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The Naked and the Drugged--dope use in Vietnam, page 5 Rick Rose
Think Little, an Earth Day speech, page 7 Wendell Berry
Photographs by Emmett Gowen, pages 10-11
interview:  William Kunstler, page 12 Guy Mendes
New interest in an old crop, page 15 Harold Gage
The most sekrit high level meeting the world never saw, page 17
books: Points of Rebellion and Do It! Ralph Brown
verse: by Walter Brown, page 6; by Bruce Rogers, page 18 cover:  drawing by Peter Solt of the Chicago Seed.
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fbi vs. btf
You might be interested to know that you are now reading a full-scale, come -of-age, big league underground newspaper. That's because the FBI has decided the btf is worthy of its valuable attention.
The Federal Bureau of Intimidation recently visited one of the fly's Louisville distributors and asked to be notified the next time the paper came out. An agent told the store owner that the fbi was "keeping an eye on the Left in Lexington"
This visit intimidated the store owner into refusing to accept any more copies of the btf for selling because he didn't want to become involved with the fbi.
This is only the most recent example that has come to light of the fbi's activities in Louisville. Last November, during the big Moratorium march on Washington, the fbi guys tried to intimidate people leaving Louisville in a specially chartered bus.
The Louisville Times reported that fbi agents at the bus station attempted to procure names and pictures of the march participants from its newsmen. Happily, the newsmen refused
What was never reported, however, is that the fbi did manage to obtain the names of some of the college students who went to the peaceful demonstration It proceeded to call up administration officials that these students were members of SDS (a big crime) and successfully intimidated at least some of the administrators into turning over the students* private records for investigation
One student who learned this procedure had been taken against him was not only not a member of SDS, but he didn't even know anyone who was. Still, the college turned over his records on this false (and groundless) pretext.
As bad as domestic surveillance already is, the Nixon administration has admitted to being in the process of formulating even more totalitarian measures to deal with the growing dissent It appears that we're about to witness a modern-day miracle: the resurrection of Joe McCarthy.
Nixon administration officials are already on the brink of panic.
"It wouldn't make a bit of difference if the war and racism ended overnight," one high-level aide has been quoted as saying. "We're dealing with the criminal mind, with people who have snapped for some reason."
Abortion reform victory in N.Y.
NEW YORK (LNS)-New York's abortion reform bill passed in the State Senate Friday, April 10, a triumphant conclusion to a bitter four-year struggle to free New York women from the state's oppressive restrictions. The old law permitted abortions only to save the life of the mother.
The bill passed easily in the Senate, after it barely escaped defeat the day before in the Assembly On Thursday, as the Speaker was about to announce after role call that the bill had not passed, Assemblyman George M. Michaels rose to change his vote from "no" to "yes."
"I realize, Mr. Speaker," Michaels said, "that I am terminating my political career, but I cannot in good conscience sit here and allow my vote to be the one that defeats this bill." Michaels represents a heavily Catholic constituency, and the church in recent weeks has mounted a fierce anti-reform campaign from its Sunday pulpits, denouncing supporters of the bill as "murderers."
blue-tail fly
Vol. 1, No.  7 ^
staff:  Guy Mendes, Rick Bell, David Holwerk, Jack Lyne, Bucky Young, Nick DeMartino, Sue Anne Salmon,  John Simon,  Julie Mendes, Gretchen Marcum, Ralph Brown, Don Pratt, Mimi Fuller, Paul Genin, Chuck Koehler,  Tony Urie and Becky Martin.
Black Assemblyman Charles Rangel, a Catholic who voted for reform, was angry at the church's vituperation. He told reporters that he had been denounced by his church in the parish newspaper because he had "acted improperly." "I am hurt and disappointed," Rangel said, "that the church did not act when we tried to stop the welfare cutbacks, or get decent housing, or get basic health care and hot water for our people."
When Michaels re-cast his deciding vote he told the Assembly sobbing "My own son, my own son called me a whore for voting against this bill. And my other son begged me not to let my vote be the one that defeated the bill."
The new legislation permits abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy. New York becomes the second state (Maryland was first) to permit virtually restriction -free abortions. Neither the Maryland nor New York reform bills require state re* sidency to obtain abortions"Hawaii's liberalized law does have such a requirement
Air pollution and your car
By FREDERICK JURGEN College Press Service
(CPS)"Air pollution is like the weather"everyone talks about it, but no one does anything about it. What can you do about it? After all, it's those giant factory smokestacks that make our air dirty.
