o i d ollars upon the estimate before s tated. One m illion o f d o l lars a pplied annually, during a period of sixty or seventy y ears, would, at the end of i t , so completely d rain t he U . States o f all that portion of their inhabitants, as not to leave many more t han t hose few who are o bjects o f curiosity in the countries of E u rope. A n d is that sum, one tenth part of what the U . Stales now a nnually a ppropriate, as a s inking f und, without feeling i t , and w hich w i l l s oon n ot be requisite to the extinction of the N a t i o n a l d ebt, capable of producing any suffering or creating any impediment i n the execution of other great social o bjects o f the A m e r i can communities ? W h a t a vast moral debt to A f r i c a , t o the world a nd t o our common G o d , should we not discharge by the creation o f a new s inking f und of such a paltry sum ? T h i s e stimate does n ot comprehend any indemnity to fhe o w n ers of slaves for their value, i f they are to be purchased for the p urpose of colonization. It is presumable that states or i n d i v i d u als, no longer restrained from the execution of their benevolent w ish t o contribute their endeavours to blot out this great stain u pon the A m e r i c a n name, by the consideration of the difficulty of a s uitable provision for liberated slaves, when they perceive the p lan o f colonization in s uccessful operation, w i l l v oluntarily m anumit m any for the purpose of their emigration. One of the l atest n umbers of the National Intelligencer, states the fact, that a r ecent offer has been made of 2000 slaves to the society, to be s ent to L i b e r i a , w hich the want of funds alone prevents its accepting. I f the reasoning before e mployed, founded upon the decline i n v alue of that description ofproperty.be correct, many w i l l be disposed, to emancipate from less disinterested motives. F r o m s ome.or a ll o f these sources, and from the free coloured population, an amount m ay be annually obtained for the purposes of colonization, equal t o the number of fifty six thousand which has been supposed. As t he work of colonization advances, the a bility o f the European r ace to promote it w i l l i ncrease, both from t he augmentation of its n umbers and of its wealth, and the relative diminution of the negro r ace. A n d , in the course of the progress of its execution, i t w i l l n ot be found a burthensome appropriation of some o f the revenue o f the p eople of the U . States, to purchase slaves, i f colonists can n ot otherwise be obtained. M e a n w h i l e it affords cause of the s incerest gratification, that in whatever extent the s cheme o f A f r i can colonization is executed, good i s attained, without a solitary a ttendant e vil. I c ould not discuss the question of the extent of the respective p owers of the various governments of this U nion, w ithout enlarging t his Address, already too much prolonged, in a most unreasonable d egree. T h a t the aggregate of their total powers is f ully a dequate to the execution of the plan of Colonization, in its greatest e xtent,isincontestible. Ilowthose powers have, in fact, been divided a nd d istributed between the General and State Governments, is a q uestion for themselves to decide after careful investigation and f ull d eliberation. W e may safely assume that there are some t hings