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Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.
              Sept. 25, 1865

of Sept.
25, 1865.

Duties of

Report of
Ex. Cor.

Lexington Ky. September 25th, 1865
                                   The Curators met in the
University Building at 3 o'clock P. M. Present, Messrs J. B.
Bowman, A_ H. Bowman, D. W. Thompson, R. C. Ricketts, Joseph
Wasson, a. J. Allen, Benjamin Gratz, J. W. McGarvey & E. M.
     On motion of Curator Bowman it was resolved that the
action of the Board at its last meeting, in reference to the
Professorships of Profs. Neville, Patterson & Milligan toe odi-
fiod so as to read as follows$
     Jno. H. Neville, Professor of Greek & German
     J. K. Patterson, Professor of Latin
     A. X. Milligan, Adjunct Professor of Latin & Greek.
     On motion of Curator Bowman, J. W. McGarvey was requested
to act as secretary -pro-tem until the next annual meeting of
the Board.
     The Executive Committee presented, as their report, the
record of their proceedings since the last meeting of the Board,
which was approved and adopted. R. M. Bishop

Minutes approved & signed.
                          J. W. McGarvey, Secretary.

Lexington, Ky. Feby 12th, 1866.

Meeting of
2, 1866

     At a called meeting of the Curators of Ky. University held
at the store of Allen & Boyd to receive a report from the Regent
J. B. Bowman. The following Curators were presentq, R. C. Rick-
etts, J. B. Bowman, Benj. gratz, Joseph Wasson, J. '. Allen,
A. H. Bowman, B. B. Groom, Andrew Steele and D. S. Goodloe.
Upon motion B. ratz was called to the Chair and J. G. Allen
appointed Secretary. The Regent having reported the action of
the Legislature of Ky. Appropriating the sum of $20,000 for the
purpose of putting into operation the Ag. & Mechanical College
of Ky., upon motion the following Resolutions were unanimously
passed vizs
     Resolved   that this Board, do hereby accept the provisions
of the Act of Legislature of Ky. approved Febt 10th, 1866 appro-
priating the sum of Twenty thousand dollars out of any monies
in the Treasury to aid in putting the Ag. Mechanical College
of Ky. into immediate operation.
     "Resolved - That the Regent J. B. Bowman be hereby author-
ized to transmit a copy of these Resolutions to the Governor of
Ky. in accordance with the provisions of the aforesaid Act.
On notion the Board adjourned.
                                          J. G. Allen
                                        Secy. Protein