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Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.
      June 23, 1868

Com. on
structi on

Cor. on
vacancie s

Con. on
Nomi nation

    This report having been received, the Chair proceeded to
appoint the following Committees.
    Committee on reconstruction of the Faculty and selection of
Professors, in conjunction with Finance Con.
    Curator Joseph Smith, Chairman
      #I   Joseph Wasson,
            Chas. T. Worthington.
            Wm. T. Withers.
    Committ on Vacancies in the Board Curators.
    Curator A. H. Bowman, Chairman
           Joseph Woolfolk
       " Benj. Gratz.
    Committee on Nominations of Officers of the Board.
    Curator G. W. Elley, Chairman
       "' IR. C. Ricketts
       '   Joseph P. Tarbitt.
   On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 8 A. M. tomorrow.

Meeting of
June 24, 1868

Wilkes, Lard
& Yost appoint-

Report of
Exec. Coe
ratified in

Curator J. E.
went vacant.

         Morrison College, Ky. University.
              Wednesday, June 24, 1868

    The Board met at 8 3/4 A. M. Present, Curators Andrew
Steele, Joseph Wasson, fl. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, Jas. S.
Woolfolk, Joseph Smith, R. C. Ricketts, J. P. Tarbitt, if. T.
Withers, Benj. Gratz. A. H. Bowman, EngSCampbell, A. G. Hern-
don, C. T. Worthington.
    The Committee on vacancies in the Board of Curators made
their report, where upon on motion Lunsford B. Wilkes and Moses
E. Lard of Lexington, Ky., and G. W. N. Yost of Pennsylvania
were appointed Curators, the former in the place of D. T.
Morton deco .
    The report of the .m xecutive Committee was then taken from
the table and on motion Curator Worthington the report was rati-
fied except that portion which relates to the dismission of
   On motion of Curator A. H. Bowman, the Chair of James E.
Thompson Curator from Mercer Co. was declared vacant.



Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky.
       June 24, 1868

Com. for
eachCol. to
be appointed

Act of
legi slature
of Feb. 5,

officers of
the Board

    On motion of Curator Joseph Smith, it was resolved, that
in addition to the Standing Committees already appointed by
the Board , a Standing Committee for each College, established
and contemplated, be appointed, to consider and report as they
deem necessary on the Regent~s annual report connected with the
    On motion the Boara then adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.

    Afternoon Session  The Board met at 21 P. M.   Present in
addition to those recorded in the morning. F. K. Huft, L. B.
tilkes, J. B. Bowman, M. E. Lard.
    The Treasurer's report was then read. On motion of Curator
Worthington the Act of the Legislature amending the Charter of
Ky. University, approved Feb. 5, 1868, was read.
    Curator Worthing offered a resolution that this Act be ac-
    After some discussion, on motion of Curator Withers the
farther consideration of this subject waS postponed till the next
annual meeting of the Board.
    The law requiring the election of Officers of the Board to
be by ballot was suspended, and the following Curators, whose
names were presented by the Committee on Nominations of Officers
of the Board were then chosen as follows;

Presi dent

R. M. Bishop
J. B. Bowman
Joseph Wasson.

                       ( J. 13. Bowman
    Executive          (Beni. Gratz.
    Committee          (Joseph Smith
                       0Joseph Wasson
                       (J. S. Woolftolk.
The Chair then announced the following Standing Committees in
accordance with the resolution offered by Curator Joseph Smith
this morning.
College of the Bible               College of Arts
R. C. Ricketts                     Z. F. Smith
G. T. Elley                        E. Campbell
L. B. Wilkes                       A. H. Bowman

Agricultural & Mech. College
C. T. Worthington
J. S. Woolfolk
R. J. White
  /p*149/            College

             College of Law
             F. K. Hunt
             Benj. Gratz.
             C. T. Worthington
of Medicine

Joseph Smith
G. W. Givens
Joseph Tarbitt.



June 24, 1868

Change in
time of be-
ginning of

elec ted

Decease of
Cura tor

ment from
Regent &
Trea surer

    On motion of Curator A. H. Bowman, it was resolved that
hereafter the session of Ky. University in all of its asso-
ciated Colleges and its Academy shall commence on the Second
Monday in September of each year and close in the Second week
in June following.
    On motion of Curator Woolfolk, Capt. Z. M. Sherley of
Louisville was a Curator of this Board.
    On motion of Curator J. B. Bowman it was resolved that a
Committee be appointed to prepare suitable resolutions expres-
sive of the sense of this Board of the loss they hate sustained
in the deceose of Curator D T. Morton, whereupon the Chair ap-
pointed the following Committee
                M. E. Lard, Chairman
                G. W. Elley
                R. C. Ricketts
    On motion of Curator Worthington, the following preamble
and resolution were unanimously adopted.
    Whereas the Regent of Ky. University has generously relin.
quished the sum of $7500 now due him on the Salary voted him as
Regent and Treasurer,
    Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Curators that they
accept this relinquishment as a donation to Ky University, and
that the most grateful thanks of this Board are hereby tendered
the Regent for his generous bestowal.
    On motion the Board then adjourned till tomorrow at &0 A. M.

Morrison College, Ky. University
      Thursday June 25, 1868

Curator J. B.
Beck elected

Corn. on recon-
struction of
the Faculty.

    The Board met at 9 A. M.   Present J. B. Bo=man, Benj.
Gratz, Andrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, F. K. Hunt,
G. a. Elley, J. S. Woolfolk, A. H. Bov;nan, C. T. Worthington,
Joseph Smith, A. G. Herndon, J. P. Tarbitt, W. T. Withers, Enos
Campbell, M. E. Lard.
/150/ On motion of Curator Worthington, James B. Beck was elected
Curator in this Institution.
    The Committee on reconstruction of the Faculty and selection
of Professors presented their report through their Chairman, Cur-
tator Joseph Smith which report was received and after some dis-
cussion by the Regent and Curator Lard on motion the Board
adjourned to meet at 4 P. M.