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t “I` H E I D E A t
` I
R Vol. lll LEXINGTON, KY., APRIL 6, 1*11 No. gd I
____........».........._._..____.”_______ I
§ EVOLUTION OF LITERATURE. Oli. the Miltonic litertateur, who heltl \‘¢·t‘sity. The followint; will illustrate <»l` its intrinsic yalue as zi great liter-
`   ____ the chair of linglish at the l*niversi- what other men and critics ltnvt- ary prorluction. hnt l»··¤·ansr· of the
, t _ Great Work BV Prof. Mackenzie tyof·l·Zdtnburg, developed in Prof Mac. th»>u;;ht ot` his ability as a writcr; iiarrn l`rien<1shi;» —.—.·lti<·h exists he-
_;__ kcnzie and his class mates an appre- Some time ago, certain ititlivitlu;~il>; t~·.·~en ever; student and Pro-
NOW Being Sold in an parts of the ciation of literary criticism. .'l`his who were engaged in the compilation ?<·s:—or Alackenzic. livery stu-
......... t World. was strengthened by social inter- ot zi serie-s ol` works known as "A Li- dent wants a copy as a souvenir. so
· cnurse with writers like Henry Drum- hrary of Southern l.iterature", l'(‘({ll(‘S- ti-at in alter ycats, when hc takes the
_ _ mond, Ian Xlaclaren. (`rockett and the tctl Prot`. Alackenzie to write a hio- yolnnxc dowti front its place on the
ll was will lll‘—’ ?I"(`m*`Sl l'O$Sll’l€ younggcr school of fiction writers like ;·;raplii<·al sketch ot` I-len Ainslie, shell and reads auain those lines so
ll*_`:lSul"` that me Sludom body l`°‘ Neil and Munro. Greek literature, jus, p,,._t· Won this MIS a,.(.(,mD]iSh_ t·h:ii·zt<·t#·i·istir· of the anthony there
;";\t<°;l)rgli'<>M&;`;n(l·-®i0llf* ;S. lillere Rhltlltlntili obtain-
A the increased opportunities for educa- _ I lmlmismr Ut \ Hlgmm It is not easy fm nlm-h llmmlwlgg from lm teach-
mm. me publication Ol. books has . Tit to resist the temptation to (ima- at. ll!*!`0l the instructor. he gained even
been luultiplicd at an enormous rate. VT ,_, {I fputlon [0 vertnln Of Hulse Sketphos: lllUIk·'\\lS(lt)lll ll‘OI11 lll? \‘.'()llflOl`i\ll ll9l‘-
g The librarians and b0Ok_S(_u€rS have   _ _- _ to the wonderfully sympathetic one in rollallll Ol ill" man lllmsoll-
Calculat/Gd that about 8000 new books =   which Alexander. St. (`lair Mackenzie .._.....•....--
are published annually in the United     .     makes Hen Ainslie a real and engross- STATE WINS HER FIRST GAME
States, but of these scarcely two per T   I _  iw   ins: personage to even those who nev- CF THE SEASON.
cam can my claim to Originality. It v  _ _  TV _   if er knew him. This reference will ap- ____
is not easy to extend the boundaries l     Dffar all the ,mOr€ complimentary Dcfeats K¢"W<>k>’ W°$l°Y¤f'• in E*·
of human knowledge, yet this is what   `&,;  Ql_§;¥l ll hen one Teiahzes than of lh? tlvemy °ltl"9 ElQhth‘l"'”l"9 Flnlsh-
Seems to have been done by the PI_0_    A -tw or more xx riters engaged in this un-
fessor of English at our university   flelllaklng} only four were gwen Spec` Burruss is Bat Star.
