xt71zc7rp903 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt71zc7rp903/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19850301 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, March 1, 1985, no. 450 text The Green Bean, March 1, 1985, no. 450 1985 2014 true xt71zc7rp903 section xt71zc7rp903 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES NEWSLETTER
3-1-85 No. M50
March Humorists Are Artists Month I
1 National Nutrition Month I
Philatelic Literature Month
March 1 & 8 Gallery Series · `
March 1-7 Return the Borrowed Book Week A ‘ ‘
March 3-10 National Womenis History Week
March U-8 Newspaper in Education Week I
March 7 Grants and Their Impact
on the Library
March 8 International Women’s Day
Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, March 15, 1985
Deadline for inclusion: Monday, March 11, 1985
Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Sandy Hardwick, `
Rob Aken (editor)
University Archives
Margaret I. King Library ·· North
Univmiky of Kentucky
Lax$x·2;g%=:n, Kanfutky *}O5€)£>

Staff Publications A (
Marshall, william J. "A.B. Chandler as Baseball Commissioner,
l9N5-51: _ an Overview." The Register of the Kentucky
Historical Society, 82 (Autumn 198U), §§8-$88. ,
Powell, Patty. "Outfoxing Overdues in the Hospital Library." )
Library and Archival Security, 6 (Summer/Fall 198U), 77-Bl. ·
Continuing Education Committee _
The following librarians will be serving on the newly established
Continuing Education Committee: Sandee McAninch (chair), Gail
Kennedy, and Patty Powell. They will be looking into the
possibility of sharing continuing education responsibilities with_
the Library School and the Conferences and Institutes Program in —
University Extension. V
  Library Newsletters ,
  A vertical file of library newsletters is being established for `
§ library staff use. The file contains newsletters from other
% y libraries, ALA divisions and committees, OCLC, and the Center for
} Research Libraries (see complete list below). The file is
1 designed to make available newsletters which are not being (
cataloged or circulated. It is located behind the desk in PNM
. and is open for staff use. Staff members able to share other
newsletters which might be of interest to other staff are ·I
encouraged to contact Michelle Gardner. (Michelle Gardner} I
AASL Presidential Hotline (ALA)
_ALA. ,ALTA Division _
Center for Research Libraries (FOCUS) A
Center for Research on User Studies (csus News)
( Clemson University (Cooper Library Newsletter)
DLA Bulletin (University of California) `
Duke University Library (Newsletter)
{ Florida International University (Info)
Georgia State University (Information Interchange)
Interface (ASCLA, ALA) · ` `
International Marc Programme (IMP Newsletter)
LAMA Newsletter (ALA) . _
1 LINX Letter _
i V

LITA Newsletter (ALA)
Legislative Report (ALA Washington Office) '
Linda Hall Library Miscellany
Louisville Free Public Library (Alivebrary) _
Midwest Cooperative Conservation Program Newsletter
Mississippi Library Commission (Packet) . .
Murray State University (The User Friendly Library)
Networking in Kentucky A i (
New York Public Library_(Library Lines) Q ,
New York University (Library Division Newsletter)
North Carolina State Library (Tar Heels Libraries) ‘
North Carolina State University (Focus) ‘ _
Northern Illinois University (Friends of Libraries News) .
OCLC LSZOOO Communique (
A OCLC Newsletter _ `
Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL Source) I _
Philadelphia, Library Company of (Occasional Miscellany) E `
RASD Update (ALA) 4 ` [
RTSD Newsletter (ALA)
Research Libraries in OCLC: A Quarterly Report
SOLINEWS (Southeastern Library Network) `
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Library Progress)
Special Library Association (Specialist)
Spindex Users' Network (Sun) l -
SUNY Albany (University Libraries Newsletter) _ _ _
SUNY Buffalo (Library News) · _
Temple University (Ad Lib)
Tulane University Library
University of California at Los Angeles Library (UCLA Librarian) ‘
University of Cincinnati (Perspectives)
University of Connecticut Library (Harvest) (News)
University of Florida (Access)
University of Georgia_Libraries (Interface)
V University of Houston (Newsletter) (
University of Iowa Libraries (Newsletter)
University of Kentucky College of Library and Information Science (Alumni Newsletter)
University of Louisville (Access) (The Z)
‘ University of Minnesota (The Library) - g
University of Oregon (Library Notes) ` ‘ ·
University of Texas at Austin (General Libraries Newsletter) '
‘ University of Washington (Focus) 1
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (Golda Meir Library Newsletter) ‘ (
Wayne State University 1

