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TUESDAY, l)l(lMBl R ‘l, 2008

UK volleyball wastes no time
in looking ahead to 2009 season


See Sports.


UK announces $18.6 million research facility

By Brooke McCloud

iigwstikykernel t‘uin

l’lans aie underway loi an
Slxti iiiilltoii higli tecli rescaicli
lacility on T K‘s campus. the
second in a series ol stiiiettiies
the uiii\ersity plans on building
at the |lllL‘l\Ctllilll or last
Ma.\\\e|l .llltl Ril‘sc sllccls

(.‘ity and iiniyersity oliicials
gathered Monday to announce a
so million donation lor the
building. intended lor ieseaicli
on \‘isuali/ation. compiitei sci,
cnce and electrical and coinpiit»
er engineering.


cost ol the building.

part ol l'K‘s “Digital Village."
is a (ills-ll) split with the state
gmcrnment, l'K will pay its 41)
percent share \\llh $0.3 million
In pi i\;ite donations.

The large budget for the
proiect lslld aflecting ['K‘s fi—
nances at the moment because
ltiiids come directly from pri-
vate donors and Bucks for
Brains. a state fund-matching
program The building is l’K‘s
first to use strictly pri\ate dona—
tions and Bucks tor Brains,

l'ls' spokesman Dan Adkins
said the uniyersity has no reason
to delay the project because of
potential midyear ctits in state

funding of Sl2.7 million.

“There Wlll not be any iii—
creases iti ttttlioiis or other costs
affecting students due to this
project." Adkins said

liven though students won't
be losing cash. they Will be los—
ing parking spaces. The new
building is scheduled to be con—
structed in the parking lot be—
hind the James F. Hardymon
Building. which is on the comer
of Rose and East Maxwell

“A number of spaces will be
lost. but we won't know exactly
how many until the final foot—
print is determined." said lTK

spokesman Jimmy Stanton.

The first— and second-phase
groundbreaking will be in Sep—
tember 2009. The university
hopes to add a third and fourth
phase to the protect once addi—
tional funds become available.
Adkins said.

The building is expected to
go into operation in the spring of
30”. UK will ha\e to proyide
the find the funding for mainte»
nance mid operation costs.

A figure for the expected
budget to operate the two build—
ings has yet to be announced.

See Building on page 6



( Iordao dc ()uro (Iapoci ‘a


lll/‘Jiilillll‘ lt‘ n 12"” "



It was not lie ballroom
ltV not men the nalt:
popul ll hip hip mine But an intreasiiigly
l‘”l"i:iai loiiii ol datiee a: l'l\' is slowitlfJ
kitkin: it‘s \\.i\ onto the dance lloor. It’s

laiglitcciilli century
created capoeiia. a eoiiihination ol danc~
iiig and martial arts .\t I'K. the ("ordi'io dc
()lll'tl (‘apoeira (‘lub continues the sport‘s
tradition with practices twice a week

“\\ell. in my countiy. lzcuadoi'. it is a


3 at Barker H iii

Latin American sport
combines dance. martial arts

By Angela Luckett

J‘ii‘,’,,\n1' hyht‘flll'l (rm

popular thing. and it is a pretty cool game.
so we thought it would be great to have

something like it here." said club orgaiii/ei'

Alfonso Sitarel.
the lo\ti'ot or a

Bia/ilian slaves The music has

Members w ear white pants and white
shirts. both with the logo ol their school
on them. laveryone wears a belt. called a
corda. which is colored based on how long
you ha\e been training.
ladainha. WhlLll is a iiairatiye solo. then the
lotiyacao or ehiila. which is a call and re—
sponse patteni type of song. and corridos.

basic forms:

See Capoeira llll page 6



New bowl venue provides fans with

By Alex Risen

arisenakrykernel’ r, om

_ l’K football fans will travel to ’len~
nessee lor the third year in a row. but the hot
spots they hit the last two years belore and
after the (iaylord Hotels Music ('ity Bowl
Wlll be hours away. This year. the ('.its are
in Memphis lor the .'\uto/.one Liberty Bowl
on Jan. 2.

