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Vesper Recital

Features Glee
Club, Soloists

UK G reek Conclave W ill
Be Postponed to April 20

Cotton Women




To Be Used

The usual penalty for being absent from classes before and after a holiday will
be In effect In connection
with the holiday at the UniFebruary
versity, Thursday,
22 Any student cutting class
Wednesday or Friday of this
week will have three extra
hours added to hi gradua-tl- o
The University library will
be closed Thursday.

of th annual
Greek conclave from March S and
April 20 was approved at a
Vocalists, Harpist,
McKinneys Original
of the Interfraternlty
and Mezzo-Sopran- o
council at 6:30 p.m. Monday at th
in Musicale
Lambda Chi Alpha house, Reaaon
Will Furnish Music
given lor the postponement were
The Women's Glee club, under
that the gymnasium has been
of Miss
scheduled for a sectional basketTO PLEDGE 25 MEN the direction Urbach, Mildred
ball tournament on March 2 and 1,
with Rose
Mary Anne O'Brien, harpist, Dr. Elizabeth Farra Has Been and that several of the speakers
Scheduled to soloists, presented the Vesper proMedical Missionary to
Who are expected to be present for
gram, Sunday afternoon.
Begin Promptly at
the conclave will attend the WesIndia for Six
tern Province of Omlcron Delta
Too much credit cannot be given
10 o'clock
Kappa, March 2, at Ohio Weslcyan
to Miss Lewis for the success with
Which she has developed the Glee
Formal presentation of co-eWAS HEREIN 1916
Names of the speakers who will
elected to positions s spoasors In club into a choral ensemble. The
attend the conclave will not be
the military organization will take singing of the girl was technically
Dr. Elizabeth Farra, University definitely known until next week
place at the annual Military Ball, perfect, marked throughout by the graduate, who has been stationed as
sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, most careful attention to detail on a medical missionary at Ambala since each of the speakers will have,
nat tonal honorary military fratern- the part of Miss Lewis, which City, Punjoh, India, for the last six to be notified of the change of the Former U. of K. Dean of Men
ity Wednesday night In the Alum.il brought about an exquisite tone years, ha returned to the campus date.
Is Appointed Professor
A report of the annual meeting of
and delicategymnasium.
of German by Dr.
ly shaded phrases, and diction, for a brief visit.
the Undergraduate Interfraternlty
Music for the affair will be furnMiss Farra obtained a B. S. tn council, held last ' November, was
Charles Torek
ished by the McKlnney Original flawless and readily comprehensihome economics at the University in read by Gordon Burns, delegate to
fact, that
Cotton Pickers, nationally known or- none of such clarity, in necessarily 1918, received her missionary train- the convention. Of special
of the text was
ganisation composed of 13 negro
proposal to adopt a standby even the most casual lis- ing at the College of Missions at was
artlsti. Many musician of national missed In addition, the choral Indianapolis, and received her M.D. ard the
national key for members of
Prof. C. R. Melcher, former Dean
renown hare, at one time or another, genius
at the Women's College of Medicine, Interfraternlty council. Design
of Miss
been members of this orchestra, the this performance Lewis achieved in Philadelphia.
Shortly after her will be submitted by the Balfour of Men at the University, has been
that which is the graduation from the school of medimost famous of whom are Don Red- despair of
Company and will be voted on this appointed acting professor of Gergroups
man at Centre college by
man and Fletcher Henderson. Cuba the flight beyond amateur
mere technical cine she was stationed in New York spring by delegates to the conven- Turck, It was learned Pres. C. J.
Austin and Dave Wilborn, drummers, perfection into
as a charity worker under the em tion last year, according to Gordon
Professor Melcher has been Profeswl'l be the featured artists of the spired singing which realms of
only a gifted ploy of the New York Telephone Burns, national student chairman sor Emeritus of
University since
nlpht, along with Blllle Bo wen,
of the Interfraternlty council.
conductor can attain.
t the band.
Miss Farra has been in the United
According to the report, the na- his retirement last semester.
Their program consisted of "Minspon- or
The formal presentation of
and Major," Spross; "Turn Ye to States since last September and tional Undergraduate Interfraternl- to The former dean was appointed
sors will take place at 10:30 p. m. Me," old highland tune; Horton's came to Kentucky last week for the ty council considered five imporfill the temporary vacancy left
