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from BHRA
Bluegrass Human Rights Advocates, a In the non-partisan mayor's race, the
lesbian and gay political group, has endorsed Advocates endorsed incumbent Scotty Baesler
several candidates running for office in over candidate Ann Ross. Steele noted
Fayette County in the November 7 election. Baesler's statement on a cable television
"These are all candidates who have appearance several months ago (as reported in
expressed their support for equal rights for GLSO News) that he considers it part of his
gay men and lesbians," said Advocates job to ensure equal access to employment and
spokesperson Amy Steele. "We urge the gay housing for lesbians and gays.
and lesbian community of Lexington to return While the Mayor could not be reached
that support with votes on Election Day." before press time, a member of his campaign
In the race for the three vacant at-large told Steele that Baesler would likely welcome
seats on the Urban County Council, the the endorsement.
Advocates endorsed two of the six candidates, In addition to casting votes, Steele
Pam Miller and Teresa Ann Isaac. encouraged gay men and lesbians, whether
"I have always supported the gay they are members of the Advocates or not, to
movement," Steele said Miller told her. Miller, volunteer to help the campaigns of these
considered the front-runner for her former candidates. "The way we're going to get what
position as Vice Mayor, has supported a we want is to help these people," she said.
number of gay and lesbian endeavors in recent "Obviously, the more sympathetic people we
years, including appearing at a lesbian and get in office, the better chance we'll have in
gay convocation at the Unitarian Universalist getting legislation passed."
Church of Lexington last February. Miller has "Helping with campaigns is easy and
also been a champion of the Kentucky Theater, doesn't require a lot of time. "You don't have
which often showed gay and lesbian films. to be politically astute to contribute," she
Isaac is a "solid liberal'I who has said. "It might be as simple as putting up
defended lesbians and gay men in her private signs or staffing a phone bank for an
law practice, Steele said. She added that afternoon."
Isaac and Miller are not running against each To volunteer as a campaign worker, call
other; you can vote for up to three candidates Miller at 277-0930, Isaac at 266-2008, Payne at
in the at-large race. Having both of them on 253-3338, or Baesler at 253-1212. "Make sure
the Council, she said, would be a major asset to identify BHRA so we get credit for what
to gays and lesbians in Lexington. we're doing,” Steele said. ”That can also be
Perhaps the strongest statement of a way of helping our community without
support for gay issues came from District identifying yourself as gay or lesbian."
Judge Gary Payne, "who agreed Also, Steele said volunteers are needed
wholeheartedly that gay men and lesbians on November 11 for a neighborhood canvass
should have the same rights as the rest of planned by state Representative Ernesto
society," Steele said. Accordingly, the Scorsone. For more information, call Steele at
Advocates gave Payne their most enthusiastic 231-0350.
Payne, Miller, and Isaac "very
vigorously appreciated our endorsement,“
Steele said.

 Please send me a free introductory GLSO ACTIVITIES
D °‘ 05° ”“5 3““ ‘"'°”“a“°" —
on GLSO.
I'd like to become a voting Member from Steve R.
D of GLSO, including home delivery
of the CLSO News and discounts People came from Lexington. Louisville,
at CLSO functions. My Membership and as far away as San Francisco to join the
fee of $10/year is enclosed. ninth annual fall campout at Eddie's farm (the
earth moundll. Everyone had a great time -
I don't wish to become a Member but thanks to Eddie from all of us. It was an
E please send me the GLSO News each unbelievably perfect weekend for a campout.
month. I enclose the $5 annual fee. The skies were clear to view the stars, and it
was so warm we did not even need our
Name: jackets. The campfire gave us the atmosphere
needed for the hot dogs, and marshmallows.
and melting tennis shoes. After the ritualistic
Address: mating calls of the wild died down, the noises
from the woods grew increasingly louder;
crickets, birds, frogs, and the wind rustling
City, St, Zip: thorough the trees. (No, I am not going to
mention the television set.)
