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U N I T E D S T A T E S OF A M E R I C A .

Is there not some chosen curse Some h idden thunder in the stores o f heaven, R ed w ith uncommon wrath, to blast the man W ho gains his fortune from the blood o f souls 1

ptfiftlctotoit, Gent;
EDWIN HUNT . 1834.

I i it)55

EXORDIUM. W H E R E i s the c harter found to sanctify D espotic, base, u nqualified control, O 'er strength and will, b y man enthroned o'er m a n ? I n R evelation's code you find i t not, N or i n Creation's multifarious laws. T he w i l l o f Heaven, when unrevealed by Christ, O r by the sacred o rgans o f his word, I s s ought a nd found in the primeval light, W h i c h N ature sheds t hrough her expanded s pheres. B ut w hen with Gospel-day this light combines, T he F OOL w ho doubts, who a sks for clearer proof M ust h ood-wink'd be indeed, and d arkness l ove. T hat such resistless evidence obtains. T o e vince Demoniac Slavery's turpitude, W i l l i a ll the powers of brightest Truth a ppears, T o the impartial mind that v iews each source, W hence the f ull s treams o f testimony flow. E a c h text o f Sacred W r i t e njoining love, A ffection, j ustice, mercy, m eekness, p eace, A n d p iety, e stablishes t his truth, T hat Slavery contravenes the law of God! P oint to me the man W h o w i l l n ot lift h is voice a gainst the t rade I n h uman souls and blood, and I pronounce, T hat he nor loves bis country nor his God. I s he a Christian, t hen, who holds iu bonds H i s b rethren; cramps the vigour of their minds; U surps e ntire d ominion o'er their w ills, B ars from their souls the light of moral day, T he image of the g reat E ternal Spirit O bliterating t hence? Before your God, W hose holy eye p ervades the secret d epths O f e very heart, do you who hold iuthrall'd Y o u r f ellow-being's liberty believe T h a t vou are guiltless of a DAMNING CRIME?



B e u ndeceived   and cleanse f rom g uilt and b lood Y o u r c rimson'd conscience and polluted hands. Y e G ospel-Promulgalors! i vhy so dumb U p o n t his solemn theme, to w hich e ach ray O f R evelation points ? A n d has the w orld S uch f ascination, such corrupting power, A n d v ile i ntimidation's force, as t hus T o p aralyze the energies divine O f S atan's combatants, t hat t hey w i l l y ield T o h is blood-feasting hosts without one b low ?     B u t h ark ! whence r olls t hat t hundering peal, W h i c h s hakes aslonish'd M a m m o n ' s glittering mounds, A n d rouses all the fierce and clamorous ire O f h is tyrannic votaries? L o ! begirt W i t h the impervious m a i l o f martyr'd z eal, A n d g olden truth, a l ittle p halanx stands, U p o n the heaven defended batteries O f G ospel-Law, a nd aims the artillery O f h oly e loquence, against the dark, T h e m assy battlements of tyranny. T hence tis, t hat those convulsing thunders break, W h i c h fire the sons of A varice w i t h r age. ^ P ersist, y e reverend Veterans ! for the cause I n w hich y our h allow'd b anner is unfurl'd, E mbraces all that m akes exislence dear. U ndaunted band of C hristian P atriots, h a i l ! M a y V ictory's b ays your honour'd temples crown, A n d y our reward be those delights supreme W h i c h store the magazines of heavenly bliss       W h o s e m elodies d ivine, no human ear H a s k nown ; whose charms unmatch'd no earthly eye H a s seen ; and whose exhaustless excellence, T h e m ind a nd h eart o f m a n have ne'er conceived.