But there's no need to worry. Just like
Nashville. Memphis has plenty to offer out—
side of the game: Beale Street. (iraceland.
the Peabody Hotel. 'l'uiiica. Miss. and a
pack of (iriulies welcome (‘ats fans to the
River (‘in

Beale Street is littered With good food.
good drinks and good times. For those who
prefer national chains. the Hard Rock Cafe
is on Beale Street. but Beale‘s bread and
butter lies in the unique restaurants and bars.

Blues (‘ity (‘afe offers some of the best
barbecue ribs in town. as well as some spe-
cialty dishes. including southem-fried eat-
fish. over-broiled steaks and homemade hot
tamalcs. If dancing the night away after the
game is your thing. the Double Deuce may

be the best spot. "The Deuce" offers a $5
menu. drink specials downstairs and a dance
floor upstairs. But the fun doesn‘t stop there
~ if you‘re lucky. you can hitch a ride on the
mechanical bull.

Another Memphis must-see is Grace—
land. the home of lilyis Presley. (iraceland
offers daily tours of the mansion for just
over $25. If you want to tour ElVis' two
planes and automobiles. you‘ll have to
cough up another $44

If touring “The King‘s" estate isn‘t for
you. the Peabody Hotel is nearby. (‘heck out
the ducks walking throtigh the lobby — the
tradition began when the hotel‘s general
manager in l933 brought back live ducks
from a hunting trip and put them in the lob-
by fountain as a joke. The ducks didn‘t be-
gin marching until a former circus animal
trainer offered his help with delivering the
ducks each day to the fountain. He trained
the ducks to walk through the lobby and to-
day. even though the original ducks are long
gone. the new mallards march at ll am.
and 5 pm. every day. Michael Jordan.
Oprah Winfrey. Nicolas Cage and even
President Jimmy (‘aner have all witnessed




the march of the ducks.

To press your luck a bit. head down to
Tunica. Miss. to hit the casinos. Tuniea is
roughly an hour 'away from downtown
Memphis and offers a wide variety of gaiii~
bling The northwest Mississippi town is the
third-largest gaming region iii the 118. be—
hind l.as Vegas and Atlantic City. NJ.

But for (‘ats‘ fans. what is a weekend
Without a little basketball? While away from
Rupp Arena. UK fans can catch an NBA
basketball game as the Memphis Grizzlies.
featuring former (‘ats standout Antoine
Walker. take on the Phoenix Suns on Dec.
30 and the San Antonio Spurs on Jan. 2.
Tickets for both games are available for as
cheap as 55.

Despite all the great attractions. the main
feature is the Liberty Bowl. where the Cats
will take on East Carolina. Students can get
tickets at the lottery Wednesday at Memorial
Coliseum for $50. Doors open at 5 pm. and
close when the lottery starts at 6 pm.

UK football spokesman Tony Neely is
optimistic about the turnout in Memphis.

“I don‘t really know how many tickets

See Memphis on page 3

Budget cuts
not planned
for trustees

By Paul Mattingly

newsfikykernel coin

The university ’s highest goyeriiiiig body will
disctiss reno\ations to Wildcat lodge and .i new
highitechnology building. but whether ieeeiit tall s
of state budget cuts will be addressed is still till
known. members of that body said.

The Board ol Trustees is slated to meet lites
day at 1 pm. on the 18th floor ol the l’itteisei
Office Tower. All meetings are tree and opei
the public.

Stall trustee Russ Williams said the "oat 2 -~
not scheduled to discuss the 4 percent lili-l‘.t‘.i'
budget cut the uiii\eisit_\ could lace. but the .sslf'
could come up during the meeting

:\n announcement is exiwetetl to oi.»
week from the goyei'noi ‘s Milli e oi: i.is
how the state \\lll cope with a tit lltll .,: x
than $45” million for the rest ol this rise.:~ y1.x:
(io\ Stete Beshear asked last week to: at:
sessnieiit of an additional 4 pezteiii l'IltlL'ti .
to ER. a reduction ol around $12 “
operating dollais between now and the e:

Todd has iiietitioned tree/mg salaiies reifi. ii..
scholarship dollars and increasing tuition by more
than 10 percent as some potential cuts in the lll‘.’\.‘l
sity‘s budget. .-\s many as "(l lactilty .lilil is!» an?
positions could be allected by the cuts .ietoiil'rq,‘ t.
l”l\"s plan. available online at .i il'ili in
www.tiky.edii.\tehiik subpages administration “it“!

