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Kentucky Kernel

2' University at Kentucky; Lexington. likenmcky Monday, March 5, 1990

Gov. lobbies tax plan

crease in the

sales tax, at-

tempted to re-

vivc his package

last week. He

vowed to meet

with all 100 W'LK'NSON
members of the House. “One-on-
one, I am trying to explain to each
member why I think they ought to
vote for both the education and rev-
enue packages.” Wilkinson said.

Independent Since 1971



GSA wants international fee revoked

Contributing Writer

ation of the International Students
and Scholars Office.

(‘hancellor for the LCXlntlltili
(‘ampus Robert Hcmenway iriei
w ith the newly formed Internation-
at Student Environment (‘ornrriirrt-e
Tuesday to discuss the fee

"international students are spe
tial assets to the institution,‘ He»
irienwav said. “They are also re
.eivrng. as are all students an
education whose cost exceeds liii‘
amount of the infirm paid lhere
tore, all taxpayers ol Kt‘litttek‘~
have a stake in the way that 2i ',.\',
supports international stutter ts

lines to be established that would
ensure that student concerns would
not be overlooked by the [is ad-

"(‘lcarlv it's taxation without
representation. And when we tried
to lllcitldt‘ representation by gttllifl
through the democratic process of
the if 7K Student (iovcrnment Asso-
crationi and the Senate (‘oiint if it
was not heard," said (ierr‘. lhozri
as. USA interim president.

All international student.
iiurriher about Wit) on the l exrnttorr
(‘arnpus have to pax the .rtiiiiial
$1.7“ ice to help l‘.i;iiili.ol:' rper-

again two years after that with no
end in sight,“ Wilkinson said yes-
terday in a prepared statement re-
leased by his office.

Leaders in the Kentucky House
are putting together an alternative
to Wilkinson‘s proposed $1.057
billion tax plan in case the govern-
or’s lacks support. It would add a
penny to the 5 percent state sales
tax and remove cigarette and ser—
vice tax proposals Wilkinson has

Wilkinson, who has promised to
veto any plan containing an in-

Assoclated Press

The UK Graduate Students As-
sociation wants the University to
suspend the intemational student
fee because it says that the fee dis-
criminates against international stu—

At a rally held at the Student
Center Free Speech Area Friday
morning and attended by about 100
people, the group called for the ad«
ministration to reimburse students
who paid the $125 fee this year.

The group also called for guide-

FRANKFORT, Ky. -—- Gov.
Wallace Wilkinson continued talks
with legislators during the week-
end with a warning that only his
billion-dollar tax plan will mean an
end to the cycle of revenue short-
falls the state has faced.

“If parts of the revenue package
I have proposed are deleted in fa-
vor of a sales tax increase and the
education package is fully funded,
the General Assembly will have to
raise taxes again in two years and

w ho


The governor planned to meet
with at least 30 legislators today.


Presidential Search Committee
votes on qualities of next chief

Executive Editor

Ht kerrnan said he hopes that it does not take as

'2 ti...'. time to select finalists as it tiltf during the la»:
.17. .".,

it took a considerable amount oi time last time

: nigrce on ail the qualifications, so we got over that

UK’s 10-member Presidential Search 4 orrirrrurce
said Friday that it will use the same criteria -t'i1'.
ing UK's ltith president that was used to iltf.‘ .2:

Roselle. ih; .orrirriittee will begin renewing applications

"We decided —~ the committee has item ied : - .‘ i'orrrrr‘ninr-ns tor presaierit Ma; ll.
tisc the same qualifications that were liainniereii. . r'rraa -.i.ti ii is .iiititult [1) determine how
in the last search." l‘ls' Board of Trustees ("h it " , .. s .il take because it wilt ".tepend on
foster ( )t'kerman said “We‘re tl\ili_t' the ‘ . . .2 ". rrrrirzees or e.’tlldlti.iic‘\. the .ii‘lili} oi
cediires, the saint: guide-tires " ' hoard iii .perid its time reuiewinc therri and

The committee also approx ed advertisements that making the various chcc ks." i
will appear in three publications the ( li'rrfti.f1‘ . ' :ie out he tii‘s‘\ not expect to hire a new pr: «.1. rr
Higherl.'t1'iir‘rirr~ri,[>‘~i.-' Imam lrr .H.‘..'Li’7 ."rr'a .. . {he start of the limit fall semester
lion and Initials.” . -. . t-l‘. .io you have to make a victim,

The committee also appointed Paul Stars 1:! b: out the times with the person astri: r.
the group's secretary Sears served in the stain ...~ . ” -.:rrl We have to work use": ‘
pacity during the VISAS? presidential sear ‘9. ant n. t -.t :tfr haste."