in his HEVOIUUOH Of mtemturey,   tal mention. They were Prof-, Mac-
In this age of hurry and bustle, l`°nZi°" H<>¤r‘>’ wattersom Qdmlr °f He Gets Two Doubles and Three Hits
everyone's time is precious. One rea- —- the C0um€r`JOumal’ Pr€Bld?n_t ln FlV¢ Times UP-
lizes that in delving into the mass of Alde_mum’ clnd_ DI" Kem' Of the lim` ·——·
literary production, the wheat must verslty Of Vlrgmm BY all €X€itl¤g Plsill l¤¤i¤g rally
bg wimwwgd from the ch3_ff_ It is The l>¤l1llSll€’i`S of this ¤€W beck in which three runs were scored, the
this realization that is responsible for me T- Y· Crowell & (lO·· Of New Slate ll¤lV€¤`Sll3' l>i15€l>3ll team l¤3·¤·
the question yvhich arises Writhin the Y0¥`k. Wl10S€‘ r€D¤t6tl011 for lSSl1l¤f¤ gurated its 1911 season on Stoll field
mind of the reading public upon the tasteful books is S€€0¤d te ¤0¤€· yesterday afternoon by defeating the
consideration of any new literary ` ` V Tllelr list of Publlcatlons (`omllrlse team fl'OHl Kentucky \V€Sl€}'&l1 Col- I
work. witat were the authors quam. *‘*“"‘· “AC**ENZ‘E· *~‘¤r*¤¢» ¤f lest-. of wt¤<~neste¤·. 4 to 3. righting
fications for the task? \Vhy should dor, was studied under Sir R, C. (`“l“mbla· and Olller Sollolars "9l”`€" all Ulrlllll Tlgllt ¤Yl<*l` the 5*-’<`0lld ln`
` l read his views on a certain subject? Jebb. who at his demise, represented Semi"? Such ¤¤lV€l`Slll€S 85 B¥`0“‘¤· ning. when the visitors scored their
ln this particular instance, we are ab- the University of Cambridge, in Par- (`l‘l"8g0· John H°l’kl“S· I·¢·l¤¤d Sl8“‘ 0¤\lY NUS-
undantly satisfied as to the author’s liament. The first lessons in Hebrew f*“`d· l’*`l“°<‘*0¤· 'l`0¤‘0¤t0. Yale and Neither team scored in the first in-
quauHc8ti0uS_ Came, I-mm Davidson of Edinburg, Virginia. ning although the first man up on
Upon inquiry among some of his the Nestor ot` his time, and eotiipaii- We do not feel qualified to review each side drew free thansportation
friends and associates, we have learn- tive Philology was studied with tin; Prot`. l\fackenzie‘s book as it should to first and reached second on sacri-
ed that he is one of the few teachers aid of the famous Max Muller, Ed- be done. but every one will agree ll<‘<°S· “'ll°l`€‘ lll*‘Y ‘=‘i“`ll tiled- “’llll¢‘ the
in America whose early social envir- ward (`aird, Master of Balliol College, that it is a profound and admirable next two men were sein: out- lil
onment was Gaelic rather than Eng- Oxford, was the lecturer in Moral work which will add to the dignity \\'esleyan's halt' of the second inning
ltsh. This or course accounts for his l*htlosoi»liy. and lustre of our beloved University. ewins t0 Seine seed l*l¤>‘l“g *’“ their
knowledge of Keltic literature and The evolution of Literature is not lt is the first hook ever published side, and the wildness of (`alnaln
lllSt0ry. At the University of Glas- a text-book, but is written for book with the imprint of the State Fniver- Meadors of State, and to the latter`S
gow, which was founded in 1851, he lovers who may never have enjoyed Slty ot` Kentucky. and copies will l¤<‘l< of S¤l*l*0l`l at mul Stage of the
studied under Lord Kelvin, the great- a Vollege education. A text-book is dcubtless flnd their WHY to the elilef siillw- lll*‘ Vlsllurs S*`°""‘l lll"*`€' l`““S
est of modern physicists, from whom usually an exposition of facts ami magazines, newspapers, educational and continued to hold the lead until
RS well as from Tyndall, he acquired principles already known, whereas journals and universities ot both Am- the last half of the eiulttli. iilllltlllgll
a knowledge of scientific method. this volume is new in its plan and erica and foreign countries. Far and the local team threatened to score in
At the Same institution he mastered its conclusions. lt is really the phil- wide people will know or that ltlne every inning but the needed bint-ue
l»0i€i(‘ Bild Rll9l0l`l(* under John Veitch, osophy ol` literature presented scien— (lrass (‘ity in Kentucky, where, with a was not f0l`tllt‘0l\\ll\t-1.
a sou-in—law of Sir Wm. Hamilton and titically, a task for which Prof. Mac- capable and wide—awake faculty. there 'l`he blue and white team made its
N joint editor of Hamilt0n's works. kenzie was eminently fitted because is an institution of learning which is tirst score in the "lucky seventh,"
' Veitch was the last important figure of his previous training and his con- "up and doing" when lturruss singled to right and
among the so-called "Comm0n Sense" tinuous supervision of both the phil- liveryone will heartily boost this came home from first on `Nleador's
school of philosophers. David Mass- osophy and English of our State Uni- hook boost it not merely because long three-hagger over the center

2 rnnzvna ~i
Ask Your Grocer for- tieltler's head. \\'t·slt-yan had done the university.  
