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: 0 PM GLSO News . S") - 8:00 PM ”Jar the Floor" _ .
2 golding fmggiggiz/iffgflfié (Actors' Guild) and COStS w1th settled female. Call Stoney
7:00 PM Gail/Labia“ AA /1/95 at 255—7645 to discuss p0551blllt1es.

 THE COMPANIES WE KEEP The company also has begun Finally, the AFA has renewed its

contributed by AlKielwasser testing how to use direct-mail to censorious campaign against the 3

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against reach this affluent group...“ Disney company, this time for 3
Defamation, San Francisco Bay Area Staff at Charles Schwab confirm releasing “Lie Down With Dogs,” j
The American Family that the company has been besieged which is described by the AFA as “a ,
Association - a deeply homophobic With hate mail. For example, Bill homosexual film.” The AFA warns
media watchdog group - has Smith of Smith Capital Management readers that: “Disney’s Miramax .
launched nationwide assaults 011 wrote to Schwab indicating that his film company has released a movie 1
several companies, including clients did not Wish to do business aimed at homosexuals, directed by
Disney, MCI, and Schwab. These With any company that “promotes and staring a homosexual, and i
new hate campaigns are detailed in homosexuality.” Noting the featuring homosexual sex... 1
the October issue of the “AFA “degenerate impact of homosexu- Although the movie is rated ‘R,’ .
Journal.” ality on people and societies.” Smith reviewers describe strong

Noting that “the ‘AFA Journal’ questioned Why Schwab would homosexual content in the film’s .
often reports on companies “contribute to the promotion of a scenes and language.”
marketing to homosexuals,” the lifestyle that is estimated to be
October issue reprints a question behind over 90% of AIDS cases.” ACTION ALERT- Counter <
about the Schwab _ investment Schwab has received numerous such the AFA campaigns! Contact:
company. Areader writes: “I have letters, each threatening the Charles R. Schwab, Chair, The
eYnclosed an’article from the ‘NeW :ompany With the loss of busmess: Charles Schwab Corp., 101

ork Times neWSWire stating that Iain morally opposed to homosex— Montgomery Street San Francisco
Charles Schwab has supported gay uality ...” “I Will most surely close CA 94104 tel. 41’5-627—7000 fax
and lesbian activities and is now these accounts...” “I was disap- 415-627-8S94‘ ’
going after their business. It would pointed to hear of your active Bert C. therts Jr. Chair MCI
seemthiscalls fordrastic action, like endorsement of gay and lesbian Communication 7Corp. ’1801
throwing them overboard, butIdon’t activities...” Reportedly, letters of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
know What the alternatives are. support have NOT been Washington DC 20006 ’tel. (toll
Would you address this?” forthcoming. free) 800-444-3333: ’

The question is answered by The AFA has also attacked MCI Michael Eisner, Chair, The Walt
“expert” Austin Pryor, editor of the - the long distance telephone service Disney C0,, 500 S. Buena Vista
“Sound Mind Investing” (“the — for “targeting homosexuals.” Street, Burbank, CA 91521, tel. 818-
financial journal for today’s According to the AFA: “MCI is 560-1000.

Christian family”): “This is certainly offering speCial discounts on long Also, send contrary complaints
disappomting news. Indifferent to distance phone calls to busrnesses to:

the lessons of several thousand years owned by homosexuals. Austin Pryor “Sound Mind
ofhuman history and the moral force MCI is using a direct mail Investing” 2117 Olen Eagle Drive
of Judeo-Christian tradition, our campaign to cross-promote with the Louisville KY 40222 tel. 502-426:
society and government has increas- National Gay and Lesbian Business 7420 ’ ’

ingly legitimized homosexual Alliance (NGLBA),aneW group the Bill Smith Smith Capital ,
conduct In the brokerage area, you long distance carrier helped found.” Management Pleasant Valley Office
can add Charles Schwab, Merrill With homophobic horror, the AFA Center 121115 Hinson Road Little
Lynch, Paine-Webber and Smith quotes “aletter from an MCI account Rock ,Arkansas 72212_341’0 tel.
Barney. Schwab was recently one of executive,” which states that the 501-2’28-0040 fax 501-228-0037.
the major sponsors of the 19th NGLBA is “dedicated to furthering v ’

annual San Francisco International the growth of the Gay and Lesbian

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. business community.”
GLSO News Page 8

 S //§/?W/WW%%%/fiw A: We are more than just a political to duplicate the enthusiasm and
3 MTEI %%NEW$ entity, more than just a special-interest commitment of 1992‘?
r x/L’,///é'/%///¢/////;/%/7%//é’2§% group. We are not a tobacco company, we A: I think that the President’s two
" frompaéé/é////”fl// are not a labor union, we are not one more major decisions, on the military and on the
a . group of people waiting in line at the decision not to intervene in the Colorado
a lternative, totally and completely. . . . . .
j . . federal trough. We are a CiVil-rights case, have caused him damage in the gay
5 Q: ReVieW the Clinton . . . . . . . .
. . . , _ movement...Until the Administration and lesbian community . . .1 think if we
x Administration record on gay issues. First , . . . .
th I comes to terms With us in that aspect, attempted to duplicate what happened in
e e p uses. They will continue to make some of the 1992, we’re doomed to failure.Absolutelv
y A: They have done a great deal to . . . . . '
. , . mistakes they have made. They have impossible to do so.Ithink there 18 noan
(1 show their faith and commitment to the . h d d . . f h d l' h k' d fbl k '
0a and lesbian communit Such thin s weig e our eSires more in terms 0 t at we can eivert e in 0 oc votes
.. ‘3 y . , y' .g political convenience and feasibility than that we delivered for the President in 1992,
7 as removmg the barriers to security . . ' .
, . ' in terms of morality. when gays and lesbians had one of the
’ clearances for gay and lesbians. Putting . . . .
g . , , ' , , . Q. Is it too early for you to articulate largest turnouts of any group in the
nondiscrimination clauses in all of the . , . .
. , , the gay community 5 plans for 1996? country. We had something at stake. We
5 Cabinet agenCies and departments for the _ , , . .
, . , _ . A. Its unclear. We re waiting to hear felt hope. In 1994, we had the most
first time in history. Coming out against all . , . . .
, . . .. , . the PreSIdents plans for outreach. His dramatic drop of any group in the country.
the anti-gay and lesbian initiatives in the . .\ . . . . . 9
. , political people have given us indications Q. Is the damage permanent.

, country in the 1994 elections. ' . . . . . ,
..r . _ , , _ , that they are concerned about a Vis1ble A. Nothing is permanent.Yesterdays
Distinguishing themselves by appOinting . . . . , .

, , . connection between this community and enemies are tomorrows allies The
30, 40, 30 gays and lesbians to major . . . . . .
16 ., , , , , . their campaign. community, at this stage, 15 looking for
pos1tions Within theAdministration for the . Wh d . h . h h .1] . . t
'1 first time in histor In fact all this could Q. at 0 you perceive as t e Signs t att e progress Wi continue ino
h th h if th ’ f t t' , rationale? the next four years of this Administration.
0’ hate ”e pfrasef-tor e us me m A: Part of the argument that our Q: Final Words?
1X 15 Dry m ron O ‘1' critics withintheAdministration have used A: Someone in the Administration
Q: And the minuses? . . “ .
,. , , ,, , With us over the last couple of months to said to me, You have to give us some
a A: The “dont ask, dont tell policy — . . . , . . . , . “ , .
,I h' h h b b th d' t d justify Why more isn tbeing done is that it