The search LtilTlllllUCC said it will ask for Hi‘i‘ril .;2 2 its .tti‘» ‘rtisemcnl. the University will ask lor .ir‘
trons and suggestions frorri t'K‘s 1.200 l... ah} ..r;i 22 ' :t. t .i and sat. essful academic .isiliillii\lf.'i'.r"
administrators: It“ heads of selected rimxersiti: ._ the desire \isiori and proueri leadership
both land grant and liberal arts; LK .iltr tar. as. 't.» enhance l’ls‘s national and internarii-nai
community coiieee advisory board rnemla :«

Because :il trrr: . constraints, ta. tilt} przt.‘ ‘.=.:'
be contacted :‘2 . 2- tl’n‘sJIIT

.iiiitiis.‘ he said.

Net" SEARCH Had t‘zit'.‘




Lawmakers ponder:
Time for a tax hike?

9 .
Man S 5“" l«litd'fll‘i‘i‘ d” W 91’ By CHARLES WOLFE lliantltord made his litrrise
tamer ‘\\llil extensive theatre . 7 debut m It)“ hen newts c’ct'

b f - >1;E2Cllii:t~.3f\'"
CSt FICHd anti ieh vision ._ vile-rich. e. ed Republican (‘,,.\

""H WWI" \{"“‘1“““"*‘.‘ ““ ii ;. gr ~\\,;.\w_ . 2.}.1 ' {[3 \unn, [Gilli to avoid a Juli-err
a in. at the \\orsh.irn Theatre. at... f- ._ 4;, i Letteral H‘ his idi‘sl‘itltdifgp asksd iii.-
\h“ ”N' “f“ ‘mG f” 1‘ \eh-mra‘, ;_,;._.; Nilmkkc'g (reticrai .»\.sserrihi\ to ra. tht
.r lit, at the Student (enter ' ' 37m” “16 tax rate u, 5 “a“
The it‘itsiLtl’Es‘ ViULJT-T‘ldl“ ii‘r!’

‘ sales tax it r‘..is::ai:, i": electoral
.‘uziiarl Ballroom.
rims detaii a rte-«tieuii'rlt stornr}

r' _ furs !' r. x 1
.tie speaches. which are . n i’ t
, , .. _ '.i..: at v
laud Salt .x‘s and lltalili} passage for \mmg‘ tax but. i‘di'
{it lglllttltl‘i‘llc} f1” Slxmet’lstl tit‘iilarh in the House, where the
v t 9 .’ . ’
3' ‘ “1“ ”I ” ‘ “" constitution required it to or'igr.
’len iloor arrrer‘rdrncnts were
attempted, ,-\. ‘:,r\'_it‘fl to .itiiotirn


.2‘i. stor) in Praia) ‘. k
.oritained s‘trtii.‘ iii irrrtti r1;

‘.il" 3


‘5‘ .1
”“9515“ flag,“ Fs a“
a... .4 g. Q-.. . . “ ‘5!


‘ . O .
' *iizfi
- . r' .

. . I I.
' J“

3 .g .

- 23W“


Glenn McCombs, 23, a graduate stu-
dent in the Philosophy Department and
a native of of Lexington, Mich, and his
dog, Red, 4, enjoy the spring-like
weather yesterday afternoon behind the
Gluck Equine Center. Yesterday's high
was 48.


tonip ;r. .-

has not .. ~z
i.e,rrsi.r:. .. .. ...t.r. pondering

another :rrk; .:. I "to hope times


Ht; 2.5;. .. .'.‘:;'.






'. il‘i».'l'Cil\'C
'.i\ i.if‘\‘ ltitik
r t '.ipirol last

in tho \

hold tit.

lion». .. mi .

w as reictred f:\t‘lt a motion tor
a 30-minute recess «as deleated
in a roll call note.

“lift 3i trl lit. itnlmt"
Republicans iioitirrig tzr‘rn, :
bill finally passed fow' l . .i 7W
vote cushion over the torrs‘v't.
tronal minimum for rat rir:.-.--
urcs It later passed the Serrai-u
2147. anti carntge followed
the campaign trarl.

