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  H  1E.;eenp;ye·C0E1rnittee 0; the NCAA Division PRESIDENT i
t etics lrectors ssoclation. ;
D1l'€Ct0I` of Athletics A two-time All-American basketball center DAVID P' ROSELLE  
` at UK (1952, 54), Hagan helped the Wildcats  
E T   _, ,_ win 86 of 91 games during his career. Includ- _
  ·#‘t Y   e »`>  je ed in his career is a 1951 national champion- _
  ____   __     V ship under legendary coach Adolph Rupp. _     . _ ~
`   ·ii` A As a senior, Hagan helped lead UK to a   ‘ i
·   .  perfect 25-0 record and the Southeastern _  
  in?    . Conference title. That season, Hagan aver- _   ·
  aged 29 points per game and led the nation in · »_  
  _;__’   ,.     rebounding (13.5 rpg). `»¤%;·§»·¢— T may ,
  " After graduating from UK in 1954 and T   ,
"   ° serving two years at Andrews Air Force Base °     T
· as a commissioned officer, Hagan began a    
highly successful National Basketball Associ—   P l
;; ation career with the St. Louis Hawks. ln 10 `  r —  »  
Q seasons, he posted 12,433 career points in   ’,\
A ‘ 672 games (18.5 ppg) and played in five NBA i  ` i`
. ` All‘Slal games- _ _ Dr. David P. Roselle was named the
As Cliff Hagan enters his 12th year as its elggiele egieleeeieesn       ninth president of the University of Ken-
director, the University of Kentucky Athletics helped lead the Hawks te the World Chempn tucky in March 1987. n T
Association is undergoing an era of unprece— enshin by defeating the Besnen Celtics. He T Dr. Roselle comes to UK from Virgin-
dented growth. T U also Set n NBA Single game neeend for ment 13 Tech in Blacksburg, Va., where he
R°°°“‘lY’°°'“Pl°“’d P’°J°°“S inninnn the ee field goals in a quarter (12). Hagan was voted Sgrvgd as PYOVOSI foul Years- Tho POSl‘
million   Nutter Football Training Facili- Alnpne from 195-/_62n DDD Of DTOVOST at Virginia Tech is the
tY· nin Hllary J· Boooo Indoor Tenmseemeri Between basketball seasons at St. Louis, number two administrative position at the
nin llghtmg of the Snivniv Boseoallelelo and Hagan earned his M.S. degree from Washing- university, which has more than 22,000
the resurfacing and seating expansion of the [en University in 1958. Students
Shively Track. In addition, the $5.5 million He else had n stint ne Tn eeeeneh ef the _‘ _
Harry C. Lancaster Aquatics Center is near- . p y. - A llallvc of Pelmsylvamoi Dn Roselle
ing nninniniinn~ niinging inn nnni nnnnn·ii· Eneiiinlihifpslilsrniilfri iliswlliiiiiiéinii has. 3 P'?·o· l“ ‘““h"’“‘““°S ‘°“"“ D“.l‘° i
f nnnn in nnniini nnnnnninn nininnn ni nnnny nn Texas i».Zrg..rnn..r’cn£n nr nn Year in U“‘“°”S"Y· H° has l’€°’“ ii '“i"l‘€’“i‘“°S
$15 million. 1968 HTS neeend nt Dalles Wes 10990. In professor and researcher at the Univer-
This past July, the UK Athletics Associa- T9-/5' Heenn was nnmed ne the Kentucky sity of Maryland and Louisi-
iinn Beele of Dlleeters approved e record Athletic Hall of Fame. Three years later, he alla Slate UlllV€lSllY· Hg begging ll PlO`
$93 mllllmi biidggi for illc l987j88 llscill became the Em UK player inducted imo dm fessor of mathematics at Virginia Tech in