T H E first essay in this compend, is an amended reprint o f a w ork formerly published under the title of "the Book and Slavery irreconcilable." I t has not o nly been altered, b ut part of it has been written, since the contest w i t h the kidnappers has assumed its e xisting, d efinite and t angible f orm. T h e engravings illustrate slavery as it m ay now be seen i n its various degrees of turpitude, a mong a ll classes of A merican m an-stealers, whether they are avowed i nfidels, or nominal Christians. If, however, a ny southern preaching slave driver, or his northern c lerical a ccessory, " who when he sees the t hief c onsents w ith h i m " should exhibit s ullicient effrontery to deny the g raphical a ccuracy of the picture; they can have the n ames of their b rethren, and all the other circumstances m ore minutely detailed. I n t hat c ase, as some of the p arties are yet l iving, t hey may hear in reply, the direct a pplication o f the truth, equally appropriate as that w hich N athan enforced upon D avid, w hen the k ing h aving c ondemned the audacious c riminal w hose case was presented to his consideration, w i t h p rophetic authority the servant o f J ehovah sternly said, " T hou a rt the m a n . " T hese pages emanate not from u nchristian sensibilities. G ospel c harity requires not t hat w e should believe a lie to be truth, o r injustice to be probity, o r that he who stcaleth his brother, makes merchandise of him, sells him, or if he be found in his hand, w h o m the w ord o f God proclaims to be a thief, i s a n honest man and a Christian. S lavery is condemned; the uprightness of those pretences w hich oppressors offer, w hy t hey should be considered Christians, is the subject o f i nvestigation; and the melioration of the church and o f o ur country is the motive w hich p roduced, and the object w hich i s desired by this p ublication. T h e contest is for the sacred cause of truth: and however severe it m a y

,     safe- "    





be when individualised in its application, the sentiments a re in f ull u nison w ith the holy scriptures, and w i t h e very h onest man's unsophisticated convictions; therefore, to t emporize w ould be c riminal. " A r ough truth is b etter t han a smooth falsehood." That delinquent is peculiarly g uiltv, who calls evil good, bitter sweet, darkness light; o r who e ndeavours so to commingle them, that no difference is d iscernible b etween the requisitions of r eligion a nd the s olicitations o f v ice. N o d esire is felt to propitiate professing Christians, w hile they steal " souls and hands." Their guilt against G od a nd man who h old s laves in C olumbia, i s equal to his c riminality, w ho sails to Congo and kidnaps a cargo of A fricans ; and it is altogether a burlesque upon every thing sacred for a man-robber to pretend to Christianity; and far m ore dishonourable and injurious to the church, to permit h i m to preach, and rule in the spiritual affairs of i m mortals. M a n y persons to w h o m the severest c ensures apply as s lave-holders, possess other estimable qualities; but can t hat m an be a Christian w ho enslaves his coloured neighbour, who unmercifully whips her, although far advanced i n p regnancv, who gives her no comfort of any species for h er services, and then sells her w ith her offspring for an i ncreased price, on account of the children whom he had k idnapped ? Such men w ould i mmure their \\\Me fcllowcitizens i n bondage, and ingulph them in s imilar m isery. N o a rgument is requisite to justify a work w hich h onestly defends the rights of man, and opposes " a licensed s ystem of wholesale robbery and murder," and maintains the eternally paramount claims of equity and mercy; w hich develops the absurdity of a ll p retensions to pur" mid undejihd religion i n h i m whose whole l ife i s a ceaseless r otation of stealing and cruelty; points the path of duty to the upright inquirer; and w hich e xpostulates w i t h those w hose diurnal practice is a continual v iolation o f the spirit a nd letter of the moral law, a flagrant departure from the steps o f the Redeemer and his primitive servants, and an o pen disgrace to republicanism and Christianity.


T H E c orruption of the human h eart a nd the deceitfulness w hich a ccompanies it-are inconceivable. A m o n g t he v arious modes by w hich t hey are displayed, the detention of men in bondage indefinite, s hould receive unmitigated e xecration: and the principles upon w h i c h slave-holding i s defended, w i t h the characters.of those w ho e ngage i n its s upport, are most melancholy demonstrations of d uplicity, a nd of t hat p romptitude w ith w hich m en can be deluded to change the truth of God into a lie. I s it not a fact too a larming t o.be recorded without the utmost dread, and w i l l i t not in futurity be deemed almost incredible, t hat a s ystem w hich i ncludes horrors tenfold more than E g y p tian s ervitude is incorporated w i t h m ost of the religious! a nd c ivil i nstitutions, w hich are established in this land of b oasted freedom ? " Will subsequent ages c redit so monstrous a s tatement: t hat p reachers of the gospel, eighteen h undred years after angels had sung, on earth, peace, good will to men, w ere characterized as proverbially devoted p articipants in all the enormities and iniquity of manstealing? and nearly sixty years after the promulgation o f the Columbian Declaration of Independence, practicably r eprobated its self-evident trullis, as unsound propositions, because t heir covetousness, and their barbarous robbery of the rights of man w ould h ave been restrained. T hat any persons should have imbibed effrontery sufficient to commence and persist i n an infernal t rade w ith the bodies and souls of men, where the i llumination o f the G ospel d etermines our duties, r esponsibility, a nd destiny, is p roof m ore than ample, of the innate tendency of the hum a n race to every moral obliquity. W h a t apology shall b e patiently heard, at the p resent e ra, for upholding a traffic w hich n ecessarily includes every species of i niquity, a nd w hich i s the offspring of ac. unhallowedavprice -that c onducts to h ell ? ' '. .'    : ' . '       ' ,



