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c.cI1.I.miI.II.um T H E S I
The first Library Science Coll0— G R E E N I
quium of 1975 will be held on
Monday, February l0 in the B E A N
Presidents Room of the Student
Center frem 4=00 — 6:00 p-m- The UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES
speaker will be Kathleen Molz, , NEWSLETTER 1/31/75
former Chief of the Planning
Staff of the Bureau of Libraries and Learning Resources. Her topic
vis "Federal Policy and Library Planning."
Ellen P. Baxter, Chemistry-Physics Librarian and president of the .
Kentucky Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, attended the
Special Libraries Council meeting held in St. Petersburg, Florida,
on January 16 - 18, 1975.
Dean Trivette, State Documents Librarian, attended the mid-winter
American Library Association meeting as chairman of the Optimal
Syllabus Preparation Committee of the Government Documents Education
Task Force.
At a meeting held on Friday, January 24, the University of Kentucky
Librarian‘s Association was formally dissolved.
It was felt that the purposes of the organization could be .fulfilled
within the framework of the newly formed Library Faculty and the
University of Kentucky Library Staff Organization. Your support for
these groups is encouraged.
Evelyn Evans, Former Chairperson, UKLA
On January 31 the Study Team will meet with the Task Forces for gen-
eral orientation. Phase IV, which will include the Planning, Policy,
Budget and Management Information Task Forces will go into operation
early in February with completion dates scheduled for Mid-March.
Each task force will have intense training sessions with their re-
spective chairpersons before taking up their charges.
The Library staff participating in the M.R.A.P. Study are:
Planning Phase IV
Adelle Dailey, Chairperson
Susan McCargar
Faith Harders
Trudi Bellardo
John Bryant, Chairperson
Ebba Jo Sexton
Vivian Hall
Charles Atcher
Evelyn Evans
Sue Westfall

Zulqotimq ‘
Jean Graaf, Chairporsom `" ' ‘
Ollie Jane Cox l A‘ =
gary Talon l * i- ` ‘¥
Lori; iznivix _ _ _ i A
 =;;z·2 “`?1‘;ii:<2 i ` h V - ` ` ‘ ‘ ` ° i 
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Jennifer Coffman & Stove Langston; Co~Chairporsonz {
gill Sure; ` '
forge Joan Gibson
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]Q3;j Fizgar V
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Juzy Fuqato 2 Chavo Langston, Co~Chairp&rson$‘ ‘ ¤
Qrugi icllaroo _
Lilly Qilchrizt
Cecil Taiison i "
Faitr Harder; V",
Franco; Iollov °> " ' ‘ ` ’
éggigrship G fuhorvioiog
Bill garshall, Ugairgorson
;.ju;;€;=ar   ‘ ‘ ' -
Thoia Clannino l '
Frances Tillinis
T;tQ‘Vau¢h&1 ` · `
Csrrv Kolb i i I
Joan Eatowoof ‘; "‘ A
igzff Devolqggggg ‘·
Jennifer Qoffman, Chairyorson
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gym; Snrawsbury - · ·
rzrrv Groonwooo — · »
Faith Qariorz »,l · ~ A . .~
Jolly Johnson = ~ »= · .~ ,
Tlaron Ireeiing ~ ··~ V 1 - - . _ .
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gllor Maxtor, ;L¤irw¤r4¢n j
  CFO ;.-:;i%;£`»k’1
Rhoda Channing
Claire McCann _ - l
Fuby Herald ·
Faith Hargors "»—-
Jane Dean
General Lanaganaur .
Juqy Tugare 5 Bill Ugyghglly qcmghaifpgfgcms
Llizabeth Howard 4 _ _
Ratt? Sutton " “
Larry Erocnwooi
Qruia Pino
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LT Il, G¤?¤D¤
Dill Duffy, Cataloging, February 3.
iirector of Libraries, University of Uarylans, College Park; HG.
Director of Libraries, University of Mississippi, University, Wissn
Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, University of Mississippi, ‘
University, Hississippir

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