C. Hank Shoop. a niemhci oi ills him! 1 . 1:
tiance committee said the Board oi lie.-
no plans on bringing tip potential unneisiiy short
lalls. because Todd iisiially initiates am Mr.“
discussion outside ol the iiniyersity 's izi-iiz'.‘




Budgetary items are always topics of diseas
stoii between the president and the board. said I ls
spokesman .limmy Stanton Howeycr. there is it.
speeilic agenda item ie ated to any potential ‘nadg
et this.

"I would reler you to lllt catizpiis \\ me e in. :1
sent by Dr. Todd last Wednesday illcc :._ as \k "‘
as the report that [K sent to the state iegaiiiiig
the impact of a 4 percent cut." Stanton said
“These both e\plaitied that the :iiagnittide o' the
funding cuts dictate that anything and e\erytnii‘.g
is on the table. but that no linal determinations .i;
any kind have been made ‘


diverse options

By the numbers
68,024 62,000

Record-setting Capacity for

attendance for Liberty Bowl
UK's 2006 Music Memorial
City Bowl Stadium in
appearance Memphis

68,661 7,000

Current record, Number of
set during UK's tickets UK has
2007 Music City pro-sold to fans
Bowl so far


Record crowd tor the Liberty Bowl,
set in M?

W 2574915; W 251-2872
9 i


 PAGE 21 vtit‘.\ lily llt'I r'f'lllt‘l \l I Lilli)y













( ) /
By Linda C. Black

’)£1{)711t‘ 3‘.

.f‘III s ’.l’

I , II, I I
1.]. IJI..'l ”I“.

Aries (March 21- April 19) _.

lllt‘ yl‘ . .

,I yy',IIIIII.~I

"'I .ll‘Ii,” ‘I . .ii‘I‘
Taurus (April 20- May 20) —~-
lIltlIiy Ib H'T- I
'iglr‘t' y‘wil‘ y ‘ I ll .' ”it .'

lelil :IiII'IIII‘I ”

"iltiltl t‘III" ”II. .‘ ' I , .

out do :II;IIII'

Y IllliIi'Ii

Gemini (May 21- June 21) ——
..IeI,aIII.sI.I . tI'

‘ts IirIiIIIIfIIII III I; .. .,I


\ W‘t.\"iI .I


IIIIIII min: I I53 ‘ I"

Cancer (June 22 July 22) -—~

IIiIlay Is I‘: Ii


Today’ 5
Dish B
Sponsored By:









TI‘IIII person not what
II"I "l fl .‘.IIlIl
T tilIII. IIIII‘II IIIIIIII understand
Iii. l “llllii s
Leo (July 23- Aug. 22)—
My f. II b llIII'I IA I‘llIf.
IIIIIIIIII III and you III-.t to
‘I‘IIII‘IsII F'II IIiIIIIlIstII. not also
‘ II.IIII‘II to do what

;II: llIII'i‘ 'lll.
‘HIIP 'Iiit IiiI III‘IeIl to

it) ill
IIilI the he lp Iil
lIIII'" you Is dll

It. I K; “t is
Virgo (Aug. 23 Sept. 22) -
.Is IIIII to weep
IIIIIIII rinnt now tour
Inst about any
III. warmly
‘ I ItIIIIIuIIt to give
I II I‘l"‘l III. IIIIIII Iahout
Libra (Sept 23- Oct. 22) —
.I.Iiys ‘I’oII III . IastI‘Ir
Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21) —
VI I I lt' IIItItty
yIiIIIII homing

I _Is II


'IllliI ‘\ ’i/
IIII II'. int

O\l\ll\l'C I.

