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F. H. H UTH.


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K.G., K.T., K.P., F.M., G.C.B., G.C.H., G.C.M.G., G.C.S.I., P.C., 1).C.L., L.L.I).,

                 THIS WORK IS

              WITH PERMISSION,


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        LTHOUGH there is no doubt that an enormous
          amount of time is lost by those who wish to
          write upon any given subject in searching for
their materials, and although it is quite certain that
in many cases the wrong books are looked over, and the
right books overlooked, simply because it is impossible
to know what has been written on the subject, yet, among
the many branches of literature, there is perhaps none so
much neglected, or when accomplished so lightly esteemed
by the general public, as that dealing with bibliography and
the cataloguing and indexing of works already in existence.

  To those however engaged in any literary work of a
responsible character, to students, authors, and librarians,
the value of works of reference of this class is manifest and
incontestable, as being in a manner the tools with which
they work. To these a general subject index has long
been felt to be a crying want, a want that is impossible to
be supplied by any one worker.


  General works like those of Watts, Kayser, Lorenz, or
Brunet, wonderful as they are in their gigantic undertaking,
are yet necessarily very imperfect and altogether inadequate
to the requirements of the age. Had Brunet indeed con-
fined himself exclusively to recording the works written
before the seventeenth century, it would have been more
satisfactory to succeeding bibliographers, inasmuch as his
researches would have acquired additional value, in pro-
portion to their concentration on a period now too distant
to be easily retraced.

  In view therefore of the utter incapability of General
Bibliography to cope with the ever increasing mass of
special and technical information, it becomes every day
more of a necessity to index the various branches of
literature separately and fully.

  Much has been done already as may be seen by Petz-
holdt's Bibliotheca Biblzographica; much has been done so
well, that it may be said to have been done for all time,
such as Baker's Biograj5hia Dramafica, and the Guide to
the Literature of Botany by Mr. Jackson, published by the
Index Society; much however remains to be done before
the reader will be in a position to see at a glance what
treasures of research are at his command.

  This object, to be properly and thoroughly attained,
should be carried out by a Society. Such a Society already
exists in the above named Index Society, and it is much
to be regretted that its labours should be restricted for



want of adequate support. What it has already published,
however, demonstrates the completeness attainable, when
the work is undertaken by those, who having a special
knowledge of the subject, devote their time and attention
to it.
  I have endeavoured in the following pages to supply the
subject of Hippology, and it is believed that in them will
be found a fuller and more trustworthy reference on the
subject of the Genus Equus and everything appertaining
to it than has before been published.

  Some years ago, being then a collector of curious and
scarce books on the Horse, I was induced to compile for
my own satisfaction and use, a catalogue containing very
full bibliographical details of the works on that subject in
my own possession. It was afterwards suggested to me to
extend the scope of my catalogue, and form an index on
the bibliography of the Horse. Acting on this, I increased
by long-continued and troublesome research, the number
of books tenfold, and as the work grew in size, I expunged
all superfluous remarks ; details which however interesting
to myself, would not have compensated for the increased
bulk entailed in their retention. So at least I judged at
the time, and though I have since sometimes regretted
having done so, it is now too late again to change the
character of the work. But although I have endeavoured
to condense this volume to the utmost limit of its utility,
by the excision of all superfluous matter, I have but rarely
curtailed the title of any work that has come under my




notice, for I consider that the meagre and abridged form
so often found in catalogues, either from want of space or
information, often does not suffice to acquaint the searcher
with the contents of the book, and the similarity which
must obviously occur in the abbreviated headings of some
thousands of works on one subject, bears me out in this
view, and points to the necessity of the fullest description
of the title page.

