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Mav 37,1910.

The facultv met at 5 P.M., those oreeent being President
5 n, ViceéP1eeident White, Professore Patterson, Pryor,

Andc 0 Me theme ,MiLler, Pence, Mackenzie, Morwood, Wilson,
7emoro mi, Tuttle, ROTC, Fr:1nke1, Lnfferty, Hooper, Jones,
TLrL‘ell, Snow.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

On motion of Professor Frankel, seconded by D1.Terroll,
it wee ordered that the facultv proceed with the discussion
of the candidates for degreesa

Profceeor Miller presented the name of Miss Ir sabelln
West Marshall to be recommended for the degree 01' Master of
Science, and on hie motion, seconded by Dr.Tuttle, it was

ordered that she be so recommended.

Professor'Miller also presented the name of Mr. A O. B owden
for the degree of Master of Arts, n1ajor subje Pct beinP Fn glisflh
Attention vne m11f1 d to the fact that eome of the conditions
relative to fees had not been complied with in this and other
cases, and it wee ordered upon motion of Judge Lefferty,
seconded by President Patterson, that all the recommendations
for degrees be conditioned upon the payment of the proper fees
and the compliance with all other requirements. This motion
>1r1r1ried, and Mr. Bowdcn was then recommended for the degree
named enhjo ct to this action.

Profc $30? Miller then presented for the Bachelor of .>cie nee
degree the following named personezm

Robert Williim Adams

hrcde jck L.1nnn

Liml Jones

Ie eec M’illinm Roberts son

Katherine Margaret 9choene (honor student).

On motion the persons named were ordered to be recommended
to the Board of Trustees for the de.<:rce norm d.

1 es“ aeor 111.1or then pre eeented the names of the following
candid.tve i'or the Bachelor of Ar 8 degree:

M rictte Finley Gee sady

Florence Cro wder

Rubye Ringo Fleming (honor. etudcnt) ,
Marv L.Lizabeth Hayden (honor student)

Alpha .1111) hard

Mnlcomb Mudion

nnreh Roseettor Merchell

111%? oeth Eting Sarge t

John henrv Wilcox

Homer Wilson

On motion of Profeeroc MilLer, seconded bv Profe. (sor Jones,
it was ordered that these nave Seniore be Locomrondeo to the
Board of Trustees for the A.B. degree.

Professor Miller then called attention to the aee of
Merv Scott Spencer vho on account of sicknee s in the household
wheres ehc resides had not completed her examinations, and to
the case of Mother Van0;han who had failed in hie tory end.‘ 1 a
sociology. On motion it W18 ordered that these two candida,co


 , .v:-:3WWW}WW.

Minutes of the faculty, Way 27,1910. /

m5, =—

be recommended when they shall have complied with all the
conditions and completed their work.

Professor Miller than called the faculty‘s attention to
the case of Earl Benton Webb and stated that upon examination
of his paper in geology it had become very manifest that Mr.
Webb had completed his paper in collusion with W.B.Wilson of
the same class. He stated further that Nr.¥ebb while at first
not admitting his guilt had nfterwnrds,on being confronted with
the evidence admitted it. It was moved b rProfessor Frankel
and seconded that Mr.Webb‘s case be referred to the Committee
on Morals and Discipline. The subject was discussed by
Protessors Terrell, Wilson and Mackenzie, and Professor Mackenzie
moved as a substitute that Mr.Webb be summoned before the Presim
dent and reprimanded in the presence of his Dean and that he be
permitted to tnke hn examination such as may make it possible for
him to graduate with his class. The motion was seconded by Judge
Lsffertv. Remarks upon the question, pro and con, were made by
President Patterson, Judge nfferty, Professors Terrell and
Miller. The eyes and noes were then called for, the vote for
the substitute motion standing as follows:
Ayes: Professors Anderson, Mackenzie, Norwood, Wilson, Zembrod,
Tuttle, Rowe, Frankel, Lnfferty, Jones, Snow (ll).
noes: President Patterson, Professors Pnttereon, Pryor, Mathews,

Miller Pence Hooier Terrell 8). The substitute motion was
2 : 1 .v


declared carried.

Professor Norwood presented the name of Ralph D.Quickel
for the degree of Mining Engineer, stating however that he had
not reported this name last fall. The motion was seconded by
Professor Miller and it was ordered that Hr.Quiekel be recommended
for the degree named.

Professor Norwood also presented the following named persons
for the degree Bachelor of Mining Engineering:

Robert R.Atkins

Robert A.Lowrv

Charles McCarroll

On motion it was ordered that these persons be recommended
for the above named degree. Professor Norwood also presented
the name of Wr.Pn5e B.Blnkemoro, stating that he was conditioned
in Onlculust

Professor Anderson presented for the degree Bachelor of
Mechanical Engineerinptu

LgO.Bridges J.H.Hall
L.E.Brown O.A.Kuebler
YtFlClerk B.H.Logsn
R.H.Ornm G.P.Mills
J.J.Gurtis .S.O‘Roarh
M.J.Frnnkel E.V.Shuff
J.9.t§nvin J.B.Shelby
T.M,Hsvs S.Shanklin

On motion it was ordered that the above named persons be
recommended for the degree stated.