lII sIIIIIIIInt and l oungc


‘(2 miles irorrit

810 Euclid Ave.

'ampiis) 27 '-

Iiuiitldy IIIII'IIIe not an IIIcellent
I‘oIII‘lI Ion Ian sI ire sate II lot
by llSlllt) a low tilu lIIsliII iiII Id
methods around the. linusI
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
— Today Is a 9 Do the Work
anti make big hunks lt wunt
alIIIIaI 5 Work this way, so take
advantage of the opportunity
that's right In front of your face
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
— Today is a 7 Love Is
expressed in many ways, only
some of Wllltjl) are verbal Be
gIIIIeIoIIs With your huus Those
are grits that loan on glVlllt]
What goes around comes around
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) ——
Today Is a7 .. Renew your Sliliv
.Itiori carefully You can save a
lot of money by spending a little
more time Use what you already
have Instead of buying new
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) —
Today Is an 8 . You Will the
game III solve the puzzle or have
the Winning suggestion The oth
ers aoprecratn your imagination
and your practical style

(cl 2008 Tribune Media Semees, Inc



your daily dose of entertainment, pop culture and fun

Kama PQP

Phelps" new

1119 DiSIl

Michael Phelps is Iiiakiiig
up for lost time The pool
shark. 13. who's been train,
Ing nonstop slllCC age 11
("For about iiyc years. he did
Iiot take one day olt’.” his
coach. Bob Bowman. recent»
ly told bl) Miiiutesi. has been
letting loose since his record:
breaking performance at the
Beijing Olympic games in
August. in the past four
months. he‘s been linked to
3030 production secretary
(and fellow
Michigan alum) Marina Kat]
and California beauty queen
Nicole Johnson. But when it
came time to celebrate
Thanksgiving Willi his No. 1
fan. mom Debbie. he brought
home to Maryland a new
ilamc: Las Vegas cocktail
server (‘arolinc Pal. 26.

The duo. who stayed at
Phelps‘ new $1.5 million Balv
timore apartment while III
town. met in September when
he was partying at the Palms
casino’s Moon nightclub.
where she has worked for the
past two years. "it‘s all about
how hot she is." a friend tells
l'Is. "He‘s so whipped." Hot.
indeed! Beverly Hills Pimps
A: Hos clothing line owner
(‘ha/ Money tells L's of Pal.
who modeled for the brand:
“She‘s a little wild. She‘s def--
initely' not a boring girl. She‘s
a little bit of a heartbreaker."
What does Phelps‘ middle,
school principal mother think
of his new gal pal'.’ “l'lis mom
is obyiously pi‘otcctiye and
questions her." the source
tells Us. "But they connect.
and she‘s happy for him."

Home tor the holidays

Abbie Cornish may have
been covering some jitters

l’myersity of


when she told l’s In ()ctober
that she was looking toward
to 'l‘hanksgiy‘ing with her
boy friend. Ry an l’hillippc. H
and his kids with Reese With-
erspoon. Am. 9. and Deacon.
5. Heading to his hometown
for her first \Isit. "she was
quite I1el‘\0us to show them
that she‘s the right girl tor
him." says a Phillippe family
source. who adds that Cor-
nish. 26. tried to Impress his
three sisters by getting herself
a Philadelphia lzagles yiersey to
honor the clan‘s favorite team.
“He was trying to get her to
relax and enjoy herself."

Michelle's necklace

Charms you can belie\c
in? Michelle ()bama li'equenti
ly sports Lcria Wald's peace—
sign pendant. seen on is
No\', l7 coyer. Wald tells l's.
"Since then. it's become one
of our biggest sellers. With
such hope for peace right
now it feels fresh again."

Plan a star-worth holi-
day bash on a bu get

Set the mood “The right
lighting makes your pcuty look
like It costs more." says
Michael Russo. who has
planned eyents for Beverley
Mitchell and Lance Bass. Try
'Iuiiber»tintcd bulbs and Lui—
scented \‘IIIIVC candles ISl-l
for Jo. targctcom). 0r wrap
strands of small. white lights
around indoor trees and plants.

Buy in bulk

"At Sam's Club. you can
buy 50 o\ ersi/c ornaments for
$33!" Mindy Weiss. who llils
helped Heidi Kluin and .lessi—
ca Simpson. tells lls "Put


The swim champ brings a
sexy waitress home to Mom

them all your house.
(iroup them Iii clear \ases and
hang them litilil chandeliers."

H\ C]

Mix metallics

"SI|\cr‘IaIid~gold is a
trendy color scheme this
year.” says “clss. "Niclttlllc
Instantly makes your
secm pricier." lake adIaIitage
with tinsel. ornaments and
eyeii wreaths.


