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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 40511 GA;°2§;”§§O;;.
I'Idch‘!’ , 1.‘5?153d‘l
Dear Reader:

The June newsletter will mark the end of my Attention for those of you who are not card
term as editor of the 530 newsletter. I plan CBTTYiDQ members 0* 550! YOU can “0“ purchase
to continue working on the newsletter, but I do YOU? VETY 0"“ LEXiDStOD 53V SETViCES
not have the time or energy that being the Organization membership card. The nominal
editor requires. If any one out there is 510-00 annual t9? Will entitle YOU to
interested in the job, please get in touch. 1 participate in special BSD activities, to vote
will gladly work with you to transfer the on 580 lSSUE55 and RUN FECElVE dlSCOUfltS at
newsletter smoothly. I’m not just going to drop participating bUSiUESSES- Remember ' YOU don’t
it in yfiur lap and leave. have to he gay to be a member of 630!

I want to thank all the people who have
helped me with the newsletter in the past "““"""““"“ _
months. You’re all wonderful people and I have 70 bECDIE a 590 oelber, till OUt th15 fore
enjoyed working with you. I would also like to land send it and ‘10'00 to: ~
thank the people who have _ supported the BSD
newsletter, either by direct contribution or by P'Dj Box 11471
advertising. You have kept the newsletter Lex1ngton, Ky 40575
going when 550 could not afford to do it alone.

Now. for all the people out there who get Nile _______-_____-_____-_________-_-___--_
the newsletter every month, I have a request.

The newsletter is the most visible evidence of Address ----------------_------------------
the existence of BBB. If you enjoy the _

newsletter, or find it useful, consider that it CltY ----------_-_-------------------------
is a substantial financial burden on BSD (our

largest budget item). For use (and the Stat! --..-.--.-.--.-- ZiP ----.-----------
newsletter) to continue to exist, they must """““"""""

have the support of the Lexington gay

community. An excellent way to show your SOFTBALL

support is to join 650. So, please clip the

membership coupon in this issue and send it in Are you interested in joining a softball
immediately. team? 630 would like to fora one or more teams

USU depends on all of you. for this sooner. If you are interested, call

Paul at 255-8644 or look for the sign-up sheets
Thank you: at future 850 functions.

\\_ H M ke our pl r non t tterd 650’ 1984
1- a y .EMS -o a - l s
\‘W'f' LP / Derby Brunch at the Lexington Hyatt Regency
Fill ‘9 Hotel. It will he held on Sunday, Hay 6th at
"fl/h ' a 12:00 o’clock noon. R.S.V.P. before April
,e, JS-‘ ‘7‘) 30th by calling 268-3935 or 269-8577.
f. stats.
I i , g 650 News
__. t t/‘ , T” . J1 -"
[m E "3,. l 1. TWEgflWX/fi Aluminum and paper recycling for 580
~ I (a). i! {/(T’ ' ‘44:) continues? By recycling, you’re helping BSD
1' ”1 {‘Jr' “ Q» and keeping Lexington clean. To learn what to
!€.':‘.':“'~'£5'~ ' /. V4 ' :. do with you cans and papers.. contact any board
fig . I" _ §+ member or call ”EH-8.755.
t ~$‘<- 11-=—.1__ ‘ yotteyantt
:2::‘Ef— \ 1- PICNIC lh‘ THE PARK
w/ HE’RE READY! Shelter 5 in Jacobson Part. is
GoodheavemJthouzhxvoume-m thatyournewncighbonweregay! reserved for the second and faurth Friday far
the next five months. He’ll play volleyball
“Emmess and socialize at (”Soc-o, Potluck is soon af~
- terwards. he pay to reserve the shelter so
With the bring along a donation with your potluck. Keep
Gay this activity alive? l'lay llth is the day! For
- directions or a ride call 231-0100.
e jail—it " Q 11 llur Gay Pride Picnic is tentatively
scheduled for June 16th in Shillito Park at
. Shelter #3, on Reynolds Road. This will be an
,—\ .. all day event in which we hope to include
Q several groups and organizations. More
a information will be released in the June
pa... newsletter. Stay tuned?
a ,,
'=— a“. .0; m touting
= :5 fi'l'zi'
= 9H}: 76W “ v . . .
- We had two teams and some indiwduals on
_ ' ' ' howling teams this winter. The Sunday af—
ternoon howling was successful at times. This
Limited edition print CH: 1000: fall we will try our gggggegt to form a three
signed and numbered. Great hotly team league of our own. It can work? It
Derby and Graduation 91ft?“ only takes you. Sign up sheets are at any SSE
Now available at local function at call 299—0352. '
galleries and the Cafe at the
Bar. 2