Staff Development Lunch Time Programs
The Staff Develo·ment Committee has made lans for a series of
P   .
1 lunch time programs that will inform us of activities going on in
1 the Library. Each session will be held in the Staff Lounge, on
the third floor of King~North, from ll:30 · 12:30. The series
will include:
T Thurs., March 7 ~ Grants e Their Impact on the Library
Thurs., March 28 ~ On Line Literature Searching Capabili¤
ties: will There Be A Paperless Library?
1 Thurs. April l8 ~ Treasures from the Attic & the Cellar:
’ 1 .¤ . »
, Modern Political Papers
Thurs.. Mai 9 ~ has the Librar Gone SOFT? Com uter
_ ,J
1 Assisted Instruction & Microenhancers ‘ 1
l Thurs. June 20 ~ what Dc Jackie Onassis John Sherman
9 l A .7 I
Cooper and Stan Musial Have in Common? ·
The Oral History Program
  Bring your lunch and join us for these informal and informative .
  Staff Development Programs. (Michelle Gardner)
T The following programs will be held at noon in the King North A
T Gallery.
l Friday, March l "The Recent American Horror Film"
1 .
1 Lecture b1 Dr. Gre¤ Waller rofessor in
I   cw 9
1 the English Department and author of the
1 book, horror Stories.
E Frida Maron 8 Fhasitally Bach Ill"
l .1 , L . is .. L
1 Program: LAKE Suite lV~~Blil Roberts,
; guitar; Sonata V in F miJor~~Elizabeth
Q C’hannou, *iolin, Kevin Raybuck, Harp$i·
Q chord

 I ,
, \
L ’ LI, L
The following is the fifth part of a special nine part series 3
drawn from Mary Ruth Brown's article in The Encyclopedia of -
Library and Information Science.
Units of the System, Including Collections & Services:
- King Library p
The main King Library complex serves the social sciences land 2
humanities; the university community's general information needs; ?
and _the specialized_needs in the areas of documents, rare books,
university archives, manuscripts, and other special collections. 1
Fund accounting, technical processing, interlibrary loans, and
personnel procedures are centralized for all branch libraries and 7
are located in King Library.
Technical service departments are automated using the Online `
Computer Library Center (OCLC) systems through the Southeastern
Library Network (SOLINET). In 1978 the total system joined the ` `
Medical and Law Libraries in the use of the Library of Congress I
Classification system. Gradually the most used monographic and p
V serial titles are being reclassified from the Dewey to the ,
Library of Congress system.
Reference is the largest department in terms of professional V
staff. General reference services include reference information I
and referral and on-line computerized literature searching. The
reference department's instructional services section provides I
basic library instruction to most freshmen entering the »
university and advanced instruction to specific groups or classes
as requested. Unusual activities of this department include its
service as a campus clearinghouse for academic information.
Two spring 1979 surveys, one of faculty and one of students, ,
resulted in the merger of the Newspaper—Microtext Department with
a ,centralized periodical room. This move created a new
periocial—microform area extending from the main lobby on the
second floor of King South, across the bridge, and into nearly
three-fourths of the second floor of King North. This
arrangement brought together, for the first time, all forms of
periodical and newspaper material in the library.
Special Collections and Archives, the second largest department
(again in terms of professional staff), resembles a branch
library more than a department in both its collection and mode of
operation. Major areas of this department's resources include
Kentuckiana, history of printing and typography, university
archives, l8th and l9th century English and American literature,
modern political history, photographic archives, oral history—
audiovisual archives, and Appalachian Studies.

 5 l
The King Library Press in the Department of Special Collections
and Archives was established by university librarians in 1956. A
hand ress o eration it is neither a rivate press reflectin the
’· . .
tastes and opinions of an individual nor a commercial press ;
dependent upon sales for its support. Its functions are to ¤
produce handcrafted editions of significant texts and to provide ,
instruction in book production and related arts to the university
community and to residents of the Commonwealthl
Reprinted from The Encyclopedia of Library and Information
Science, vol. 37, pp. l9l~l92; by courtsey of Marcel Dekker, Inc,
The following programs are available to UK employees. Programs
are held in room I5 (basement) of Memorial Hall. To enroll,
contact Rosemary Veach (7—l857). `
Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPD) Classes
Eight hours of training and successful completion of a test are
required for certification. Sessions will be offered March 7 and
8 (8 a.m. - noon) and March 28 and E9 (8 a,m, — noon). Please
wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely.
A Manager's Guide to Unemployment Merch l5, 8:3C a.m. » noon
Policy and Procedure
This seminar, conducted by Emoline Whitehead, outlines University
of Kentucky obligations for Unemployment Compensation under state
and federal regulations. Designed for supervis¤~= and department
managers, this seminar reviews University prcsegures, icc University
Unemployment Department assistance in the claims process,
preparation for hearings, and University procedures to prevenb
unfair unemployment compensation and/or fraud.
Purchasing Procedures Maron lG, l0 a.n, » noon
Conducted by Tom Fields, Director of Purchasing, this workshop
shows how to use DAVs, requisitlons, purchase orders, and
receiving reports to make departmental purchases witlin ·.·,
University guidelines.
Training and Developing Your Staff: March QC.
the Manager as Coach WtEJ anm. ~ 3 pam,
This seminar will help you identify factors which prevent yo¤r
staff from performing their job to your standards, You will ·
learn how to diagnose the problem, determine wH=o ..», training is