Of the Sb House members
who voted with .\unn. 1?. were
missing when the legrsiatrire

convened next ill WW There

Police prepare for spring break crowds

USA TODAY/Apple College information

titsiiiitri‘ .itaii: pa
Iatal‘l: . ;
Wallace ‘.\ .rlsi .2 proposed
51.057 htiiit i. la“. fa. huge.

He was r.‘t:rr ' specifically
to a 7 use 't.’ a e ill the tax on
a puts . t ind e\ten—
sion oi t::.2 - .- .tif\t‘fll\-

during its spring break downtown “block party." .L

Alcohol problems are intense during the
three-week period, and police “enforce all laws
very strictly during that time," said Palm
Springs Police Lt. Lee Weigel.

Steamboat Springs. 21 Colorado ski town, sees
a major influx of college students during the.
first week of the year, and then again during
spring break, according to police Capt. JD.

Alcohol and college rivalries combine to en-
hance problem situations, Hays said.

“All events start out quiet, but that can change
after people have been drinking and the end of

black colleges attended the . 'ii. shah has
grown in scope and popliitlfll} siri. c it began in

Racial tensions in Virginia i‘:..l. .- utqr. high
before the event began. and err-v ('5 i 1-. rah tried to
discourage potential celebrators . irrirrii: to
the area because the town torrid : » 1 -: .
port such a large lllflll‘t oi peoplt

The celebration quickly erupted
racial protest.

About 1,200 police and rniliiars personnel
moved in to restore order (it thsr‘t.
were injured. as were 40 co. rlr..r.-..
talcd 158, and an additional i .‘ 3 ‘ as r

at tiov.

As spring break approaches, many college
students’ thoughts turn from philosophy, chem-
istry and calculus to the beach or the ski slopes.

When many students head to favorite spring
break hot-spots, they carry along a desire to par-
ty. But they also may bring along some unwant-
ed baggage — the potential for violence and
crowd control problems.

Daytona Beach, Fla, “the spring break capi-
tol of the world," will be inundated with stu-

i' slip
in}; int c
heretofore . i .
tentative. t~:;t 2
tax: is the . .. : . .‘s. 'se to- “NC five new faves aimrig 2..
tiised on r?;. ' iilandford ll senators. but orrtg trait rht
said. “'1 i‘iat seep... - ' Senate Slt,“d for Tt‘vc‘it‘kiltill.

:rto troieiit

:7 out any al—
‘ stiit‘s
“Hum if)


\rr.‘sls It‘-

lit“ ft" ' ‘
H I i‘s.‘ iilC \‘llC

dents from around March 12-April 21 this year,
according to Daytona Police Sgt. John Power.

UK's spring break is March 12-16, and Day-
tona is one of the more popular places for many
UK students to go.

Ab0ut 500,000 people are expected to visit
the four-mile stretch of beach, each staying for
five or six days, Power said.

Alcohol causes the most problems when the
students arrive, he said.

“The drinking problem increases 1,000 times.
We can't arrest every violator, but we make ar-
rests for the most flagrant ones." he said.

Palm Springs, Calif., faces similar problems

the evening comes around,” Hays said. “It can
start out with playful pushing -- five or six guys
getting into it with another five or six guys —
and get worse from there."

All say their departments receive help from
local county sheriffs‘ offices and state highway
patrols to increase security during the break per~
iods. But the additional security might not al-
ways be enough.

An example of the worst that could happen
took place during last year‘s Labor Day Week-
end celebration of Greckfest at Virginia Beach,

About 50,000 students from predominantly

violating local ordinances: «bout i1") i‘ti‘siilt‘\.s.»
es were looted.

Although the Virginia beach situation was
unique, it is not isolated

The Palm Springs "blot is parts~ used to draw
several thousand more students and higname
entertainment, but during the too) break. a rotk
concert developed into a not w ith shootings and
widespread violence.

Since l96‘) spring break has been toned down
and large concerts have been banned. Wergel

See l’()l.l( 'I‘I, Hark page


that, rf there is erit-to'h support
overall. diat ‘.\i‘tiiti be the plan.“
His polls of the home folks in
Daviess (”ourrtt, pitrs those tak-
cn by other i.‘.1r».‘..ati‘rs. .onvince
him that voters would prefer a
higher sales tax. litartitord said.
A penny increase at the sales
tax rate would raise about SZlS
million, as opposed to S30! mil-
lion ox er the biennium from the
cigarette and sen ices taxes.