 DIRECTORY Gay Lesbian Democrats of Kentucky is pre-
7 -------—- gently conducting a registration drive. They
BSD Bayline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231-0335 are meeting on Sundays at 6:00pn in the
BSD Newsletter . . . . . . . . . . . . . 269—8765 Unitarian Universalist annex on High Street.
GED Recreational Events . . . . . . . . . 299-0352 For. more information write them at: 820
Bay and Lesbian Democrats . . . . . . . . 266-3934 Trement fivenue, Lexington 40502 or call -
DignityILexington . . . . . . . . . . . . 269-8500 366-3934.
Louisville Crisis Hotline . . . . . . 502-637-4342 EUEWiI£2§ELEEEQIi§EJBHQJEtEEZEEflijfll
Dnensboro Bay Alliance . . . . . . . 502-685-5246
ClnClnl’Tatl Bay SHltCthi-il'd I I 2 x - 513‘221_7800 This is a new Service provided to those
National Gay Task Force CrisisLine . 890-221-7044 Businesses who in the course of a year. have
NGTF AIDS CriSiSLinE . . . . . . . . 8130-2214044 donated their time, space, or money to GSO.
In conjuction with this some Businessess are
DIRECTIONS IN GAY \V; giving Discounts to GSO 'Full Membership' card
holders. Please ask the participating
AND LESBIAN HEALTH \ Businesses for more information.
An Educational Symposium spogsored by thefgy G‘rea
ii 0 u Rih o— nsore e .
izzgcmsgssofciiaz‘gr?oftlg’htjsiilcriancsfiffiiumanRiyghts. GSO thanks these Busmesses for their support
Location and hopes that the Gay community of
San Francisco Medical Society Auditorium LBXin gton Will in-turn support these
250 Masonic Avenue B usinesses ,
San Francisco, California
Jun222-23, 1984 Additional Businesses may have their names
(FridayandSBturdayl added to the GSO Sponsor list by sending
Symposium Objectives their donation and request in writing to:
To discuss options in gay parentingf, medical, t
'l '1 df' ‘l tsoain,curren
:figfifg: pigsicl::gtctliatuzse:eccm homgosgxuality, Le X . G S 0
women's health issues and an update on sexually p0 Box 1 1 4 7 1
transmitted diseases. Lex' ' Ky. 40575
To update the physician’s knowledge 3f the
. ‘ fh Ac ' I .
gseerr‘isifnfififigrgfisfiiiireiifigishgfim If there are other serv1ces or types of support
lymphadenopathysyndromes. you can provide, please feel free to let us
know. GSO needs all the Support it can get!
_ ANTI'GAY VIOLENCE * The Stylists, l641 Nicholasville Road, 278—7481
AIDS REFERRALS The Bar, 224 E. Mall'l St., 255—1551
Canton-free InN-Y-Stote ' * Lad Diana Hair Desi n, 508 E. Main St., 252—4595
(300)221-7044 (212)807-6016 i Y 9
; Joe Bologna's, 103 w. Maxwell St., 252—4933
Sutfifyolig Lne‘iasgrk 3E Kentucky Theater, 214 E. Main St., 254—6010
“ding-ugéxifinnginng Brett Johnson Gallery, 144 Harrison Ave. , 255—2124
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 , , - .
1 Mov1eola, 1759 Alexandria Dr. 278—1451'
' l Reflections In Hair Design, 835 Winchester Rd., 255—3325
(502) 637-4342
8pm-1Im 7 Days A Wonk
"3.3::ngm:ismmoms? . * Ask about DISCOUNTS for (330 Members!!

