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    » Kentucky Agricultural Expernment Station 1
  ;   Fon 1899.
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      Mr. W.H. Scherffius and Mr. XV. A. Beatty have been added
j_jg° 1 to the Station staff. With these exceptions, the Station staff
      is the same as last year. J
f ’9·‘i — fj.? our Work. .
  In accordance with the State laws, the Station has charge
  of the inspection of fertilizers, and the law regulating the sale
  and manufacture of foods. This has increased our chemical `
  work to such an extent that in order to systematize the work _
  we have divided it into three divisions: Research VVork
  proper, Fertilizer control work, and Food control work.
  Chemical Division.
  Bulletins Nos. 82 and S5 contain many of the analyses of
  fertilizers made, and the report now in progress will contain
  most of the analyses of the food samples. The miscellaneous
  analyses and other analyses may be found in the report of the
  Chemical Division.  
    ‘ Entomological and Botanical Division. ·
  Prof. Garman has continued the investigation of fhe smut
  on wheat, both in reference to preventing the disease and