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Curator J.
Wasson ex-
to J. Shackel-

ieeting of
Tune 23, 1863

of Minutes

          On motion the Seats of
be declared vacant in this Board to be filled at the next Annual
meeting thoy having been absent from 2 session meetings.
     On notion Bro. Wasson was excused for non attendance of the
last two meetings of the Board.
     Ordered by the Board that $25 be appropriated to defray the
expenses of Elder Jno. Shackelford who on invitation of the Fa-
culty this day addressed the under graduates.
     On motion these minutes after being read were unanimously

     On motion Board adjourned
                            C. T. Worthington
Jno. Aug. Williams, Sec.,



     At the regular meeting of the Board of Curators of Kentucky
University held in the Christian Meeting House, on Tuesday June
23, 1863. the following Curators were present at Roll call.
     Jno. B. Bowman Tres.
     Jno. Aug. Williams, Sec.       G. D. Runyon
     A. G. Kyle                     C. T. Wotthington,
     Joseph Smith                           Chairman
     0. S. Poston
     D. W. Thompson
     R. L. Latham
     After prayer by Elder H. T. Anderson, the minutes of the
last annual meeting were read. On motion of J. B. Bowman, the
record of the proceedings of the annual meeting held last June,
was amended on p. 85 in the Resolution offered by his, so as to
read lyr, Bank Stocks instead of Ky.   e    Stocks

Pres. Milli-
gan's Report.

Report of
and Gon'l

     Pros. Milligants annual official Report was called forward
submitted to the Board. On motion, the President's Report,
including those of the different Professors which are parts of
the former, was referred to a special Committee, with instruc-
tions to report upon the same for the action of this Board at
2 o'clock P. M. The following Curators were appointed by, The
Chair as Committee on the Report;
     Dr. Jas. Smith, Chairman
     Dr. Lathram
     I. S. Poston
     The Report of J. B. Bowman Treasurer & Gen'1 Agent, were
then read, and received. The report of Treasurer was adopted,
that of the Gen'l Agent was referred to a special committee with
instructions to Report at 2 P. M. today. The following Curators
were appointed on such Committee.


ixXxxv x1tQ11IX




     D. V. Thompson
     A. G. Vi vin
     Jno. Aug. Williams
     Ordered that the Report of Treasurer be spread upon the
mi nute s.

Report of Ex,
Com .

ialaries of

Report of
Ex. Corn.

Degree A. B.
Degrees A. M.

a report of
Exam inations


     The Report of Zxecutive Committee was then read and pend-
ing its adoption the question was discussed regarding the mode
of distributing the Surplus income left in the hands of the
Treasurer at the close of the present fiscal year. Pending
this discussion, the Board adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock P. M.
     2 o'clock P. M. Board met pursuant to adjournment,On motion
of Dr. Smith it was Resolved
     That the action of the Ex. Cos. in regard to Salaries paid
& sums distributed to Professors & Tutors for the Session clos-
ing June 63 be ratified.
     On motion it was Resolved that the distribution of this
surplus be considered as far as such distribution may go, be
considered as an extinguishment of any indebtedness which the
Board may have incurred by action of the Ex. Con. to services
of '61 and that such distribution shall be considered in whole
or part as a bonus to those who have no such claim upon the
     On motion the entire Report of the Ex. Con. was adopted &
The Committee to whom was referred the official Report of Pres.
Milligan's Report.
     They recommend that the degree of A. B. be conferred on
Mr. J. Mf. Long. Mr. J. B. T. Daviss & B. J. Pinkerton.
That the Degree of A. M. becconferred on Robert Graha of Ohio,
J. W. McGarvey of Lexington, Ky, & Moses E. Lard of Mo.
They further recommend that a special Committee be appointed
by the Chairsae who shall after consulting with the Faculty
and Executive om. prepare an address to the Patrons & friends
of the University, presenting fully the labors, success &
expenditures of the Current year and extorting all the friends
of the University to assist in furthering its welfare & pros-
perity. They further recommend that the Ax. Con. previously
to the next Examination shall be circular letter addressed to
the prominent Preachers and Brothers request them to attend on
said occasion.
     Said Report was then adopted.



June 23, 1863

Bible Chair

Cu rri culum

al Chair

Gov. Bonds

on Agricul-
tural Chair

Report of
the Treas-

     The Connittee to who& was referred the Report of Gen'l Agent
offered the following Report which was adoptedl
     1. That a Chair of Biblice.l Literature and Christian Philosophy
be established in Ky. University under the titl, of, the eat. of
25000 # having been paid in for that purpose.
     2. That the Faculty, in connection with the Ex. Comn. take into
serious consideration as aoon as possible, the expediency of either
raising the Standard of scholarship as a condition of ad-mission in-
to the University, or of abridging the course of study, or of ex-
tending the time of instruction in the several Departments.
     3. That a Committee be appointed to inquire into the exped-
iency of establishing an Agricultural Chair in connection with the
late action of Congress on the subject of agricultural Schools.
     4. That the gen'l agent be authorized to invest a portion of
the endowment funds in Gov 5mS0 bonds, as soon as such funds may
come into his hands.
     The following Committee was on motion appointed to carry out
the third resolution rocorded abovel
     C. T. Worthington )
     J. B. Bowman       ) Committee
     0. L. Poston       )
     The Treasureris Report as reported and adopted in forenoon
is put to Record as followss
1863                     A
June 23 Endowment Fund                   Dr.              Cr.
     Total Cash Collections         126078.31
     By Stock Investments                            665oo.oo
       Funds temporarily invested                     58588.31
     " Cash in Bank                                   1000.00