Republicans lost i5 House
seats and “we never regained "
said Gene Hutf. now a Republr
can senator from London

Huff was the only House R.
publican who voted against
Nunn's tax bill —-2 another ab
stained .._ and “all of us had run
on a nostax-inerease platform."
he said.

The sales tax was pulllledi d}-
namite. Huff said.




" ostner settles down
in Mexico.
Story, Pages. “

Cats end season
tonight at Notre Dame.

Story, Page 3.



. .................... «Ms ....................... .......... -. . .

Today : Sunny
Hi gh ‘ 57o ..

Tomorrow; 30% Rain

. High55°  





 2—KoriudryKomol, “when 5,1990





ampus Calendar

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week at glance



[ monday

- Other: 'Live at the Knitting
Factory featuring Power Tools‘,

- Exhibit: Washin ton
University Scu ture
Exhibition (thru 13/59)


- Sports: Wildcat Basketball at
Notre Dame



L tuesday



- Exhibit: Washin on
University Scu pture
Exhibition (thru 3/5-9i

0 Exhibit: The Oswald Research
and Creativity Program:
Projects, Paintings 81
Sculptureshhru 3 /09)

- Concert: Central KY Concert Band

0 Symposium: UK Sports Medicine
resents The 3rd Annual
nner's Symposium

0 Seminar: 'Nutrition Support in


[ wednesday

0 Movie: The Trouble w/Harry'

' Movie: 'An American Werewolf in

- Meeting: Black Student Union

Burns and Sepsif

- Lecture: Suzi landolph: ’Hot. Sexy
81 Safer‘

- Other. 'Jock's Choice WRFL: Prince'



A Lecture/




will be given


March 7th at
5:30 pm,



A provocative, zany celebration of safer sex.




meefmgs/ I7:
teem yes





Tuesday 13/6

Wednesday 3/7

Ba1lroom; 5:30pm.: Call 7-6600

Friday 3/9

Saturday 3/10


- Symposium: UK Sports Medicine presents The 3rd Annual Runner's
Symposxum. Free: UK Sports Medicine Center. 7-9p.m.: Call 233-6363

- Seminar: 'Nutn'tion Support in Burns and Sepsif: Free: College of
Phannacy 220: 4-5p.m.; Call 233—6040

OMeeting: Black Student Union: Free: Student Center 124; 4:30p.m.: Call

0 Lecture: Suzi Landolph: 'Hot. Sexy 8r Safer: Free: Student Center

- Seminar: The Challenges of Crude Oil Processmg in the 1990‘s; Free:
Chem-Phys 137: 4pm.: Call 7-8844

0 Seminar. The Family coping w/ Alzheimer's Disease; Free: Center on
Aging: 8.30:1.m.»12:30p.m.: Call 233-6040


Kentucky Kemel‘s Special Literary Issue
will be taking submissions of
Fiction, Art. Poems.
Photography, & Graphics
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the deadline is: 2 pm. Wednesday
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Monday 3/5

Friday 3/9

Saturday 3/l0


Sunday 3/11



' Sports; Wildcat Basketball at Notre Dame; 7:30pm.
- Sports. UK (:001 Cats Ice Hockey at Tennessee; 1 1pm.

- Sports. UK (.‘uol (tats Ice Hockey at Tennessee: 11pm.
- Sports: UK Mcns and Womens Diving: NCAA Zone Diving meet;

-Sports: UK Mens and Women: DMng: NCAA Zone Diving meet;


thursday 8

- Movie: The Trouble w/Harry'

0 Movie: 'An American Werewolf in

- Concert: UK Orchestra: Phillip
Miller. conductor




friday 9


0 Sports: UK Cool Cats lee Hockey

0 Workshop: Fa ette County J r.
at Tennessee

High String orkshop

- Seminar: The Challenges of
Crude Oil Processing in the

L sunday



0 Sports: UK Cool Cats Ice Hockey
at Tennessee

rts: UK Mens and Wornens
tving: NCAA Zone Diving

- Seminar: The Family coping w/

Alzheimer's Disease'

- Other. 'Sunda Album Feature:
They Might Giants-Fiood'

- Concert: Center Sundays Series:
Central KY Youth Orchestra

0 Concert: Chamber Music Society of . 5
Central KY

0 Other. 'Saturd Album feature:
Pale Saints— Comforts of

0 Other: Air Traffic Controller Exam'



0 Concert: Center Sundays Series:
Central KY Youth Orchestra

0 Concert: Chamber Music Society . S
of Central KY

' Other. 'Bug Radio featuring Ofra

rts: UK Mcns and Womens
iving: NCAA Zone Diving




Conductor Phillip Miller leads the UK Orchestra. in a practice
session. They will perform Thurs. at 8 pm. in the Slngietary Center.