Mail to: Newsletter, P.O. Box 111171 Some of the campers (they call
Lexington, KY ’40575 themselves that in name only) retired early,
continuing on their way to the bars in
Lexington. Others went on to dream in fairy
GLSO News is published monthly by the land, while the night owls stayed up late
Lexington Gay Services Organization, Inc. keeping the campfire stocked. Some were up
(d.b.a. Lexington Gay/Lesbian Services at daybreak, even though this author does not
Organization), Box 111471, Lexington, KY 140575 understand why. Slowly the crowds gathered.
Craig Clere, Managing Editor and the breakfast feast was begun. Coleman
Esmerelda Ink, Asst Editors for Esmerelda gas grills overtook the burnt toast and hands
Aunt Mary, Advice Columnist and pans on the campfire this year. We had
bacon, sausage, Polish sausage. eggs, toast.
Additional Contributors: Dave, Teresa, and as always the best drip-grind coffee
Angela. Mischelle, BHRA, NOW, Kevin, around. We went on the annual "through the
Partners, Debbie, Keith, Craig, GLSO, Alan, woods" to pose for the group picture after
The Advocate; Typist: Craig; Equipment: breakfast. The trees were beautiful again this
Dave; Layout: Steve, Craig; Mailing: Bill; year, with all the fall colors bright in the
Courier: Kenneth; Folding 8 Stuffing: Mark. sunlight. We learned that shorts do not
Steve, John, Jim, Steve. belong on true campers, because several of
them ran through some blackberry sticker
Views or opinions expressed in GLSO News are bushes on the hike. The weather was so
those of the authors and do not necessarily warm it was an early Indian summer--if that is
represent those of the Board of Directors. what you call 80 degrees! Ripe persimmons
Submissions are welcome. All submissions were a mid-morning treat for the
become the property of GLSO and must include adventuresome.
the full name and address of the author. The annual awards are being announced
Anonymous submissions are not accepted. The after the fact this year. Top honors: The
editorial staff reserves the right to alter any Best Weather Order in the history of the
submissions (including advertising) to meet campouts goes to Eddie; Best New Macho
publishing requirements, as well as the right Camping Vehicle is a tie between Gerry (4WD
to reject any submissions it deems may be silver truck) and Bruce (I-IWD silver blazer):
offensive or discriminatory to others. Virgin Camper Award (he told us he was!)
goes to Knox; The Mac Mathis Award (going to
Placement of advertising in GLSO News does the most campouts but never spending the
not denote a person's sexual orientation nor a night) to Keith; The Best Egg Cracker/
business's customer preference. Spreader (as in across the table, plates,
2 Nov CLSO

 grills) to Jim; The Best Prepared to Eddie Beginning in October GLSO will staff a
from Louisville. A real shocker this year membership and informational table at the
(after receiving this award almost every single coffeehouses. GLSO members will receive
year) is the Most Moans and Groans and discounts at Coffeehouse and Dances beginning
General Noise from a Single Tent Award in January.
(Snoringll, Randy takes it away from Jack. A follow-up report was delivered to the
Couples who have met on the campouts had board from their September Board Retreat.
several anniversaries: longest, Steve and Board members will be identifying short-term
Mark, next longest, Eddie and Willy, and the goals and objectives from a long list of
newest . . . we will have to wait until next prospective goals developed from the retreat.
year. A new award is the Best All-Meat The Phoneline Committee reported that a
Weiner Impersonation by Oscar, (thanks new disk drive was purchased to complete a
Frank). now "new" computer system. The Gayline was
More than thirty people made it to the down for approximately two weeks in
GLSO campout this year. Those of you who September due to hardware problems. Since
did not come missed a lot of fun, food, and all hardware has now been replaced in the last
companionship. Try to make it next fall. Get year, the committee hopes the Gayline
involved with GLSO. You'll be glad you did! problems will diminish.
