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June 24, 1868

Change in
time of be-
ginning of

elec ted

Decease of
Cure tor

Relinqui sh-
nent from
Regent &

    On motion of Curator A. H. Bowman, it was resolved that
hereafter the session of Ky. University in all of its asso-
ciated Colleges and its Academy shall commence on the Second,
Monday in September of each year and close in the Second week
in June following.
    On motion of Curator Woolfolk, Capt. Z. M. Sherley of
Louisville was a Curator of this Board.
    On motion of Curator J. B. Bowman it was resolved that a
Committee be appointed to prepare suitable resolutions expres-
sive of the sense of this Board of the loss they haie sustained
in the decease of Curator D  T. Morton, whereupon the Chair ap-
pointed the following Committee
                M:. E. Lard, Chairman
                G. W. Elley
                R. C. Ricketts
    On motion of Curator Worthington, the following preamble
and resolution were unanimously adopted.
    Whereas the Regent of Ky. University has generously reline
quished the sum of $7500 now due him on the Salary voted him as
Regent and Treasurer,
    Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Curators that they
accept this relinquishment as a donation to Ky University, and
that the most grateful thanks of this Board are hereby tendered
the Regent for his generous bestowal.
    On motion the Board then adjourned till tomorrow at 84 A. M.

Morrison College, Ky. University
      Thursday June 25, 1868

Curator J. B.
Beck elected

Com. on recon-
struction of
the Faculty.

    The Board met at 9 A. M.   Present J. B. Bowman, Benj.
Gratz, Andrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, F. K. Hunt,
G. 'f. Elley, J. S. Woolfolk, A. H. Bo-rnan, C. T. Worthington,
Joseph Smith, A. G. Herndoon, J. P. Tarbitt, W. T. 17ithers, Enos
Campbell, M. E. Lard.
1150/ On motion of Curator Worthington, James B. Beck was elected
Curator in this Institution.
    The Committee on reconstruction of the Faculty and selection
of Professors presented their report through their Chairman, Cur-
ti.tor Joseph Smith which report was received and after some dis-
cussion by the Regent and Curator Lard on motion the Board
adjourned to meet at 4 P. M.




Two Sess-
sions of
the College
of Law

Commi ttee
on the Farm

of degree of
A. B.

Comr. on

Report of
Con,. on re-
of the Faculty.


    Evening Session.  The Board met at 4 P. M.
    The Committee appointed to prepare resolutions respecting
the death of Curator D. T. Morton, presented their report, which
on motion was adopted.
It is as followst
    "The Committee to whom was assigned the task of preparing
resolutions touching the death of the late Dr. D. T. Morton,
Curator of Ky. University, repectfully submit the following
    Whereas it has pleased the Father of Mercies, for reasons
known only to hitself to remove from his place in the Board
of Curator of Ky. University, Dr. D. T. Morton, therefore.
    Resolved by said Board 1. That we bow in meekness and
resignation to this visitation of One who is too kind to afflict
but for high ends of wisdom and goodness and a Christian, and
Kentucky University one of its truest and #ost enlightened and
accomplished friends, and that by these terms we mean to pro-
nounce a high and heartwarm eulogy on the deceased.
    3. That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the
bereaved family of Dr. Morton, with the profound sympathy of
this Board.
                              M. 3. Lard
                              Geo. W. Elley"

    Curator Worthington presented the following resolution
which was referred to the Executive Committee. Resolved that
there be two sessions of the College of Law; the first com-
mencing the Second Monday in September of each year and terminat-
ing the last week in January following: the Second commencing
the first M'onday in February, and closing the Second week in June.
    The Standing Committee on the Farm then presented their re-
port, which on motion was adopted. It will be found o# file.
/p/15l/ A resolution was then passed conferring the degree of
Bachelor of Arts on Clayton Keith of Missouri, Chas. R. Wil-
liams and Walter Scott, of Lexington, Ky., as recommended by the
Faculty of the College of Arts; also a Diploma from the College
of the Bible on Clayton Keith of Missouri, as recommended by the
Faculty of that College.
    The report of the Committee on reconstruction of the Faculty
and Selection of Professors was then taken up and again discussed
by the Curators Joseph Smith, J. B. Bowman, Elley, Lard, Worth-
ington and A. H. Bowman. On motion of the latter the reoort of
the Committee was withdrawn, whereupon on motion of Curator



Prof. J. D.
Pickett tem-
porarily elect-
ed Pres. of
the Agri.