Tuesday 3/6
0 Exhibit: Washi on University Sculpture Exhibition (thru 3/5-9); "inc
Fine Arts Buil ing, Center for the Contemporary Arts; Free: 9-5

0 Exhibit: The Oswald Research and Creativity Program: Projects,
Paintings 8r Scul tures(thru 03/09): Free: SCFA President's Room:
8a.m.-4:30p.m.: all 7- 1706

. Concert: Central KY Concert Band; $3: Haggin Auditoriumfl‘ransy);

- Concert: Art a la Carte: Jefferson Duo, flute/piano: Free: Arts Place:
9Aa.m.-4:30p.m.: Call 255—2951

0 Concert: UK Chorale, Roger Wesby, director: Free: SCFA Recital Hall:
Call 7- 1706

Wednesday 3/7

- Movie: The Trouble w/Harry': $1.95: Worsham Theatre: 7:30pm.: Call

- Movie: 'An American Werewolf in bondon'; $1.95; Worsham Theatre:
10p.m.; Call 7—8867

Thursday 3/8

0 Concert: UK Orchestra: Phillip Miller. conductor: Free: SCFA Concert
Hall; Call 7-1706

- Movie: The Trouble w/Harry': $1.95: Worsham Theatre: 7:30pm: Call

0 Movie: 'An American Werewolf in London': $1.95: Worsham Theatre:
10p.m.: Call 78867

Friday 15/9
- Workshop: Fayette County Jr. High SLrin Workshop; Free: SCFA
Concert 8r Recital Halls; 7:30p.m.; Call 1706

Sunday 3/1 1

- Concert: Center Sundays Series: Central KY Youth Orchestra: Free:
SCFA Concert Hall: 3pm.: Call 7-1706

- Concert: Chamber Music Society of Central KY; Free w/UKlI). 310 other:
SCFA Recital Hall; 8pm.; Call 7—4929

Monday 3/12

- Exhibit: KY Art Education Regional Showcase: Free: SCFA Concert &
Recital Halls; 8a.m.-5p.m.; Call 7- 1706








Monday 3/5

0 Other: 'Live at the Knitting Factory featuring Power Tools': Free; WRFL
(88.1 FM); l-2p.m.: Call 7-1NFD

Wednesday 3/7

- O;hler. 'Jock's Choice WRFL: Princc'; Free; WRFL (88.1 FM); 10-1 1PM; Call

Saturday 3/10

- Other: 'Saturday Album feature: Pale Saints-The Comforts of Madness':
Free; WRFL (88.1 FM): Midnite: Call 7-mm

0 Other: Air Traffic Controller Exam': Free; 14cc Oswald Bldg 109; 9am.; Call

Sunday 3/4

'Othcr: 'Bug Radio featuring Ofra Haza’; Free; WRFL (88.1 FM): 9-10PM: Call

0 Other: 'Sunda Album Feature: lhey M t be Giants-Fiood'; Free: WRH.
(88. 1 FM): Jidnite: Call 7-1NFO 15h


- Other: Live and the Knittingactory featuring Musica Elettronioa Viva“:
Free; WRFL (88.1FM):1-2 :Can TINT-T)




7? ring


0 Other: 'Live and the Knitting

Factory featuring Musica
Elettronica Viva


0 Exhibit: KY Art Education
Regional Showcase

0 SPRING mar-mo ma

Weekly Events]




OSports: UK Judo Club (no experience required, men and women welcome):
Free; Alumni Gym Balcony; 56:30 p.m.: Call 268-4499

0 Religious: Monday Evening Fellowship: Free: 412 Rose St: 6:30: call
254' 1881

0 Other: Ballroom Dance Classes (students. faculty. staff]: Barker Hall
Dance Studio: 7 PM; call 278—7756

- Meeting: GLUE (Gays Lesbians United for Education); PO Box 647 Univ
SL: 7:30 PM: (211 231-0335