  In the present Index I have adopted the chronological
system of arrangement generally, and when there are
several works published in the same year, they are arranged
alphabetically in order of the authors names. Later editions
and translations are put under the same heading as the
first edition, with their size, place of publication and date,
while a general list of authors, with the dates of their works
will be found at the end of the book, and also the names of
those who have written on each subdivision of the subject,
such as Anatomy, Natural History, the Veterinary Art,
Cavalry, Equitation, Driving, Shoeing, Bitting, etc., etc.,
etc., and which serves as an Index to the body of the work,

  By far the greater number of books collected in these
pages are monographs on the Horse; but I have not
thought it wise to exclude other works on Natural History
dealing with the Horse, Ass, or Mule in any very distinct
degree.  Magazine articles or articles from  Sporting
Journals are however not included, excepting in one case.
XWorks written before the invention of printing, are placed
under the year in which it may be presumed they were



written.  It would be absurd, for instance, to place
Xenophon after Juliana Barnes, or Gwyllame Twici after
Bracy Clark. The same work is only again mentioned
when it has been entirely recast, or a new compilation is
made, such as the Ret i-us/ice scrifiores. I n the alphabetical
arrangemnent of names, I have had to meet the usual difficulty
of foreign double names, such as :-Esprit Paul de la Font
Pouloti, Franz Max Freiherr von Bouwinghausen von
Wallmerode, Francisco de Cespedes y Velasco, etc. In
such cases I have endeavoured to follow the custom as near
as may be, of the double-named one's country.

  Under " Horses and Equitation," I have included every-
thing appertaining to the Horse. Fiction is excluded, and
generally all books of which only a part relates to horses;
but here again are exceptions, such as Montaigne's Essays,
Beckmann's Inventions, and Reynold's Medicine. Indeed
the nearer any class of book comes to the boundary line,
the less perfect does the Index naturally become, and the
more numerous the exceptions to the general rules I have
endeavoured to observe.  Books on Farming, Natural
History and the like are therefore far from being com-
pletely represented; it is the same with Sporting papers;
while fiction is allowed occasionally to creep in, as in the
Dialogue belwzxrt a Wfzarre Horse and a MllK floise, which
though really a Civil War Tract, yet the characters talk as
horses, there is a cut of horses on the title, and we are
informed (Sig. A 3) that a horse's skin was then worth ten
groats. There is a little better excuse for the Coach and




Sedan pleasantly disputing, in which Peacham mentions
that coaches do not exceed four miles an hour, describes
how they are built, are laced, fringed, and gilded, and have
leather curtains, and says among other things that the
English were the most backward nation in horse-breeding.
A few other fictions, by men well acquainted with horses,
have also been admitted.

  In conclusion I must confess with regret that the Index
is far from perfect, and I probably could go on adding to it
for the rest of my natural life; in that case however it
would possibly never see the light at all, and perhaps it is
better therefore to publish it as it is. I do not think many
important works have escaped me, but the smaller catch-
penny fry are legion; they appear, live their short life, and
disappear leaving scarcely a trace behind them. I hope at
least that others will be saved some of the time this Index
has taken me in preparation.

                                 FREDK H. HUTH.

Beckford House,
    Lansdown Crescent,









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                   AN INDEX
                         WORKS ON


'I7r7roLacpTLKFo, (De Arte Veterinaria).  And  'Yor7rofKo7rLK6v.  (De 430. B. C.
    Equorum Inspectione.) By Kimon of Athens. rCirca B.C. 430.]
      So ,far as known, they are merely portions oj one vork, 7rfpL
'I7r7raPXLKo;. (A Treatise on the Duties of a Commander of Cavalry;) 380.
    and 'I7r7ruK,, (A Treatise on the Horse.) By Xenophon. [Circa
    B.C. 380.]
      First printed at Florence, folio. 1516.
HEpL gwvtrVTroptri; 7rfpt ,wavfLopLWv; and 7rept Zuowv ycvea7Tws. By 333.
    Aristoteles. B.C. 333.
      First p/rinted at Basle, 1531.
A  Treatise on Ag-1iculture and the Veterinary Art. By Mago 200.
    Carthaginiensis.  Date unknown.   His work was in xxviii.
    books, translated into Latin by Dionysius Silanus; and into Greek
    with omissions and additions by Cassius Dionysius, of which an
    epiitome was made by Diophanes of Bithynia.
      Tl.S fragments still extant were published in the collections of
    Ruellius, folio. Paris, 1530.
De RIe Rustica. By M. T. Varro. B.C. 37.                      37.
      First printed iil the Scriptores rei rustice, A.D. 1472.