Feast on linger food

lzyerythmg Is better bite»
sI/e. and hea\IeI'
such as qiicsadillzis and sliders
fill people up faster. says
Russo. Make them yourself
(get recipes at epicurioiis.conil
and spread them around on
multiple plates so tcwer apps
still look like a feast.


Pile on platters

Grab meat. veggie and
cheese plates at wholesale
clubs. then cIistomI/c them.
“Switch the plastic platter for
one of yours and add fresh
greenery Russo suggests.

Pick potluck 'l‘hcre's noth—
ing wrong with asking close
friends to bring a favorite dish
to the fete. "It will saw you a
ton.“ Russo tclls lls.

Bottle up the booze

Ftil'gt) the full bar "()tfer
wine. beer and one signature
drink.” says Weiss. (See Rllsv
so‘s idea. below.) Or greet
each guest with a ilutc of
sparkling wine (Cristaliiio
Brut (aka. 5%. wine.coml.
then switch to budget wine
that you‘Ie put in decanters.
and beer.

Copyright 2008 Us Weekly




W S 32 n"
442 S. Ashland Ave 0 259- 7g?!) haircuts WI

Accepts. Visa, Mastercard. & PLUS ACCOUNT

student "I




0n the second floor of
the King Alumni House,

UK Graduation/Yearbook
Portrait Sessions

10am-4 30pm

corner of Rose Street and Euclid AVe.

Wednesday, Dec. 10- Friday, Dec. 12

All students welcome. Sitting is FREE. Graduation pictures maybe purchased later.






December 9, 2008
Page 3



, 3

Bobby Reagan
Asst Sports Editor

Phone 257 1915
oreagantwkykernei com



1\ IlCYCl'




Cats look to build

on recent success,
to climb NCAA hurdle

By Metz Camfield

mcamfield@kykerne| com

A familiar ending to an

unfamiliar season has UK
volleyball fans wanting

After a season where ['K
itiisfired on art opportunit) to
win a share of the Southeast»
erri Conference chaittpioitship
iii the final match of the [1‘th
lar season. the (‘ats bowed
out of the NCAA tournarttent
itt tlte first rourtd for the third
time in tour years. L'K fans
are becortiirtg accustonted to
this type of ertding to the sea—
but UK head coach
(.‘raig Skinner said building
tip any sports program takes

“The SEC championship
is our goal ever) year. Can
we do that'.’ Yes. it’s a matter
of getting out and takitig care
of business and all of us
making each other better."
Skinner said following tlte
Cats" loss to Michigan in the
first round of the NCAA
tournament ’l‘ltursday. “The
coachirtg staff will cortttrttie
to get better attd players will
continue to get better. but it
gi\'en to sort, You
have to continue to get after

(letting better is sortier
thing UK‘s program ltas done
each of Skinner‘s four years
at the helm. After taking o\ er
learn that had a losing
record when he arrived. Skirt-
iter has takert the (‘ats to four
straight NCAA tournaments
7 one of man) firsts the pro-
gram has achiet‘ed under
skirtiter‘s tutelage.
The (‘ats started ottt the
unfavorably. losiitg
two of their first five match»
es. The resiliettt (‘ats rev
sponded by winning IQ of
their nut 20. with the one
loss coming to eventual Slzt' .
champion liloi‘ida. t

The Cats rebottttded to ;
defeat the (iators iii a .\'o\. to ‘__._.
rematch — the Cats first tri-
uniph o\ er -Horida since
1990. It was something that
tumor setter Sarah Rttttiel}
said was a product of their
work ethic.

"()ur cornpetitn'e nature
comes out e\er_\' time we
step onto the court Rumel}

Junior sette‘;


letittt All-SEC
with Rumel).

Queen N/eitw‘a earned first—
honors along
aitd is one of
onl_\ two seniors that will be


..x . l


rS tr ih Rum ely sets it p a kill for a teammate lost ”.111
rent SE'C Pl tyer of that said the Cats Willt be hungry to r rtovt seasot

blocker "There is no dottht itt m_\
tttiitd that we won't forget
how this feels arid it will lllt’rv
tit'ate us through the oftseai
soit. We are ttot stopping

said following Thursdays lea\ntg the teartt. along with now,"

loss. "We all love Plu)‘titg detensoe specialist Alisa Also. tlte ('ats ha\e til
the game arid I think that is l’ietce. read} signed two topttll to
w hat the seasort With the cruits. according to l’repVol—

was all about. As 7

a teartt we got .it- “I think that we

ter it may da_\ . , tor

nutttber of
pla_\eis returning
the Lats in

| irg .