T h e cunning and pertinacity w ith w hich m en, who h ave not the plea of ignorance to excuse their aberrations, maintain and justify their ungodly practices, is a m ost lamentable and irrefragable testimony of the vitiated p ropensities of the s oul. B ut although, it is scarcely possible to discover an i ndividual w ho w i l l c almly p alliate the e vil n ature o f those m ore flagrant transgressions of the moral law, those p lebeian violations of decency w hich are equally debasing and disgusting; yet, they who denounce these c rimes and the p erpetrators o f them i n t erms o f u nqualified reprobation, w i t h e qual zeal w i l l e xcuse m ore fashionable sins, especially i f they are menaced w ith the consequences of their guilt. T h e conduct of religious professors and rulers l oudly d emands the s everest c astigation. It requires more than C hristian c harity to a llow m any persons the characteristic o f sincerity; for the contradiction is so vast, t hat i f the h ighest interests of the human f amily w ere not connected, t heir discrepancy w ould e xcite r idicule. B ut as man's e ternal doom is indissolubly combined w ith the rectitude o f h is p resent p ractice; the heart i s filled w ith the k eenest c ompassion for t hat o bduracy w hich rejects truth, for t hat b lindness w hich t ransmutes i ts i ndividualising q ualities, a nd for that h ypocrisy, w hich, to evade scriptural censures, d istorts the book i nto a sanction of the vices that i t unequivocally c ondemns. H u m a n i nconsistency and corruption cannot be developed i n a stronger light, than by a dispassionate review of t he multifarious artifices w hich a re adopted to v eil t he h orrors of slavery, and the evasions by w hich the charge t hat they are the most enormous sinners against God and m an, is repelled. H a d this compound of all ungodliness n o connexion w ith the church of Christ, however deleterious are the effects of it in p olitical s ociety, however necessary is its immediate and total abolition, and however p regnant w ith danger to the Union i s the promulgation of t he system, to legislators the redress o f the e vil w ould h ave been committed. But slavery i s the golden calf w hich h as beeji .elevated .among the tribes, and before i t '. t he'priests, anrttlje K illers; a nd the nominal sons of Israel,

P I C T U R E OF S L A V E R Y .


eat, drink, rise up to play, worship, and sacrifice   there are Balaams a mong us, who prophesy i n the name of the L o r d , b ut covet the p resents o f B a l a k     w e have an Aclian i n the camp, whose unsanctified love of money troubles u s   this is Delilah, w hose fascinations have bewitched C hristians, u ntil they are i nvolved i n impurity and murder   this is the idol which the children of Israel have set up in their hearts: the stumbling-block of iniquity which the house of Judah have placed before their faces   this covetousness r ecoins the thirty pieces of s ilver for w hich J udas betrayed his Lord   and this is that love of the present world, for w hich D emas forsook the Apostles' doctrine and f ellowship. T h e M osaic l a w declares every slaveholder a T H I E F ; P aul the Apostle classes them among the vilest c r i m i n a l s ; the Presbyterian confession of faith asserts, t hat he is the m ost g uilty o f all thieves; the Methodist book of d iscipline a vows, t hat no man can have a sincere desire to "flee from tlie wrath to come," u nless he refuses to enslave, buy, and s ell h uman flesh; " the supreme l a w of the l a n d " f ormally p ronounces that h is practice is totally irreconcilable w i t h the principles of justice and h u m a n i t y ; " and the b ills o f r ights promulge, t hat the immunities of man, w hich are i ndispensable to the possession of l ife, the acquisition of p roperty, and the enjoyment of happiness, are natural, i n herent, and inalienable. Therefore, every man who holds s laves, a nd who pretends to be a C hristian or a Republican, i s e ither an incurable i diot, w ho cannot distinguish good from e vil, or an obdurate sinner, who resolutely defies every social., m oral, and divine requisition. T he d enunciations of the sacred volume must not be m itigated. T h e predominance of v icious t empers, and the consequent e xhibition o f unholy conduct, are totally i ncompatible w ith the instructions and the example of Jesus of N azareth a nd his Apostles. A direct and incessant v iolation o f the eighth commandment, cannot be compounded w ith the rectitude w hich C hristianity enjoins. T h e worst o f a ll t hieves, is not the most devout believer. That internal c hemistry, w hich e xtracts the essential qualities of g enuine r eligion, a nd then combines the caput mortuum