Introductions will be made bv cadet "Mother Ooose Suite"; "Calm Be first time since her departure to tant problems of the council's work by Prof. E. A. H. Fuchs, Department
oec"rs. Cadet Colonel James T. Thy Sleep," Noble Cain; "Fireflies
the Orient. She will be the guest on the campus. These five were fi- of Modern Languages at Centre, who
Birhop will present Miss Dawson,
of Mrs. Frank L. McVey at tea nances, rushing, freshman control, was granted a leave of absence of
"Flower of Dreams,
and the baHallon and company com- Clokey; "The Sleigh," Kounts. Wednesday afternoon, and is the fraternity scholarship, and the In' several months.
Professor Melcher left the faculty
manders will introduce their respec Elizabeth Hardin's accompaniments
house guest of Mis Betty Hulett, terfraternlty councils position on
of the University last year under
.secretary of the Alumni association, the campus.
tive sponsors. Scabbard and Blade were most effective.
pledging exercise for 20
During the discussion of finances, the University ruling which requires
Miss Anne O'Brien delighted the Nlcholasvllle road.
reports were made by Stanford un a member of the faculty to retire
candidates at 11:40. After the pledg audience with her artistic rendition
lverslty, Ohio State university, and from active duties after he has
irr. nembers of the organization. of "Claire de Lune," DeBussy;
the pledges, and their dates will Dance or the Sylphs," Ood fried;
the University of Pittsburgh on reached the age of 70. The first seRegular
dano a special
their programs of cooperative buy- mester of this year be acted in the
ing. The collection of fraternity official capacity of Dean Emeritus of
will begin at 10 o'clock.
Miss O'Brien, a graduate of the
bills, pressure of debt retirement, the University.
Chanerone. for the dance will be: University, has appeared often on
Dr. and Mrs. F. L. McVey, Dean and previous Vesper programs and has
and the taxation of fraternity property were discussed. It was found
Mrs Paul P. Boyd. Major and Mrs. always proved herself a very talentB. E. Brewer, Captain and Mrs. ed harpist. Har harp transcription
that legality of fraternities in difCancellation of ferent states effected the rates of
Clyde Grady, Captain and Mrs. of "Clare de Lune" was exception- Roosevelt's
Harry Schlebla, Lieutenant and Mrs. ally well done. The shimmering, .
Works Allotments public utilities, while the sales tax
P. E. LeStourgeon, Lieutenant and vague, evanescent
harmonies of
Will Not Affect Students definedInfraternity houses as restauA
the state'! of Michigan.
Mrs. James Reese, Lieutenant and DeBussy were enticed from the
Working on Campus
system of auditing also was sug
M-- s.
Howard Crlswell, Dean Sarah harp by the clever fingers of M'ss
Blanding. Mrs. Sarah Holmes, and o Brten In a manner to completely
Students now at work on CWA Freshman control and fraternity Committee for Junior Prom
Dean and Mrs." T. T. Jones.
captivate the audience.
campus projects may not be affected
The vocal soloist. Rose Urbach, by (he President,' cancellation of scholarship were discussed, and the
Is Announced by
advantages of appealing to class
with the piano accompaniment of
President; Annual Affair
CWA allotments, according to Maury spirit and the various ways of
her teacher,
SEAKS TO STUDY CLUB of Louisville,' Madame Cara Sapin Crutcher, superintendent
to Be Held April 6
eliminating paddtnig' were brought
presented two very lngs
and grounds. No official notice out.
pleasant groups of songs.
Dr. Harry Franklin, who spent
given, but it is the opinion
The last problem, the place on
e has been
Members of the Junior Prom comHer program follows: "Mir
more than seven years In the convon Umem Konigskind," of the officials that the University the campus of the Interfraternlty mittee were announced Monday by
sular STvice in Germany, spoke at
will not be affected by the action council, brought out the plans of James Miller, president of the Junior
the meeting of the International Re- Trusk; "O Llevliche Wangen," and that all work on projects will groups all over the country, how class. They are Harry Robey Walklations class last night, on the sub- Brahms.. "Der Beecher," Golub; continue until further notice.
they regulated social activities, the er, chairman, general chairman, and
ject. "The Changing Government of "I Hear a Piper Piping," Bax; Two
The wage scale for student labor exchange of dinner guests between chairman of the orchestra commitLittle Folk Songs from Russia, arr.
has been set at 30 cents an hour. fraternities, and the problems of an tee; Margaret Walker, chairman of
' Doctor
Franklin is not In sym- by Zlmbalist; "Song of the Robin There are now 68 women at work intramural program.
social arrangements; Marjorie Powpathy wih the Hitler government Woman" from "Shanewis,"
on the campus under ttie CWA. The
ell, chairman of the committee for