.` no tnore scoring, but with a lead of 'l`ht· nuinht-r of hits garnered by the . H
    two runs at the last halt of thc eighth local hoys was twit-o with one over  
D(m,t Forget Hoe Cake Meal svssitni, it still ltttikvti to he sewed lip the ntimht·i* matic by the visitors '··,
xhrie ltr Y0" 'h"'“· N¤·ntlt>t‘s nllowinx: only four hits, while ,
. ` , The Tide T¤f‘¤$~ tiitw we-re tnadc off l~Ztlw·artls, A
  co' H(l)\\'(‘\`(‘l` lllllll!$ '»Vf‘Y`l" (`haYl‘-Fed i•n Burfugg Ca{·f‘l¢$   Honors. \ ..2  
if °` "°0'_ l"°_l` "‘l Il"' °‘* ‘ H l;""°;*MS l»ut‘t‘uss t·:tt‘i·ietl off the batting hon- \, if
l!.• \lSllUl` S S11 lllillll. \\H {Pt YIYCP (,,..4 Ur HIV (I1`. with [1],1,0 hilq tl) hig
_.Q   __   , __ ` ‘   "‘ ‘ CLIFTON
M A R C H mt" ml‘“§*°°`°'0" 00;] lm" TTU "ab <·t‘t~tlit (till ot ltvt· titties tip. two of I%in.higt; B§¤?tE%§iD  
mi aw mul W'°"°°(m in )0w up th in twin; zootl for two buses. Bur- A.   1
GOOD FURNITURE, "_"‘1 hm" S‘f""‘°` Y"0 '#""‘ mm OW" rnss 1tY>t> st·ort·ti one of the four runs The New   ·  
  ¤·*=··—· *·—;==*¤ ¤ #i¤¤==t·¤ $¤·=·S*¤ to to   ..».t... on ,.i..,»...i mt .».~.·...»t.ee Notch COLLARS l l
C;1,1‘pet,s_ Wai] Paper and Stoves. attr for two sticks Then liurruss 2,,,,,,, ts,.,,,, gm 3 ,,,.,,_hmu€,,. and rse.,aror:so. cin.~tt,i·t~ni.o·iy.e t·o.,;tnnme
______1_.L ,   -   .... .. ._._.__________ l"`*‘k*‘ ul' Ml" **0“"' wml 0 “i"‘-` '“`0‘ f\E•·zttl·»rs :1 three ltat:·*t~r anti each fig-
liateuvt to t‘iultt.'i·l1t*ill= <“’<‘l` Sf`0**l*‘ hroti nt tltt· scoring. 'l`t~:ttn holding  
BI       “H0,_Hw mw “0l‘l";` l`§j0·(`({ m lwllge h.»n·~t·s wt rt-· nonriy tvmily tiivmod I
U I ut·t·it.iii;· tn v ns tie inmtester a s , ,1 { . _,,_ W , __ _,_]k I
"Tlls T¢1l]0¤‘ That $¤¤S6€S" u·t»i·o now-ei·l·~ss itefore Nleatlors in £L;,,,,,();:a,ij :3, ,,,,.,1; lf;,,.(,;,:, ,;;,,0:; `
STEAM and DRY CLEANING, 0"` Hm *‘T*“"‘ 0**0 “,""' 0;*1*;* Om"` ‘a‘i..~ hor, st-oro of the nemo follows:    
on easy <·iant·t~s to tie in te t. _
159 S011th Limestone "—'ow The Gamo was Won K°“*¤°kY W°s'°Ya"· I
. , Ali lt ii Pt) A E (Q, C
l’rt·ston was the first man up in . . O-
·   ` ‘ —‘ `F ·~»··---· 3 ‘
States half of the "big" inning and i_`_ll{`_l,l.` I __ L, L 2 0 3
UNIVERSITY LUNCH STAND ;tt`tt·i· having two strikes and one hall ART" t` """"``'`'''   H 1 4   2 THE LEADING ’.
" " ' FS. . . . ........
1`ll'>l ( 0*** l·llU"ll NW1 thllctl on him, he knocked an easy M_ '_ __l\ 4 ` I 2 0 SPECIALTY HOUSE  
' · li*ll Alfhlli v I gl‘Ol1]l(l9I` to ihl]`d Bild \VHS out BI first), (,'(I‘1l]l)}l‘ U hi. . l · · I l I · 4 ll   Z; U U .
.t i tri, noi_i;s n..,,.,» .0 totmett. The state mot- ,.f,,,,° L,,j °‘‘°`‘‘°‘ . . ,, .. -. 1 o Exclusrvc
.»i. `ll. [¥.llf1.’l;l1 t-rs got busy and made a last desper- W tz   ‘‘‘‘‘°`` `f_ 1 , "‘ 0 0 (
(_`o;·_ S, Liine anti Colfstx Sts. ate attempt to DUY Ed“’3¤`d$ UP in *00 (·O;-:,;;,,,1   ' l o · · U   o E)   2 1  
EVERYTHING FQR THE Young was the next man up and on Ld“ardS‘ I) '`'`''' 3 1 1 2 4 0 IN HIGH CLASS
  Plk€*`S fulllblté of 3 llOl. gl'0\1I`ld9l', H10 Total O2 Q -1; Q   .; |      
. . . big first baseman camped safely on `````''''' ° °
D 1 d P t . ` ‘
we Opmg an rm mg station number one. Wesley then State Umv‘:;'g‘H PO A E MILI‘INER'Y‘
Lexington Photo Supply Go_ went to the bat for Cassidy and drew Q Ott 3b 3 1 1 2 3 A
Over Kirby’g Ton (gent Sto,-e a base on balls, advancing Young to géesé C '‘''''‘'` F 0 1 10 2 3 FOR Q
set-ond. The crowd started rooting B ’_   ''``'''' `; 1
more desperately than ever and Ed- _`Il;:;§S’ ''''''’ 1 0 E 3 1 0      
  jtlt   wards was gone. He passed Robin- ;_mn€;S’cfp '''’°°° 3 0 0 3 E 3 ‘
i ` .1. h b ’ wh 1_ V , .·...... • •
ick CR/1L;\`m[ PARLOR goin hl 1ng t e ases wit on y one Preston, SS   3 0 1 0 1 2 Full Line Now on Display
Y e `. Y , 1b ........