De Re Rustica, Libr. XII. By Columella. [Circa 20 A.D.]       20. A.D.
      First printed in the Scrivtofres rei rust iem, folio. Venice, 1472.
      In French, 4to. Paris, 1555; 1556; 8vo. 3 vols, 1845-6.
      in Italian, 8vo. Venice, 1554; 1557; 1559; 2 vols, 4to.
    Verona, 1808.
      In Anglish, 4to. London, 1745.
      In Latin alone, 8vo. Dublin, 1732.
Ilistoria Naturalis, Book VIII. By C. Plinius Secundus. [Circa 60.
    A.D. 50.]
      The first time printed at Venice, 1469. For other editions
    .see Bruvet.


2)                          AN INDEX TO WORKS

120.   Epitedrorna. A  work treating of the Combat of Infantry against
            Cavalry. By the Emperor Hadrian. AD. 120.

225. ICsEooiE. By Sextus Julius Africanus. [Circa A.D. 225.]
              First published in the collection of Ruellius, folio. Paris, 1530.
            Some only of the books still exist, in MS.
322.   '17rTQaTprta.  By Apsyrtus [orr"Avpros], 322.   First published in
            the collection of Ruellius, folio. Paris, 1530, in Latin.
              In Greek, in the same, 4to. Basle, 1537.
              Spren gel publi-s-hed 'Programmia de Apsyrto Bithynio,' 4to.
            Halle, 1832.
350.   A Treatise on the Veterinary Art. By Hippocrates. [Circa 350.]
            First published, in the collection of Ruellius, folio. Paris, 1530, in
            Latin translation.
              In Greek, in the same,,- 4to. Basle, 1537. Also, 8vo. Leyden.
            1665; 4to. Naples, 1757.   And in Greek, Latin, and Italian,
            8vo. Rome, 1814.

360.   X07yos TrC.KrLKa (or TcXVq .raCrLoK). By Ammianus Marcellinus.
            [Circa A.D. 360.]  First printe( in hlis collected works, folio. Rome,
              Again in Bonon, folio. 1515; and Basel, folio. 1518.  Theye
            three editions hoirever are incorrect and only contain thirteen
            books. Aug.sburg, folio. contains flve more.  Other editions.-
            Basel, folio. 1533; folio. 1544; 8vo 1546; Lugd. Bat., 12mo.
            15.52 ; 4to. Hamburg, 1609.

400.   A Treatise on Veterinary Surgery.  By Litorius. [Circa 400.]
              Orly a few0,framqents remain.  First printed in the collection
            of Ruellius, folio. Paris, 1530.

       A Treatise on Veterinary Surgery.  By Theomnestus. [Circa 400.]
              The only fragments extant first ,Published in the collection of
            Ruellius, folio. Paris 1530, in LDtin.
              In Greek, 4to. Basle, 1537.
       A Treatise on Veterinary Surgery. 13y Tiberius [Circa 400.]
              Ths only fragments extant first published in the collection orf
            Ritellius, folio. Paris, 1530.

950.   A Treatise on Veterinary Surgery.  By Hierocles. [Cirra 950.]
              The only fra gintnfs extrant first published in the collection of
            RaPfliqis, folio. Paris, 1530.

1300. Opera di mascalcia   By Pier de Crescenzi. [Circa 1300.]



Ii coinence le Art de Venerie, le quel Mestre Guyllame Twici 1307.
    Venour le Roy d'Engletere fist en son temps pur apprenrdre
    autres. MS. [Circa 1307.]
      First printed at Middle Hill Press, 8vo. 1840.

Livro de Alveitaria dividido em duas partes. No primiero trata das 1318.
    cousas que convem ao Cavallo desde que nace, ate que ihe poeCl
    a Sella, e o freyo. A segunda trata de toda as infermidades dos
    Cavallos, e suas Cuzxa. -By Mestre Giraldes. MS. Lisbon, 1318.