yeereln nfinnn nnninn ninni nln{j;njn;innnnn· Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 1974 and held that faculty appointment
  ilgobcaeginyoS§eeSilrI;;?I;ting wineoree Hagan `is married to the former Martha during his entire tenure there. W I T I
tax dollars from the University’s general Meme el Qweesbomi They have feel Cell- He else Served ee deem et Vlrglme
innnn Sli; ;”..i.T‘i2...E;$§..€*‘;i.i‘.l°.‘2; M;i.E2EI‘°.‘§lli nnn gninnn nnnn nni nnnn ni  
Hagan, n native of Owensboro, replaced nn, nTTnf“nnynnnTn Unnengny g sggrcn gno ergonnto gtndigg _
the late Harry C. Lancaster as athletics direc- I DF Roselle 15 known 35 311 IUUOVHYOP
tor on July 1. 1975. Since then, UK athletics At Virginia Tech he implemented a uni-
has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, versity—vl/ide core curriculum, helped se-
b0¥h Oil the Playing Hold and in ih€ €l¤S5· cure increased support for sponsored re-
I`OOl'1`l. · r — ' ` ·
nngnn inn nnnn UK nnnkninnii innnnn Win BOARD nn DlReeTeRe iigiiiiriiiilvgafnrtegiiierilifliii    
an NCAA championship. an NIT champion- UNlVEFi$lTY OF KENTUCKY EO _ [ ` e
l` ship and make another appearance in the Fi- ATl'll-E-HCS ASSOClATlON I n eye emS' , . . . .
nr   The football wllacnts nw. ..,.- ,,,_.,,,.,C,., M,,,,,R,_,,_ . in im nn Wn rnnngninnn ny Viigin .
pearcd in thrcc bowl games. Last season. six NIENHQERS LARGE lo Tech lor llls toaohmg oxoollolloo; E
UK teams appeared in their respective NCAA Dn Dnvid Rescue Mn EDT Gnnnlnn DT- RO$el_l€ lllle hgldg V3ll€l}’ of lC?l€l‘  
ghgmpitmghip gvcmy Dr, An Gnunhen Mr, Sr-E Reneh €1`Sl"llp pOS1l1()11S ll'] 1131101131 111?.11l1€lTl?1[1CS
Academically, Hagan helped establish the Dr..lack Blanton organizations and served as executive
Center tor Academic and Tutorial Services Dr. Raymond l-lornbnclt STUDEN MEMBERS secretary of the Mathematical Associa-
(CATS). The University of Kentucky WHS lh€ Dn lii“i°* M· Klillcl Miss Susan Brothers tion of America for nine years.
first university in the nation to open an aca- ]l?ni“”Pl§;;bg;lcg· Lii“'$°“ Mr. Karl Crase HC has made Dumgmus invited Ed_
demic ccntcr for student-athlctcs. The efforts ‘ .. . · · . · · . ·
  nina ..n—.   nn nd the s.....r.....n... , _ ncntirrrnrnns   in nn inin nnn   Winnig nnn
cnnrnrcnce inn van in the number of stu- "'*oM”_' MEM"E“_° Dr. Dnnigl R€€dy lleleo E? “ ‘“€"l‘°‘““““ S°h°l“'· nn has
dennntnleten nnmed Te the Tenenen Vnnienn ml'.}V:lI21l1l B. sturgrll DTE N'], nnmne been editor of two books and was on the
Amdcmic Hmm ROME '· ii ii C Own Dr. Charles P, Rnlnna editorial board of a third.
Hagans involvement in college athletics TRUSTEE MEMBERS B°“'e§f%‘é>f§nlVg?Ziiin>$ Dr. Roselle is married to thc former
cxtcntls beyond me unaversny or Kentucky. Mn nlnen Bn Cnnnnn DQ Pnn‘T'§;n§· '"g“' Louise Dowling of Manhasset. NY-.
Hc scrvcs on thc Executive Committee ol` the Mn Frnnk Rnnnen, De J_B_ T/nnDnneH and they have a son, Arthur, 16, and a
Southcustcrn Conference and is also on the ' 7 daughter, Cynthia, 15.