AXD LU}\CH STAND Little Scotty strode up to the plate Cgggiy lf g E g 2 g 3        
South Lime and Winslow Street. and after foultng off a couple long Wesley lf 0 1 0 0 0 0 •
ones, picked out a good one and sent Robins;)   ‘'‘°‘‘‘ 3 Imam Street East
it sizzling on a line over short stop u' r '''‘‘' 0 0 1 0 0 ‘
J. J. FITZGERALD for two bases, and Young and Wes- Tom] Ig Z `Q 5 I6 T
HMB ley crossed the plate with the runs ''`''   " _
Steam and Water H°0*tmg Edwards who caught Robinson at the K` VQ,     0 3 0 0 0 1 3 X'4 9 4
269 W‘ Sl‘°‘"°’ ` ' L°"i°g‘°“· K"· ‘°‘“‘° “’* “‘° S°°°“° °“*· ·Ear'ned ltuus grit; 2 0 0 0-3 4 3   &  
  Eyith the $001*0 8 uedat three egclz Two·base hits—Burrus, 2, Scott.
KINKEAD ooAL COMPANY ““ "”° men °“’“ an “‘°“ °“ 'S Three-hose hits-Meadors.
and second, Burruss banged one down S -   · F ·  
_ OYHCE _ Bases on Balls———Off Edwards, 6; of! PTIUQ 1118 U1 l1l’l’\lS mg
L-. md YARD" the right field foul line for two bases Meadow 4 C d H ts d 0 { d
· ‘ 00 S. a an 01‘
No_ 157 N_ Brmdwayl sending Scott home from secondRwith Stolen BaS9S_Eagl€’ Pike, wana _ b l X S
nsnlnoao Yann-c. s. Freight pe. 0‘°t;‘;i‘$“‘“g ’““· ““° p“m“g °°“° Struck out-By Edwards 4; By Z"' “°“’ Emi! Sh°“’“ *0
on r »·
HB"? the run gemng ended when Left on Bases—Wesleyan 5; State  and     Miller and
  Captain Meadors took three counts 10_ Florshrim Stetson
S  &   and ran it out to first. The catcher Sacrifice HitB__Caiu’ Reese, Pr€·_ Shoes   HMS
hesitated in throwing to first long ton- 140W M S
HOME-MADE CANDY enough to draw Reese on third then w'ild Pitch Me . ain treet
· — adors.
turned and threw to Henry on third, Umpi,.es_McG0wan and Shaw ·
      and Roogo wgg run down for the third I  
107 East Miam bt. out of the inning. lt costs a Yale man at least $1,000 Yam tooth ll 1
  Watts, Coffman and Edwards madé 8 Y€&I` OH BH 8·V81‘8.g€ to gO throu h al rece pts were $70’000
G •ff•  Q C one, two, three in their half of the the university, A postal card ognvgg this Y00"· $34-000 W€¤`€ l`609iV¤d from °
rl 1   ninth and the game was over. shows that of last year’s freshman the H¤¤`V¤¤`d 88mG- .. “
The State team appeared on the class, 114 spents an average of $1,- __,_ ,_, , `
Everything 'I'h•t’s Good in fleld for the first time since the spring 330 each; 117 sophomores $1,000 and
of 1909 in entirely new uniforms. 119 juniors $1,133. TM UPM college to adopt a stand-
P R | N T | N G Every mon was given a new suit A ff-——-••-o--— ard flag, authorized by its corpora-
yesterdzr stri; ;1;;;;;;'alb<;i¤h¤;§>l¢l:<;1F vis; ° *:5* ;*’8i:§*“gam”;‘;?}0‘:):)0B“°“* tion, is Pennsylvania, whose nag con- ‘
‘ ‘ re o - , -
140 South Limestone as U g d an sists of two red and one blue vertl- ‘
F ning rally which won the game. The owrnsnt fund. Of this amount $18,- I ' J.
F*Y°m" Phone ·’37‘X new uniforms are of a royal blue with has been promised by Andrew Car- ca “m0°“· with P°¤¤°YlV°·¤*°· '
blue and white stripped caps and ¤68i8 Bild $25.000 bY U16 Citizen! of “m’ °¤ *-00 0100 ‘"`ip° in *00 c°m·°'  
Loxington, . . Kgntugky stockings, representing the colors df Storm Lake. of tho nag. ;

* Q
L T H E l IJ E A
7 `?———·-——~———·——-———····‘ }‘}V<‘¥`>'0¤*‘ who h8S h€8.r‘d him says A large reward is offered to those
L A Penny Swvell DIXON MONDAY NIGHT. •· is ;:r<·nt. who can toll what reagent is required
.T ———- His popular l0r·turr>s are entitled; to vonvvrt Fig Newtons into rocks.
  [3 d Ptflfly Md/It University Chapel at 8:00 P. M. "'l`he Man Against tho Mass", "Tho Give oquiarion. For further informa-
— T ·-—— Square ll··al," "'I`h<· Foming Ameri- tion see M, S. Taylor.
