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     The Executive Committee of the Univertsity of Kentucky met in

regular session Wednesday June 21, 1916. There were present

Messrs. C. B. Nichols, Frank McKee, P. P. Jphnston, Jr., R. C.

Stoll, and C. B. Terrell.  The minutes of the two previous meetings

were read and anproved.

     Upon the report of President Barker as a member of the Committee

to entertain the Southern Kentucky Fafiet',--$200;OO waspotdered paid

for furnishing the lunch on the day they visited the University.

     Dr. Kastle, Dean of the College of Agriculture, was then-heard

in regard to the management of the grounds of the University and the

Secretary was directed to send him a cony of the rules defining his

duties with respect to the keening of the grounds and he is to attend

to same as directed under said rules.

     Upon motion made, seconded and unanimously carried upon yea and

nea vote, the sum of $5000.00, plus whatever proceeds may be realized

from the sale of Calvert cottage building on Limestone Street,

was set aside for the improvement of the hollow in the Northwest cor-

ner of the camnus &nd for this purpose it was directed that the two

lots fronting on Limestone street which are known as the McLaughlin

and Calvert lots to be graded.

     The grading shall extend up to the line of the Patterson

Hall lot. The Dean of the College of Agriculture is to see to this

work in connection with his duties as superintendent of grounds.

     Upon motion made, seconded and carried, the Dean of the College

of Agriculture was permitted to create a department of Farm Manage-

ment with Prof. W. D. Nichols in charge and one half of his salary

to be paid out of the funds of College of Agriculture and one half

out of Experiment Station. His time to be equally divided between



these two lines. of work.

      Upon motion made and unanimously carried, permission is given

to pay out of the Budget allowance of the College of Agriculture

a surm not to exceed $319.60 on the expense of publishing the Agri-

cultural Bulletin known as"The Rural Kentuckian" which will be

issued during the school year of 1916-1917.  If at the end of the year,

the Journal is not self supporting, further aid will be withdrawn or

be modifyied in such a way as to meet the exigencies of the situation.

     Upon motion made and carried, Miss. Auby Chinn who has been

instructor in Cookery in the Department of Home Economics has been-

given leave of absence for one year and for the time is transferred

to the Agriculture Extension service, and during the year she will

draw no salary from the University but devote her whole time to the

Extension work.  During her absence, Mriss. Johnnie Cramer will be em-

ployed at a salary of $25.00 per month for ten months, which employ-

ment also was approved.

     Upon motion made, seconded and carried, the Dean of the College

of Argiculture was given permission to rearrange the work now being

done by Dr. Pinnell and was given authority to straighten out the

work to the best of his ability and if necessary to assign Dr. D. J.

Healy a certain portion of the work in the instruction of the College

of Agriculture.

     Upon motion made, seconded and carried, the Denn of the College

of Agriculture is given permission to arrange the work in Home Econ-

omics so as to enable Miss. Sweeney during the coming year to devote

three fourths of her time to the work of instruction and demonstration

in the affairs of the Department of Home Economics and approximately
one fourth of her time to the work of Extension in Home Economics.



President Barker presented a communication from Prof. J. J,

Hooper in regard to preparing a horse exhibit at the Univer-

sity during Commencement week of next year.  Upon motion made

and carried, President Barker was directed to look into the

matter and make a recommendation at the next meeting of this


     Upon motion made, seconded and carried upon yea and nea

vote, the Appropriation of $2000.00 was made to the department

of Physical Education and $1500.00 for the Y. If. C. A. work

which are the sums paid for this work previous to the year

now closing.

     Mr. Stoll voted No on the second appropriation and ex-

plained his vote in the following language:-

          "I am compelled to vote No for the following
    reason: I eelitve that the employment of a proper,

    Capable and competent Secretary of the University

    Y. M. C. A. would be of great benefit to the Univer-

    sity and I would gladly vote for this resolution

    were it not for the fact that I do not believe that

    the funds of this University, derived as they are

    from State and Federal taxes can under the law be

    used for religious instruction.."

    Upon motion made and carried, the following was adopted:

    The Executive Committee hekeby interprets the resolution

of December 23, 1913, to mean that the Director of the Exper-

iment Station has full charge of the University grounds, ex-

clusive of buildings, under the condition set out in said


    A letter addresses to President Barker in regard to the


handling of the $19,000 appropriationr by the Kentucky Legis-

lature-, under the new Agricultural Bill was ordered to be

recorded, which is as follows:-

     Judge Henry S. Barker,
                Lexington, Ky.

     Dear Sir:-

               A few days ago you and Judge Lafferty were
     in my office and we discussed the provisions of Chapter
     20 of the Acts of 1916, which act relates to agricultural
     extension work. The provisions of Section 5 of this act
     arprorriates to the University of Kentucky for the fiscal
     year ending June 30, 1916, and for each succeeding year
     the sum of $l1,O00. This money was appropriated "for
     the nuroose of agricultural extension-, and for the use of
     the College in teaching agriculture." This section allows
     the University to receive this appropriation but of course
     it must be expended for the purposes specifically mentioned..

               While it is not written in the act that only
     $5,000 of this appropriation shall be used for the teaching
     of agriculture, nevertheless, by private understanding on
     the part of those who were interested in this work, no
     greater sum than $5,000 may be expended for teaching Agri-
     culture in the College.  The sum appropriated may be drawn
     by the University and may be used by the University in any
     way that is required in order to.comnply with the terms upon
     which the University may receive money.

               All money held by the University for extension
    work, whether received from the state or nation of from
    counties, is under the supervision of the Agricultural
    Extension Committee,

                         Yours truly,

                                 Signed-H1. 11. Logan

                                        Attorney General.
     The Secretary of the Board of this Committee:'is directed

to ask Attorney General 6f this State for an opinion as to what

members of the Board of Agriculture of the State a~re members

of the Board of Trustees of this University,

      Upon motion made, seconded and carried, it was ordered that

a special meeting for the election of Business Agent and such


other matters as may come up be called for Friday, June 30,

1916, at 12 M.