Iqballcoitt outside hitr
ter ttttddle blocker Whttrtc)
Billings. aitd middle blocker

itt practice. 1 WI“ Step ”HQ 200‘). Skinner Alexandra Morgan.

ll‘ch never been next 38880“ With beliexes the urt— With the new blood

on a team like . settling feeling mixed with the e\periettced

this,” a Chip Oll Out of another firstv foundatiort. the (‘ats‘ expecta—
At season‘s " round cut will tiorts will be tit high gear

end. there were shoulder sit with the play "I tltiitk that we will step

esen tttore firsts ers iii the oftsea- titto ite\'t season with a chip


for the program. sort arid push oit otrr shoulder. and that will
Rumel}. along them to work happen to sortie extent."
with four other eiert harder next Rtimel) said "(letting close
(Hits. earned All- season. is not good enough. arid l

Slif honors. attd Rumel} was
named SEC Player of the
Year -- the first in the pro-

grams history. unbelieuible."

“I wish you could see this
team practice e\er'_\ da). be-
cause their competitbertess ts
Skinner said.

think that this program will
be feeling eter) step of the
way when we start training




7 wwwexmmaffiésssesiiscmms

Th» (moods Calendar it n'odured m the J‘rrre o‘ Smite:

At tit 'iet


I'm: 04' -.—-. qcrttuuif r‘JL Alluuf’.

radertr p a o itserer‘t Beaver my. me ()er a



1K Dzrts ti"





The UK hockey team is carrying a sub» 500 record into the second hall of the season, although that

hasrt t discouraged UK head coach Rob Dochertv

"We're golitu to be patient and work hard ”

UK hockey prepares
for tough playoff push

By Cameron Ewen

sports (Zkykernel coin

The re} seesaw of uncertainty continues
to swa_\ for the [K ltocke) club with plat)-
off hopes are still iii reach as the first \c.
mester winds down.

(‘onting off two strong \ ictories against
Wright State. the (‘ats split a weekend road
series against Ohio State. including a 6—5
o\ ettime win and art 85 loss. making them
”all for the first ltalf of the season

‘ Despite losing another game oit the road.

putting the club at 3le awa_\ from home on.

the season. the ('.its teel as it their strength ot
schedule should he a ke_\ lactor in helping
them in the new batch ot rankings

l'K head coach Rob Docltert} helie\ es
ltts club ltas pertot'ttted well against top
tcattts on the road .titd hopes others cart .llh
preciate their etlorts,

"We ptit together a schedule that was
tough and hopelttll} the ranking cotttitttttee
will notice that.” Dochert} said. “We knew
coming ritto the season that we needed to
win at ltoitt * .ittd come aw. it with i te‘\
splits tgaiiist the top tc iiiis on the toid
()xetall l [it h ipp_\ whtit we are.

Although the ('tits are sub—.500. the}
are still iii the race for ittaktitg another run
to the regional pla_\offs. l'K hopes to beite~
fit from their qtl‘dlll) win against the Buck-
e_\es instead of being hurt b) the loss.

"()h )eah. the win should actually bette-
fit the team since tt was oit the road."
l)oclieit} said. "t( )hio State) has a toprqual—
11} team we're going to battle till the

With the first hall of the schedule com-
plete the (‘ats ttow toetis oit getting hard
earned ltottie and road wins during the sec~
oiid where Dochert} said the
team has pei‘toritted ltettei' iii the past. He
also thinks that once his club llllpl‘tn‘es on
the detensoe side ot the puck those co\ etA
ed hatdrear‘ned wins will come more casir



"We hate to be patient and work hard
because It‘s itot going to be an east road."
Dotherh said "hi the p..tst we'\e alw;i_\s
Witl‘. ‘ilt‘ic‘s Ill lllc sceitlttl sc'lttcslct'
and llUl‘Clltll\ that will tonttitue lttcatist
nothing is going to he handed to us We
know we can store. we rust need to work
on our detciise (lnce that happens. things
should pan out ”