and predicts that If the present progirls have been allotted to various
selecting and presenting the queen;
gram is not changed, war' is only a
department and offices as follows:
Mary Carolyn Terrell, publicity
question of time. He also believes
Dr. Adams office, 3: German departchairman; and Herschal Cave
thit one of the most devastating
ment, 3; post office, 3; Dean of
in charge of decorations.
effects of this government has been
Women, 3; Dean Boyd' office, 1;
The Junior Prom will be held April
the Nazlfloatlon of the German Uniseamstress In dormitories, I; Dean
6 in the Alumni gymnasium. Music
versities and institutions of higher
Freeman's office, 1; office at girls'
from the dance will be broadcast
halls, 1; Registrar' office, 6; Agriover the University extension studio
college, 3; seed department, Yearlings Run
over Louisville of WHAS. An out of town orchestra
2; Mr. Philip's office, 1; Mr. Eddie
will be selected for the dance.
Drawings Are Announced for office, 1;
Team to Win 49 to 30;
departBids for the dance will be disThe YMCA freshman cabinet will
First Rounds of Conference ment, 3; home economic Training
Is 17th Consecutive
Commons and
tributed to members of the Junior
hold a social meeting at
Tournament: SuKy Plans school cafeterias, 4; Alumni office,
Win of Fro
and senior classes through the UnitonUrht at the home of Bart Peak,
Send-of- f
1: library, 9; Publicity bureau, 1;
for Squad
versity post office boxes in a manner
118 University avenue. At 7:15 toPlacement bureau. 1; Nursery school,
VICTORY ENDS SEASON similar to the one employed last
night the senior cabinet will meet
Coach Adolph Rupp's Wildcat bas- 1; commerce college, 1: political
in the Y room of Alumni hall. At a
Continuing their deadly onslaught,
science department, 1; psychology
meeting to be held at 4 p. m. today ketball team together with three department, 6; extension depart- Coach Len Miller's
Alabama, Vanderbilt,
Kitten basket-tosseIn the Y room. Dr. O. C. Rose will other teams
put a successful finis, on
university drew ment, 6; Art department, 1; YWCA.
speak on the subject "How to Study." and Louisiana State
opening round of the 1; bacteriology department, 2; and their current season'
This meeting will be open to all byes for the conference basketball Dean Taylor' office, 2 girl. Twelve schedule when they defeated the
duPont Manual high school of
tournament which opens Friday in women, not student of the University, also are at work repairing Louisville Saturday night by a score
Miss Frances B. Perkins, secretary
Favored to retain their conference shades, drapes, etc., on the campus. of 49 to 30, and thereby garnered of labor and the first woman to
their 17th consecutive victory of the hold a position on the United 8tates
title, the Wildcat will be faced with
1933-3- 4
cabinet, has been Invited by Presilittle opposition in their half of the
This wa the second time that the dent McVey to be a visitor to the
bracket which include
Kittens have defeated Manual this campus of the University and to
Georgia Tech, Florida, and Vanderyear, but Saturday night's contest address a general convocation.
bilt. Tn the lower bracket will be
Alabama, seeded second; L. S.
Miss Perkins is scheduled to adDean W. 8. Taylor of the College one, much closer than the former
and on two occasions the Crim- dress the Joint session of the house
seeded third; Auburn, Tennessee, of Education was elected president
sons were on top.
Mississippi State.
Mississippi, and
and senate at 4 p. m. Wednesday,
of the Lexington chapter of the
Leroy Edwards, the Kitten's
A a result of the drawing. Coach Kentucky Society for Crippled Chil
in Frankfort, on the question of
center and scorer, was the ratification of the child labor
Rupp said that the team would not dren at a meeting of the board of
club will meet leave for the tournament until Fri- directors of the society last Saturday high point man of the game, scoring amendment to the federal constituThe University
29 points. Carlisle was second with tion.
at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Agricul- day morning. The position In the afternon at the Lafayette hotel.
club 1934 tournament is considered genEdwards has played in
ture building. All former
Should Miss Perkins accept the
Plans was approved for a White the 17 game and has scored aall of
total invitation she will be the guest of
members and aU Utopia club mem- erally as the best the Wildcats ever Seal sale to be conducted by the
ber are invited to attend.
Doctor and Mrs. McVey at Maxwell
have received in the drawings.
Junior League next month in order of There than threepoints.
Louisville boy place and will address a general
The first game of the tournament, to raise funds
Kenp.m. today between Auburn and Tennessee, will tucky crippled for assisting