P I C T U R E OP S L A V E R Y .

w i t h c onstant crime, t hat i t m a y b e palatable to an ignorant o r c areless conscience, must be opposed. T h e complicated e normity of kidnapping, and the hypocrisy w hich h e displays, w ho while he is a perpetual thief, wishes to be h onoured as a Christian ; who, while he p reaches a nd rules i n the church, s teals h is neighbour, and dooms his brother to wretched and endless servitude, must be, i n p lain s criptural l anguage, reprobated. T h e most obdurate a dherents o f slavery, are preachers o f t he gospel, and officers and members of the church. A s on of B elial i s easy convinced. H e offers no palliative. H e d enounces, although he p erpetuates the e v i l ; b ut conceiving h imself absolved from all moral obligation, he i s d esirous to participate in the gain, as long as it can be g rasped. Christians defend man-stealing. T h e y marshal t he examples of men, who l ived n ot under the moral code d ispensed by Moses. They misinterpret varied regulations o f h is law, and thereby transform truth into error, and the d ictates of justice into the vilest improbity. They c laim the silence of our L o r d a nd bis apostles and evangelists, as a p roof t hat s lave holders then were innocent; a nd they a ffirm, t hat no N e w Testament command or denunciation i s d irected against involuntary servitude. These wrest the scriptures unto their own destruction ; being led away with the error of the loicked. T o tolerate slavery, or to j oin i n its p ractice is an insufferable crime, w hich t arnishes every o ther good quality. F o r whosoever shall keep the law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. I t is duplicate m alignity. T h e word of G o d , is transmuted into i ndulgence for sin. Infidels and worldlings are encouraged to b elieve t hat C hristianity is a mere deception, when its e xpositors and disciples contend for " injustice and inhumanity" by the gospel; what blasphemy ! and slavery, w i t h i ts abettors, i s " a mill-stone hanged about the neck" o f the church, from w hich she must be loosened, or she w i l l " be drowned in the depth of the sea." T h e flagitious acts, concerning slaves, w hich C hristians d aily a nd p ublicly p erpetrate w ithout remorse, are a just s ubject of animadversion. Repentance, reformation, and r estitution, are much more suitable for a slave-driver, t han

P I C T U R E OF S L A V E R Y .


the p alliation o f his g uilt, o r excuses for his enormous c r i m e ; a nd it is the height of delusion, to suppose h i m an " acceptable" believer, who detains his fellow-man i n the most dreadful v assalage. But the most g uilty a nd daring transgressor is a gospel minister, who steals, buys, sells, and k eeps his brethren in slavery, or supports by his taciturnity, or h is smooth prophesying, or his direct defence, the C hristian professor who unites in the kidnapping trade. T r u t h forces the declaration, t hat e very church officer o rmember, w ho i s a slave-holder, records himself, by his o w n creed, a h ypocrite. W h a t s hall a n expositor of the truth do ? dare he connive a t e vils w hich obstruct the prosperity of the church ? T hough c onvinced of the absolute i mpossibility to reconcile the bondage and traffic of men w i t h e vangelical philanthrophy ; s hall he hold his peace, a nd refuse to combat the i njustice, a nd to expunge the inconsistency of professing C hristians, w ho are participants in " a system of incurable i njustice, the complication of every species ot i niquity, t he g reatest p ractical e vil t hat h as ever a fflicted the human r ace, and the severest and most extensive calamity recorded i n the history of the w o r l d . " B ut h ow s hall a n earnest c ontender for the Faith, which was once delivered to the saints, a ct ? d are he cry P E A C E , w hen G od declares there i s no peace? d are h e deliver s mooth things, when God urges penitence and reform? c an h e scrutinize this mass of corruption, and not warn h is f ellow C hristians to touch not, t aste n ot, handle not ? dare he, from dread o f o ffending, d isobey the books of w hich h e professed bis belief, and to w hich h e promised a conscientious practical conformity ? A n d w i l l h e burden his s houlders w ith the curse of handling the word o f G o d d eceitfully ? w i l l h e l oad h is conscience w ith the c onviction, that, w hile m en are deceiving themselves, he uses n o m eans to remove their destructive delusions ? w i l l he conceal the truth, w hich unfolds the endless evasions and artifices o f sin and Satan, to insnare the soul in perdition e verlasting ? a nd dare he deny the evident, undeniably c orrect interpretation of the word of G od, to teach the per-


