It was further explained that this contract would operate in
connection with our research in coal and would be under the super-
vision ofA Professor C. S. Crouse, head of the Department of Mining
and Metallurgical Engineering at the University.  The Board took
the following action:
                        * * * * * * * * * *

            2. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
               the contract is approved and the President
               is authorized to execute same.

     F, Resolutions of Kentucky Press Association.

     President Donovan presented to the Board resolutions of the
Kentucky Press Association, expressing confidence in the present
administration of the University of Kentucky.


                                               March 19, 1945

     President H. L. Donovan
     University of Kentucky
     Lexington, Kentucky

     Dear President Donovan:

     It is with personal pleasure that I enclose two resolu-
     tions that were unanimously passed on the Saturday meeting
     of the Executive Committee of the Kentucky Press Associa-

     We request that these resolutions be brought to the atten-
     tion of the Board of Trustees at your next meeting.

     I am also enclosing a mimeographed copy of my annual report
     to the membership for your perusal and information. Please
     note that, at the last audit of advertising business dis-
     tributed to Kentucky (and 41 in Southern Indiana) newspa-
     pers for the year 1944, the amount was in excess of
     6,000.     This office has indeed grown in stature and

     With personal thanks for your own interest and coopera-
     tion in the Kentucky Press Association and the newspapers
     of the state, I am

     Sincerely yours,
     (Signed) Victor R. Portmann