Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848, by Robert Morrison and John Wilson. From this early start the fraternity has grown to some 121 chapters, boasting a membership of over 80,000.
Kentucky Epsilon received its charter in April of 1901 and has enjoyed an active role in fraternity life down to the present time. At present the Phi's have a membership of 62. Since our beginning some 600 Phi's have passed through our doors to add both character and person to our house and have passed to us the tradition we carry today.
Phi Delta Theta's new fraternity house, a sketch of which is shown above, will be strategically located on Clifton, near the proposed "Sorority Row." The modem stone building will be completed by the fall of 1956, which will relieve the worry that one of the parties in the basement of 200 East Maxwell will bring the "splinter palace" down around the not-so-level heads of the Phi Delts.
Capping last year's round of parties was the annual Derby Eve Formal at the Boiling Springs Country Club. A cocktail party was held at Charlie Jett's before the dance. Leslie Morris, chosen Outstanding Phi of 1954-55, was presented an award at the dance. The social season of the fall semester was adequately launched by a hayride to High Bridge, a French Maid Party, and several old-fashioned blasts at the house. The annual Christmas party sent everyone home for the holiday in jovial spirits.
Phi Delta Theta, always well represented in intra-murals, pulled down second place in track and the bicycle race last spring. This fall's program was well begun with an un-football team in regular season play. The Phi's placed seven men on the University's varsity team: Maloney and Mitchell in football; Atkins and Teague in tennis; Brown, golf; Rigby and Marston, baseball. Jack Marston won intramural handball this year.
Politically and in campus activities, the Phi Delts are active, having four men in the student government; "Chip" Rice, vice-president; Bill Billiter, Arts and Science Upperclassmen Representative; Walt Cur-rie, Engineering Upperclassmen Representative; and Stan Chauvin, Arts and Science Lowerclassmen Representative. Bill Billiter, present president of the fraternity, was elected to Lamp and Cross, senior honorary, and ODK, national senior men's honorary, as was Henry Bennett. Chip Rice, vice-president of SGA, was tapped for Lances, junior men's honorary, as was Howard Dohrman and Mike Hunt. Bob Lee was chosen for Scabbard and Blade, ROTC honorary. "Deac" Schirmer and Sam McCandless were initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, scholastic honorary for freshmen and Keys, sophomore men's honorary. At last term's graduation exercises Leslie Morris, as Outstanding UK man, received the Sullivan Award.
Officers: Bill Billiter, president; Don Gravett, vice-president; Bobby Lee, secretary; and Mickey Miefert, treasurer. Col. Henry H. Rogers, acts as faculty advisor.
Actives: Forrest Reeves, Bill Billiter, John Y. Brown, Bob Lee, Charles Scott, Chip Rice, Don Gravett, Buddy Willis, Mike Hunt, Mickey Miefert, Dick Maloney, Ronnie Atkins, Gus Collins, Ovid Johnson, Sonny Henderson, Stan Chauvin, Sam McCandless, Allen Schirmer, Vance Harper, Nick Berry-man, Bill Setzer, Jack Rigby, Howard Dohrman, Bill Sims, Carroll Teague, Herb Scharff, Chenault Woodford, Bill Essig, Waller Rodes, G. F. Russman, Bob Scott, Jack Richardson, Gross Lindsey, Billy Mitchell, Roger Hubbard, Neil Clay, Bill Duvall, Brad Clark, Scott Robertson, Archie Fields, John Meyer, Seott Long, Jeff Layson, Stewart Bohne, Joe Smith, John Brewer, Jack Long.
Pledges: Bill Ashbrook, Luke Choate, Tom Belt, Scott Duncan, Tom Duncan, Roland Ratliff, Buck Lebus, Walter Hougland, Charles Burge, Bill Steineker, John Redmon, Jim Park, Ken Plattner, Lou Haggin, Ted Woods.