- Religpus: lUCF small group Bible study. group 2; Free: Haggin Hall c226:
7: PM: call 8-6809

0 Other. Demonworld: St Cntr 113: 6:30-10 PM: call 255—8966
0 Other: Shadowdrum; SOA Office: 7-10 PM: call 255-8966
0 Meeting: Students for Choice: St Cntr 115: 5 PM: call 231-7917


-Meetings: Student Activities Board Public Relations Committee: Free:
Room 203 Student Center (SAB Office): 7:30 p.m.: Call 78%7

OMeeti 3: UK Water Ski Club; Room 1812 Student Center: 7 p.m.: Call
252 900

'Meetings: UK Ski Club: Room 228 Student Center: 7pm: Call 252-4900
OOther: Aerobics: Free: Newman Carter Rooms 1 and 2; 52507 p.m.: Call

OReligious: Tuesday Evening Fellowship (Meal and Program): 412 Rose St.:
6 p.m.: Call 254- 1881

'Sports: UK Fencing Club (no experience or equipment required): Free:
Alumni Gym; 7:30—9:30 p.m.: Call 8-6591

'Other: Traveller 2300: Free:Student Center; Room 1 17; Call 7-8$7

- Meeting: UK T able Tennis: $5/semester: Seaton Squash Rm: 7 PM: call


- Re us: lUCF small up Bible study. group 1; Free: Blandingl 214;
7: 0 PM: call 255—55g,

- Reli ous: lUCF small group Bible study. group 5: St Org Rm: 6 PM: call

- Religous: lUCF small group Bible study. group 3: Free: Holmes Hall 205;
8PM: Call 8-5160

' Other: Traveller 2300: St Cntr l 17; 7- 10 PM; call 255—8966
0 Other: Cthulhu '69; 7PM-12AM: call 255-8966

0 Meetin : Student Activities Board Performing Arts Committee: Free: St
Cntr 04: 3:30 PM: ca118—6545

0 Meeting: Miskatonic Student Union: Free: St Cntr 1 13: 6:30PM: call


-Mee : Amnesty International: Free: Room 1 19 Student Center: 7 p.m.:
Call 54-4938

OMeetings: Student Activities Board Public Relations Committee: Free
SAB office; 8 p.m.: call 7-8867

OReligious: Holy Eucharist: Free: St. Augustine's Chapel: 5:30 p.m.: Call

~Sports: UK Judo Club (no experience required. men and women welcome):
Free: Alumni Gym Balcony; 5—6:30 p.m.: Call 2684499

0 Rellfious: lUCF small group Bible study, group 4: Free; Blazer Hall 319:
SP : Call 8—6016

0 Other. AD&D 2nd Edition; St Cntr 113: 7- 10 PM: call 255-8966
0 Other: AD&D Variant: St Cntr 117: 7— 10 PM: call 255-8966
- Meeting: Amnesty lntemational: Free: St Cntr 1 19: '7 PM; call 254-4938

00ther. Aerobics: Free: Newman Center Rooms 1 and 2; 5:50-7 p.m.: Call

~Religious: Thursday Night Live: Free: 502 Columbia Avc.: 7:30 p.m.: Call

ISports: UK Fencing Club (no experience or equipment required); Free:
Alumni Gym: 7:30-9:30 p.m.: Call 8—6591

0 Meetin 3: Student Activities Board Indoor Recreation Committee: Free:
RM 1 9 Student Cntr: 6PM: 7-8867

-Reliyous: Fellowship of Christian Athletes Meeting: Free: 502 Columbia
Ave: 9 PM: all 8—6650

0Mee§igngntervarsity Christian Fellowship; Free; St Cntr 228 or 205:
7: : Call 278-6809

0 Religus: Catholic Newman Cntr Night: Free: Newman Cntr Rm 3&4:
7: 8:45 PM: all 255-8567

0 Other ADaD 2nd Edition: St Cntr 113: 7-10 PM: call 255-896
- Other: AD&D 2nd Edition: St Cntr 117: 7-10PM: call 255-8966

- Re 3: Catholic Newman Cntr Night; Free: Newman Cntr 3&4; 7:30
P : (311 255—8566