playing on the
! n.it convocation of faculty, students, and
8uKy will meet at 6
talonly two of them showed
towns people.
in the basement of the Alumni gym. be played at 7:30 p. m. Friday and
Other officers elected were: Mrs. ents to the Louisville fans,their
will be followed by the Georgia-Georg- ia Thomas R. Underwood,
Donohue, former St. Xavler star,
meet at 12 noon
Pitkin club will
Tech, and Misslssippi-Mis-sl"-lpMiss Willy King, secretary, was put out
of the game due to a U. K. STUnPNTS
Wednesday at the Maxwell street
State contests.
George A. Bain, treasurer.
sprained ankle. However, Ooforth,
game, and
Kentucky will play its first
former Male high player, and Ellingagainst Florida,
the quarter-fina- ls
Students enrolled in the music
ton, former Manual ace, gave the
A tea will be given In honor of Saturday. The time has not yet
rpectators a chance to see their department at the University show
women graduate students from 3.30 been set.
Prof. E. W. Rannells, head of the wares.
marked native ability in the Seato 6 pm. today in the Women's
SuKy circle, student pep organiza
art department, will be the f neat
All women graduate stuAt the end of the first quarter the shore's measures of musical talent,
sponsor a send-of- f
for the j er at the Engineering assembly at
tion, will
to 3, according to Alexander
dent are invited to attend.
Wildcat at the station Friday morn- - 10 a.m. tomorrow In Memorial hall. Kittens were In the lead, 11 Dur- assistant in the muslo department
Manual falling to sink a fielder.
Ing. Tentative plans are to have the His subject will be "Chinese PaintAll members of The Kernel news band and a student cheering section ing"
ing the second frame the Reds put who conducted the test.
The talk -- nil
The same study, made at the
staff must meet in The Kernel of- at the dect before the train leaves with beautiful tilde. be illustrated on a burst of speed, and at its terEastman School of Music, Rocheswere
fice for a 10 minute session at 11:15 for the South.
program has been arranged mination, they score. on the long end ter university, revealed an average
By the end of
in compliance
with the general of a 18 toquarter
the score stood 35 of their students In the pitchaver-a- e
making a the third
plan of
of 80 per cent comonred to an
The regular monthly meeting of
study of China and the Cranes to 22, in favor of the Kittens. quarof 85.04 per cent at the Univer-s't- v
that Horticulture club will be held
Edwards opened the second
people during this semester.
of Kentucky
In the Intensity,
and H'nkebeln
at 7:30 p m. today in the Alpha Ze-t- a
ter scorlim a
consonance, and memory tests no
room at the Dairy
followed him with one of the same mark-H- i differences were disclosed
Q. Pulzer, director of the Uni
building. All who are Interested la. E.
kind for Munual's first field goal of between the two Institutions.
and publicity
horticulture are invited to attend. versity radio studio governor of thu
the game. He made another crip,
was elected
The greatest valus In the musical
.nd Carlisle enme In from the side
measures said Mr. Capurso
of the American
AU freshman students who have fourth district
I'nes to make a short shot good. talent their ability to
lies in
detect a stuThe recent form letter tent
looped In a lonr o"e
not taken placement teste must re- College meeting association at ana
held Friday
dent's natural fttn-- . for music
out to all student concerning
port to Room 111. McVey hall, at annual
h Jump cire't. Hlnkebein sank a and whether he should follow It as
the 1934 Kentucklan doe not
I p m. Wednesday . to take the tests. Saturday at Ohio State university
crip. nd Mcllhennv. who replaced
in Columbus.
a profession or vocation.
affect the senior class In any
Doll, sank a long bucket from the
way. Their Kentucklan are
Th 1934 meeting of the associa
Alpha will officially
Delta Kappa
paid for by the graduation
welcome Dean T. T. Jonee, new tion will be held at the
Ratterman sank a free toss and a JOl'RNAL EXCHANGE SOl'GHT
fee. To all students other
faculty advisor for the fraternity, in December.
crip to put the Reds into a 10 to 16
The fourth district comprise
than lenlors the Kentucklan
The Ch'na Ijw Review Rh.nhl
at It regular dinner meetnlg all state of Kentucky, Tennessee. the
Edwards dribbled In to make
Inwill cost M25 before March
one from b- -. written Prof. Roy Moreland of
pm. today in the University
a crip and Morey sank two gratis
1. 1934. and 85.00 after that
diana, Ohio. West Virginia. Illinois,
the law college
th. Hide. Edwardsto end the scoring ! eor.e. with thaskln to exchange
Wisconsin. Michigan, and PennsylKentucky Law
throw and a crip
The meeting of Phi Me Alpha, vania. There are 70 universities
for that period.
and college in th district.
(Continued on Page four)