GLSO's newest project. the Coming Out
Support groups, were approved by the Board
SEPTEMBER GLSO BOARD MEETING to begin in October. The groups will be
CENTERS ON GLSO NEWS chaired by Teresa Reynolds and Alan Ellis.
from Craig Clere Following a discussion of the proposed
GLSO informational brochure the meeting was
The September GLSO Board of Directors adjourned. GLSO Board meetings are open to
meeting dealt mostly with issues regarding the general membership. Consult the
GLSO News. Discussions centered on how to Directory in the GLSO News for a contact
continue providing a high quality newsletter number.
with a limited staff. No permanent decision
was reached, although individual board
members will be seeking volunteers for the GLSO COMING OUT SUPPORT GROUP STARTS
newsletter. from Teresa Reynolds
In a related development, the treasurer
reported an increase in subscriptions to GLSO On October 12 GLSO's newest project,
News and GLSO membership. This can be the Coming Out Support Group, held its first
directly attributed to a continued newsletter meeting at the Lexington's Central Library,
policy of keeping our subscriber lists current Conference Room C. The group plans to meet
and notifying subscribers as their the second and fourth Thursday of each
subscriptions expire. While our total number month. The first meeting in November will be
of mailed copies has decreased, the newsletter on November 9th at 7:30 pm.
staff reported 550 copies are still being This is your group. It is open to
distributed. anyone who would like some help/feedback in
The board recommended Melanie Otis to dealing with problems surfacing as a result of
serve as the Community Coordinator for UK's his or her sexual orientation. Some of the
Dr. William Skinner's drug study project. issues we will be dealing with include (but are
Ms. Otis will report back to the board not limited to): problems with family and
following an October meeting with Skinner. friends, difficulty accepting ourselves,
Debbie Currie reported good news from stereotypes, prejudice, coming out in the
the Coffeehouse and Dance committee. The workplace, etc., etc. The possibilities are
September Coffeehouse netted a near-record (almost) limitless.
profit of $50. A large turn-out, coupled with If you need more information about the
an excellent band, seemed to be the primary group, please call either Teresa at 252-3106,
reason for the success. or Alan at 253-21)“).
Nov GLSO 3

from Elizabeth Heston
_ A new gay and iesbian organization has
formed at UK. Students, staff, and faculty
BLUEGRASS HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES meet at 7:30 pm, Monday evenings, at St.
SET PERMANENT MEETING DATES Augustine's Chapel, “72 Rose Street. GLUE,
from BHRA Gays and Lesbians United for Education,
currently seeks both members and possible
Bluegrass Human Rights Advocates, a office holders from UK students and staff.
lesbian and gay political group, has set the Ray Stumph, founder of GLUE, attended the
third Sunday of each month as its regular October 9th meeting of the group fresh from a
meeting date. The meeting will always be at meeting with UK President Dr. David Roselle.
7:30 pm, with an optional potluck supper Dr. Roselle expressed his support of the
preceding it at 6:30 pm. The location will be formation of a gay and lesbian campus
announced in GLSO News and Peaceways, the organization, and promised to do what he
newsletter of the Central Kentucky Council for could to help with GLUE's goal of a sexual
Peace and Justice. The next meeting will be preference clause being added to the existing
on November 19 at 1021i Della Drive. For more non-discrimination code. GLUE now seeks 3
information, call Kevin at 278-0795. working constitution which will be submitted to
At the November meeting the topic will the Student Senate in order for it to receive
be fundraising. If you have expertise in this student organization privileges, including some
area, or if you have specific thoughts about measure of funding and facilities in the
how money can be raised for the important Student Center Student Organization area.
work of pressing for equal rights for gays and Attendance has been great-—averaging
lesbians in Central Kentucky, please come and between 15 and 20 persons at each of the
share your ideas. three meetings--and plans have been made to
Additionally, BHRA is looking for a further advertise the "Big Blue GLUE." A
logo. The logo will be used on official Kentucky Kernel article appeared on National
stationery, posters and other printed material. Coming Out Day, October 11. All interested
If you have an idea, call BHRA at the parties are welcome to attend. For more
numbers listed in the GLSO News Directory. information call Suzanne, 231-0255, or GLSO's
Gayline, 231-0335.