Let's take an imaginary ride in the family car (in a recent survey, most Americans indicate that their favorite form of recreation was riding in their car). We're driving the latest detroit creation for the insecure American male. 5000 pounds of polished 'machinery 2/Number Seven
driven by the most perfect internal combustion engine that man has learned to build; four hundred cubic inches of throbbing sexual adaquacy, a steel and plastic embodyment of America's a-chievements. We can go 125 miles per hour if we want to! Think of the danger, the excitement! Anybody who can afford dollar a pound for a two-ton lump of steel and chrome can lead the "good life", can "move up", be a "swinger", or get a "piece of action""it's the American Dream.
The automobile is responsible for sixty per cent of the air pollution in the United States (Environment Magazine, October 1969). The internal combustion engine is a grossly ineffecient machine. At best it uses 25% of the energy of combustion for mechanical power, the remainder is given off as heat. The next time you put four dollars worth of gas in your tank consider the fact that only one dollar's worth of that gas is being used to drive your car, the other three dollar's worth is merely heating up your engine and the air around it. Of course the oil companies and state government are still collecting those three dollars.
The internal combustion engine liberates various poisons as by-products of the burning of gasoline. Some of the more familiar ones are: carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and lead. In 1967 the government spent 3.2 million dollars on research on emission controls for the internal combustion engine and only $115,000 on research for low-emission alternatives to it. A clear-cut case of treating the symptoms, but not the disease.
There are engines in existence now which emit a tiny fraction of the noxious material which are released by even a controlled internal combustion engine.

Their engines are of two general types: steam and electrical.
The electric engine is no real solution to the problem since the power to charge these batteries must be produced at a generating plant which produces the pollution instead of leaving it for the engine to produce. Also the electric engine emits significant amounts of ozone, a dangerous pollutant in its own right.
The steam engines pioneered by William Lear seem to be the bright spot in the future of clean air. They are a vast improvement of the old Stanly Steamer type of engine which was actually quite a good engine.
If the government was serious about pollution control, it would seem logical that it require the auto industry to research and develop an alternative to the interna] combustion engine. At present none of the big three car makers are doing any research in this area. They are, however, spending large sums to fight anti-trust suits over their production of emission-control devices. Presumably it would be tremendously expensive to re-tool the factories, so we're stuck with the ecologically obsolete engine as our only choice when buying a car.
If everyone drove a car that got 30 miles to the gallon instead of 15, we could cut our automobile air pollution drastically and also help conserve our rapidly dwindling petroleum resources. (The oil companies, as self-appointed caretakes of a finite, non-renewable resource, would rather pump it all out today in preference of saving any of it for our grandchildren.) It is estimated by the Committee on Resources and Man of National Academy of Sciences that by the year 2010, forty years hence, 90% of the world's crude oil will have been used up. This is a conservative estimate and assures a diminished rate of use after 1980 due to scarcity.
Perhaps if everyone bought a Volks-wagon for their next car instead of a domestic car, detroit might be convinced that it was to their advantage to develop and market a low-emission engine. With the $200.00 or so that each person saves (thereby fighting inflation) by not taking an ego trip on a gaudy pig, he could cure his inferiority complex with a good a-nalyst rather than feed it.
Or, around the campus, one can ride a bicycle. The money saved on gas will pay for the bike, and the peddler will feel better for it, too.
Pentagon doubles aide to Greece
WASHINGTON. D.C. (LNS)-The Greek junta received $26 million worth of surplus military equipment from the Pentagon, above and beyond the $37 million already authorized by Congress for fiscal year 1969 it was learned today in a report leaked to Congressional circles here.
This extra $26 million was granted in circumvention of the Congressional arms embargo imposed on Greece in 1967 as a response to the coup which overthrew the constitutional government of Prime Minister Papendreou and set up a right-wing military dictatorship in its place. The embargo, against "heavy" military items was never public ally defined and the flow of arms and equipment has continued at levels considerably above those approved by Congress under the military assistance program.