Interesting Set



Although extremely plain, the set
for the next production at the
Guignol theater, "What the Gulls
Knew," which opens at the little
theater February 28 for a week's run,
has been as hard to build as any
previous one. The set, an interior
of a light house, required much re
All of the action takes place In
one room which serves as bed room,
kitchen, and living room. The walls
will be
and in the
room will be found a bed, and a
stove on which a meal Is cooked
during the course of the play.
The set was designed by Frank
Fowler, director of the Guignol theater from the original plans made
by the writer of the play, Bally
Elliott Allen, and has been built by
the stage crew under the direction
of G. L. Crutcher, stage manager.
This crew is composed of eight men
who work three hours a day, five
days a week. In order to receive
eredit either In the class of dramatic
production of the Department of
English or on a "Guignol Key." In
order to be eligible for this key a
man must work on five of the year's
six productions.
Mr. Crutcher has been with the
Guignol theater for the last four
years and has been stage manager
for the last three. During this time
he has been responsible for the
building of many sets including,
"Rebound." "Death Takes a Holiday," "When Ladies Meet," and
"Journey's End."







Campus Registration
Of Cars Continues



Approximately 390 Students
and Faculty Comply
with Request
Approximately 390 faculty members and students have registered
their cars, it was learned yesterday
from the Dean of Men's office. Registration of cars Is compulsory before
admission to Vh6 campus is per-








A fee of 25 cents for each registration is charged and must be paid
upon registration. A sticker is placed on the car for identification purposes. A personal pass card must
be carried in case of challenging by
the University officials. Cars that
have not registered will not be admitted to the campus and must park
In a designated area. After the
third violation of the traffic rules,
offenders will be fined a dollar and
will not be admitted to the campus
In a car until the fine has been paid.










Secretary of Labor
May Be UK Speaker

Taylor Is Elected
To Head Society


high-power- ed

4-- H

4-- H




Sulzer Selected As
District Governor




Coach Rupn Urm Every Man
on Squad. ' but Scoring
Goes on Regardless
Plavlng the brand of ball that has
carried them thn""h an und"fpteJ
season. Coach Adolph Rupp's Wild-

cat bisketers ran" diwn the curtVn
on the 1933-3- 4
Iwskeball schedule
Saturday nl"ht when they crushed
the Vanderbilt Commodore, by a
score of 47 o 27, for their 24th con-





Action of "What the Gulls
Big Blue Piles Up Score of
Knew" Takes Place in
47 to 27 for 24th
Lighthouse Tower
Straight Win




GuiznoVs Next




Education Courses
Will Be Available


All member of the faculty of the
College of Education will be available both to undergraduate and
graduate student during the Summer school, and the college will
offer a program in all line during
the sessions, according to an announcement from the cummer
school office
Various courses leading toward
the college elementary,
elementary, provisional high school,
standard high school, superintendent's, and special certificate will
be offered In both terms. The report of the Educational commission
will serve as a text in many of the
graduate courses. A special program also will be conducted for
person desiring to work toward a
master' degree fat administration
and supervision, and much emphasis will be placed on problems as
they affect Kentucky schools.

secutive victory.

