Ian- , ‘ . i i
K University Session. · `
T The session of the University begins on the 10tl1 of September,
. 1917, and ends on the 6th of June, 1918. The nrst semester ends on ` K
E the lst of February, 1918; the second semester begins on the 4th of `
' February and ends on the 6th of June, 1918.
_ Entrance Examinations. ’ `
i Entrance examinations will be held the week preceding the open- -
i ing of the first semester and on the other dates arranged by the En-
uege I trance Committee. See the schedule in the nrst part of the catalog.
Egg ` Registration.  
Students are required to register in person, as follows: In 1917-
d. 18 they will register for the first semester on September 10 and 11. ~
Sam, `· For the second semester, old students will register February 4; new .
Bmw  i Students will register February 5. The registration for the first
I the _ Semester will be conducted in the Armory. The student will present
1  himself at the desk of the Registrar. Here he fills out the cards
  given him, signs the registration book, then goes to the business
{ agent to whom he makes payment of his fees. He will then return
nivap   to the Registrar, and if he is a new student who has offered no en-
ed as  . trance credits which have previously been accepted, he will be sent
to the Entrance Committee which will pass on any credits he may
{ offer. If he has none, he will be instructed concerning time and
m for i PRICE of examinations. Students whose credits have been accepted will
 , be directed to the respective deans of the colleges they desire to enter
who will iill out courses of study and assign to classes.
ion 0i Students who do not register on the appointed days must wait
ige of » Until a later time that shall be designated by the Registrar.
gr agé z` Fees.
Dy ad· ` Mvidenial fee. Each student will be required to pay an incidental
ege in . fee ot $17.50. Students will be given free admission to all athletic
ged by , €0¤tests and exercises given under the auspices of the University
under-  Y Athletic Association. Students not residing in the state may pay an
additional fee of $5.00. Students entering the second semester will ,
ol. g DW one-half the incidental fee.