from NOW
An ecumenical church service will be
The "Mobilization for Women's Lives“ held at Christ Church Cathedral, 1421 South
rally, organized by the National Organization 2nd Street, Louisville on November 16, 1989 at
for Women, will be held in Washington, D.C. 7:30 pm. The Very Reverend Geralyn Wolf
on November 12, 1989. The goal of the describes the service as gathering together "to
demonstration is to send the message that the express in prayer, word, and song our deep
right to abortion is the right of every woman concern for those suffering from AIDS, their
in this country, regardless of where she lives. loved ones, and those who are increasingly at
A local “Rally for Women's Lives" will be risk in contracting the disease."
held at the State Capitol in Frankfort at 1 pm Curtis Washington, Deputy Director of
on December 9. This rally will be sponsored BEBASHI (Blacks Educating Blacks about
by the Pro-Choice Coalition of Kentucky. A Sexual Health Issues), from Philadelphia is the
local newspaper ad campaign, “I'm Pro-Choice featured speaker. The service in being held
and I Vote“ has collected $1000, along with 250 in conjunction with a ministers and church
signatures, towards an advertisement to run in leaders conference, "Moving Forward: AIDS
the December 8 Herald-Leader. Similar ads, and the Church“, held from 8 am to 5 pm at
Sponsored by NOW, will run in the Louisville the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville. The service
Courier-Journal and additional Kentucky is free and registration for the conference is
newspapers. Contributions for the ad may be $20. For more information, write Clergy
sent to NOW, PO Box 22151, Lexington, Conference, AIDS Education Coalition, PO Box
Kentucky, l#0522-2151. 1709, Louisville, KY. 40201-1701}.
14 Nov GLSO

NT MARY from Dave
— The AIDS Volunteers of Lexington
(AVOL) benefited from a special event last
Dear Aunt Mary, month. The national touring company of
My lover and l are planning a trip to "Anything Goes" presented eight performances
Oregon. We have our airline tickets, lodging, at the Lexington Opera House and added a
and so forth taken care of but we haven't yet cabaret to their schedule at midnight on
packed. 0n the last trip, my lover took 3 October 20. Net proceeds from the cabaret
suitcases, agarment bag, and an overnight were divided equally between AVOL and
bag. Since I only had one garment bag we Broadway Cares, the New York-based AIDS
didn't have to pay extra for baggage, but I support organization for those in the
did have to carry one suitcase and the performing arts. Each organization received
overnight bag along with my own garment bag. over $1,150 from the event. Lexington's
I could understand the obsession with having Studio Players hosted the show at the Carriage
one's entire wardrobe if we were going to be House on Bell Court. It was promoted by the
gone longer than five days [the last trip was Herald Leader and AVOL volunteers.
also five days), but this seems ridiculous. About half the company performed,
What's a person to do? including the musical's star, Mitzi Gaynor.
Sincerely, The cabaret was not an added performance of
Stuffed to the Gills "Anything Goes" but rather a blend of song,
dance and dialogue which allowed cast members
to display the depth of their talent. The hour
Dear Stuffed, and a half of fun concluded with the
There are several reasons why your auctioning of five "Anything Goes" posters
lover may be packing the kitchen sink when autographed by the cast.
you travel. The "pack-rat" phenomenon A few touring companies have performed
suggests that certain individuals derive a similar benefits in other cities, but this
sense of security from hoarding, collecting, performance was the first for both this
and keeping everything they've ever received, company and for Lexington. The idea was
purchased, or somehow ended up with. It's developed by a cast member who was referred
possible that your lover's need to take so to AVOL by the GLSO Phoneline during the
much is an extension of pack-rat fever. If last week of September. Production details
so, your arguments that he or she will never were worked out by members of the local
use even a third of what has been packed will performing arts community. The performance
fall on deaf ears. generated such enthusiasm that plans are
However, if your lover packs so much already underway to sponsor similar events
out of fear that the right outfit may not be with both local performers and other national
available for all possible events, you might touring companies.