P I C T U R E OP S L A V E R Y .

v erse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and d estitute o. the truth, t hat g ain is godliness. T he B ible, the unbiassed convictions of every man's c onscience, a nd the natural s ensibilities o f the heart, establish t his doctrine : hut officers and members of the church e ndeavour to intimidate and silence the promulgers of t ruth : w hile the shameless a ttempts w hich h ave latterly b een made, to sustain a system of merciless horrors upon e vangelical p rinciples, and by men whose authority w i l l be adduced, and whose example w i l l be imitated by the t houghtless and the covetous, imperiously require the exertions of those w ho w ould preserve the character of s incere Christians. T hat so monstrous an anomaly as A merican m an-stealing s hould ever have existed, almost surpasses c redibility: b ut t hat M essiah's d isciples s hould be g uilty o f this highest t ransgression against human nature, and defend its abominations, never c ould h ave been believed, were not the awful fact indisputably v erified. T he u niform conduct of slave-holders who profess C hristianity, i s denied as " misrepresentation." Notorious facts are contradicted, upon the plea of " exaggeration." A n a version to detaining men in the basest, i rretrievable d egradation, is reprobated as " the offspring of a turbulent a nd factious spirit." Attempts to extirpate black slavery are denounced as the " fanaticism of reckless maniacs," a nd the " firebrands of enlhusiastical incendiaries." A s olicitude to terminate the agonies of violated females, and the tortures o f two m illions o f A merican c itizens is l a m pooned as " the poetry o f p hilanthropy." A n d even C hristian efforts to meliorate the mental, moral, and religious c ondition o f our coloured people, are not o nlv r eviled, b ut a uthoritatively a ttempted to be n ullified by legislators and j udges, who, l ike t heir prototype characterized by C hrist the L o r d o f a ll, n either fear God nor regard man. A l l t his s hameless complication of i niquity i s boastfully perpetrated by men who have the impudence to a ssume the stations of gospel ministers, and officers in the C hristian c hurch. Y e s ! I t is the misrejn-csentalion w ith w hich they charged

P I C T U R E OP S L A V E R Y .


E lijah, w hen, on M ount C armel, h e denounced the priests o f B a a l as the soul-destroyers of the Israelites. It is the exaggeration w ith w hich the Jews calumniated Jeremiah, w hen h e delivered the tremendous information, t hat, for e nslaving t heir brethren, the L o r d proclaimed liberty to the sword, the pestilence, and the famine. I t is the turbulence w hich c haracterized Peter, when he avowed before the S anhedrin, that he would obey God rather than man. I t is t he factious spirit w hich w as imputed to Stephen, when he d eclared the truth to the J e w i s h c o u n c i l ; Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and cars, who do always resist the H o l y G host, as your Fathers did, so do ye. I t is the worldupside-down-turning d isposition, w hich e mboldened P aul t o preach repentance a nd the resurrection of the dead to the A reopagiteS. I t is the turbulence for w hich t hey r eviled M a r t i n L uther, when he dared to defend the truth, t hough R o m e a nd her imps had determined to destroy h i m . It is the factious spirit, by the influence of w hich, J ohn K n o x s ilenced M a r y o f Scotland, when he assured her, t hat h er j udgment, being unenlightened, conducted her into the p aths of error and i rreligion. A n d it is that misrepresenting, exaggerating, turbulent and factious spirit, w hich p eopled t he C olumbian w ilds, r ather than surrender to any tyranny, the rights of man, and the i llumination o f the B ook. 0 for more " misrepresents " w ho have the boldness to d isplay the abominations of American citizen tanners ! O for m ore " exaggcrators" w ho w i l l h eap ceafusion upon pretended C hristians, by l ucidly d eveloping their constant v iolations o f the eighth commandment! 0 for more turbulent a nd factious souls, w ho w i l l n ot connive at officers and m embers of the church, stealing men, w ith i mpunity, and w ithout c ensure! 0 G od, grant us all the exuberance of t hat s pirit w hich i mpelled the reformers, the martyrs, the prophets, and the a postles of Jesus C hrist! A m e n . T herefore, b eing decided against any compromise between justice and injustice, gospel sincerity and human d issimulation, a nd to combat this G oliah o f i niquity, the sling and the stone are taken. " Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God ?"