Livre de la Chasse. By Gaston III. comte de Foix. MS. [Circa 1387.
A Persian MS. treatise on Farriery, translated from the Sanscrit work 1407.
    known as Salihota. By Abd Ullah Ben Safi. small 4to.
    written in the city of Kulburgah. A.H. 810. [A.D. 1407.]
      Contents:-A    Preface and table of Chapters.    Legendary
    account of the Creation of the Horse which is said to have been
    originally endowed with wings; Defects of the Horse in 52
    chapters, good points of the Horse in 12 chapters; signs of the
    aqye of Horses; Diseases of the Horse with their treatment, and
    management of the Horse.
Este livro fez Affonso Esteves morador em santarem        Ferrador 1425.
    del-Rey, o qual escreveo Jaoa de Aveiro morador na Certaa criado
    que foy do Prior D. Fr. Alvaro camelo, que Deos perdoe, e foy
    acabado no anno de N. Senhor Jezus Christo. 1425.
      MS. in the Bibliotheca Severiana.

Da Arte de doinar os Cavallos. By Duarte Rei de Portugul e do 1434.
    Algarve, e Senhor de Ceuta. MS. circa 1434.
      Pre-served in the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris. Printed
    1842, 4to, Paris, under the title :-Leal conselheiro, o qualfez Dont
    Duarte Pelrt graqu dle Deos Rei de Portugal. . . A requerimento
    da muito excellente Rain/ha Dona Leonor sua mul/ler; sequidlo (lo
    libro da ensinanga de beln cavalgar toda Sella . .

Liber Marescalciae Equorum. By Laurentius Ruffus.      MS. 4to. 1462.
    Rome, 1462.
      This 'is /)robably the original manuscript and shows by the
   .following eolophon that Zordon Russo or Rusto the generally
   accepted name of the author is wrong; " Hic ergo explicitur Liber
   Mariscalcim Equorun compositus per Magistrunt Laurentium,
   dictumn Rap/tum de Urbe familiarem    et marescalcuin Reveren-
   dissimi in Ch/ri.sto Patris. Doinini Napoleonis de Ursinis Satecti
   Andriani Diaconi Cardinalis."   Anno Donmini 1462.




1462.         The followbi'g are the printed editions:-Liber Marescalcize, 4to.
            Rome, 1490.   Another edition, 4to. printed at Speyer, about the
            sanme date.  Another, Hippidtria, sive Marescalia Laur. Rusii.
               in qua praeter variorum   morborum   plurima, ac saluber-
            rina reinedia, quadraginta tres commodissimaB frxnorum  forma
            excuswe sunt, ut nullam tamn novo oris vitio laborantem equum
            invenias, ciii non  hine occurrere possis. folio. Paris, 1.531.
            A nether edition, of the same by the same printer, but differingfrom
            the above, 4to. Paris, 1532; Svo. Padua, 1818.
              Italian editions:-Arte de cognoscere la natura de' cauael, &c.
              in vulgo-are, per Fratre Gabriele Bruno. 4to. Venice, 1492; 8vo.
            Venice, 15.54; 4to. Bologna, 1561; Svo. Venice, 1563; 12mo.
            Venice, 1559.
              French editions :-La Mareschalerie de Laurens Ruse, translate
            de Latin en franeoys, avee les figures des Mors, folio. Paris, 1533.
            Another by the samne printer but different edition and title, folio.
            Paris, 1.541.  Other editions:-4to. Paris, 1558; 1563- 4to.
            Paris, 1583; 4to. Paris, 1610.