suggest that one of your vacation activities
will be a clothes-shopping trip. At that
point, he or she can buy whatever might be COWUNITY BASED RESEARCH PROGRAMS
necessary for the difference in climate or for FUNDED BY HEALTH 8 HUMAN SERVICES
an unexpected social event. Using that logic, from HHS News
your lover could pack less and still not have
to worry about unexpected events illuminating HHS Secretary Louis Sullivan, M.D., has
the deficiencies in his or her wardrobe. 0n announced the establishment of 18 AIDS
the other hand, if it is pack-rat fever that's treatment research programs based in the
motivating your lover, you may consider communities where people with AIDS live and
making life easier on yourself and paying a receive their medical care.
porter to lug the extra luggage around. The new Community Programs for
Aunt Mary Clinical Research on AIDS, which will receive
a total of $9 million from the National Institute
If you would like to write to Aunt Mary, send of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will enlist
your letters to: Aunt Mary, c/o GLSO, P0 many community-based physicians and their
Box 111471, Lexington, KY 140575. For a patients in studies of AIDS drugs. The
personal reply, include a stamped, self programs will be located in 11} American cities
addressed envelope. All names are strictly where the impact of the AIDS epidemic is most
confidential. severe.
Nov GLSO 5

 LETTER TO THE EDITOR who have opposed and tried to stop the
from various writers murderous, inhumane and illegal practices of
the Reagan administration. The defendants in
One of Ed Meese's last actions before this case, like the other political prisoners in
leaving the Justice Department was to order the country, need to be returned to our
the indictment of six long-time political communities and not disappear into the prison
activists on charges of protesting US domestic system. We must lend our voices and support
and international policies through IIviolent and to ensure their rights--are thereby our own.
illegal means.II We ask you to join us in a campaign to halt
Like other recent political trials, US v. this vindictive prosecution. Stopping this last
Whitehorn, et al., (The Resistance ConSpiracy prosecution brought by Reagan and Meese can
Case) targets domestic opponents of illegal be an important step in dismantling their
practices such as the contra war against legacy of a politicized criminal justice system
Nicaragua and the invasion of Grenada. The and resurgent FBI.
investigation of these defendants is linked to To lend your support or obtain more
the recent illegal FBI investigations of CISPES information, contact Emergency Committee for
and the Central America solidarity movement. Political Prisoners, PO Box 28191, Washington,
Like them, it's characterized by massive FBI DC, 20038-8191.
misconduct and illegality. ACT-UP/ATLANTA Sue Hyde
The six--Alan Berkman, Tim Blunk, ACT-UP/CHICAGO Holly Near
Marilyn Buck, Linda Evans, Susan Rosenberg ACT-UP/MAINE Alicia Portney
(formerly incarcerated in the control unit at ACT-UP/NEW YORK Margaret Randall
FCI Lexington), and Laura Whitehorn--are
charged with being part of a network of DOCUMENTS SHOW FBI SPIED
groups that claimed responsibility for bombings FOR 2 DECADES ON GAY MOVEMENT
of government and military buildings in from the San Francisco Chronicle
1983-85, including the 1983 bombing of the US
Capitol after the invasion of Grenada. No one The Federal Bureau of Investigation
was injured in any of these actions. The conducted exhaustive and apparently illegal
government makes no claim to know who surveillance of the gay rights movement and
actually carried out the bombings. Rather, it its leaders for more than two decades,
wants to convict the defendants by proving according to internal FBI memorandums.
that they .shared a "common purpose" of The surveillance started in 1953 and was
resisting illegal US war crimes: "guilt by continuing as late as 1975. Agents made
political association." extensive use of informants, tape-recorded
The government has already put these meetings, collected lists of members of gay
defendants through fourteen separate political organizations, photographed participants in
prosecutions. Five of the defendants are early homosexual rights marches and
already serving sentences of up to 70 years. investigated advertisers in gay publications.