P I C T U R E OF S L A V E R Y .

SLAVERY OPPOSED TO T H E L A WOF G O D AND MAN. S o a bhorrent f rom o ur natural sensations is the system o f s tealing, b uying, s elling, a nd enslaving i mmortal c reatures, t hat i t is difficultaecurately to delineate this wretched d egradation of m a n . A slave is a rational, responsible being, ivith an abject mind and broken heart; without any will: all whose rights arc robbed; whose liberty is despoiled, mid whose life is prolonged at the No difference i s perceptible between the traffic i n human flesh o n the coast of A frica o r in the interior of A m e r i c a . E v e r y s lave i n these s tates i s as notoriously kidnapped, as i f they h ad b een p urloined f rom G u i n e a : a nd he w h o c laims a c oloured c hild a s his property, and nurtures and detains it i n s lavery, is equally a man-thief w ith the nrgro-stcaler o n the G old C oast. T hose p ersons who denounce the A frican jlcsh-mcrchant, a nd w ho scon to admit, that the imported souls c ould n ot h ave been j ustifiably c aptivated, deny t hat t hey unrighteously g rasp their brethren, and denominate themselves " innocent slave holders:" b ut this is self-confutation. C a n that be innocence i n the temperate zone, w hich i s the acme of all guilt n ear the equator? can t hat be honesty i n one m eridian o f l ongitude, w hich a t one hundred degrees e ast, i s the c limax o f injustice ? and w ould n ot he who appropriates to h imself a ll the c hildren b orn around h i m , i m mediately a s they enter the w orld, u pon the same p rinciples, m ake a descent upon C ongo, a nd kidnap a ship l oad ? N o r eal d istinction e xists between h i m , who steals the w oman from h er husband, the c hild f rom i ts parent, or the w hole f amily, o n the eastern or the western shores of the A tlantic, w hether for exportation or domestic vassalage. T hese i dentical i ndividuals w ould r age, i f it were attempted thus to exculpate any other f elon. I nnocent horsethief i s more consistent language than innocent s lave-holder; for the crime of the latter exceeds that o f the former, a s much as the l imited a nd temporary powers of the a nim a l a re surpassed by the extensive capacities and never-

P I C T U R E OP S L A V E R Y .


e nding e xistence of m a n . " W e k n o w men to w h o m the t ruth is hecome u nintelligible, i n consequence of the disguise in w hich they have taken the pains to clothe i t ; and w ho h ave accustomed themselves to palliate v ice, t ill t hey are incapable of perceiving its turpitude." H e that s tealeth a man, and selleth h i m , or i f he be found i n his hand, he s hall s urely be put to death. E x o dus, x x i . 1 6. B y this law, every man-stealer, and every r eceiver o f the stolen person, lost his l ife : w hether the latter stole the man himself, or gave money to a slave-captain or negro-dealer to steal for h i m . A l l k idnapping and s lave d ealing are prohibited, whether practised by i ndividuals o r the state.   Adam Clarltc. I f a m an be found stealing any of his brethren of the c hildren o f Israel, and makelh merchandise of h i m , o r s elleth him, then that t hief s hall d ie. Deuteronomy x x i v . 7 . C hristianity h as annihilated t hat d istinction of nations w hich w as once established ; every m a n is now our brother, whatever be his nation, complexion, or creed. H o w t hen can the merchandise of men and women be carried o n, w ithout transgressing this commandment, or abetting those who do 1 I f a m a n steal a horse or sheep, he is condemned ; but i f he steal, or purchase of those who steal, h undreds of men and women, he not o nly escapes w ith i mpunity, b ut grows g reat b y this unnatural commerce! A ccording to the l a w of G od, w hoever stole cattle restored four or five fold ; w hoever stole one human being though a n i diot or an infant, must die. H e who stole any one of t he human species, in order to make a slave of him, or to s ell h im for a slave, whether the t hief h ad actually s old h im, or whether he continued in his possession, was punished w ith d eath: but i f we are true C hristians, we s hall h ave no occasion for penal s tatutes to restrain us f rom s teali n g or enslaving our brethren of the human species, and t rading the bodies of men.    Scotl. T hou s halt not deliver unto his master, the servant who i s escaped f rom h is master unto t hee: H e s hall d well w i t h thee, even among you, in that p lace w hich h e s hall c hoose, i n one of thy gates w here it l iketh h i m b est; t hou shalt n ot oppress h i m .     D a v i d s aid to the E g v p t i a n , canst thou 2*