The Administration, under pressure from the Defense Department, is considering cancelling the embargo altogether. Claiming that a Soviet build up in the eastern Mediterranean requires a more "solid" Greek regime, the Defense Department is pushing for total support for the Greek junta. The Defense Department puts Greece in the catagory of "forward defense countries" along with Taiwan, South Korea, and Turkey. All four of these nations share a similar background"they are all controlled by right wing military regimes which base their shaky existence on Defense Department "aid".
Some Congressmen, once again faced by the fact that the Pentagon makes foreign policy without their "help", reacted indignantly to the revelation. Senator Stephen Young of Ohio introduced a resolution requiring the Pentagon
to make "complete and prior disclosure of all proposed disposals of surplus weapons." He added that Nationalist China (Taiwan) and Greece were countries where the Pentagon, "through the surplus disposal program, have been secretly subsidizing at least two tyrannical dictatorships."
Country Joe convicted
WORCESTER, MASS (CPS)-Country Joe McDonald has been convicted of being a "lewd lascivious, and wanton person in speech and behavior" by a local court here. He was fined $500.
The action in question occurred during a concert last year given by Country Joe and the Fish. As they usually do before one of their numbers, the Fish led the crowd in a spell-out of the word "F*U*C*K." Although numerous concert attendees testified they weren't offended and hadn't had their prurient interest aroused, the court was unimpressed.
During the trial, a female spectator
four-letter word which begins with "F". And the audience seem to enjoy it even more than saying, "FISH". As a matter of fact, the thing caught on so much that at several performances we would spell "FISH", but the audience would respond with the contested four-letter word, which begins with "F".
A warrant was issued for my arrest (after the concert in Worcester"ed ). and I assume they did that because I am the leader of the group. But in actuality, everyone in that audience and the band participated in the act. Actually, maybe everyone who was there should be cited"I don't know.
It is surprising to me that a time when all man's energy should be focused towards solving the important issues, like problems of war, poverty, unemployment and education, that the establishment tries to focus in on very small unimportant issues such as the length of people's hair and the words that they use. This whole issue is a nickel-dime issue, and just an excuse for the establishment to harass myself, the band and the audience in Worcester. I think it is pretty clear to all the audience that the older generation has disqualified itself from any right to super-
was informed she couldn't wear pants in the courtroom. So she went to the restroom, took them off, and reappeared with her coat covering nothing but panties from the waist down. That time the marshals let her in.
McDonald is appealing the sentence.
on the occasion of being charged (under a 1783 statute)*, with being "a lewd, lascivious and wanton person in speech and behavior." Charges preferred by the District Attorney of Worcester County, Massachuestts, March 18,1970.
I would like to explain to you exactly what it is that we are being charged with doing. At a certain point in the set, usually towards the end of the show, we do a song which is a protest against the war in Vietnam It's a very popular song among the underground. Almost everyone in the underground knows the song, and before we do it, we spell a word. We used to spell FISH"we used to say, "Give me an *F""the audience would say, "F"; we used to say, "Give me an T""the audience would say, "I"' "Give me an 'S"'-the audience would say'S'; Give me an 'H"'-the audience would say "H", and then someone would yell,' "What does that spell?""and they would say, "FISH"', and then we would play the song, which is called "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag".
We got tired of spelling fish, and at one point we started spelling out another
vise the activities of young people, or to supervise the activities of rock-and-roll bands and youngsters when they do something together. Rock bands like ours are perfectly capable of leading a gathering of teenagers at our concerts, and the audience is perfectly able to take care of itself.
Down on
the plantation
BIRMINGHAM, Ala (LNS)-There is only one fourth grade history textbook recommended for use in Alabama public schools. It goes like this:
"Now we come to one of the happiest ways of life in Alabama before the Wars between the States. This is life as it was lived on the big plantations. ... The owners raised thousands of bales of cotton on the big plantations with Negro slaves to help with the work.... As you ride up beside the Negroes in the field they stop working long enough to look up, tip their hats and say, 'Good morning, Master John.' You like the friendly way they speak and smile; they show bright rows of white teeth.
" 'How's it coming, Sam?' your father asks one of the old Negroes, 'Fine, marse Tom, jes fine. We got more cotton than we can pick.' Then Sam chuckles to himself and goes back to picking fast as he can."
Had enough? So have a small group of
blue-tail fly/3
black parents in Alabama who have startled school officials by lodging a complaint against the racist text.
New paper for Louisville
A new bi-weekly, The Louisville Free Press, is scheduled to hit the streets May 7.