The sixth has been held in preventive Much of the campaign was personally
detention for 2 1/2 years. This April, the directed by the late director J. Edgar Hoover
trial judge dismissed all charges against three according to lL100 pages of documents
of the defendants on the grounds of double obtained under provisions of the Freedom of
jeopardy, but the Justice Department has Information Act.
vowed to fight the decision. The documents reveal not only the
The government wants to stage a show extent of FBI spying on early gay groups, but
trial to have a chilling effect on activists. It also the scrutiny to which early gay
uses the guise of security to create an organizations were subjected by other law
atmosphere of fear and intimidation to make a enforcement agencies and intelligence units in
fair trial impossible. A bulletproof plexiglas the military service.
wall in the courtroom separates the defendants The FBI investigators shared information
from their families and supporters. with these agencies as part of efforts to bar
Surveillance cameras in the courtroom are gays from government and military jobs.
trained on defendants and spectators. Until 1975, civil service regulations
This is political persecution, not criminal prohibited employment of known gays in the
prosecution. The targets are people who have federal government, and a similar prohibition
shown a deep commitment to human rights and remains in effect in the armed forces.
social justice over many years. There may be No investigation ever found that the gay
political disagreements among us, but we are organizations were involved in subversive or
all part of the community of people in the US illegal activities, according to the documents.
6 Nov CLSO

{—FSHfib—r'fiq 57/35 5,755 'fé'r's' ék'PFéEti'ce—s',_:

i Call: i
i 1-800-342-AIDS !

E Kentucky Residents Call: :

 There is one thing I would like to
mention, however. I have yet to receive any
responses in Esmerelda's mailbox concerning

a P the issue of racism in the Lesbian community
smerelda S arlo in Lexington. No response at all, neither
tr positive or negative. This could mean, I
‘\ assume, one of two things. Maybe I was way
Q “ off base in believing that there are any racial
problems in the Lesbian community. Perhaps
. ‘/ there are simply very few black lesbians to be
" found. Is this it? l think it highly unlikely.
It's more likely that a lack of response is
symptomatic of a real problem; people are
Dear Esmerelda, unconcerned and avoid the issue, possibly
I know you will all find this hard to they are uncomfortable with it.
believe, but I just don't have much to say this I'll accept responses on the [obviously
month! I've been incredibly busy and non-existent) issue of racism at any time. So
Esmerelda's Parlour has been the furthest think about it.
thing from my mind. So the November GLSO
News will be filled with wonderful Happy Thanksgiving.
contributions from other corners of Esmerelda. Angela Martin
from Esmerelda's Parlour staff
If you're a support group junkie about everything: sex, passion, relation-
hungering for one more meeting a month, or a ships, family, jobs . . . whatever you're
lost soul who hasn't found the need for, or a feeling really good or really bad about, and
niche in, one of the many fine support groups everything in between. The Passion Group
available here in Lexington, or if you just will provide that outlet for the womyn who
enjoy sitting around and talking with other want it, need it, or who just want to spend
womyn, then perhaps the NEW AND IMPROVED time with other womyn. The group is
Passion Group is for you. In an effort to informal, but confidentiality is expected. We
provide what YOU want, the Lesbian Passion want you to feel free to talk about whatever is
Discussion Group has expanded its scope and on your mind. September's meeting consisted
has been renamed the Lesbian Passion Support of a lively discussion about difficulties in
Group. While we have abandoned our former relationships. In October, we dealt with
approach, which was to use JoAnn Loulan's coming out to our families. And in November
book as a guideline, we have not abandoned . . . who knows? Hope to see you there!
her ideas. One thing she really emphasizes is (Next meeting: November 16 at 7:30 pm. Call
the importance of talking with other womyn Esmerelda at 255-3851 for more information.)