P I C T U R E OF S L A V E R Y .

b ring m e down to i bis c ompany ? and he said, swear unto m e by God, t hat t hou w ilt n either k i l l m e, nor deliver me i nto the hands of my master, and I w i l l b ring thee d own t o this company.   Take counsel, execute judgment; make t hy shadow as the night in the midst of the noon-day: h ide the outcasts, bewray not h i m who wandereth.   Thou s houldst not have stood i n the cross-way, to cut off those w ho d id escape; neither shouldst thou have delivered u p those who did remain i n the day of distress. A s thou h ast done, it s hall be done unto t hee: t hy reward s hall return upon thine own head. T hese scriptures proclaim that s lave-holding is an abomination i n the sight of G o d : for it justifies the slave in a bsconding from h is tyrant, and enjoins upon every m a n to facilitate his escape, and to secure his freedom. Does t his injunction comport w ith a C hristian's advertising as a f ugitive c riminal, a m an who has merely fled from h is cruel c aptivity, or w ith b is aiding to trace and seize h i m who h ad t hus b urst f rom " d urance v ile ? " It is a reiteration of the theft: yet he professes to be influenced by the G o s p e l ! B u t the man-stealer states, t hat t his is injustice, as it destroys his property; and t hat it is b ase to aid a slave to fly f rom h is chains, or not to assist in recapturing h i m . W e r e the master placed in s imilar m isery w ith the v ictim 01 h is cruel avarice, and he should escape, rather than be s eized, he w ould s lay the assailant. H i s heroism w ould h e honoured, and his contest for freedom being righteous, h e w ould he exonerated : but i f a coloured person wounds a k idnapper, he is ignominiously executed, and almost w ithout f orm : for the t rial o f negroes is the highest burlcsquevpon t he administration of justice, that d espotism ever devised. " For 'tis established by your partial laws, N o slave bears witness rri a white man's cause. Beings you deem them of inferior k ind, D enied a human or a thinking mind. Happy for your slaves, were this doctrine true, W ero feelings lost to them, or given to y o u ! " A m an cannot assist in seizing a slave, and robbing h i m a gain o f his liberty or l ife, w hen he is inculpable before

P I C T U R E OP S L A V E R Y .


s ociety, w ithout v iolating the l a w of l ove, a nd the c omm a n d of G o d . " S lavery! virtue dreads it as her grave Patience i tself i s meanness i n a slave. Y e t i f the w ill and sov'reignty of G od, B id suffer it awhile, and kiss the rod, W ait for the dawning of a brighter day, A nd snap the chain the moment when you may!" T he p rophecies are f illed w i t h d ivine denunciations a gainst Judah and Israel, for their oppression, fraud, rapine,    cruelty, a nd the varied enormities w hich o riginated in their c ovetousness ; and T y r e was destroyed for having traded t he persons of men. T he g ospel censures these s inners w ith c elestial authority. P aul c haracterises the Romans who were slave-holders, as inventors of e vil t hings without natural affection, i mplacable, a nd unmerciful. A m o n g the most corrupt transgressors, he classes manstcalers. T h i s c rime among the Jews exposed the perpetrators o f it to capital punishment; and the apostle classes t hem w ith s inners of the first rank. T h e word he uses, i n i ts o riginal i mport, comprehends all who are concerned i n b ringi