The Free Press is intended to become more than just a newspaper.
Gary Hume, who is organizing the paper, says he hopes the Free Press will be able to generate such community-oriented programs as rock festivals, 24-hour child care centers, a free breakfast program, an emergency relief, fund and summer activities for underprivileged kids. To accomplish these ends the Freep will be registered as a nonprofit corporation with the "profits" being used to organize these programs.
"The logical extension of the underground newspaper is to be an action group for the community," Gary says.
Actually, however, he rejects the term "underground" because "the 'underground' is no longer a sub-culture"it has become a counter-culture." The Free Press will attempt to operate on that basis in the fullest sense.
One of the paper's specific aims will be to broaden the acceptance of the counter-culture. "The counter-culture needs newspapers acceptable to the average student," Gary says.
The paper already is pretty well together, but is still looking for more workers. You can contact the paper at its office at 1438 South First St or call 636-1773.
Being Black at the Gridiron Club
WASHINGTON (CPS)-The guests (at the Gridiron Club Banquet) are generally grateful and gracious. But the event's importance is beyond the structure of graciousness because it shows the most powerful elements of the nation's daily press and all elements of the nation's government locked in a symbiotic embrace. The rich and the powerful in jest tell many truths about themselves and their country. I don't feel very gracious about what they told me....
One think quickly became clear about those faces. Apart from Walter Washington"who, I suppose, as Mayor had to be invited"mine was the only face in a crowd of some 500 that was not white. There were no Indians, there were no Puerto Ricans, there were no Mexican--Americans. There were just the Major and me....
But it was not the people so much who shaped the evening. It was the humor amidst that pervasive whiteness about what was going on in this country these days that gave the evening its form and substance. There wery many jokes about the "Southern strategy." White people have funny senses of humor. Some of them found something to laugh about in the Southern strategy. Black people don't think its funny at all. That strategy hits men where they live"in their hopes for themselves and their dreams for their children. We find it sinister and frightening...
There was a joke about amendments to the constitution (so what if we rescind the First Amendment, there'll still be 25 left), and about repression (you stop bugging me, I'll stop bugging you), and there were warm, almost admiring jokes about the lady who despises "liberal Communists" and thinks something like the Russian Revolution occurred in Washington on November 15. There was applause"explosive and prolonged"for Judge Clement Haynsworth and Julius Hoffman (the largest hands of the evening by my reckoning)....
And when it came to the end the President and Vice President of the United States, in an act they had consciously worked up, put on a Mr. Bones routine about the Southern Strategy with the biggest boffo coming as the Vice President affected a deep Southern accent. And then they played their duets, the President playing his songs, the Vice President playing "Dixie," the whole

thing climaxed by "God Bless America" and "Auld Lang Syne." The crowd ate it up. They roared. As they roared I thought that after our black decade of imploring, suing, marching, rebelling, lobbying, singing, praying, and dying we had come to this: a Vice Presidential Dixie with the President as his straight man
Roger Wilkins, former Assistant Attorney General who is now with the Ford Foundation, wrote the above for the Washington Post.
Reagan's ready
YOSEMITE, CALIF. (LNS)-Ronald Reagan has called for a "bloodbath" to silence student revolutionaries. He made the remark here April 8 during a campaign speech before the Council of California Growers. In answering questions from the floor Reagan said he doesn't think campus militants are interested in solving problems and called them 'part and parcel of revolution.' He added, "If it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with. No more appeasement."
"BLOODBATH" wouldn't look too good in the California headlines. Later Reagan's press Secretary told reporters, "He wasn't even aware he said it."
Faculty liberalism
"Ten degrees to the left of center in good times. Ten degrees to the right of center if it affects them, personally."
Phil Ochs, on liberals.
WASHINGTON (CPS)-Most faculty members are liberals on off campus issues, but conservatives on matters that relate to their own positions, according to a study of 60,000 faculty members conducted by the Carnegie Commission on High Education.
The study, as reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, shows that while a majority of the faculty members favor either immediate withdrawal or a coalition government in Vietnam, they take a very hard line when it comes to student demonstrations.
Not only do they disapprove of disrupters, with 76.1% agreeing strongly or with reservations that "students who disrupt the functioning of a college campus
should be expelled or suspended," but a near majority (46.8%) agree strongly or with reservations that "most campus demonstrations are created by far left groups trying to cause trouble." Ronald Reagan couldn't have said it better.