by PEUI JOSEPH if you would like to advertise in the
newsletter, please send your ad copy and
What was Bay and Lesbian Union of Students payment to 550, P.U. Box 11471, Lee, by 40575,
started t0? originally? See the calendar for the last due date for each
"It was founded basically as a civil rights month.
group for gay people, but also to be a support ADVERTISING RATES
group. No one imagined 'that’s all we’d do. §lgg§ C(JST
Some have misunderstood that politics and civil
rights are all we do and it’s not. We’re a 1/8 page 8'00
source of information about gay lifestyles, and 1/4 page 15.00
gay issues. We’re also .a clearinghouse for 1/2 page 25_00
people. We can put you in touch with the
people across the nation who can help you. And FulllJBge 40-00
membership is open_ to straight people too; Classfiied .05/1etter
active dues are $2.00 per semester.ll (less than 1/8 (3.00 min.)
Hhat sort of functions does BhLUS provide? page)
”We sponsor different types of functions
for membership and for community education. 0 SUND§Y PQTLUCKS
lot of the stuff we do is not just for our ChRDS 000 69055
members, but is for everyone. Jerry Heller
(Director of The National Gay Rights Lobby) Won’t yen best this one night 0r Sunday at“
wasn’t here just for us. Our forum discussions ternoon? The PDtlUCk is the tiFSt Sunday 0i
are not so much just for informatign, but for each month and Cards and Games is the first and
positive interaction with gay students. 1 third Friday. Call 231-0100 and help out. We
think gay students have a lot on their minds can 0810 With chairs, cards, etc. WE still
they can’t talk about with a lot of people 099d l0“?
around; the discussions provide a place to
talk. They’re an important support function." i t t t t
What do you think about discrimination.
against gays in the military? Neither Michelangelo nor Da Vinci would be
"I think it’s wrong. I don’t think being permitted to teach art in the California public
gay has anything to do with military personnel schools these days because of their nsexual
doing their jobs. It’s a bad policy, and it’s preferences." (Even the medieval church didn’t
based on unsubstantiated fears. They should be try to legislate such nonsense.)
allowed to do their jobs.“ ~
For Sale: Kimball Studio Piano, 5 years
CINCINNATI old, like new, $1,400.00. Dining room set,
table, four chairs, china cabinet, $100.00.
swrrc H B ”A H D Call 299-0352.
Monday.thru Friday hale EKL’ Student looking for friends in
. 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM Richmond. lfrite Bill, Post foice Box 542,
221 '7800 h'ewport, Kentucky 41071 or call 278-5326. If
no answer please keep trying.V

 J :
1 ' '-
. '3‘ v ‘
Fur N Feathers
MANAGEMENT ’ 266-0226

by Paul Joseph
Bay and Lesbian Democrats of Kentucky has
recently formed a chapter of the national
group. Former BSD president, Keith Elston, and
Lisa Laufer are the co-chairs.
The main goal of the group is to achieve
equality for gays and lesbians in all facets of
life through the political process. To this end SYNDmME '
the group has already made significant
achievements: A fund-raising dinner at The
Mansion At Griffin Gate, Lisa Laufer speaking .
to the Jesse Jackson camp at Shiloh Baptist kl7iat,vouknowabli(;utit
Church, participation in the local Democratic ma) sateyour e.
caucus - with Lisa being selected as a national SYMPTOMS OF
delegate among the Jackson delegates, a press mggz ARE THE
conference covered by Channels 27 and 36, as ———————————-————————-—--—----——-
well as a local cable program and interviews in New c: the AIDSl Sympto(;ns arle subtle :ndfmay
. .. ' ' t ' . ‘ ts;t ereore.
The Herald Leader with Keith to present some of (”Wm 'caes'mpe every ay amen .
. . you should be alerted but not alarmed if you have
the NEWS 01‘ the grDUp' . . one or more of the following symptoms:
we lldVE'. also met Hth Ralph SCl‘llEffE’l’lE, d I Weight loss of more than ten pounds during a
representative of Martha Layne Collins. Among penod oflessthan two rnonthsthatis not
other goals, we hope to have the sodomy laws {:i:‘:?;§pg;i;°r ‘ncreased mm"; prl’bnged
rapealEd in Kentucky and end discrimination in I Unexplained. persistent or recurrent fevers or
state hiring practices. lie had a positive night sweats
reception to these goals when we met with ' S“m“e“ 95nd5 “9m?“ “°d95f°”Dd "“he
. . neck. armpits. and grom) which perSlst and are
Schiefferle in Frankfurt. unexplained by other illness
Plans for the future include representatives I Profound fatigue that is not transient or ex-
participating in the National Democratic Sling:hbjoglgjl‘ccfilsjfégny‘ “Nance abuse‘
COl'lVEl'lthll'i in Sin Francisco ”'15 SURHEF, fund I Persistent and unexplained diarrhea or bloody
raising projects to finance mailings, a stools
telephone line, and travel BXpEl‘tSES fCll" I A persistent. whitish coating (or spotting) on
. ’ , L . the tongue or in the throat which may be
meatlng‘S SUCh 35 the ONE “It“ SChIEHEFIE- accompanied by soreness or difficulty in swal-
If you would like sore information call “Ming
. . ‘2'“- _., .. I A heavy, persistent, dry cough that is not due to
KEltl‘l Elston at .ub -_-9J‘l. smoking and has lasted too long to be explained
by a cold or flu
I Easy bruising or unexplained bleeding from
any orifice
- I Skin rashes or discolorations of the skin
18‘ Annual LOUISVHIO Gay Community I Blurred vision and/or persistent. severe head-
Kaposi's sarcoma patients may have any of the
June 24'30’ 1984 above symptoms and/or might develop slowly
at the Old LOU'SV'He Informatlon Center enlarging purplish or discolored nodules, plaques.
(Indoors — Outdoors if Weather Permits) ,um th th f b h
“I th h rt fth a 0 mm "It 1: ps. 01'0 er new grow SOI'T topo OT eneat
n e 98 O 9 g y 0 U y‘ the skin or on the mucous membranes (inside the
Artists will exhibit and sell their own works. momh‘ nasal passages‘ anus‘ or underneath the
For more information and registration form, send SASE to: . . .
Sonny Rae. 7401-8 Fegenbush Ln., Louisville, KY 40223 eyel'dsl‘ These les‘ons do “0‘ d'sappea’ and may
Attn.: Art Fair Registration get larger. and cannot be attributed to explanations
6 such as bruises. blood blisters. insect bites. or