.ilttl til;



Cirrti" rrtrlt 'l lllf'll

we are going to sell.“ .\cel} said. "But our
team is w cll represented iii the bowl process
Uni laits ti.t\cl well and we will wait and
see how ll compares to the last two _\e.irs ”

:\Ppltt\llttitlcl_\ ".1 ill!) tickets h:t\e been
sold tor the game. l K -\thletic
.\lttcli Hat'nhait said.

l'ls' set the \ltistc ( ll_\ Howl record at,


tittei selling out l.l’ held against .

('lemson tit Intro and again iit Jlll
l'lorida State

(lite ttiixel option tot (.its tans is to
trawl with Iotal spot-rs lime! to .\lentpltis.
llte pitki'e 'llellltlsW two nights at the
Westirt \leittpli its l’t iie Street Hotel and
lttltll-ll trip scittct to the game. .is well as a
pt’egaitte p:itt\ at the stadium l’otal Sports
'l‘iioel has packages a\.tt|ahle for one to
tour guests

.E\lso. ('ltaittpioit Sports Tours is ol'tei'r
in}! tiat cl packages as well l'he packages
start .it \(iM tor one person and \465 each

for two people



1. Alex Hale

th tart
Record: 58-26

2. Eric Lindsey
Sports (toiiimaist
Record 56-28


11 Bobby Reagan

Asst sports ettdoi
Record. 5331

13 Kenny Colston

Sports editor E
Record: 53-31 Record 45- 38



5. Alex Risen

Biz’t‘i‘i e.“ =lf't‘

Record. 52-32

6. Brad Luttrell

him as t' lug:



r0 ,« _
i 1,14 ."(nh’ ’1..."-4

"’7 FREE " 'I WW ..‘Hk 9‘? 7‘? t ”e “"10 ‘

53'! ‘mW

.m... m“ . ..—


OUK Trap and Skeet
Practice, 7. 00 PM,

‘Bluegrass Sportsman


Honors Program Student
Council Meeting, 7:30
PM, Student Center 231

-UK Trap and Skeet Practice,

7:00 PM, Bluegrass

Sportsman League
,OFellowship of Christian
‘Athletes, 8:00 PM, Room 211
of the Student Center
OFREE Gift Wrap
Faculty and Sta
S45 Patterson Office Tower



ftping. for
12' 00 PM,




www- “that".tr‘m ; 25778867‘l ..

OCampus Cruasde for Christ,
7:30 PM, Center Theatre in
the Student Center

OJob Searches for
International Students, 3:30
PM, Career Center

OJob Searches for
International Students, 3:30
PM, Career Center






[hm lllllt'l ‘l

Page 4


Brill Llnlflll. editor l'l Uriel
Blair Thorns, 'lldlldglllg editor
Molina Vault. opinions editor

iinsitinttd etfitiiiials iietiii‘st'i-t lllt‘ views ill iiiiiiioiit, .l the V‘lllll‘l i



Kenny Colston, ‘si‘i i' viiiiw
Whl‘IICYWIun,liutl..li' ,
Wesley Robinsonp '


lllt' iipiiiiiitis page titavrili's .i lll'lllll lot l'll' mu thing» if life 1‘ it ‘ilr re. ' .,



\‘lli‘llllfi iilllliililS illlll vlllltl features an "it mm H s italic 'v "vi i ”it .i: " , i "

‘Iiil llt‘l essai i, ”It-st if the is- I‘ll"


dministration's false security inexcusable


When it comes to safety .it l‘ls'. campus
leaders all ha\e an opinion on what sliotild be
done to lllttkc sltldcllls as lec .Is possible.
They all also |i.i\e a finger pointed at sortie-
oiie else when asked who is responsible for
the lack of attention and ettoit in monitoring
campus salcty

The Kernel reported that not only does
l'ls' not li.i\ e a central camera security sys
tent. btit they also li.i\ e been falsely .ltl\k‘11l\*
trig one iii some buildings

The (irehan .louriialisin Btiilding had
sc\er‘al signs stating "l'ls' l’olice monitor
hallways with \ ideo cameras." which were
up tititil recently \Vhen Kernel reporter .len‘
nifei‘ (it‘aliam contacted l K Police to ask
abotit their purpose. they were remo\ ed on
Dec. 3 with the c\ception of one in the
front of the building On Dec is’. when the
story ran. the remaining sign is as taken

Only after .i reporter questioned the put
pose did l'K take the initiative to take down
the signs. which were completely false.