Captain "Plmchy" DeMotsey.
plavlng one of the most brill'ant
games of his college career and playing his last game on the Kentucky
floor, led the Wlldcnts by scoring a
total of 25 point. 21 of which were
scored in the first 20 minutes of
play. Dave Lawrence was attain
runner-uscoring nine markers.
Saturday night's victory marks
the second consecutive year that the
Blue and White team has won the
Southeastern conference championship on the percentage basis. Lart
year by winning the tournament nt
Atlanta, the Cats were given full
title to the championship.
Rupp is making plans to attend the
annual tournament this year, and
he and his team team will leave
Lexington Thursday morning.
Starting with the first
game was played at a speed that wns
spectacular throughout. To besin
things in a proper maner. Laurence
sank a crip and Tucker immediately
followed wl'h another crip to bring
the score to 4 to 0 in the first few
seconds of plav. Lawrence fouled
Keene, who missed the free throws.
Curley came from the side to make
a short shot. Lawrence sneak?d in
and made another crip. Carkws
was fouled by Tucker, but failed to
convert. Geny sank a short one,
and brought the score to 8 to 6.
DeMofsev was fculed bv Keene
and made both tosses and then enme
back to sink a crip. Lawrence foiil-eCvrloss, who failed, in his attempt to make then rood. Keene
in turn fouled DeMoisey. and iie
made one out of the two.
When the second period beean.
Coach Rupp still had the same lineup, with the exception of Lewis, and
Tucker was again in the game. After
the first five minutes of this half,
Coach Rupp started a run of submit
tutes. and in a few seconds the
entire second team was plavlng-- .
"Primer" Davis, the Sou'h's foremost guard, went in for Settle, but
only plaved for a minute, because
of his injured shoulder. As he went
into the game, everybody in the
gym stood up and applauded.
Settle, another senior who played
ttis final game Saturday night, did
outstanding work.
In the last five minute of clay
the Commodores, knowing that they
were beaten, turned on their last
burst of speed in an effort to make
some points, but it was all to no
Huggins and Curley were the stars
for Vanderbilt. Their sure passing
and fast floor work were the only
things that kept the Commodores
in the run at til. . n
Kentucky (47) Pon. (87) Vand-rbl- H
Lawrence (9) '....TP..,. (4) Hur;lns
(2) Oeny
Tucker (2)
DeMuisey (25
(S) KerJ
Se;tle (4)
(4) Curies
Anilerson (3) ....O
Substitutes : Kentuck y L wis.
Davis, Jerome 2), Potter (1). B'alr
Tavlor: Vanderbilt- fJcoggtns (6), Oliver
2), Overly;
Dixon 6).





Aeronautics Course
A course in aeronautics will be
offered as a CWA project under th
supervision of Prof. A. N. May,
state director of vocational and Industrial education.
The course, which will be taught
by John P. Sutherland, experienced
pilot and mechanic, will Include
classes In aerodynamics, aeroplane
engines, meteorology, and navigation.
Registration for the classes will
be conducted throughout this week
at the office of Myer Freyman in
Dudley school. Anyone over IB
years old may enroll.
Classes will meet from 7 until 9
p.m. on Monday. Wednesday, and
Friday, at Morton Junior high
school, and Tuesday and Thursday
Thursday nights at Dudley school.

Dean Sarah Blanding left this
morning to attend a meeting of the
National Association of Deans of
Women at Cleveland. She will return Monday.
While there. Miss Blanding wtl
art as chairman of the university
section, and will preside at one of
at which Ml Florth
ence Jackson, personnel consultor
c"ere will "peak on
"Vocational Advising in the Dean
Office in 1934."



i .i 'i.i
"The Green Pastures' Witt
Be Larcest Statre Production to Show in Lexington;
125 Are in Ca?t
"The Oreen Pastures," probably
the largest p"rformanre ever p be
taeed at the Woodland audltorinm,
which will show Thursday
and evening, hw had h lnri'
sale and onlv wvrtral rranrt'ed
seats frr the two performance wrre


procurable Monrtav nift..
This show, with Its colored cast of
125 persons showed in New York for
, vear and a ha'f and no
have been oared bv the mini"-me- nt
to produce the show as It wa
od!eed in New York. Thr
19 scenes In the show. A fals flnor
wPi have to be laid en th" stiff In
""der t" tke cor) of the thr electric motor driven
mnVwed hv "D Lawrt" in his eiri-'- v
nlVrtme where he appears in
the form of a human man.


Monday at




in the lobbv


he PnenW hotel wth Mls Anna
r'handW fWT In ehre of salex.
fAr the pi tm manre w'TJ
l 10,
' M. and
in thj
"emnt and 81.10 and II 85 for the

* Best Copy

Psse Two



principles of the American Govern
tries represented are likely to be
ment. They have all rought this law worse off than before, but surely,
on different grounds but, they have since the people of both England
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Woodson Knight
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the aid of powerful allies, to a be exploited to the advantage of a said and done, if we enter a war at
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Femurs Editor