 ' \‘\ E,\ Q LO Cmémé
“0kg bggev‘xmci Roux-\wme. :AQCOS ‘\~r\ a»?
Q$é\§§. SCK\Q$ E\ {5 '6“ ~ we S\\ \ SQ\\
‘ Mate. S \\\’\S§\Q\AQCS ¥V\°U\ \“\?Q‘\e— .\ ”\fimw 60$
\A Q ‘R ee.\ *Vxék u3§x \?Q\$‘V\Q\Q ‘Qe. Qm\\ \oe.
Se\\‘\v\$~\\-\e~\ k\. we use Xx Stow—k Xe: .*\\%
Q u\3\{c. ”Nag QM§\e Sm\e. 3: a 56~e¥¢os§e . bekok
5: RX “VIA-oer: ‘xxow &\S.C.qu‘~§< .\ 5 ex "“V\>\\ SQ$Q \
: BOG “OX \semmt—‘k\ \b\w\~_\5e\‘§ ‘ m“
“cu-4x: Saws Q‘N *m’t C‘QSE °~S Bere. Memes? o‘ms
‘xvx vane Qacl‘figg Ké‘KS \mw; 9: Que: —-
O .l I enterprises
Santa Closet 0 Flowers by don 0 The Gilded Lily
200 Southland Drive 0 Lexington, Kentucky 40503 0 606-278-0555

 MAY, 1984
l 2 3 4
Cards and Sales.
. Call 231-0100 for
tile and place.
Post Derby 6 690 Business 7 ll
Brunch at the leeting, 8:00p: 6:30 Volleyball
Hyatt, Noon to 3. Coop Care Center. and Potluck in
Call 269-8766 or Call 299-0352 or Jacobson Park.
268-3935 to RSVP. 269-8766. Call 231-0100
Nooinations Night
6:00 SLD/KY
l3 16 17 18
BLUE Picnic at Last day to . Cards and Sales.
Otter Creek Park sub-it iteos to Call 231-0100 for
Louisville. appear in June tile and place.
6:00 SLD/KY
20 25
Cruise on Belle 6:30 Volleyball
of Louisville and Potluck in
Jacobson Park.
Call 231-0100
6:00 SLD/KY
27 28
Bowling at South- Newsletter and
land Lanes froo Calendar nailing
4-6pe (299-0352). leeting, 7:00pl
Call 269-8766
6:00 BLD/KY for details.