- Meeting Black Voices: Free; Old St Cntr Theatre: 6:30 PM; call 8—2474


0 Meeting: Commuter Student Board: Free: St Cntr 1%: 3 PM: (211


OReligous: Mass; Free: Newman Center: 6 p.m.: Call 2558566

OOther: Sludowrun: St Cntr 117: 610 PM: all 255%

' Meeti ' Build Homes for Need Families: Free: lrish Town
Neigh hood: :SOAM-SPM: ml 253- 1256


OWm Dinner. 82: Newman Center Rooms 3 and 4:6 p.m.: Call

OReligous: Sunday Morning Worship: Free: Koinonia House: 10:30 a.m.:
Call 254- 1881

IRcUgbuo: Mano: Free: Newnnn Center: 9 am. 11:30 am. 5 run. 8:30
p.m.: Call 256-8566

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Little brother
Denny Crum

gets slapped




Many redneck Big Blue fans are
cheering today.

They think that UK has again
stomped on Little Brother and that
Lexington is no longer the state head—
quarters of the NCAA.

University of Louisville signee
Dwayne Morton was ruled ineligible
to play for the Cardinals by the
NCAA on Saturday. And many jeal-
ous UK fans will interpret that as the
death knell for the Cardinal basketball

But only Morton will suffer from
the decision, even though the reason
he loses out is not something he did.

In high school people are taught
that they will be on their own in col-
lege. Yet big-time college recruits
have their decisions made for them.
Players sit back and watch as the
whims of their advisers overshadow
their desires.

Morton's fate was determined by
his mother, Charlotte Morton, and
his high school coach, Ralph John-

At the time of the signing, Pitino
said, “We were in an old recruiting
battle with Louisville and we lost.”

But did Pitino really lose to U of
L? Let‘s step back through Pitino's
Inaugural Ball.

Recruiting Rick was hot on the
trail to get one of the nation‘s best
prospects — Louisville Central’s
Morton. Rumors had it that the Pa-
rade AlloAmerica was Lexington—
bound. And the Wildcat staff thought
so, too.

“We really thought Morton was
coming to Kentucky from his visit,”
Pitino said last fall.

The NCAA report, which U of L
released Saturday, said that Morton
was deciding between the intrastate ri-

But apparently Morton’s mother
and high school coach wanted to see
Dwayne in the River City playing at
Freedom Hall.

So during the 48-hour “hands off”
period before the signing day (No. 8)
Ralph Johnson arranged for a dinner
between himself, Charlotte Monon,
Crum and former Cardinal Robbie

“1 just don‘t think that Louisville
would do that,” Pitino said at the
Nov. 8 signing day press conference.
“I mean, that is a blatant violation of
NCAA rules."

On Nov. 8 Morton signed a Na-
tional Letter of Intent to play with
the Cards. But while Morton’s name
was being written on the line, his
mother and coach were guiding the

What one might expect to be a
trumpeted announcement was, but
Morton was not the trumpeter. Pitino
first found out via the radio, and then
received a call from Central's John-

“It was disappointing that we found
out on the radio,” Pitino said. “But
sometimes a 17-year-old really
doesn't think things through."

That is just it, Rick. Advisers were
thinking for the recruit. The battle
was not lost to Louisville but to
Johnson and his mother.

“Well obviously his mother’s opin-
ion carries a lot of weight,” Pitino
said. “But his mother can’t shoot bas-
ketballs, so that’s why we kept (re-
cruiting him)."

Still, it was Morton's mother who
determined in which arena‘s baskets
his shots would land.

“We wish Dwayne Monon the best
of luck at Louisville,” Pitino said.
“He is really an outstanding young
man. He‘s one of the nicest recruits
that I‘ve met in my life."

Once again, the NCAA gives a nice
kid the shaft.

Morton will be able to play any-
where but Louisville. His “second
choice" —— UK — is also largely out
of the picture. Pitino has already giv-
en out the plethora of scholarships
provided to him by UK‘s probation
and has taken on another walk-on.

This NCAA action does not indict
Crum or the Louisville basketball
program as a whole.

U of L Athletic Director Bill Olsen
said that the NCAA punishment
probably will not affect the million
dollar annuity Crum may receive in

See U of L. Page 4



Kentucky Kernel, Monday, mrch 5, 1990 - 3



Cats must have victory for winning season

Sports Editor


just something to be proud of." Wildcats' only road win came against mis-
Coming off a 98~67 victory over No. 3 UK.Notl-e Dame erable Florida. So the Cats do have some-

Missouri, Notre Dame (15-11) could be

It’s simple: If the Wildcats beat Notre ripe for an upset.