Q We ran .nm·e_;·0u many ;~mm¢_¢ E Last One an The Course Sure To Be pan" and "r;ov¢·rn¤m·m Uwnership".
  { ,,},5,mng you A Winning One. It has not been d¢·finit<·ly 0W<>¥‘ in maimalning €0¤·
]•8.l`li('l1lHI` HUG, A`. C. HS 3. pI°€8.Ch€T`,       sritutional idp8·lS·
    Tom as an author, and Frank as a ____
  popular lecturer. ·
Mr. H. H. Moore Wins Gold Medal.
  "Ilob" Taylor said, "tell the people _____ PIA   F R E E
they cannot atiord to miss Dr. l)ixon’s Splendid Audience present
TALC UM POW DERS 1€m.m·t—.·· ____ —FR°’“·*
AT COST T Frank Diaon lectured in Akwrl. O·. pgluqugm-e has um vamshetl from AN Y D E F E CT
[·()bl'l1a|'y Ihth. A SDl€Udld audience thp part}; as WAS Sh()\\'ll by HIE} Ol`3.· , Y _ I ,I T ,
  the great auditoriunl Of the Y<‘l'i(‘ill ('OHTPSY OI- the ['IHOH LiY9l`3I`y   S "I.·l:“{;)';.‘§)":‘ " " " y0"
-   t l hodist Church to hear him · · . . , · .
The Best Hot Chaco/ate In ""*t· wet I · >»o01ety on last Satutday ew-ning. , ,
th C.! "°*"'“h$“*“d‘"¥i the fact that On the The contest was one of rhe vmsr and     C0_
*·’ I N Same mgm ¤ Lhamber ¤f €¤r¤m¤r¤·=‘ most unique mm has ever been new
banquet was given in honor ot Sec- in historic OT,] Sm,.) mynivm-Sify Cha.  
retary Nagel- of washington- pel. The speaks-rs of the evening, |
, The enthusiasm of Mr. Dix0n’s au- ,},0,, in numbpn ,·_-M-, grggtql M- a  
    C0. dience increased for an hour and 3 fairly large and representative audi-
¥‘a]f· “k“m· at me close Of t¤·¤1€<>t¤¤‘¤·· ence of students, professors and city wants your picture Since you Ten
pm", 154 Your zvmmz Drug saw " bm B f°“h ‘“ p’°'°“g°d “°¥’]°“S°· ~‘iSif<>¤‘S- Th<>S€ PFGSBM were WGH home-so does your
Before   DiXOH could leave t.h€ plat- entertained by oratory and music and
f¤rm· Judge W¤¤¤¤m¤k¤r. <>¤<-> of seemed to be- unusually well pleased 1 SWEETHEART
___.___..  0hi¤’S prominent citizens. arose and and satisfied with me decision of the   ,
addressed Mr. J. F. Bauman, me judg€S_ yvhg wm D, Jamgg K_ pm. CALL AV _
cvmmitweman W}10 had i¤U‘0du€€d ferson, Judge S. M. Wilson, and Prof.     ’s  
mccnm. Gum at co.       I1 Y
Inccorporated uhh" Presidgntx, Said he' uthis is an The jl1dK€S W€l`€ unanimous ill thélf and lg; him help ygu make mother
unusual. occasion, and ealls for unus- decision, awarding The pI.Tz€,_ 3 hand_ happy and also help you to wm
_ _ ual a°U°"‘ We have Just heard One some gold medal, to Mr. H. H. Moore. your
WIII do YOU! SOC1Cty 811d C0lI1· Mr, Moore is one 0f thé TIIOSK DODi1·    
. . ' ` C ·t tl . _
mcnccmcut Inv1tat1ous and Pro-   lar men In the J"m°r_ M55 ° {° with some or those
College of Law. He 1nsp1red his
grams bum than othem   __ _  .-  —   __,   hearers in a happy and charming Om- UP-TO-DATE PHOTOS
    tion, "Life a Success of Failure'?" $139*319-} !`9·¥€B to Students.
N0_ 152 West Main Street T   Mr. Leo J. Sandman delivered 8 ]34l WEST MAIN ST. Faye Ph¤M1635x
2 iiiiii   very good oration on the Sl1bj€Cf. ` "- 
Lexington, Ky. .____,___... .. » ..   Il t   V; "America., the Melting Pot 0f Thé QVER 66 yEAn·¤
  A.     t   \\’orld." EXPERIENCE
- - ·`·»·       _·.. ·4 Mr, R_ W. Tinsley presented in 6.
  _ ,1   ` ° .
T       _ masterful way "The Gospel of Labor".
