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The Secretary read a letter from Mr. j. j. Glenn in regard to
working for an anticigarette law.

It was moved that the members of the Equal Rights Committee in
Frankfort shall take opportunities to express themselves in favor of a law
forbidding the sale of cigarettes to minors. Carried.

It was moved that Mrs. Humphreys and Mrs. jones be continued
as special committee on “Age of Consent” legislation, and that such
assistance be given them by the Convention as they deem necessary.

lt was moved that Mrs. Stockwell, of Lexington, and Mrs. M. R.
McKee, of Richmond, be added to this committee. Carried.

Mrs. Humphreys presented. an appeal that the age of protection for
girls be raised.

Convention discussed ways and means of raising funds for carrying
on this work. $8.75 is subscribed toward placing a copy of the Arena
containing symposium on “ Age of Consent” in the hands of members
of the legislature. Also discussed the best way of circulating petitions
for raising age of consent.

Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. McKee. in connection with their church
work, promised to circulate a number of these petitions.

A committee, Mrs. Humphreys, Mrs. Stockwell and Mrs. McKee,
was appointed by the chairman to confer about petition and put it in
proper shape to present to the Convention next day. Carried.

Moved that we ask to have the “ age of consent” raised to 2 i.


Motion lost.

Miss Wood read Miss Morgan’s paper on “ Advancement of
Woman’s Work in the Public School.” Report was accepted.

It was resolved, That a vote of thanks be extended to Mrs. Mary
Muggeridge for the beautiful gavel presented by her to the Kentucky
Equal Rights Association.

It was moved that a copy of the resolution offered by Mrs. [farmer
be sent to Mrs. Muggeridge.

, Mrs. Mary B. Clay presented a gavel in the following words: “The
Madison County Equal Rights Associaton, the first organized association
in Kentucky, in 1879, in this work, presented to the State Association a
gavel made from a tree near the site of the fort built by Daniel
Boone, the first white settlement in the State, with the wish, May this
gavel soon call the meeting together that celebrates the admission of Ren— _
tucky as the next State in which a true democratic government exists
where the people, men and women, rule together”

It was moved that we accept. Carried.

Mrs. Susan 1;. Porter sent to the Convention $5.00 for legislative
work. This was accepted with thanks.



Prayer—Mrs. S. H. Sawyer.

Paper——l\lrs. S. C. Bennett.

Paper—Mrs. S. H. Sawyer. '