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Minutes of the University Faculty
January 8, 1951

The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall. Monday,
1 r- : . -
Januayy b, 1931, at 4:00 p.m. Presxdent Donovan presided.
members absen . R. Allen, Thomas P. Cooper. Betty J. Eilertsen.
M. Hartf‘rd’. L. E. Meece‘. Frank Murray, Frank D.
‘ t I n T. Sanders‘, Earl P. Slone, and M. M. White‘.

w. P. Garrigus. is
Peterson, Ralph R. Picme





The minutes of December 11 were read and approved.

Dr. Keppius, Chairman of the Committee on Schedule of Classes. made a
report on this committee's study of the University calendar. The report is

as follows:

To the University Faculty;
At the December meeting of the University Faculty. the calendar
for the year 1951352 was presented by the Registrar. and this calendar
was adopted by the University Faculty. Thereafter a motion prevailed
that the President appoint a committee to investigate the possibilities
of (L) shortening the time interval between the first and second semesters.
(2) postponing the opening of the University in the Fall for one week.
The President referred the matter to the Committee on Schedules.

The committee has had two meetings. The Deans of the Colleges, the
ans of Men and of Women, and the Director of the Personnel Office were
vited to the second meeting of the committee. The committee was not
aware that there were many different angles and conflicting views regard-
ing this matter. Further, since the Bulletin of Information and the
University Catalog are now in press. and since the 1951-52 calendar must
appear in both of these publications. the committee feels that the time
is too short to resolve all of the difficulties. Accordingly our report
is as follows:

1. The Committee on Schedules refrains from recommending any change in
the calendar for l951u52 presented by the Registrar and adopted by
the University Faculty at its December 1950 meeting.

2. The Committee on Schedules recommends a further immediate and con~
tinuing study of this matter by a suitable committee on which all
of the agencies having an interest in the matter shall be represented.

Committee on Schedules
0. T. KOppius. Chairman

Dr. Koppius moved adoption of the committee's recommendations. The
motion was approved. President Donovan asked that the Committee on Schedule
of Classes continue the study of the University calendar as recommended and
bring in a report before June of this year.

Horlacher presented for the College of Agriculture

Assistant Dean L. J.
Home Economics 115.

and Home Economics a recommendation for a new course.
which was approved.

Home Economics 115. Food for Special Occasions, (2) S Barkley
Advanced work in culinary arts and skills. Preparation of attractive and
appetizing dishes to help the homemaker in planning buffet suppers, receptions.
picnics. wedding parties. formal meals. Lab. four hours. Prereq. H.E. 5.6.

ce concerning this course but

The Faculty had not been informed in advan
f the fact that the course is

approved the college's recommendation in view 0

being offered this semester.





















Minutes of the University Faculty, January 8, 1951

H ‘ j Dean Stahr presented a request from the College of Law to drop from the
7‘ University courses Law 169, The Law of the Air. The Faculty approved this


i i

rd f 3 request.

? H .


i .w ' Professor Horiacher called the attention of the Faculty to the exodus
L 1 ,1 ,

I ‘ of students to enlist in the armed services in order to choose their branch


1 of service rather than wait for the draft. He offered the following resolue
j ‘ V tion:




Move that the Faculty Rule regarding credit for students who are (
leaving the University for military service apply as of November 4. 1
1950. to those who are enlisting as well as those who are called into
’i the services involuntarily.


i'Ej:'5' After some discussion of this regulation. the Faculty voted to approve y
yxj‘: * if the resolution. I


fl Dean Spivey suggested to the Faculty that it would be well for some

‘ administrative officer to issue a statement informing students of regulations
governing selective service, since there seems to be some confusion existing ‘

h on the campus. After some discussion on this matter, President Donovan asked



f , y Dr. Spivey, Dr. Chamberlain, and Colonel Mackenzie to prepare a statement to [m
g Ejj % be included in the Kernel and posted on the bulletin hoards. Dean Stahr VT ‘
U Q 7% suggested that the statement include the information that the student who r
H fij; is leaving for the service should withdraw officially in the Registrar's
l ‘ ly;3_ Office. ;
I; ‘ l 1 p
H i :5 ti; The Faculty adjourned. V


Secreta y to the Faculty 1

Minutes of the University_Faculty, February 12, 1951

The University Faculty met in the Assembly Room of Lafferty Hall. Monday, . ‘
February 12. at 4300 p.m. President Donovan presided. The members absent were: ‘fim‘
A. E. Bigge, A. J. Brown, Louis Clifton“, Thomas P. Cooper. Ellis M. Hartford’. 7"
k;{:§§[ Jerry Jones, P. E. Karraker. O. T. Koppius‘, L. E. Meece, A. E. Slesser. Elvis
3 fi}ifylf J. Stahr, Jr.*, and Paul K. Whitaker. The minutes of January 8 were approved l
*‘7 W‘ as read.



Dean Dickey of the College of Education presented the following recommenda—
tions for new courses and changes in courses, which were approved by the Faculty:
1. Raise the credit for Education 213, State School Administration, from (









3? two semester hours to three semester hours.
dfigf ?. Reduce the credit in Education 20. Industrial Arts in the Elementary
l‘ School. from 3 semester hours to 2 semester hours. and change the name
*l' of the course to Arts and Crafts in the Elementary School. ,
l 3. Change the name of Education 110. Art and Craft Activities in the
I Elementary School, to Advanced Arts and Crafts in the Elementary effilg
School. I
f?! 4. Add the following new course: 1
designed to demonstrate the teaching of study skills (including
remedial work) in secondary schools. One approach to teaching these
skills will include the study problems of colleee students. 3 semester