` _ i·- ‘      ·’·i   _   A He showed depth of thought and care-
    NE J    ‘ {ul preparation of his subject and
ii   great ability as a speaker. T M ma
, B b     “ Each mation was the best of its "§’:·TmQ·
ar cr Op   ‘`‘_   E class and me and the contest as ¤ M __ §_>¤•vd¤·¤•¤= &<=·
The only first class $4,.,,, in Lcxi,.g,.,,,    trit     `i‘l " _,.,.  T   ,, i »~·¤<»¤¤ showed ¤<»-· -*i¤€·· ~*¤¤·==¤ ¤¤¤ g€,3§‘;§‘=}f,`·;j-—%‘§»'¥,;;§,?_·’»,§·,§,§§§;~,§'§§;;$¤§2§%[§§;§]‘§
Y ] P -d · q ' 1 2     .. .   beautiful is the field Of oratory. tionsntrlctlycoutldontlgl. immgggit on mmm,}
a C Onlpd Ourd `pecla ty' `  5, $$3   DEH! {FOG. OIGBII BDC] for IGCUHDK |)iIl8llf.I.
B_   P O ' gi?   "l"""""’ °‘‘`` ` The welcome &ddl'€SS WBS d€HV€I'9d Patonu taken tgrou ln Munn A; Co. rocolvg
* • I pnetor qt, •peclalno¢lce,wItb0ut.ci1•r3• inthe
t ` ‘ by Mr. O. H. Taylor, President of the “   c    
by P¤<·¤id¤¤¢ HGMY S- 88**6* $.P.1?&1°J‘S°}.K}‘l‘é?§¥.2¥32 {332}.2: %%$“.L?2f•?2
  MT,. Moore, the winner of the Con- year; fourmonth•,|l. Bodbynllnawadealon.
V. Y. , · Illlmdwty,
      ii.?:,;IL;?“;$B: h‘;"£t?I;,;;£·;;;1E; “·¥!!'$·§···¥?·¥’·=···-·—~v-···-·Y¥·¥?»‘·?*·¥%F"
Of t_h€_ most eloquent' p°w€rml ged Oratorical (`ontest, to decide who shall
patn°t_l° messages ever dehvgmd In represent the University in the Inter- W I
tm ¤··y· We we ·§ to ¤¤*¤<·>*v¤¤ collegiate Contest, which mm place ¢S 6Y t
F to express °ur °ppm°l°'u°n °t thm some time this month at Danville.
i Always the Best Show, fact. I want to do something I never
, did in my life before on such an occa- '”"‘ °'°"' "“`  
tlways uw Same Price' sion, and that is move a vote of 'I`he number of foreign students at   · ·
K nways moan- Always Good- thanks to Mr. Dlxon." American institutions of learning is — _ , ’
Oftm Ouf»·T8.IkOd— M . Ba ha t ut the vote i me- a idly on the increase. There were MT
‘ diatgly ang tlie great audience :·0so enxolled in 1909 040 foreigners at six        
T Never Ouf»d0Il8. ' ’ ` _ T All work First Class and Guaranteed
\ · Shows D .1 _3_00 TSO 9_00 cheering, while Mr. Dixon bowed his eastern universities, Pennsylvaua. Givemeacan
T y ' ’ ‘ ’ ' ‘ acknowledgements and decended from Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Yale, and 2‘3 T_2 EAST Tum STREET
. TRY TO GET IN. the platform. Princeton, as against 540 in 1905. New- O www

Q y 4 Y¤,r
    At the University of Kansas, seyen iprln    ,  
' fraternatles, representing 170 men,   *4,,
P blt,} (1 ·   Tl slay by the student body of State Fniversity of Kentucky, _ _ _ i  
u qrify g]t;:=ei):·rierl]tmo{` the students. the faculty and alumnae of that mug ¤l¤‘¤¤l»¢d for a course of IBC or I '  
_, hmmm i°n' .- -- tures on t he Ulble, and 200 other · i ll) 
·]*]]]·; ]]]·;_\ s it — t‘t‘<·‘a1 ncwspaptvrttf the l°niversity. ani is issued weltly _ _ _, I _ , `  
during ti]., ;;¤]].,;.· yiigii? llis ehief objtct is to give the college lnews of Kentucl<>‘. mm] me ¤¤t¤<>ll¤¤ Sevoull class mail iiiatter, " . ,=
\\`lI,L H. TOWNSEND, l·Zuitor-ln-L‘hiei.   Rgga] Qxfgrdg ,
[{_ \\'_ 'I`]XS],i·;Y, ,.,. . ..... . ..·-·· · ····· · -·-·-······· · ······.·.. .\$FlStZtlll I‘:tliTlll`   I
I; ]_, ;]_\];X ,,_,,._,.. . ....... - .............. . ......... . ....... .\tlil··tit~ litlitor _
E. L. lllitikljll ........ . ..................... . ........ Assistztnt .\’lil·.ttc l·l·l;·»tr ,_
    N vv Read for  
s. t;. L:tzBt;t:’l‘, llusiness A1.ii,,t,;ti- O V ,
F_ ],_ MARX, Asst. Business Alanugcr. ·l. ll. 5A5lmltb, Asst. Adv. My.    _»
'1°1ri1£U. SL;\l-ll§, Advertising Manager. \\'. A. LL'Rl`l.Y. Asst. Sub. Mgr. . __
\'_ ]__ l)U\\`XlXt·, Subscription Mgr. E. J. KUHX, Asst. Sub, Mgr, New         _
Tlthiggsue of The Idea was pre- The next issue of '1`he Idea will he —-—— ‘
pared hy_;he following members of prepared by the following members of .
