2. The legal residence of minors will follow that of the parent or legal guard-
ians, except in the case of minors who have always resided in Kentucky
but whose legal guardians are residents of other states.
3. No student shall be deemed to have gained Kentucky residence privileges
by his mere presence at the University of Kentucky or any other college or
university. A student once classified as a non-resident of Kentucky will
continue to be thus classified unless he can establish a change of domicile
by evidence other than his residence as a student. 5
4. An alien who has filed a "Declaration of Intent” to become a citizen may A
be classified under the foregoing provisions.
Initial Expenses
The undergraduate student who lives in Kentucky and who plans to enroll I
in the University for the first time should be prepared to meet initial expenses
at registration time, approximately as follows:
Item Women Students Men Students
Fees for Semester ...................... $ 65.00 $ 65.00
Military Deposit .........,.............. 25.00
Room and Board in
Residence Halls .................... 220.00
Room in Residence Halls ........ 69.00
Books and Supplies .................... 40.00 40.00 A
Miscellaneous fees and deposits 30.00 30.00 °"
Totals .......................................... $355.00 $229.00
The initial expense for men is less because it does not include the cost of S
food. Men students eat at the University cafeteria and pay for their meals as °
served. This fact should be kept in mind in estimating initial costs. To the
above amount there should be added an item of perhaps $100.00 for inci-
dental expenses. The student who does not live in Kentucky should be prepared
to pay an additional fee of $60.00.
Fees for Graduation and Special Privileges
Graduation Fee. Candidates for the bachelor's degree will be charged a
graduation fee of $9.00. This will cover the rental of cap and gown, the cost
of The Kentuckian, diploma fee, and other necessary expenses. Candidates for  
Masters’ degrees will be charged a fee of $20.00, and for the doctorate $25.00. ‘
This is in addition to the deposit of $50.00 referred to on p. 159. These fees
will cover the items listed above, with the exception of The Kentuckian, and in
addition the candidate will be presented with the hood. Graduation fees are
payable not later than the fourth day preceding the commencement. E
Late Registrations. Students entering the University after the regular regis-
tration periods will be charged an additional fee of $3.00 for the first day, $4.00
for the second day, and $5.00 for any day thereafter. No exceptions to this
charge will be granted.
Special examination. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for a special examina-
tion in a single course.