The study is currently being analyzed by Professors Seymour Lipset, Martin Trow, and Everett Ladd.
The American professoriate, said Ladd, "looks much more liberal than the general population or than other professional groups on national and international considerations. But when you shift to questions of campus demonstrations on educational change, where they are directly involved, you find a very marked shift in orientation.
'There is a striking and clear shift toward a more conservative attitude where the faculty's self interest is involved," he said.
82% of those responding to the survey were male, and 94.4% were white. 1.4% were black, and 1.7% were orientals.
By rank, full professors comprised 26.9% of the total; associate professors 22.1%; assistant professors; 28.8%; and instructors 13.8%.
- Results show that most faculty members are unsympathetic to changes in the university which have been proposed in recent years.
By discipline, faculty members in humanities and social sciences appear to be more liberal than those in the sciences.
Over 30% of professors in sociology anthropology, social work, and English support immediate Vietnam withdrawal, while less than 10% of the professors in Business, Home Economics, Physical Education, and Agriculture think we should pull out now.
Professors in the humanities and social sciences are also more likely to approve of "the emergence of radical student activism in recent years."
Some other results:
Over 44% of the faculty agree that "undergraduates known to use marijuana regularly should be suspended or dismissed."
The majority disagreed either strongly (48.3 per cent) or with reservations (29.3 per cent) that "undergraduate education would be improved if all courses were elective.-"' ' ' ^jr*t{
The majority disagreed either strongly (36 per cent) or with reservations (30.1 per cent) that "undergraduate education would be improved if grades were abolished."
On the other hand, the majority agreed either strongly (23.S per cent) that "undergraduate education would be improved if course work were more relevant to contemporary life and problems."
Nearly half the faculty members a-greed that "most American colleges reward conformity and crush student creativity."
More than 70 per cent of the faculty members said they considered themselves intellectuals.
The majority disagreed that "most American colleges and universities are racist whether they mean it or not."
Less than half agreed that "more minority group undergraduates should be admitted here even if it means relaxing normal academic standards of admissions."
Almost three-quarters disagreed that "the normal academic requirements should be relaxed in appointing members of minority groups to the faculty here."
Almost 60 per cent disagreed that "the concentration of federal and foundation research grants in the big institutions is corrupting to the institutions and the men that get them."
Criminal minds in children
NEW YORK (LNS)-If you wanted to roll Easter eggs on the White House lawn this year you had to be under eight years old. The age limit used to be twelve, but those eight-to-twelvers... they can be pretty tough troublemakers, the White House staff recently decided.
Two weeks after the egg-roll edict, President Nixon's former personal physician discovered evil lurking in the minds of six-to-eight year olds too.
Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker, in a report to the National Commission of the Causes and Cure of Crime, urges the nation to find a "direct, immediate and effective way of tackling the problem by focussing on the criminal mind of the child."
The doctor recommends to the President that massive psychological testing be carried out on every child between the ages of .six to eight to "expose delinquent character structure." Children who are' -not into easter-egg rolling but instead are * possessed of "violent and homicidal tendencies" would be subject to "special treatment." Then, if the child-menaces are not satisfactorily turned into mush -heads, they will be channelled into camps where "group activities" will be conducted by government psychiatrists.
Dr. Hutschnecker himself has been accused of holding undue sway over the nation's First Patient. Similar accusations were made against Adolf Hitler's personal physician.
Although Dr. Hutschnecker's proposal does not say so, the kindergarten con centration-camp idea is obviously closely linked with a recent report from the capital claiming that the federal government plans to intensify its surveillance of left-wing groups and individuals.
It once was that the benevolent elite that runs America gave its errant children a second chance, and sought to woo radicals back into Society. But the Nixonites have decided that such efforts are futile, if that "criminal mind" is already forming back at Age Six. As one Wixoif aide put it, reforming the criminal mind.is like "turning off the radio in the middle of a ball game to try to change the score."
President Nixon takes the matter of infantile criminality as seriously as the matter of radical criminality"are not the two intertwined?"and sent Dr. Hutschnecker's memorandum along to Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Finch with a suggestion that several pilot programs be set up.
