CR 1
March 27, 2012
Members, Board of Trustees:

Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees receive, review, and approve the attached example
outline process for the President’s annual evaluation.
Pursuant to Section E. (Evaluation), of President Eli Capilouto’s Employment Agreement with
the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, an annual performance evaluation shall be
performed in accordance with what was at the time Governing Regulation, Part II.A.6(a)
(Executive Committee). That Governing Regulation has since been amended to GR II. E.2(a).
The proposed outline of this evaluation process would replace the previous evaluation procedure.
In addition to the University and Staff Senates and the Student Government Association, the
proposed process also would include an identified number of individuals. Input from the various
constituencies would be conducted by a Human Resources professional. The Chair of the Board
of Trustees and the Executive Committee, in consultation with the President, will agree on a set
of interview questions. The performance assessment document will contain both qualitative and
quantitative components.
In addition to the interview process, the President will prepare and submit an annual selfevaluation to the Board. Each member of the Board also will be asked to provide an evaluation
of the President. The Executive committee will review the President’s self-evaluation, a
summary of the interviews, and reports from the respective groups listed by GR II and Board
members and will meet with the President to provide feedback. The Executive Committee will
share the information with the full Board of Trustees and make a recommendation to the Board.
This process would be used to assess the President’s performance and provide feedback on his
accomplishments and challenges. It also would be used to determine any changes to the
President’s compensation, including merit increases and performance payments per his
Employment Agreement.

Action taken:

 Approved

 Disapproved

 Other