Lu'rPz        ro gtYSID

   I am more pleased with your lines than when I first read them;
they are intensely womanly, natural, musical and sweet-they are
absolutely free from affectation, only the restraint of rhyme and
measure seem to deprive your muse of perfect freedom and grace.
There is also a delicacy of thought and fancy, and of purity of sen-
timent that pervades the whole like the sweetest perfume.
   No one can listen to your " Chirpings" and feel like touching
the bough from which you sing with a rude, critical hand; he would
rather listen through the live-long night to the end of your song.
   I remember well your first attempt at rhyme while a girl here at
school; even then, there was a pleasing promise of a beautiful and
useful pen; and I am glad that you have found time and opportu-
nity to improve your early gift.  I am glad, too, that you have been
persuaded to give some of your sweet little poems to the press; the
tender, the true, and the pure of heart will read them with delight.

                        Affectionately your friend,

                                         JNO. AUG. WILLIAMS.
             Harrodsburg, Ky.