(c)    John T. Gillig and his associates,
                Ernst Johnson and Hugh Meriwether, are
                directed to complete plans and specifi-
                cations for the Auditorium and Basketball
                Pavilion (Field House), including swimming
                pool' in accordance with the plan sub.
                mitted to the B6ard of Trustees.   It is
                further directed that the architects
                consult with the administration as to
                details and desirable features of the
                plans b
                          ** * ** * * ** *

     C. Approval of Minutes.

     The minutes of the Board of Trustees of January 19, 1945, and
the minutes of the Executive Committee of February 17 and March 23,
1945, were approved as published.

     D. Recess for Luncheon.

     The Board recessed at 1:15 p.m. for luncheon in the Student Union
Building, and left immediately for that building.   Due to the press
of time, the remaining business on the agenda was presented to the
Board during their luncheon, and is as follows:

     E. Tennessee Valley Authority Contract Relating to Coal Carbon-

     President Donovan presented contract between Tennessee Valley
Authority and the University of Kentucky relating to coal carboniza-

                        Knoxville, Tennessee

                           March 23, 1945

     Professor C. S. Crouse, Head
     Department of 1ining and Metallurgical Engineering
     University of Kentucky
     Lexington, Kentucky

     Dear Professor Crouse:

     I am sending you herewith the original and three copies of
     a proposed contract between the University of Kentucky and