rianrnyxx AGRICULTURAL 1~:x1·sum1~;s#r s·rAr1o>1 ix 4 ~
is learning the effect of the treatment on the germination of the   .
seed. Experiments have been made in reference to destroying 5 ,
the wheat weevil in the stored grain, also in the study of bisul-   l
phide of carbon used in such experiments. Some experiments l  
on the blight of sugar beets have been made. Experiments  
with hydrocyanic acid gas, bisulphide of carbon, nicotin and    
sulphur have been made, with a view of learning their effect  
on various insects, and at the same time their effect on dif- .  
` ferent plants. Study of fruit insects, tobacco worms and in·  
sects injurious to garden stuffs have been made during the  
year, and considerable illustrative material has been accum-  
ulated for instruction in economic entomology. Experiments  
with potato scab were continued; also experiments with dif-  
ferent grasses, and new plots have been planted on the recently  
acquired farm. Considerable work has been done on the 1
bacteriology of several butter cultures. I
f Under a law of the State recently passed, Prof. Garman, as  
State Entomologist, is required to inspect nurseries of the State  
each year. For this purpose he is paid his necessary traveling Ul
expenses. f
Prof. Garman recommends that at the next meeeting of the  
Legislature the law covering the inspection of fruits, etc., be .,
amended so as to be more thorough and provide funds for an  
assistant in the inspection work. _  
Horticultural Work. Zi
The work of the Horticultural Division has been planned F.;
along the same lines as marked out in previous years.  
Agricultural Work.  
Under the direction of Mr. Harper experiments have been  
N continued in testing fertilizers on wheat, hemp, tobacco, corn, _  
’ oats, potatoes and meadow, and varietal tests of wheat and  
oats have been continued also. Y}
The dairy work has been continued and many interesting  
results are ready for publication.  
’ ,