l   ‘ K7"
, i"
i   The standing of a student is defined as the ratio of his total Q
“ number of points to his total number of credits. For example, a `·  
  student who makes an average mark of C in 128 credits, would X
  have 128 points and a standing of 1.0. An average mark of B i
  would give the student 256 points and 128 credit hours, and a
I   standing of 2.0. For all purposes other than classification and E
gi graduation, "standing" is understood to be the ratio of the number (
  of points gained to the number of credits attempted. . [
$1 Recording of Marks. Through the sixth Monday of any semes-
  ter, and through the tenth class day of the summer session students
A   who withdraw from a class or who are dropped from a class will i
  have no mark recorded. After these dates, students who withdraw
fi or who are dropped from a class are to be given WP, WF, or E, as 1
`   reported by the instructor of the class. g
  "‘   In computing standings for all university purposes, a WF shall
, {gi be treated as an E. · i
  A mark once reported to the Registrar’s Office shall not be
ij changed except when the instructor states that an error has been I
,   made or that an injustice would be done the student if the mark 1
‘   remained unchanged. 1
I   Definition of a Semester Hour or Credit. A semester hour
  represents one hour of recitation or lecture or two hours of labora- j
—-* tory a week for one semester. Drawing, shopwork, physical edu- ,
  cation, and other courses requiring no outside work are reckoned i
  at three hours for one semester hour. A semester hour is usually i
1 referred to as a credit in bulletins and catalogs which explain the ‘ {
W University’s program. ·
, i Requirements for Graduation {
` Undergraduate Colleges. To be eligible for graduation from I
, any undergraduate college of the University, a student must have
  completed the requirements of the curriculum as approved by the
  University Faculty. In addition to gaining the specified number of
  credits, he must have an equal number of quality points—that is, .
i a standing of 1.0. ~
{ Curriculum substitutions may be made on recommendation of
the college dean to the Registrar’s Office.
‘     To be eligible for a degree at any commencement, the student
{ [ . must file with the Registrar an application for such degree at least
  four weeks prior to the commencement date. The University re-
'; quires the student to use his full and proper name in registering.
i in applying for a degree, and in other similar circumstances. The
` institution accepts no responsibility for difficulties arising from 8
student’s failure to comply with this requirement.
~ Regardless of the length of time the student has attended the
U University, a minimum of thirty of the last thirty-six credits pre-
· I