Meeting of
June 26,

Time of
end of

College of
Medi cine

Jno. Aug.
chosen Curator

Thanks to
Andrew Steele

Thanks to
Enos Camp-
bell and J. F.



    That the Board mow proceed to the election of a Presiding
Officer of the Agricultural and Mechanical College Curator
Worthington then presented the name of Prof. J. D. Pickett and
the vote being taken, seven voted negative the motion was lost.
    Curator Hunt them presented the following which was adopted.
    A majority of the whole Board not being present so as to
have the power to appoint a President of the Agricultural and
Mechanical College, it is ordered that Prof. J. D. Pickett be
elected to fill the vacancy in said office until the next meet-
ing of the Curators.
    The Committee having teen priviously discharged from further
duty, on motion of M. E. Lard, they were reappointed.
    On motion the Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at 81 A. M.

    Friday Morning Ju   2.61       The Board met at 8- A. M.
Present Curators C. T. Worthington (in the Chair), Joseph
Wasson, Benj. Gratz, G. W. Elley, Joseph S. Woolfolk, J. P. Tar.
bitt, L. B. Wilkes, Enos Campbell, A. T. Withers, A. H. Bowman.
Joseph Smith, D. S. Goodloe.

    On motion of Curator Smith "the second Friday in June" was
ordered to be substituted for "the second week in June" in the
resolution of yesterday fixing the time of the annual session of
the associated colleges.

    On motion the Regent us added to the Standing Committee on
the College of Medicine.

    On motion of Curator Joseph Smith, Jno. Aug. Williams was
elected Curator of Kentucky University.
    /152/ On motion of Curator Goodloe, it was resolved, That
the thanks of this Board be most cordially extended to Curator
Steele for the able and efficient manner that he has presided
over it as President pro tem, during the present session of the
    On motion of Curator Joseph Smith, it was resolved, that this
Board tender their thanks to Ends Campbell of Illinois and J. F.
Rowe of Ohio for their able and acceptable addresses to the Uni-
versity graduatescf Kentucky University and that the Regent be
authorized to take a public notice of the same.
    On motion of Curator Smith it was resolved, That we approve
the negotiation of the Regent with the Smithsonian Institution
for the Diffusion of Knowledge, and especially that we cordially
thank Professors Henry and Bairl for their deep interest and co-
operation with the Regent of Ky. University in his efferts to
further the interests thereof.



in vocal
musi c

S. M. Wi ag

of June 8,
'I  69

     Curator J. B. Bowman, Benj. Gratz, i. S. Woolfolk and L.
B. Wilkes were appointed by the Chair as a Committee to carry
out the proceeding resolution.
     Curator Enos Campbell having addressed the Board on the
subject of making provision for regular instruction in vocal
music in the different colleges of the University, on motion of
Curator Withers, the Chair was authorized to appoint a Committee
to take this subject under consideration and report thereon at
the next annual meeting of the Board. Whereupon Cure. tors Enos
Campbell (Chairman) W. T. Withers and Joseph Smith were appointed.
     On motion of Curator Woolfolk, L. M. Wing of Owensboro, Ky.
was chosen a Curator of Ky. University.
     On motion the rule requiring the minutes of the Board to
be read in full before the adjournment of the Board was suspended,
and the Board then adjourned.
Joseph Wasson               C. T. Worthington, Pres.


Pro ten.

                 Kentucky University
             Lexington, Kentucky, June 8th, 1869

     The Board met at 12 N. Present Curators R. M. Bishop,
(Chairman) Andrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W.
Elley, Joseph Smith, B. B. Groom, Z. F. Smith, John Shackelford,
Jr., Enos Campbell, J. L. Caldwell, L. B. Wilkes, Jno. Aug.
Williams and Joseph Woolfolk.
     After prayer offered by Curator Ricketts, the minutes of
the last annual meeting were read and approved.
     At the request of Curator Z. r. Smith the names of the
Standing Cornmittees as appointed June 24, 1868, were read.
     On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.

     Afternoon Session --The Board met at 2i P. M. Present in
addition to those recorded in the morning, Curators J. B. Bow-
man, Benj. Gratz, A. H. Bowman, 'N. L. Williams, R. C. Ricketts,
S. M. Wing.
     The Executive Committee, through their Secretary Joseph
Smith, made their annual report, it being, in fact, the second
record of their transactions since the last annual meeting of
the Board.

Report of
the Exec.