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6 > Image 6 of University of Kentucky vs. Belmont College, January 18, 1988

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Women)

i i/innnnnni ni iiinnnnng i H 1E.;eenp;yeC0E1rnittee 0; the NCAA Division PRESIDENT i t etics lrectors ssoclation. ; D1l'Ct0I` of Athletics A two-time All-American basketball center DAVID P' ROSELLE ` at UK (1952, 54), Hagan helped the Wildcats E T _, ,_ win 86 of 91 games during his career. Includ- _ #t Y e `> je ed in his career is a 1951 national champion- _ ____ __ V ship under legendary coach Adolph Rupp. _ . _ ~ ` ii` A As a senior, Hagan helped lead UK to a i . perfect 25-0 record and the Southeastern _ in? . Conference title. That season, Hagan aver- _ aged 29 points per game and led the nation in _ _;__ ,. rebounding (13.5 rpg). `%; T may , " After graduating from UK in 1954 and T , " serving two years at Andrews Air Force Base T as a commissioned officer, Hagan began a highly successful National Basketball Associ P l ;; ation career with the St. Louis Hawks. ln 10 ` r Q seasons, he posted 12,433 career points in ,\ A 672 games (18.5 ppg) and played in five NBA i ` i` . ` AllSlal games- _ _ Dr. David P. Roselle was named the As Cliff Hagan enters his 12th year as its elggiele egieleeeieesn ninth president of the University of Ken- director, the University of Kentucky Athletics helped lead the Hawks te the World Chempn tucky in March 1987. n T Association is undergoing an era of unprece enshin by defeating the Besnen Celtics. He T Dr. Roselle comes to UK from Virgin- dented growth. T U also Set n NBA Single game neeend for ment 13 Tech in Blacksburg, Va., where he RlY'Pld PJS inninnn the ee field goals in a quarter (12). Hagan was voted Sgrvgd as PYOVOSI foul Years- Tho POSl million Nutter Football Training Facili- Alnpne from 195-/_62n DDD Of DTOVOST at Virginia Tech is the tY nin Hllary J Boooo Indoor Tenmseemeri Between basketball seasons at St. Louis, number two administrative position at the nin llghtmg of the Snivniv Boseoallelelo and Hagan earned his M.S. degree from Washing- university, which has more than 22,000 the resurfacing and seating expansion of the [en University in 1958. Students Shively Track. In addition, the $5.5 million He else had n stint ne Tn eeeeneh ef the _ _ Harry C. Lancaster Aquatics Center is near- . p y. - A llallvc of Pelmsylvamoi Dn Roselle ing nninniniinn~ niinging inn nnni nnnnnii Eneiiinlihifpslilsrniilfri iliswlliiiiiiinii has. 3 P'?o l h"S " D.l i f nnnn in nnniini nnnnnninn nininnn ni nnnny nn Texas i.Zrg..rnn..rcnn nr nn Year in US"Y H has l ii 'i"liS $15 million. 1968 HTS neeend nt Dalles Wes 10990. In professor and researcher at the Univer- This past July, the UK Athletics Associa- T9-/5' Heenn was nnmed ne the Kentucky sity of Maryland and Louisi- iinn Beele of Dlleeters approved e record Athletic Hall of Fame. Three years later, he alla Slate UlllVlSllY Hg begging ll PlO` $93 mllllmi biidggi for illc l987j88 llscill became the Em UK player inducted imo dm fessor of mathematics at Virginia Tech in yeereln nfinnn nnninn ninni nln{j;njn;innnnn Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 1974 and held that faculty appointment ilgobcaeginyoSeeSilrI;;?I;ting wineoree Hagan `is married to the former Martha during his entire tenure there. W I T I tax dollars from the Universitys general Meme el Qweesbomi They have feel Cell- He else Served ee deem et Vlrglme innnn Sli; ;..i.Ti2...E;$..*;i.i.l.2; M;i.E2EI.lli nnn gninnn nnnn nni nnnn ni Hagan, n native of Owensboro, replaced nn, nTTnfnnynnnTn Unnengny g sggrcn gno ergonnto gtndigg _ the late Harry C. Lancaster as athletics direc- I DF Roselle 15 known 35 311 IUUOVHYOP tor on July 1. 1975. Since then, UK athletics At Virginia Tech he implemented a uni- has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, versityvl/ide core curriculum, helped se- b0h Oil the Playing Hold and in ih lS5 cure increased support for sponsored re- I`OOl'1`l. r ' ` nngnn inn nnnn UK nnnkninnii innnnn Win BOARD nn DlReeTeRe iigiiiiriiiilvgafnrtegiiierilifliii an NCAA championship. an NIT champion- UNlVEFi$lTY OF KENTUCKY EO _ [ ` e l` ship and make another appearance in the Fi- ATl'll-E-HCS ASSOClATlON I n eye emS' , . . . . nr The football wllacnts nw. ..,.- ,,,_.,,,.,C,., M,,,,,R,_,,_ . in im nn Wn rnnngninnn ny Viigin . pearcd in thrcc bowl games. Last season. six NIENHQERS LARGE lo Tech lor llls toaohmg oxoollolloo; E UK teams appeared in their respective NCAA Dn Dnvid Rescue Mn EDT Gnnnlnn DT- RO$el_l lllle hgldg V3lll} of lC?ll ghgmpitmghip gvcmy Dr, An Gnunhen Mr, Sr-E Reneh 1`Sl"llp pOS1l1()11S ll'] 1131101131 111?.11l1lTl?1[1CS Academically, Hagan helped establish the Dr..lack Blanton organizations and served as executive Center tor Academic and Tutorial Services Dr. Raymond l-lornbnclt STUDEN MEMBERS secretary of the Mathematical Associa- (CATS). The University of Kentucky WHS lh Dn liii* M Klillcl Miss Susan Brothers tion of America for nine years. first university in the nation to open an aca- ]l?niPl;;bg;lcg Lii'$ Mr. Karl Crase HC has made Dumgmus invited Ed_ demic ccntcr for student-athlctcs. The efforts .. . . . nina ..n. nn nd the s.....r.....n... , _ ncntirrrnrnns in nn inin nnn Winnig nnn cnnrnrcnce inn van in the number of stu- "'*oM_' MEM"E_ Dr. Dnnigl Rdy lleleo E? "l Shl' nn has dennntnleten nnmed Te the Tenenen Vnnienn ml'.}V:lI21l1l B. sturgrll DTE N'], nnmne been editor of two books and was on the Amdcmic Hmm ROME ' ii ii C Own Dr. Charles P, Rnlnna editorial board of a third. Hagans involvement in college athletics TRUSTEE MEMBERS B'ef%>fnlVg?Ziiin>$ Dr. Roselle is married to thc former cxtcntls beyond me unaversny or Kentucky. Mn nlnen Bn Cnnnnn DQ PnnT';n '"g' Louise Dowling of Manhasset. NY-. Hc scrvcs on thc Executive Committee ol` the Mn Frnnk Rnnnen, De J_B_ T/nnDnneH and they have a son, Arthur, 16, and a Southcustcrn Conference and is also on the ' 7 daughter, Cynthia, 15. V