'l`h• Idea Staff: The idea Staff: € 0
      i¤:»—   Bayless OIC
li. A. liabh. _ , _
  l**·`gl"?“, W A     0. i`:\'t'l`}`lilillg i.l)l` (`ollcgtr Mtéll   i_
. r. >iapinsk_·, _ _
  · , .. tl‘Olll ilvzlti ttl foot. ‘,
Miss laylo.. _
,_ _-_ .-- -- 136 & 138 S. Limestone L
-Y--—·-;j _`__-_`  -——-
  " ` " ~ ' `
M()NDAY.ln a nreat tntntber of the llt‘·‘ lo *lll*t‘l'\`¢‘ Sunday and to do Tll€ Pliltic lll¤‘5l)`lC (JllllCSli`*>lll i
FOR ,.,,]],-we all mei- the this ht must continue to study on  
HOLlDAY,_ t»nuntt·y. Monday. instead Sflllll`d2l}` with no niterruption from
or Saturday, is oh>crted as.u day of lhr routine of tht week. In this way U • • ' I H E  
reweatioii. Those w ho have had oc- tlt·· best results cannot be obtained,    
casion to het-ome familiar with both llut if Monday is uiven as the holi- g
usages are getieraliy agreed that Nltlll- dill-`. lil? lll'(‘;Zl'€tlll of the week is then Q , 0 V _ 0 U I ,
day is Ill\](’il to be ]ll‘€IAt‘l'l'O(i. Sllllllvtl one day and Sunday is left YW (‘O[‘[‘kGL MAA S5rORE
»,~,,,.,.,. uw uumy reasons why is *¤llll'<’l>` l`l'•?rr·i.ai·etl as those of any other day ntl", T`, SSW , ,* " ’ O tl,ltl°?* t».'»‘*'e··•-/~./wd
quently he does not like to heuin pre- and all the tlisadvantarzes of the Sat- mmfwu mum' A mmtmid mit Ot l`    
parina his lessons for Monday imme- urdzty holiday are obviated. Cr GCS, Omg Or more appolntech `
diately on being released from the The "!dea" wishes to suggest the l\€C€$$dYY €XD€ll5€$ lll(‘¢l€l'?ll€·
weeks program just ended and his Monday holiday to the Faculty and For full information reaarding  
studying; is then put off until Sunday, the Students and trusts it may be IlDllOiIlt<’€S, C•OllrSO& of Stlltiy, cost
or the ;;i·eater part of it at least. lf given some thought. of board, etc., apply to
he goes to Sunday School and church, --....-.- ,........-.... H_ S_ B[\]{I{ER’   for the (;€,,,,i,,€
as he should, the morning passes and VESPER SERVICES GREATLY [>R,;S,,·,,;N·,·_
the preparation tf the next days les— —·———    
short——too short a time in which to Lecture to an Untlmelv End. ,, dc ,, U N ,, ,8 nk
_ _ _ _ ` lll l' Ll 8 ‘ 11 OHZ1 3.
aeenmplisli much. even when it tsuti- ————— ]{ You \\',,,,, V L “
lizetl—-and too, one doesn’t want to Services to be Held Again Next i   v    
study then. Again there are the Sunday, P1‘llltCd Mattie? ,;,,,0S, Hai,. C,,,,,,,g ,,0,, 8,,0,.,,,0
church services Sunday evening and . , ,%,,,0, ,,, ,,,0 C,,
t t_____ v . q A ` V . y ,
when they are over there yet usual- “ huh (Umlulb Att°ml°m
it- remains a great amount of work { Vi‘*l`_*"` S‘“""#"f`S “Q""" uhm Slmday We know wliere Vtlll ctlll ;;t·t it . i
,0 ,,0 done ,,,,,0,,,, ,,,.,,00, ,,,0 ,,0,,, attenoon at 4.30 nelock in the an- · ·   , .—
,,,0,,,,,,,,,_ dttoriutn of the liducation Building, j
Prom these (-tri-tnnsraiiws arise the l***d"' ""’ a"Sl’i‘°"S "f “‘° "°“‘“**" Y· Tllli       4 }
$,,,,,0,,,% ,,S0 0, ,,,0 ,0,.,,, ··,;,,,0 ,,,0,,, \\'. (7. A., and under the direction of   ,
,,,,,._·· liean Hamilton. The meeting was   8     · ·,
· . . . . . >
time important sun, the snnieut l¤<·ll<>¤· only first-class Lunch Counter tn I 5
now he has to do part of it at least, did tllld ¢*lll¢*l‘l8llllllt·< l€<‘l¤l`*‘ dll the ,_ ,, the South end of the city. Open _ , ”
or pay the penalty later on, and he Greek Religion, illustrated by slides Un Ullly Ulill kllld day ang night. 4 g
thus hardly realizes that he is meant Ol·,lll'0llllll0-lll ‘(lreek scenes. t, d W. S.   ` _i
to have any recreation whatever. llte auditorium was almost lle . _
gu, above 8]], hg Should be entirely with students and visitors who were     CQTDBT hill! and `B0hV8.r il
R '•
' 4.