Dame tonight, they have a winning season.

If they don't, then they finish .500.

UK is 14-13 overall, and with no chance
for postseason play, tonight’s game is piv-

otal for the Cats’ psyche.

“Naturally, everybody wants to win their

thing to prove — that they can win on the
Records: UK 14-13, road

“You never know, they might take us Notre Dame 15-11. “That’s the only thing that we haven’t
lightly," Miller said. “I look for them to When: 7:30 pm. tonight. done so far this year," Pelphrey said.
take us lightly. They killed us last year, Where:Joyce Athletic and The Cats seem to play Wllh reckless
and with a big win (over Missouri), we Convocation Center, Notre Dame. abandon at Rupp Arena, but they lose
just might sneak up on them. they’re Ind. some of their edge when they hit the road.

last game of the season," said senior guard catch them sleeping.”

Derrick Miller, who will be playing in his

last game as a Wildcat.

”I think a win will send us into the off-
season workouts in the right frame of
mind,” UK forward Deron Feldhaus said be-
fore practice Saturday. “If we can slip-up on

going to be sky high, and that’s when you Radio: Live on WVLK-AM/FM with And with tonight being their last game,

Cawood Ledford and Dave Baker. Miller said UK is going to “play like
But UK sophomore forward John Pel- Television: Detayedon WKYTwith wolves.“
phrey and Feldhaus differ with Miller. Ralph Hacker and Jim Master. “I think that’s what we have to do all of

them and beat them at their place, then look us,” Feldhaus said.

we’ll have done something that we haven’t

done well this season — win on the ma
UK coach Rick Pitino said he thinks the

Notre Dame game is important “because it

will give us a winning season. And I think their last home game.”

that’s really important to the players. It‘s

“They’ll have a day to rest and there‘s
going to be a lot of emotion against Mis-
souri there’s a chance they‘ll have a let
down, but I really don't think they’ll over— drain of the Missouri game might offset get on the road, we only do it part of the


the time,” said Pelphrey, who's averaging
13.2 points a game. “We seem to play that
way all of the time at home, but then we


some of the Irish’s homecourt advantage. time.“
Pelphrey said: “They'll have no problem “I think they might have a slight let “I think it's going to have to be an all<
getting up for the game. They’ll have two down or something," Pitino said during his out assault, effort-Wise. to beat Notre
days to recover, plus it will be their last weekly news conference Friday. But Dame,” said Miller, who leads the team in

home game and everybody wants to win it‘s going to be their senior night, so that scoring with a 19.3 average. "We‘re going

should help them get up for the game."

Pitino said he thinks that the emotional UK is 1-10 away from Rupp Arena. The See CATS. Page 4



Sports Editor

UK Athletics Director CM.
Newton added one more duty to
his job Friday afternoon — tour

Newton guided media representa~
tives through Memorial Coli-
seum’s new facilities. And that
was something new to Newton.

“You all bare with me now be-
cause I’ve never done this sort of
thing," Newton told the two dozen
media members before the tour be-

Shortly after Newton‘s arrival at
UK last April, he started looking
into renovating Memorial Coli—
seum to add locker rooms, a
weight-training room and offices.

The north end/.onc bleachers
were torn out and a two-story
structure was erected that cost
about $860,000. The project was
funded through private donations,
Newton said.

Newton said a priority was
placed on not interrupting the Col—
iseum's architecture.

“To me, architecturally, this is
one the classiest buildings
around,” Newton said. “We had to
make sure that we didn‘t mess
with that too much."

Newton said he had reservations


NCAA declares
Morton ineligible




The $860,000 renovation at the north end of Memorial Coliseum is 95 percent finished.


to play at U of L

Executive Editor

'l he NCAA ruled that Louisville Central High School star
Dwayne Morton is ineligible to play basketball for the I'riiyer-
sity of Louisville.

The NCAA Eligibility Committee ruled that Morton may
not play basketball for the the Cardinals because L' of L coach
Denny Crum had an unfair recruiting advantage.

If the decision stands, Morton still would be eligible to play
for any other NCAA school.

U of L Athletics Director Bill Olsen said Saturday night that
his institution probably will appeal the NCAA‘s ruling

Morton could not be r