Pl · ‘ * 
astro Row Covering
Low-cost polyethyle11e plastic enables g1·owers to plant q
outdoors despite 25-degree temperature; crops mar- ,;
keted several weeks ahead of regular plantings ‘
By 1;. M. EMMERT ·. ‘
Growers are aware that vegetables of good market contrast, the regularly planted frame and outside leaf A
quality can be produced in low—cost polyethylene and Bibb lettuce reached the market much later and W
pl2l.StlC gI`€€IlllOllS(’S, tl.ll(l Illtllly HTG llSl1lg SllCll ll()llS€S. l)l`Ollgllt Ollly f1`(llll   tt)   C€lltS 21 pOllT1(l. 97
Recent work at the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment How to Apply the PIGSHC ·* r
Station shows, however. that it is possible to produce _ _ _ _ _ 1
the vegetables much cheaper in the field yvith the Tlll`€’¢‘ tllNlL£$ ill`? €‘SS€Hfial for the success of plague r•
uso of Plastic NWV C0VCI_ing• 1'OVV COy€‘1`2lg(*. ()ll(‘ lllllSt p1`(lVlCl€ for V€Ht1l21TlOl'l, ]_)‘l`€- c
rrhough Unc cannot gl_O\v crops Outdoors in SCVCYC \`¢;‘lll:` \’Vlll(l lllltl Sf()1`lll (ltlllltlgt‘. tlll(l pl`()lllOt€ lIlSllllltlOll O
\Vlllt(‘I` \V("2l.tll6‘l' tl ]_)l2\Stl(J TOW (JOV(*l`lllg Cilll protect llgulllst Cold. _ _ G
Cl`()l)S fl'(llll t(‘lllpCI`il.tlll`(*S (l()\¤Vll t() 25OF. COIlS€(lll€lltl}', Eltllell   O1.   lllch Plflstlc fully bflllicfl is V _
Ql`()\Vt’I`S 1ll`(‘ (‘ll2\l)l(‘(l to Pill Pl2l.lltS ()llt(l()O1'S (:‘tll`li€1' us NWV Covcrlllgl IT\V€) klllds Ol: Wule \VlCk€tSr Sllullilr 7
and market their crops several weeks in advance of to there flsed fm. Plflymg ¢1·<><1¤€*—_¤r€ used tO S“P1’°f`t °
rvgulul. ()ut(lO0l. phulti“gS· tilt? PlElSlZlC‘()VC‘1` tllC‘ Pl2l.lllZS. Oll€ 1S 2l·SlllOOtll \\fil'C lll
the form of an oval, while the other kind IS fabricated {F
T°m¤l'°€$ so as to have two notches into which the plastic can __
Last summer during the period june 5-15. tomatoes be tucked. The two types are placed alternately, at  
were marketed from the Experiment Station farm at intervals of about   feet. The plastic may be ap-
lll}.{ll(‘l` [ll`lC(‘S illilll tll()S(‘ Q'I'()\Vll lll gl'(‘(‘llll()US€S, tlll(l pll(*(l (‘ltll(f‘l` HS tl \Vl(lC. C()lltlllllOllS Sll€Ct, €‘Xl[Cll(llllQ LJ
the extra returns paid many times for the cost of the over the wickets and held down at the edges by soil.
I)l1lStlL` f()\V C()V(‘l`lIl}.[. lll tl SllllllLll` iC‘St lll llOl`tllG‘l`ll ()l` HS lI\V() Slllgl€ St1'lPS, S(i‘CllI`G(l Sllllll2`l1`ly {lt tll€ €(lQ(‘S
Kentucky. tomato plants were set in the field on and lapped together over the wickets. Lg
April 5 and were protected from a subsequent low sms Permit Inspection of Cmp
temperature of 25"E. by the use of plastic row cover- _ _ $
hm Thcsv plums Ouch bmw, at lmst ll pound of fruit lf the continuous sheet methodlis used, theopcrator ,;
lll _lllll(‘, il lll()Ilt`ll l)(‘f()1`L‘ tllt‘ l`(‘glllLlI`ly pl2l.llt(;‘(l ()l1t(l(lOI` Sluts Sllts llbout   lllches long ll? the plaSF1C·\Vll€l·G I:
i()lll<()(‘S \V(‘l`(‘ Tlllt'. rllll(‘ Illtlj()l` ]_)t1l't (lf tll(‘ C1`()]_l \VtlS It goes (lvl)?. Ol"`   flu) llotchoél “llCk€tS` Tllls ls llOll(l
lml.\,(_St(_(l by tho {imo tho (mtsido plants “,(_l.(_ in Peak to. permit inspection and ventilation. To prevent the *
[)l`()(lllCtl()ll. Tll()llgll ill(‘ i()t1ll }’lt‘l(l (ll: tll(‘ ]_llllStlC- Sllts hlllll lullllg hull] large? lly \VlU(l Or uS€’ at thc I
pl.(m_Ct(_d plums was loss than thut of thc 0utSi(k__ ends of the slits the plastic: is folded laterally and .,‘ .
grown plums tho pmm was hu. g1.(_ut(_1. lwcmlsc thc small, 4—inch squares of plastic are doubled and pinned {
[mit was nmI.k(,t(,(l whml pl.iu_S “,(_l.(_ highm. and its to each fold. Ventilation is obtained by tucking the p
(llmlit). was (,xC(,ptimml]). high. sides of the slit into the notches of the notched wick- ‘ V
ets. as shown in Fig. 1. This method seemingly pro-
l-euuce vides more protection from high winds than the other. F
Early planted leaf and llibh lettuce. protected from lf the two single sheets of narrow plastic are used, q,
frost by plastic row covering. has been produced at they are secured to the ground on each side of the L `
Lexington and Ludlow in .~\pril and has brought as row with soil and lapped over the wicket by about
much as 30 and GO cents a pound. respectively, on -1 inches. .~\ S-foot width of plastic will be necessary f`
the (Iincinnati market. .·\s was true of the tomatoes. for protecting either large or tall plants. The sheets
the quality of the lettuce was exceptionally high. ln are drawn tight at the top so that the lap stays closed A"
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