1472. Rei Rusticae Scriptores, (scilicet: Marcus Porcius Cato, Marcus
            Terentius Varro, et Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, ex
            recens  Georgii Alexandrini,   Palladius     Rutilius  Taurus
            Aminlianus, studio Franc. Coluci.,verzinenses). folio. Venice, 1472.
               Aleo 1482; Bologna,1494; Ibicl.,1496; Jbid.,1499; 4to,Venice,
            1.514; Florence, 1515; 1521 ; Venice, 1533 ; 8vo. Lyons, 1541
            1548-9; Paris, 1543; 4to. Leipsic, 1735 ; 2 vols, 4to. Leipsic,
            1773-4; .5 vols, yvo. Mannheim, 1781 ; 4 vols, 8vo. Deux Ponts,
            1787 ; 5 vols, Venice, 1783-5; 7 vols, 8vo. Leilpsic, 1794-1797
            Ibid., 2 voln, 4to. 1827.
               In Freneh :-Traduction d'anciens ouvrages latins relatifs h
            l'agriculture et h la medecine verinaire avec des notes par
            Saboureux de La Bonnetrie, 6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1771-75.
               In `Schneider's edition, 1794, there is a full account of the
            curious MISS.

1478. A Persian MS. in the British -Museum entitledl KURRAT UL-MULIK.
             Date A.B. 833. [A.D. 1478].
               The work is divided into 12 chapters, su.bdividled into sections
            and  numbered  at the beginning as follows: 1.-Breeds oJ
            various countries. 2.-MIodes of choosing Horses. 3.-Omens
            derived from the movement of Horses. 4.-Colours of Horses.
            5 -Their blemishes.  6.--Their limbs.  7.-Diseases and reme-
            dies. 8.-Bleeding.   9.-Diet and food. 10.-Fattening, and
            treatment orf sores. 11.-How to knowc the age of Horses by their
            Tee fth; a nd, 12.-On lucky and unlucky marks in Horseps.





The Bokys of Haukyng and Huiityng, and also of Cootarmuris. By 1486.
    Juliana Barnes. [or Bernes, or Berners] folio. St. Albans, 1486,
      For Bibliographical particulars see Hazlift. There uas also
    an edition published in facsimile, 4to. 1881.

Libro de albeyteria, es a saber de los Cavallos y de las Mulas. By 1495.
    Manuel Diaz. [or 1)iez, or Dias,] folio. Saragossa, 1495.
      Other editions, Ibid, 1499; 4to. Valladolid, 1500. 4to. larce-
    lona, 1505. 4to. Toledo, 1507 and 1571. 4to. Burgos, 1530;
    and 4to. Saragossa, 1545.
Tratta della Pittura. By Leonardo di Vinci. Emb hodying subject of 1499.
    work on Horses, entitled "Notomai dei Cavalli," written about
      First printed, Rome, 1651.
      French tranislations:-1651; 12mo. 1716; 8vo. 1796 ; 1803.
    The most complete, 4to. Rome, 1817.
      All Leonardo di Vinci's works are now being reprinted (1885,
La AM6decine des chevaux et des bestes chevalines. Anon. 4to. 1606.
    Paris, [Circa 1506.]
Libro de la natura di cavalli. Anon. 4to. Milan, 1517.          1617.

Incomincia il Libro de Maistro Augustino Culombre maneschal- 1618.
    cho de Sancto Seuero Dedicato al Re Ferdinado de Ragoiia. 4to.
    Venice, 1518. 8vo. 1536; 1547; 1561; and 4to. 1622.

Artis Veterinariae, sive Mulomedicinae Libri quatuor.  Fronm the 1524.
     works of Vegetius Renatus. 4to. Basil, 1524. Ibid., 4to.
     1574, also 8vo. 1748 and 1781.
       French translations: 4to. Paris, 1563; also in the 6th vol. of
     the Anciens ouvrages latines relatifes a l'agriculture.
       In English: " (Of the Distempers of Horses," 4to. London, 1572;
     8vo. 1748; 8vo. 1756.

LDises buchlein zeyget an und lernet ein masz oder proporcio der Ross, 1628.
     iiutzlich iungen gesellen, malern vnd goltscbmidii. By Hans
     Sebald Beham. 4to. Nuremberg, 1528.
Libro aureo de Marco Aurelio, emperador y eloquetissinio orador. 1629
     [By Antonio de Guevary.] [Circa 1529.]
       Hallam says, on the authority of Dr. West, that the manuscript
     Waas lent by the author to the emperor, and cas pirated befJre the
     firsi knowen editions of 1529 were printed. (Literature of Europe,
     London, 1843, vol. i. p. 890, note.)