 Ht :
I Iitil
  T I1 E I D E A 5
I   __ very a.tt.ettt.ive to the lecture and the anti ltenre they shottltl have more ...  -
‘;IIIr‘   I views presenter! by Dr. 'l`errell. money in the treasury. Nearly every-  
I     2 I IArt ittterruptlon was caused by the Itte who has airy interest ttt trat·k ath- I
I   4  QI I tatlttre ot the lantern, ltr the mttlst of tettts has exprt ssttl :ltt·:ttst·lv;~s tu I
t Ii?   “’ the let ture, wltitlt eausvl general tlis- their tlt·>i:‘e for a rnttttinz: trark to be  
I   \ _; =tpt=·tittttttt·ttt as all wet·e attxittttt-t to tr:tt*·— ttt »·ttttit·t·s.  
I JIII '  IIIIIIII » -=.·<· tl.t~ ettttre le<·tut·e. it will be lit seltottls t:tttt·lt stttullt·r than this   I
  I `“~I.*·ifU   t  IIIIII, . t.»tttrt·nttl on nt xt Sntttlay Iai'tt·rttt:on atttl wItt·t·e tZ.t~. rio ttttt htt·.te the ttttttz- I I
  I I  I,·‘   I ji i~·.  ittt·h time the larttttrtt was ttrotn- ey that we Attttre, thtty >·npj~tt·t tt t·itt-   ‘
I   il" \    I  I?/L i.—t·tl tt. l»t· in utttttl trittt. tier path. tint en Stoll l·`ieltI our :·ttt;— c B I
` `·I I? k       'l"~·· \’t st·t·t· Set·vit·t~s give pt··.tttis•» ttt rs nrt- t~).I,&‘tttt·tl ztt qntt ttn t·izty titrrt   Q Q I
I   I/.·   X tt` itt*Ett;· ttttiit Till t1ttt‘z"ltti\•‘ l'·'Hl’it" is tr\t·t·_t‘t;r~.·· ‘ tt}; ·=··»t’.¢, in ttt:·E(t· I I
I   _ t‘t;ttttt· tht lotta att‘te=t·ttt· Zi .t'I It·i?.·<_   I
 » ··—·-—·•·•*·—······ ?itt.·: tan the ttf it   tttrzrrnittee ex- I I
i . THE MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE · · ·t, ;t.tt.· tgt:. .:.f;;·t.; tttr tit•· tt;tt·k . I
  ’   on LIOOTING BY A CLASSICAL -- ttttt ‘.~Zt··tt ti¤··t··· is ·t—: ··tttiptnt~tt: for i ` &    
        ·L··· =';t r:· tt .»ttt·Z< = t·5.. "éii.t— itrt-ntl jutttp I Q I
· _ I "` .t.·t ·.:t:tt ttt be att oratttr st. rstnt II. .;,.,II;.g   .I,I_.5 IItIII,.,t III gt in I I I
I r.t·t ·tt·t·.— i:l.t— tt ·· o.»=tt·t·, utt out ttt the ·_I .. .,I , _, ..j_I,- I-g.t..gI is ItI(.—,. IIIWI-_ INI" °' ·;"’I`$ I
» I . » .. .. , . L . . . . Itt 'l`. Ii. ltewhurstl
I         I {lil" I" il*'lil Ill ntl!) tL{llllt‘ dlltl l('(lI I_ IrrI_I,]I,. its t y II, ;I·y ·III¤ IIr&II JUIIII) I '/ I
I I I t t`t·t· ·l»·· l·tt»=t·ltztll tt·zrttt. l‘ott't Letttl ti.; tzxtst i·.;tt· ·.ttrit rtt pttle =.·:tttltt»t·s I I
I I <.>tttt— ·t·t· in yt·ttr plat·e ltnt so anti I,_·,.   II,·I tj...II-   I,,._ gt ;II,y»,tI.· . HEADQUARTERS I
I   I Tttttt this Sttritts tt...·t.t·     IT"` i`.`i"}"iT"I;..II.ISI"`I`i I" Iii     ‘`i‘       YI"` FOR ALL I
I I . I ..,ty t|t,rt yttt. t.ttt ttyt l. p into {lll ttta .ltst··;_<_ tIt· tn ;~.t ·.;ttt as tttettt ts ttt.l.
, I t *‘*‘·   t·t th—   .=.P· =t:?titF: to train. .
I ·   II"` I:I""` T-`UII "•‘Il Ill" 1¤l<‘I"‘ `·“·‘Il ‘I"‘ 'i'Y t· szrrtze ts trtt · rtl tht- :=it·»t. 'l`Itet¤· I  
I I     I WI') "'Id “""""I‘ I"‘“" """“I """*I* ttt·— · »t·. tt »t-ttI.;,..-, mt.; .I_.. ,I.,I,I and I
· I   1 ;·!titt;: thtrttt looser atttl itt tltatt wa}: .;I,. Hum g -._.II I,I.III,I,I_,I III IIIIS I S l'
I   I·titt;_irt;·· rrltttttt the i‘tt·li. tl<‘f*]t. trite-l·>