 I 6 x
needed, and deal with marginal performers. You will review the ;
reasoning behind and importance of clear goals and performance f
standards in creating an environment in which people will 1
motivate themselves.
Research Accounting March 26, lO a.m. — noon ·
Conducted by Rita Carter of the Research Accounting Department. y
this session provides instruction ‘regarding correct business`
procedures to use for PADRs and account ledger sheets in relation _,
to Special Research Accounting requirements. A
Bloomberg, Marty. Introduction to Public Services for Library.
Technicians, Nth ed. Littleton, CO: LibrarieE_Unlimited, ‘
l§B5. (Z/711/.B63/1985)
. Kaser, David. Books and Libraries in Camp and Battle: the Civil
War Experience (Contributions in Librarianship and Informa:
tion Science, no. H8). Westport, CT: Greenwood, l98U.
Rogers, A. Robert and Kathryn McChesney. The Library in Society.
Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, l?€YT"*“W"`
Contents: The Library as a Social Agency (Raith); An ‘
Introduction to Philosophies of Librarianship (
(Rogers); History of Libraries, Librarianship, and I
Library Education (McChesney); Major Types of
Libraries (Rogers); Basic Concepts of
International and Comparative Librarianship
(Rogers); European Librarianship (Whatley); Asian l
Librarianship (Khurshid); Library Development in .
Australia and New Zealand (Carroll); African
Librarianship (Kaungamno); Libraries in Latin
American Society (Jackson); Major Professional
Organizations and Professional Literature
(McChesney); Professional Issues in Industrial and
Postindustrial Societies (Rogers & McCnesney);
` Books and Libraries in the Third World: Problems
and Prospects (Kaungamno),

   .l—~L  .. .  _;>..F+-;-.l;:ez.c;>:.-;;--l-.-i-..e.iiim- ., 4.. A.;-.il.;l,. 4._. ;. li , .A    »WA _. _ or ; I         ,4:
I l 7 (
  University of Michigan. School of Library Science. Fourteenth
I and Fifteenth Annual Alumni~in-Residence Program Papers.
l (Z7G657.WU207l9835
J Contents: Risk Capital for Academic Library Development
(Webster); Excellence and the University Library
(Martin); Technology and Professional Change
(Horny); Book Collecting as a Way of Life
. (Parker).
Q SPEC Kit #110
  "Local Cataloging Policies in ARL Libraries" (SPEC Kit #110)
al contains three library policies on copy editing, two on minimal
g level cataloging, one on subject headings, and one on
g professional responsibilities,
5 .
é Annual Conference 8
Q The Kentucky Library Assooiation's Annual Conference will be held
{ at Paducah's Executive Inn Riverfront, October 9—l1, 1985. The ;
1 theme for the conference is "Libraries/Librarians Unlimited!"
% Program topics include librarians' legal rights, left brain/right
, brain activities magazines for children and young adults
marketing your library to the private donor, and the effective
influencing of library legislation. Special events include a .
tour of Paducah's Market House Museum, with a wine and cheese
reception in the Art Gallery; an lOctoberfest Celebration
I featuring German food and a German band; and a Western Kentucky I
I style barbeque luncheon on Friday.
% For more information contact: ·.
l Jennie S. Boyarski, Program Chair
P.O. Box 7380
i Paducah, KY M2002-7380
g Note to company representatives and librarians: Tom Sutherland
Q is coordinating an Exhibitors/Librarians Golf Tourney scheduled
, for Wednesday morning, October 9.
I Call for Mini-Session Topics and Presenters
As part of the KLA Fall 1985 Conference Program, KLA members will
be given an opportunity to present mini sessions. The program
would be presented to approximately 16-20 persons in BOMMB minute
sessions. The format is such that the presentation is informal
K and conversational. Since visual aids are frequently used, this