1529.         Fir.t printed in Italian, Venice, 1606; Ini French, 4to. Paris,
            1531; In English, 8vo. London, 1534; In Latin, Turgau, folio.
              Fir Biblioyr, see Brundet; Antonio, Bibl. Hisp. Script. 1. 126;
            De Salva, IL 150.

1530. Ex Apsyrto et aliis collecti veterinari2- medecinse libri duo. By
           Jean Ruel. folio. Paris, 1530.
              An edition in the original Greek was published at Basle, 4to.
              This is a collection of fragments compiled by Ruel (or, as he is
            more commomly called, Ruellius), from fragments of Apsyrtus,
            Arnittolius, Hippocrates, Himerius, Pamphilus, Hierocles, Tiberius,
            .Emiliu  Hispaunts, Africanus, Mayo Carthageniensis, Theomn-
            nestas, Eumelus, Didymus, Pelagoni us, Archedemus, Litorius
            Beneventanus, and Diophanes; mostly existing only in MS.

1531. Libri duo Philippicorum sive de Equorum natura electione, educatione,
            diseiplina et curatione. By Petrus A. Naaldwyck. 4to.
            Leyden, 1531.

1539. IwrrfOKOuKov, sive de equis tractandis et historiola rei nurmmariae. By
            Joachim Camerarius. 8vo. Tubingen, 1539.

1546. Libro de albeyteria. En el qual se veran todas quantas enfermedades
            y desastres sucten aedescer a todo genero de bestias y la cura de
            dellas. Assim ismo se vera las colores y faciones para conoseer
            vn buen cauallo y vna buena mula. El mas copioso q hasta
            agora se ha visto. By Francisco de la Reina. 4to. Mondo-
            nedo, 1546 and 1552. 4to. Burgos, 1564; 4to. Salamanca,
            1580; and Alcala, 1582-83; 1602; 1623; 1647.

1547. A voluane containing a series of 370 original coloured drawings of
            ornamental Bits for Horses, done upon 186 sheets of fine vellum,
            with descriptions to each in old French. This MS. was execu-
            ted in 1547 by Jacques de Genoillac, Governor of Languedoc,
            Privy Couneillor and Master of the Horse to Henry II. of France.
            Roy. folio, RM. with arms and monogram in gold on the sides
            and back and clasps. At the beginning is a declaration, dated
            1564, made by the 'Marquis of Voysy, Master of the Horse to
            Charles IX., w!th his signature in full, to the effect that he leaves
            this MS. to his male descendants.

1551. l)e la C avalleria de la Gineta. By Ferdinando Chacon. 4t.
           Seville, 1551.




Historim animialium, Liber I. de quadrupedibus viviparis.     By 1551.
     Conrad Gesner. folio. Murich, 1551.
       The other parts were published, ii., 1554; iii., 15,55; iv.,
     1558; and v., 1587.
       Later editions of Book I., 1585; 1603; 1620.
Ordini di Caualcare, et modi di conoscere le nature de' caualli, enien- 1552.
     dare i vitii loro, et amrnmaestrargli per l'uso della guerra et coummo-
     dlita de gli huomini. By Federico Grisoni. 8vo. Venice, 15.52
     and 1553.
       The edition of Venice, 4to. 1571, bear.s on the title:-A..gian-
     geuisi una scielta di notabili auuertiinenti, perfare eccelenti razzp,
     e per rimediare alle infermita (le' Catialli. It is from this editiot
     that others of more recent dlate (viz: 1584, 1590, 1610, etc.)
     have been prin ted.
       Grison's Or dini di Caua7care has also been translated into Spanish
     under the title:-" Reglas de la Caualleria de la brida," etc, by
     Ant. lFlores de Benauides. 4to. Baeqa. 1568. And into German
     under that of " Kunstlicher Bericht,' etc., by Jean Fayser. folio.
     Augsburg, 1570.
       The French editions are as followrs:-L'Ecurie du S. iFederico
     Grison, gentilhomme napolitain. En laquelle est monstre l'ordre
     et l'art de choysir domter, piquer, qu'autres commodites de 1 horn-
     rne. Auec figures de diuerses dresser et nmanier les cheuaux tant
     pour 1'usage de la guerre sortes de mors de bride. 4to. Paris, 1559;
     4to. 1563; 4to. 1565; 4to. 1568; 4to. 1575; 4to. 1579. Paris
     and Lyons, 4to. 1584 and 4to. 1585. Tournon. 4to. 1599, and
     Paris, 4to. 1610.
       There was a translation (never printed) into Portuguese
    Ordens da Cavallaria . . . traduzido de Italiano em Portuguez
    por Leonel da Costa. folio.
Trattato di Mascalcia. By Filippo Scacco. 4to. Venice, 1553, 1553.
    4to. Padua, 1628.

