young man who is educated, who has a cultivated taste for literature is independent of

the artificial excitement of city life. With his books around him he can comune

(commune) at will with the greatest minds of all time - he is possessed of a colupanion-

ship which the ignorant millionaire cannot command, He can visit at will the most

distant parts of the earth and behold all the wealth of the world. There can not be

lonliness (loneliness) where there is a well selected library of books and a mind

sufficiently cultivated to appreciate them. In order to make the farm life enjoyable

it must be an intellectual life. An ignorant man on a farm only exists - he does not


     This then must be one of the great aims of this University; To place Agriculture

in the State upon a scientific anad prosperous basis. To follow in the footsteps of the

State University of' Wisconsin which doubled farm values in that State within a period

of about ten years,

                                       Respectfully submitted

                                       Henry S. Barker


     A motion was made that the PresidentIs Report be referred to the Committee on the

President's Report. Motion was carried unanimously.

     The minutes of the Executive Committee were then read by the SGcretary.

     The Motion was made by Mr. Stoll that the minutes be approved by this Board.

This motion was carried unanimously.

     The Motion was made by President Barker and seconded by Mr. Carpenter that the

standing Committees be re-elected for the coming year. This motion was carried

June 4, 1913