 g 8 V
type of programming sometimes is called a "poster talk." If you
or someone you know has a special project/program or success
y story to tell, see Rob Aken for an application form.
(For more information, see the Director's Office.)
V Alabama 1 I
Cataloger, University of Alabama. Salary: $15,000. Deadline:
* March 15.
Florida .
Business Reference Librarian and Bibliographer, University of W
p Florida. Salary:. $lU,O62-$23,000. Deadline: March 8.
3 Assistant Librarian (one year appointment), Oxford College of
i Emory University. Salary: not specified. Deadline: March 29.
Q Director of Instructional Services, Emory University. Salary:
E $21,000 minimum. Deadline: March 25. A ,
E Illinois
§ History and Social Sciences Bibliographer, Northern University. t
g Salary: $18,000-$27,000. Deadline: May 15.
g Humanities Librarian, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
g Salary: $l6,U00 minimum. Deadline: April 30.
g Preservation Librarian, Southern Illinois at Carbondale. Salary:
? $20,000 minimum. Deadline: April 30.
é Kansas
é Reference Librarian/Social Sciences Bibliograpber, University of
Q Kansas. Salary: $16,000-$20,000. Deadline: April 1.
l Reference Librarian/Cataloger, University of Kansas. Salary: `
g $16,000-$20,000. Deadline: April 1.

   ..   aaeaa 2.. ~..*..-.;l-l;. ..Y.   L. M » ·   . . g A ._ » . v _
g Science Librarian, University of Kansas. Salary: $20,000- E
E $30,000. Deadline: April 15. g
é New Jersey i
`§ Coordinator for Circulation and Interlibrary Services, Rutgers
§ University. Salary: $2M,l92. Deadline: April l. g
§ General/Humanities Reference Librarian, Princeton University. j
§ Salary: not specified. Deadline: March 18. §
$5 Q
§ Engineering Resource Librarian, Rutgers University. Salary:
j $25,182 minimum. Deadline: May 1. ‘
g I New York _ Q
§ Head, Technical Services, Law Library, SUNY at Buffalo. Salary: § A
g $2M,000 minimum. Deadline: not specified. §
é North Carolina ?
g Business Reference Librarian, University of North Carolina at ·
§ Chapel Hill. Salary: $17,000 minimum. Deadline: April l.
g Pennsylvania A g
§ Assistant Curator of Urban Archives, Temple University. Salary: $
g $16,000 minimum. Deadline: March 29.
5 Assistant Director of Libraries, Technical Services, University
of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Salary: not specified. l
g Deadline: not specified.  
§_ Curator of the Contemporary Culture Collection, Temple $
, University. Salary: $16,000 minimum. Deadline: April 15.
§ Cataloger, Temple University. Salary: $16,000. Deadline: V
g April 26. -
E Head Librarian, Beaver Campus, Pennsylvania State University. R
§ Salary: $18,500 minimum. Deadline: April 1.
i Life Sciences Reference Librarian, Pennsylvania State University.
§ Salary: $16,800 minimum. Deadline: April 30.
I RQFE Soak BiBli6§répher/CaEQloger, _Temple University. Salary: é
, Aiéméd minimum. beadiinae Aprii ia.
i .*. `H ` 6. f · T 1

(If interested, contact Ann Hcwell in the D;irect0r's Office.) .
LT III, grade 5, Microfilm Center. I

Ohio V
Director of Audio—visual Services and Chair of Learning 6
Resources Council, Kent State University. Salary: $u0,000
minimum. Deadline: April 15. p
Oregon E
` Assistant to University Librarian for Personnel, University of
Oregon. Salary: $18,000 minimum. Deadline: May l.
Pennsylvania _
Life Sciences Reference Librarian, Pennsylvania State University. S
$16,800 minimum. Deadline: April 30. _
Technical Service Librarian for East Asian Library, University of Q
Pittsburgh. Salary: not specified. Deadline: April 5.
Japanese Bibliographer—Cataloger, ,University of Pittsburgh. $ if
Salary: not specified. Deadline: April 30. A
Virginia a I
Head, Monographio Cataloging Unit, University of Virginia.
Salary: $22,000 minimum. Deadline: May 16.
University Assistant, University of Washington. Salary: $21,600
minimum. Deadline: April 26. T
Head, Original Monograph Cataloging, University of Washington.
Salary: $26,000 minimum. Deadline: April 26.