                    Stock Fund
To 336 dertificates of Stock issued  98075.00
By Coupons Cancelled
" balance unredeemed



                 Apparatus Fund
To Cash Collected todate
" Cash note due
By bal paid on apparatus
           bt of P. T. Fall







               Interest Fund

To Cash from all Sources
By disbursements as per vouchers
To balance due Treasurer


                  Tuition Fund

To Tuition 62 students session 62
By 46 students on stock Fund
" 11   do    Benificiary Fund
H 4    do    Scholarship Fund
" 1    "     in line of Deed B




& 63




  30 .00


Janitor's Fund

To Janitor Fees of 61 Students
By Cash to Interest fund

                   Matriculation Fund

To Mat Fees of 26 Students
By Cash to interest fund

                    Schalorship Pund
To Tuition of 4 Students
By 4 Bacon College Scholarships

                   Beneficiary Fund
To Tuition of 11 Students
By order of Faculty for same








330 .00

            Tabular view of Stock investments
Bank Stocks _ Nor. Bank Ky.                 106.16       1600.00
tarmers Bank                             #  100.50       5000.00
Comaerchal Bank                             104   34/ 00
                                                   3b2 37774.00
Exchange Bank St. Louis                     100   100   10000.00
Bank of Ky.                             98 25/100   100  9826.oo
Rad Stooks-Board K. Improve Mercer Co.                   1500.00
Dan. & Nicholasville Road Stock                           8oo.oo



                   June 23, 1863

     Committee appointed to procure amendment to charter Re.
ported through Mr. Worthington that he had procured an act
authorizing &  allowing the Treasurer of the University to
loan th, funds of the University - The Report was duly received.
     Mr. Bowman of the COO. appointed at last meeting to in-
quire into the condition of the College Building Reported that
the Building is sadly in need of repair, and that a thorough
repair would perhaps cost the Board some 2000#. On notion it
was ordered that any repairs absolutely necessary be made by
the Ex. Committee. Report was received & Cos. discharged.
     The seats of the following Curators were declared vacant
under operation of the law of the University.
     W. A. Cooke                     R. M. Dvis
     B. C. Graves                    Andrew Steele
     Dr. Bell           elected In   J. P. Tarbitt
     Elizka Fitch      their place   McGarvey
     Benj. Groom                     Jno. Shackelford, Jr.
     Jno. A. Geno                    Jno. A. Gano
     On motion it was agreed that in payment of the several
debts owing the Board by Dr. L. Jones, stock in bank be ac-
cepted according to the terms prepared by his & Gen'l Agent.

     Pres. Milligan requested that any obligation the Board
may consider themselves to be under to him for defiency of
salary for year 1861 - be at his earnest wish considered as
discharged. The Board appreciating the motive of Pres. Mil-
ligan declined to consider themselves as exonerated.
     On notion the Ex, Com. were authorized to sell any super-
flous property of furniture or apparatus that may belong to

     The Committee appointed to publish in connection with
Faculty & Ex. Cor, the annual Report are as follows
     fl. W. Thompson    )
     Jno. Aug. Williams ) Coin.
     A. H. Bowman       )
     On motion it was ordered that the ix. Com. be instructed
to organize the Institution for the ensuing session on the
basis of 7000# provided, that should the actual income exceed
this amount  then the surplus to the amount of 1000 be appro-



priated on the ratio of the Salaries of the Professors as
agreed upon by the Committee.
     On notion Board adjourned till tomorrow at 8 o'clock
after Prayer by Pros. Milligan.

                     -Jun  24, 1863

J. W. Mc_


Board of

Re solutions
de t e rmi ni ng
character of

of officers


     Board net at 8 o'olock A. M. Wednosday. There being no
quorum present the members adjourned to meet at 12 M.
12 M. Zlder J. W. MeGarvey took his seat as a sember of the
Board . On notion it was resolved that the Treasurer be and
hereby is instructed to publish the annual Catalogue of the
University and such other matter as may be deemed proper to-
gether the address of the special Committee.
     On motion the following gentlemen were elected a Board
of Visitors for the ensuing yearl
                             J. W. McGarvey
                             W. F. Patterson
                             Dr. Joseph Smith
                             Jno. Shackelford, Jun.
                             Jno. Aug. Williams
On motion of Jno. Aug. Williams it was resolvedS
     1. That in the judgement of this Board, the Faculty of
Ky. Uv. deserve the thanks of the Brotherhood throughout the
West for the faithful manner in which they have labored in
the cause of Education since their connection with our In.
stitution & especially during the distracted scones of the
past two years.
     2. That in the judgement of this Board. the influence
and rank of Ky. University in the State & in the Church must
depend upon the solid attainments & thorough  culture of its
Students, rather than upon the number that may crowd its Halls;
& therefore while a largo patronage is not of itself objec-
tionable, nor a small attendance at this time discouraging, yet
this Board, representing the sentiment of the Brotherhood are
fully persuaded that any energy of the Board of Curators &
Faculty should be directed to accomplish, in the most thorough
manner, & accxrd~ag tp9 tse 40ghest standards pf Collegiate
instruction, every student who may be found qualified for ad-
aission. On motion these resolutions were ordered to be printed
& published.
     On motion the rule was suspended & the present Board of
officers were reelected for the ensuing year.
     Resolved that the seats of               are hereby declared
vacant in accordance with the requirements of law & that the