Trattato dell' imbrigliare, attegiare, e ferrare cavalli, etc. By Casar 1556.
    Fiaschi. In three parts, 4to. Bologna, 1556. Also 4to. Venice,
    1598 and 1604; 4to. Padua, 1626; and 8vo. Venice, 1.561 and
       Translated into French, with the title " Traite de la manicre de
    bien embrider, manier, et ferrer les chevaux. By Fr. de Prouane.
    4to. Paris, 1564; 1567; 1578; 1579 and 1611.
Delle razze, disciplina del cavalcare et altre cose pertincuti ad esser- 1560.
    citio cosi fatto. By Gio. Bat. Ferraro. 8vo. Naples, 1560;
    Paira, 1564; Venice, 1653.




1564. Recopilacio de los mas famosos autores Griegos y Latinos que trataro
            de la excelicia y generaci5 de los cauallos. Y asimismo como se
            han de doctrinar y curar sus enfermedades. Y tambien de las
            Mulas y su generacion. ByAlonso Suarez. folio. Toledo, 1564.
1565. The fowre chiefyst offices bolongyng to Hursemarishippe. That is to
           save. The office of the Breeder, of the Rider, of the Keper, and
           of the Ferrer. In the firste parte whereof is declared the order
           of breding of horses. In the seconde howe to breake them, and
           to make theyrm horses of seruyce. Conteyninge the whole arte
           of Ridynge lately set forth, and nowe newly corrected and
           amended of manye faultes escaped in the fyrste printynge, as well
           touchyng the bittes as otherwyse. Thirdly, howe to dyet them,
           as well when they reste as when they trauell by the way.
           Fourthly to what diseases they be subiect, together with the
           causes of such diseases the sygnes howe to knowe them, and
           finally howe to cure the same. Whyche bookes are not onely
           paynfully collected out of a number of aiiethours, but also orderly
           dysposed and applyed to the vse of thys our couitrie. By Thomas
           Blundevile. 4to. London, 1565-6. 4to. 1580; 4to. 1597; 4to.
              The last three parts have distinct title pages.
1566. La Gloria del Cauallo, opera dell' illustre Pasquali Carraciolo,
            diuisa in dieci libri: n6 i quali oltra gli ordini pertinenti alla
            Cauelleria, si descrivono tutti i particolari che son necessarii nel'
            alleuare, ctistodiro, maneggiate, et curar di Caualli, etc. Venice,
            4to- 1566-1567. With additions, 4to.Venice, 1585; 1586; 1589;
              To the ltat edition was alded Giovani Antonio Cito's 'Del
            conoscere le infirmite che avvengono al cavallo.'
1568. L'Art VWt6rinaire ou Grande Marechalerie. ByJean Mass6. 4to.
            Paris, 1568.
        Del Can, y del Cavallo, y de sus calidades: dos animales de gran
            instincto y sentido, fidelissimos amigos de los hombres.  By
            Luyz Perez. 8vo. Valladolid, 1568.
 1569. Ein neuw Thierbuch, Eigentliche vnd auch griindliche beschreibung
            allerley vier vnd zweyfiissigen Thieren, vom grossen biss zuin
            kleinsten, sampt derer Art, Wesen, Natur vnd Eigenschafft:
            Erstlich durch den weitberhiimbten Hansen Bocksperger
            den jungern von Saltzburg in visirung gestelit, folgendts gerissen
            dureh den kunstreichen Josz Amman von Zurich: nun jetzt
            durch Georgium Schallerum von Miinchen gantz fleissig besch-
            rieben, vndl in Teutsche Reimen gefasset, etc. 4to. Frankfurt-
            on-Maine, 1569; 15.92.