Not everyone has responded with warm smiles to the project. Dr. Edmond H. Valkart, chief executive of the American Sociological Association, commented, "These tests can't distinguish. If Mich-aelangelo had been tested at age six, they'd probably have killed nun."
James Wechsler, liberal columnist for the New York Post, mulling over the Hutschnecker Plan, came up with a scenario for President Nixon's official announcement when the Plan goes nationwide:
"I know that what I am about to
propose will not be popular with some of our children from the ages of 6 through 8. But I must take that risk for the nation's protection, and I am sure that the great majority of those in the age group affected will feel a greater sense of security once they have passed the test. And the minority who fail"and I am sure it will be a small minority"will one day realize that what we have done was best for them as well as for the country
"I know some demagogues will accuse me of prejudice against this particular age group. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of my closest friends are under 9, and I trust they will remain my friends regardless of whether they are pronounced normal when their minds are examined. But let me make one thing perfectly clear: whatever .opposition I may face among 6- and 7- and even 8-year olds, I will not be intimidated. And I repeat this assurance: no healthy-minded, clean-living, average boy"or girl"has anything to fear from this program .."
Happy Trails
This here's the last issue of the fly you'll be seeing until late August/early September. Because of financial deficiencies (on the part of both blue-tail fly, inc. and staff members), we have to break until then, when we hope to get it on to a more solid footing. Which means conquering two basic problems: distribution and advertising. We need more of both. Hopefully, we will have a couple of people working for the fly full time beginning in the fall. That will be a new wrinkle and it should help us solve the two problems mentioned above and also get us onto a steady publication schedule. If all goes well we should be able to continue on a monthly basis. If all goes extremely well, perhaps we'll be able to make it twice-monthly.
Note: If you will be changing your address between now and the end of the summer, be sure to send us a change-of--address card (which is preferable to a letter"unless you want to talk a bit, in that case, send a letter). For the time being, our address is still 210 W. Third/Lexington 40507 Should that change over the summer, we'll have the post office channel our mail to the proper place. ââ€"  'i&'ff
In retrospect: This is the seventh issue of the fly. When we put the first issue together last October, we weren't exactly thinking about getting to this point; we were trying to figure out how to get out the November issue. As the Big Coach might put it, "We take 'em as they come." At times it was quite a hassle keeping things at least near the surface. And there were some other problems, most of them coming in the last month. Our printer (The Georgetown News in Georgetown, Ky.), who had given us trouble on several previous occasions, refused to print out last edition. He had previously told us he would"would--print a "dirty" paper. "I'll print all the dirty words and pictures you want," said he. "BUT I WON'T PRINT FILTH'." Which, when translated, means politics. The wrong kind of politics"from his standpoint, anyway Going by those definitions, says we, "filth" is what we want to print. And so it came to pass that our five-month relationship with the Georgetown News was terminated Then, we had to struggle to find another printer. We got so desperate that we even tried to get the fly printed in an All-American city (Danville, Ky.). The man there wanted to know if there was any ob-SCENE-ity in this here paper. Not by our standards or the standards of any court, we replied What's that word right there? asks he. Fuck, says we. Can't help you, concludes he. Finally we found a printer in mid--Indiana (we've tried in vain in both Louisville and Cincinnati) and while it's an 11-hour round trip between there and here, the people are friendly and the printing quality is very good. Then there was the problem of the theft of our rack of papers in the UK Student Center. They took the rack and all. Worth about $50 papers included. ROTC boys, according to the grape vine. But, all things considering (such as the harrassment visited upon our borthers and sisters at Houston's Space City), things ain't so bad. After all, here we are"and there you are. Jimmy crack corn.
And to quote from our favorite tune: "Happy Trails"to you, un-til"we meet" again..."
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4/Number Seven

and the
§ If
About 300 meters from the main entrance to the headquarters complex at Long Binh, Vietnam, at the side of an often traveled paved road , sits a nine-year-old boy named Cao. He wears a bright red baseball cap, for he knows that newcomers have been told by the more experienced to watch for the boy wearing that hat. He relaxes beside a United States intrenching tool designed for digging foxholes and temporary cat-hole latrines.   He is waiting for his customers, who sometimes number over fifty per day.
As a jeep appears over the rise of the hill, he rises and looks inquiringly at the occupants as they slowly cruise toward him.   As the jeep passes Cao, he nods to acknowledge that he has seen the three fingers flashed by the driver.   Picking up the