Professor Anderson presented further for the degree of
Mechanical Engineerzm





On motion it was ordered that these persons be reconnendod
for the degree stated.


 Minutes of the Faculty. May 27,1910. ,5"

Donn Snow presented for the degree of A.M. in Education
the name of Mr.E.J. Grinstead of Winchester. On motion it was


otdetco that he he so rooortenled

Dean Enov also presented the name of R.A.Edwa d.s for the
degree A.E. in Education. On motion it was ordered that he be
so recommended.

He also presented the names of Mary Eva Clarke and
AoG.Elliott for the degree of 2.3. in Education. On motion it
was ordered that these persons 3c recoml ended fot the ca groe
named. Dean Snow also recommended for tho der;cee 3.8 in
Education miss Nell H.Ehitfield, stating that she had yet a
condition to remove. On motion it was ordered that ii‘ th.
condition be rcmo ed and all Co‘uircw nts complied with Miss
Whitfield should be recomnended for the degree,

nted the HLMCS of the following for the

Dean Hathews 3e
ience in Agriculturegm

degree Bachelor of 8
George Becker
George Robert E3 stwood
Avery Early Ewan


On motion it was cr.dored that the above named u.n\1dd es
be recommend for the leg .cee stated.

Judge Laf.€ertv presented the following named persons for
the degree of LL.B.:—



G.E.Baldwin S.E.Salve3rs

TIE/.0 rl'ft 011 R, L.H.LH'S

J.T. Glegr H G.Fpredling
'.G.Glngs ton Harry Staples

E 7.Fuulconcr So wflt} Strong

Tuli‘uloncf-J- E.1.:q‘.’¢9’v et lend

E.fi.Gastincan G.G.Tavl r
G.F Kelly L.O.Tho neon
EOL.Hnddox G.G.Thompson
L T.Ogsta J.E.Turner

G . 1.? ope E. H. Webb

T. Prowitt E.R.Wilson

On motion it was orle red that the above named persons be
recom ended Cor the degree stated.

Judge Laife tty cleBd attention to the one es of R.Bs%nllaro
and T C Fears who hid not 1uite completed their work, and on motion
it was ordered t11at it they shall have completed the it mock they
be recommended to the Bee rd ot‘ Trustees at th;i: December m3c1in~
for the degcce LL.B. and he conside ed members of the class 0: 18 l0.

Deon Home presented for the degce» of Bachelor of Civil
hn~1n~w ing: ‘

.m.fill1;on C.E.Mershe ll
R.G.Barbee H.A.Ne son
E.G.Grafton Shelhv Post
J.G.Estes E.F.Robinson
Wt”. Fox H.E.Smith
J.. Grimes W.E.Shelhy
E.H Lewis D.V.Terrell
W.CJ {osby T.P.Warren


On motion it was ordered that the above norm d per.s one be
recommended for the deg? ee stated. Profe sor Rowe cells d attention
to the three followind URIrP 1 men who still had “OHLItLOU in their
work: *S.€.Ganoill, F.F.Gawood, and F.G.Dugan.

*Pro£es$or Rowe {311211290 Eiay’ £30 ,1910, £11111, the 8131‘ 13 men: 01. 1
condition against EraCaudill in P'ysics is an error rni P~of
Pence st '1tce that Wr.Gandill has completed his 703k satislactorily.

7-— C~—~~ *7 , ‘7 , ,, , w

' 4‘ .. . ~..— \






 Wifimfijm " r '1



fl .. l
9151/ i
*1 l
Minutes of the Faculty, May 27,1910.

Profos3or Anoorson present
moved its adoption to tang 9:1'fm3 t
this date no student he a1jo v91 to pursue any senior subject in
any or the engineering oo11o 935 of this ”niversity or be conm
sidorod a candidate for gtaduat1on in any of these oollegos who
ohall have any conditions (duo oithor to failure or duo to not
having taken the work) in any subject scheduled below the Senior
year; an& it is requi"od that the Dean of each onginoering
0011930 sha11 notify each of his matrioulmtes by letter of this
ruio not later than Juno 4,1310." The motion was carriede

G1 the following resoiution and
on September 1910: "That after

PTOffBSsor Andoroon on b3hllf of the Ooumiitiz upon Diplomuo
and Dogroos 3tutoi that it had oo on udbdu:9bd to tno Committee
that tho dearea of 1.11.11a bo oonfoxiod upon Donn Capor3, but that
tho flomnituoa ha1 not yet taken action and felt that tn; motto:
shoo1d be ;eforro1 to too entire faou1ty Cor thoiw consideration.
On motion of PLouident Datte v_son it was ovdersd that this {nostion
ho po;3tponod until next year.

On motion the mootinx adjourned.


1115 o 1‘ t he

77 of tho Facultyq