Libro de Maichi de' Cavalli, con li nomi di tutti li principi, et privati 1569.
    signori che hanno razza di Caualli. Anon. 8vo. Venice, 1569;
    12mo. Venice, 1593; 18mo. Venice, 1626.
Trattato gJranle dell 'arte cavalleresca. ByTommaso Campanella. 1570.
    [Circa 1570.]
Libro de Enfrenamientos de la Gineta. By Eugeno Manzanas,
    4to. Toledo, 1570. And folio. Toledo, 1583.
Discorsi cavallereschi, ne' quali oltre gli eserciti equestri, si ragiona di 1571.
    tutte le disciplini che si ricercano in un compito cavaliero. By
    Gasparo Toralto. 4to. Naples, 1571.
Tractado de la Cavalleria de la Gineta copuesto y ordenado, por el Capitai 1572.
    Pedro de Aguilar . . . Contiene diversos avisos ydocuinkos, y
    otras muchas reglas vtiles y necessarias, assi para lo que toca a la
    doctrina y enfrenamiento de los cauallos, como para la perfection
    y destreza que en esta facultad conuiene Zj tengan, en cosas de paz
    yde guerra los caualleros. 4to. Seville, 1572; 4to. Malaga, 1600.
I1 Cavalerizzo, nel quali si tratta della natura de' Cavalli, del modo di 1573.
    domargli e frenargli. By Claudio Corte. 4to. Marseilles, 1573.
    4to. Venice, 1573.
      An English translation:-The Art of Riding, containing divers
    necessarie instructions, demonstrations, helps and corrections
    appertaining to horsemanship. Written at large in the Italian
    toong by Maister Claudio Corte, a man most excellent in this
    Art. Here briefly reduced into certeine English DiscourEes to
    the benefit of Gentlemen de(sirous of such knowledge. [Translated
    by Thomas Bedingfield, under John Astley.] 4to. London, 1584.
The Noble Arte of Venerie or Hvnting. Wherein is handled and set 1575.
    out, the Vertues, Nature and Properties of fiuetene sundrie Clhaces
    together wvith the order and maner how to Hunte and Kill euery
    one of them. Translated and collected for the Pleasure of all
    Noblemen and Gentlemen out of the best approued Authors which
    haue written any thing concerning the same; and reduced into such
    Order and proper Termes as are vsed here in this noble Realme of
    England. By Christopher Barker. 4to. London, 1575.
       Another edition, 4to.Thomas Purfoot, London, 1611 ,augmented,
    with many new additions by another hand.
    This workis generally bound up with Turbervile'sBookeof Falconrie.
A plaine and easie way to remedy a Horse that is foundered in his 1576.
    feete. By which vsing this remedy (within xxiiii howres after
    his instant foundering) you may within xxiiii. hours after the
    cure vsed, trauell your horse and iourney him at your pleasure,
    as if he had not beene foundered at all. Set out by Nicholas
    Malbie. 4to. London, 1576; 1583; 1594.



1576. Remedies for the Dyseases in Horses, Approoued and1 allowed by
           diijers very auneient learned  Mareschalls.  By Nicholas
           Malbie. 4to London, [1576]; 1583: 1594.
             No coly knowen of the edition of 1576. Only one copy, and
           that imperfect of the edition of 1583, and only one of the edition
           of 1594.
1577. The lamentable historie of the death of ij. horse