have been raised
for the Institution, I propose to give a brief statement of the
same. 4
‘ This fund was created as follows: In the year 1855 I ,
_ presented a plan for the establishment of a University in r _
Kentucky. Gathering up the wreck of the old Bacon College
fund, which consisted of $9,500 in bank and road stocks, I `-
began the work of endowment, and increased it to $203,200. f
To this amount was added, by the act of consolidation, the It \ ~
Transylvania University fund, amounting to $65, 500, making s `—
$268,700. Add to this the Agricultural and Mechanical   )
College fund, consisting of $165,000, and we have the gross
sum of investments and subscriptions amounting to $433,700.
Deduct from this amount subscriptions unpaid and partly  if 
I due, amounting to $4I,670.S6, and also the sum of $9,639.96, {I5 
I which has been refunded to citizens of Mercer County under  
the Act of the Legislature, and we have left the present net
available fund amounting to $382,389.48 The interest upon .,1 
this amount, averaging abo_ut seven per centum, together  
with the fees of the students, constitute the general expense _
fund of all the departments except the Law College and
Commercial School, which are sustained by the fees of I i
the same. !
l. , _