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M.-\RlllS E. JOHNSTON, )l1lIlll.gt‘I', I I _. _   .
A. S. REESEI Captain, >h. S. C. 'leum, 99. V} _ _
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.1- —— I 
*5 The Kentucky State College has the grittiest little team on gi '
l' the southern gridiron. Tho' the average weight is only one  Q  
W hundred and forty—seven pounds, they hung K. U’s. hide on the ri ` '
d ~  fence when her team was much larger, and played Centre a ‘ ij. F
*‘ tie when the latter played a team averaging nearly twenty   `,
pounds more than that of S. C. l    
1- ' We are glad that the team of the State College is held in    
ld such high regard by the other colleges of Kentucky and the ·  
South. The reason of this is clear. The State College has al-    
W ways put forth a college team——not a set of "ringers." The f  
tI State College has always played out her schedule of games,   A
ui and tho’ at times her eleven was weak, she has always had the   · ·
grit to play in the face of odds overwhelming. The blood of   I A,
T Old Kentucky, the best in the world, that courses through the , _
’*‘· veins of our gridiron heroes, clearly manifests itself on all oc-   I
iw casions, and shows that though they may be beaten, that team _ i
“’ does not exist that can conquer them. In the game with K. U.,  ii _ ‘
‘ the State College history only repeated itself when her team  
only cleaned up the Held for the real contests to come.   * _
Y- The game with Centre was exciting in the extreme to the II 
' very last second, and had the State College team had a little  »
more weight in the line the result would have been a glorious  #4
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