Power-house, East Ashland
This office was established in 1916. It conducts navigation
through locks and makes reports on weather conditions to the Depart-
ment of Agriculture. Useless papers are destroyed, and reports on
activities are sent to the district office at Cincinnati, Ohio. `
. 1. CORRESPONDENCE, 1899 — 1900. Correspondence between the
Cincinnati district office, the field office at Louisa, Kentucky and
Washington headquarters. (Never.) 9% x 11 loose sheets, A in., on
clipboard in pasteboard box. Torn. Storage Room. (6252)
2. CONSTRUCTIOI PHOTOGRAPHS OE DAM E5, 1910 — 1916. Photographs
of the dan site before construction, during construction, and after
coxplction and of the machinery used for operation. (Rarely, official.)
12 x 16 vol., 8 in., in drawer of steel filing case. Office. (6254)
5. BILLS OF LADIQC, 1916 to date. Notices of arrival of shipwents,
showing shipper, consignec, description of articles, and amount of
charges. (Occasionally, official.) Si·x ll envelopes, 1 ft., in 2
drawers of wooden and steel filing cases. Older records dirty. Storage
Room and Office. (62éS, 6241)
4. SLUEFHINTS AED CHARTS, 1916 to date. Showing extent of the
reservation, construction plans of dam, locations of buildings and
equipment, and record of purchases. (Rarely, Official.) 56 x 40 rolls,
1 ft. 6 in., in wooden drawer. Storage Hoon. (6257)
5. GAGE BOOKS, 1916 to date. Records of hourly water gage read-
ings and weather conditions and of water temperature readings for the
winter months. (Rarely, official.) A x 8 vols. (104), 2 ft. 6 in., in
wooden drawer. Dirty. Storage Room. (6251)
6. GENERAL CORHESFOIDEHCE, 1916 to date. `With the district office
and Nar Department. (Older records, never; current records, daily, offi~
cial.) 6} x ll envelopes, 2 ft. 4 in., in 2 drawers of wooden and steel
filing cases. Older records dirty. Storape Loom and Office. (6255,
7. LOCK TESTS, 1916 — 1951. Showing .·,*‘ date of test, boat used, and
gaye re dings. (Rarely, official.) s2 x 11 envolores, 1 in., in wooden
drawer. Dirty, scattered. Storage Loom. (6260)
6. XISGLLLAYNOES REPORTS, 1916 ~ 1950. Wicket rejalr rejorts on
the renewal and replacexent of parts; daily maintenance rojorts showing
. general repairs; boiler reports showing condition of pressure chanber and
conn ctions and repairs made; and records of loaves of absence, property,
safety, fire drill, field office orders, contracts, and project sun-
marios. (fever.) 6; 2 ll envelopes, C in., in wooden drawer. Dirty.
Storage Toon. (CEQA) O 1 ii' 3; ‘.t·;i;