When asked w here the srgiis came from.
UK Police didn‘t know. Doug Boyd. cun‘ent
chief of staff to l l\' President Lee Todd and

the dean of the (‘ollege of (‘omniunication
and Information Studies at the time. said he
ordered the signs and cameras he ptrt up after
there were several incidents iii the basement.
He also told the reporter the cameras must
hay e come down after he left his position as

Another professor said the cameras were
only tip for about si\ months. yet the signs
remained for about a decade after.

“It certainly wasn't a conspiracy to leave
them up." said John Clark. an associate pro»
tessor of teleciimniiinications. "It was not a
matter of inattention."

Britgo. (‘lark has coined the word that
best describes llK‘s approach to safety. Irrat-
tenth e. Negligent. Without a whole lot of

l‘K negligently ptit fake cameras in place
of the real ones in the (irehan Building. (‘lark
said. He wasn‘t sure who did that. bill he
knew it wasn‘t his department.

So. where we stand is UK Police didn‘t
ptit up the signs. Boyd didn't take the cam--
et‘as down. the College of (‘ommunications
and liiforrnatioii Studies did not ask for the
fake cameras and no one is really sure why

the signs stayed up for a decade Without hav—
itig any purpose.

Brit l'K's safety negligence isn't new.
Around a year ago. UK announced a plan to
release theatrical smoke into the corridors of
lrigles Hall in a drill meant to simulate a real
fire. The drill brought about a lot of serious
questioning from safety experts.

“I would be concemed because when
you‘re in a dorm situation you have different
languages. disabilities. health issues and lots
of different people coming in and out." said
Ken Farmer. branch chief of prevention and
leadership for the US. Fire Administration. a
division of the Federal Emergency Manage—
ment Agency in the original Kemel story.
“Not everyone will understand it's a drill.
What if a student went through the smoke
and hit something?"

But UK had their blinders on then.just as
they do now.

"It opens students” eyes that they are not
prepared for a real situation." UK Assistant
Fire Marshal (.ireg Williamson said. “They
respond to the drill exactly like they would if
it were a real fire."

Holding fake fire drills without warning





is a dreadful idea that is not in the best inter
est of the students. Just like falsely telling \lllr
dents they are being watched by l'K Police is
not in their best interest.

It seems to never have occurred to any of
the involved parties that falsely telling stu~
dents the police are watching may actually
give comfort to those who are there late at
night. Sure. a few thieves may be deterred.
but most students are not in classroorii build
irrgs to make a buck. They ‘re actually spt'lltl‘
irrg thousands to get educated.

If the school can‘t afford a central slit“
veillance system. that‘s understandable. esper
cially in times like these. The budget shrinks
every year. and it would be ridictiloUs to ex
pect UK to spend the hundreds of thousands.
if not millions. of dollars such a system
would cost.

And no one is really expecting that. All
that‘s really being asked is that if there is no
such system. UK should not pretend there is
by having fake security signs or carrieras. llls'
officials need to take all of those pointed fin
gets and tuni them back around because the
blame on this one frills on a little bit of "lll‘dlr
tention" on everyone‘s part.

5 I O o ‘ 5 . 7
All thats r ‘ally being asked is that it there s no such system. L’Is should

not pretend there is by having; fake security signs or cameras.”



Todd. UK should
reign in spending

After reading President Todd‘s riiost recent update on
the state of the unnersity‘s budget. I find myself stir-
prised that lie seems so overwhelmed by this latest round
of appropriation cuts. He and his administration. like so
many other iiidii iduals and iristitutrons in this country.
have Iound their financial bubble burst. lit the last few
years this nnnersity has been spending. much like other
notable institutions in this country. and now the adminis—
tration seems shocked to iind themselves in the same sit-
nation as the rest pants down and out of cash.

While I respect the initiatiye to expand the scope of
this tiniyersrty to include the population beyond its