from Esmerelda's Parlour staff
There's big excitement in Cincinnati in Also in Cincinnati in November:
November! JoAnn Loulan, author of those two Katherine Forest at Crazy Ladies Bookstore,
fabulous books, Lesbian Sex and Lesbian 2:00-11:30 pm Crazy Ladies Book Bartering
Passion, will be providing "An evening of Day, November 19, 1 - 3 pm, (bring your
provocative humor and lesbian sex education". extra copy of Rubyfruit Jungle, new and old
She will be appearing at 8 pm, Saturday, books from Naiad Press, your Sara Paretsky
November 11 at Kresge Auditorium at the mysteries, other lesbian/women's books--trade
University of Cincinnati. Tickets are available what you can, take home what you can't)
at Crazy Ladies Bookstore and are $10 before Cincinnati Area Craftswomyn present the 1989
November 5 and $13 after the 5th. A Holiday Exhibition 8 Sale at Crazy Ladies
booksigning will follow the entertainment. Bookstore, Nov. 25-26, 11 am - 6 pm. For
Don't miss it! more information call (513) 5111-11198.
8 Nov GLSO

from Teresa Reynolds by Mischelle Myers Talley
Infinite beams of light I am pure emotion, the full spectrum,
streaking across the sky with no beginning to the cognitive.
leaving clouds of cosmic dust And no end to the kinesthetic.
centuries old I am involved in no sensible
to shimmer against a backdrop divisions of thought,
of velvet black for I do not think, | feel.
All of my senses are nestled among
...is what we'd hoped to see an endless collection of passions.
as we peered up into the night Venture to try and find me
holding each other through thought and consideration
looking so hard for the magic and you will never find me.
we were sure we'd see For | live in the heart entirely,
as the "experts" had predicted And I am blissful in my defiance
a brilliant sky show of Logic.
would be seen that very night I have sought the sublime throughout
my Life,
But the sky stayed still and quiet, in the total immersion of a quest
only a few stars managing for true and bright,
to shine through White romanticism. An odyssey now
the city lights. fulfilled as I look upon
your sweet face. This is the best part of me.
We became absorbed with the My lone attribute, and certainly the
huge black openness of night, only redeeming quality of my
experiencing that universal naked existence.
infinitesimal feeling I am pure emotion;
when humans confront the vastness only known to you
of space. as your heart can see me.
Yet Lost in the eyes of your soul,
as we stood I am and shall ever remain;
wrapped around each other nothing more than the feeling
I felt (or dreamed) you have for me,
another universal feeling nothing less than the love I have
--a magic beginning for you.
created in that night
yet, shared by all lovers from GLSO staff
in their moments of complete unity.
Pat Roche, newly elected Dignity/USA
Those infinite (and invisible) beams of light president, named AIDS ministry as the leading
intertwining us as one item on a five-point agenda for the national
no longer feeling vast emptiness lesbian and gay Catholic movement over the
but full and glowing next two years. "Ale ministry will
us--of tenderness and love absolutely be this organization's number one
for each other priority," said Roche. "Through a new
and for that wonderfully still program, the National AIDS Project of Dignity,
and magical night. we will provide leadership and education to fill
the void left by the Catholic Church's
SUBMISSIONS SOUGHT FOR BOOK PROJECT oftentimes inadequate efforts to minister to
from GLSO staff people with AIDS."
Roche was elected President last month
Submissions are being sought for a book at Dignity/USA's 20th anniversary convention.
on lesbians responding to AIDS, focusing on His platform also called for: fuller
the experiences of lesbian carepartners and participation by women in Dignity and in the
those who have lost close friends and/or family Church; church condemnation of violence
members. For more information, or to submit against gay people; Church support for laws
a manuscript, write: Book Project, 11-11”, 17th protecting the civil rights of gay people: and
Street NW, #802, Washington DC, 20036. Church respect for personal dissent.
Nov GLSO 9

NATIONAL for HOMOSEXUAL: adj. - gay, homoerotic, I
homophile, inv