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 O O O O O
Leglslatlng Pr10r1t1es...
Chris Hartman, Director of the Fairness Campaign,
contributes an op-ed to LinQ about Kentucky Senate
Bill 76, an anti-transgender “Bathroom Bully Bill.”
Donatlng Blood In Central Kentucky ‘
Blake Flaugher & Tuesday G Meadows write about the '
FDA’s reccomendations about relaxing the restrictions on
blood donation by men who have sex with men (MSM).
. . ‘ ‘
GLSO Cllmate Survey
The GLSO is conducting a climate survey in order to determine
how we can better seive our community. Please take the time
to fill one out! www.3urveymonkey.com/r/GLSO

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9;? . vegan.
Editor-in-Chief The Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization seeks
Christopher R. Bauer to educate, enhance, and empower the community about
Copy Editor GLBTQQIA issues.
Ann Malcolm
Photographer GLSO Executive Committee and Board of Directors
Brian Hawkins Christopher R. Bauer, President
Calendar Coordinator Theodore Meacham, Vice-President
Chad Hundley Paul Brown, Secretary
Circulation Jacob Boyd, Treasurer
GLSO Board, Chad Hundley, Rebecca Adams Roberto L. Abreu, At Large
Donovan Jefferson, At Large
Tuesday G Meadows, At Large
. Todd Ryser—Oatrnan, At Large
LinQ is published monthly by and for the Lexington Gay and
Lesbian Services Organization members and community. The GLSO Staff
Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization envisions Chad Hundley, Offi c e Manager
a community that accepts and celebrates each individual.
GLSO Pride Center
All LinQ submissions and advertisements can be made to 389 Waller Avenue, Suite 100’ Lexington, KY 4050 4
the editor (editor@glso.org) or to the GLSO Pride Center 859-253-3233, www. gls 0_ org
(859-253-3233). All submissions may be edited for length.
Office hours are:
Like us on F acebook at LinQbyGLSO Tuesday-Friday l p.m.—5 p.m.
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By Helena Handbasket
INNING! Charlie Sheen people and how they all interact with motivation to do your best? I would
Wmade it an almost comical each other. Actually, I am an award want to think that the motivation is the
word. And yet, it is something we all show whore. I watch them all... or need to satisfy that inner longing to
strive for. That triumphant moment most of them, anyway. And the winners know that you did the very best you had
when we get recognized for having of the awards get to go up on the stage the ability to do.
done something better than anyone in front of everyone else who worked We all need to be motivated/inspired.
else did. I got something you didn’t equally hard on their projects and say That leads me to my next thought. I
get. Look at me, world... I am being why they are grateful for having won think it should be part of WINNING
elevated to a superior level than anyone the award. So, my question is, are all that the winners be required or at least
else is because I WIN. Well, that’s nice of the people in the same category that encouraged to motivate and inspire
and all, but it made me start to wonder. didn’t win considered losers? They others to find their inner best. THAT is
Did you really win? Is winning the didn’t get an award. Well, I think not. what defines a winner to me.
only thing that makes doing something After all, they still got to be involved However, sometimes there are
worth the effort? Sure, it is nice to be in something that made a difference benefits to losing. Maybe sometimes
recognized for doing something that you in people’s lives—not to mention the the disappointment of not being the best
worked on and are proud of, but what usually outrageous compensation that can be the motivation to try harder next
about those people who also worked they received for doing the project at time. Don’t just quit because you didn’t
hard to achieve something wonderful all. They are AT the Oscars, an event win. Getup andtry again. Winners never
who didn’t get the highest praise as the that I would love to attend at some point quit and quitters never win. Just be sure '
so-called WINNER? in my life (whether I win one or not). to define within yourself what winning
I know what you’re thinking... there Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not looks like to you and for God’s sake,
goes Helena off on one of her tangents one of those people who think that be a gracious winner when you DO
again. Mamaw is on her soap box once everyone should get an award just for win and don’t gloat. That doesn’t look
again (by the way, it is interesting how participating. I see Little League players pretty on anyone. You know who you
“on the soap box” became a commonly getting trophies for just showing up. are! Until next month... love ya’ll! !!
used phrase... look it up). That seems a little much to me. Sure,
Irecently watched the Oscars on ABC, reward them for following through and I would love any comments or
as did many of you. That is something recognize when they gave it their best suggestions you might have.
I try not to miss each year. I just love effort. But don’t give out trophies just Please send to:
the glitz and glamour (surprised, aren’t for being there. If there was no award HelenahandbasketKY@gmail.com
ya?) and watching all of the creative for the top achievers, then what is the o

Imp er1 al C o u rt 0 f
en uc y ews
By Christina Puse
ello, everyone! With winter It was held at Crossings on Saturday, ”O,“-—~~t~——.-~..:_.__: 7——
Hbeating down on us, I hope that February 14, at 3:30 pm. for the Happy svwg—fig»? . _
y0u’ve all been able to stay warm and Hour crowd. Another successful event 41% i: ‘; cf?‘ 1;! i . ‘-
safe during this bitterly cold season. for them and the community! We all “£\<\w 5} fi/ \
I don’t know about you, but I’m look forward to seeing what they come :_- i " ‘ «. ‘ FJ.
anticipating Spring as soon as it can get with next year! ' fi‘ . 1‘ ,r" i ‘
here! While the weather outside may be The ICK’s annual Mardi Gras Ball ‘ vi ‘ . 7- i 1 | 5 1: I. " ,1
frigid, the Imperial Court of Kentucky was held on Tuesday, February 17, at ,1; I ' ‘ ‘ .' ".h , ‘
has been keeping things hot inside with Crossings Lexington. Although the W» .337. a , . I : I . :- “I
each and every event. Here’s a look weather took its toll on Lexington with , : , i I
back at everything the community and arecord breaking 12” of snow (that beat rd
the ICK have done over the month of out 1998’s record!), the community ‘
February. and the ICK still had a great time! L . ' I
On Wednesday, February 4, the ICK Thank you to everyone who braved eer-popular awards cermony in which
presented its annual Miss Gay Valentine the elements to come out and spend an the ICK presents awards to individuals
pageant at the Bar Complex. Thank you evening supporting the charities of the within our community, but YOU will
to everyone who came out to attend ICK. get the opportunity to vote and elect
such a crowd favorite. Congratulations Even more events took place toward the ICK’s next Monarchs! That’s right,
' to Eve St. Michael, your winner for the end of February, and the ICK would instead of voting at Coronation XXXIV
Miss Gay Valentine for Reign XXXIII! like to thank all who were in attendance this year, all voting takes place at the
. Friday, February 13, the ICK traveled to make those events possible. Without Falsies! You will not want to miss out
back to Frankfort, KY, for another your love and support, the Imperial on this amazing event. Voting begins
“Draggin’ at the Dragon” event. Again, Court of Kentucky would not be able to at 6 pm. and the ceremony begins at 7
the crowd was phenomenal and great continue its efforts in raising money for pm. We hope that you will join us for a
times were had by all. Thank you to all our local charities. very special evening!
of our Lexington family who traveled Remember to mark your calendars If you have not done so already,
up to help make this event possible. for one of the ICK’s special events. please take a moment to join the ICK’s
Thisyear,Emperor29 andEmperor30, Coming up on March 8, the Imperial fan page on Facebook and visit www.
Clayton Burchell and Fred Worsham, Court of Kentucky presents, “Falsie imperialcourtkentuckyorg for fufiher
did a little something different for their Awards & the Annual Elections.” This information about the organization and
annual event entitled, “Single & Bitter.” year, not only will you get to enjoy the upcoming events. 0

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