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      Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees
of the University of Kentucky, Friday, August 20, 1965, Board Room, Administra-
tion Building,

      The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky met in regular session in the Board Room of the Administration Building
on the campus of the University at 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, on Friday,
August 20, 1965, with the following members present: Dr. Ralph Angelucci,
Chairman, Judge J. A. Sutherland, Secretary, Mr. Smith Broadbent, Mr. Robert
Hillenmeyer, and Dr. H. B. Murray. Vice Presidents A. D. Albright, William
R. Willard, Robert F. Kerley, and Glenwood L. Creech were present as were
representatives of the press,

      A. Meeting Opened

      Following roll call and a report by the Secretary that all members were
present, Dr. Angelucci declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of
business at 1:35 p.m.

       B. Minutes Approved

       On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the reading of the Minutes
of the meeting of the Executive Committee on July 16, 1965 and of the special
called session of the Executive Committee on August 12, 1965 was dispensed with
and the Minutes were approved as published.

       C. Dr. A, D, Albright Represents Dr. Oswald

       Dr. Angelucci indicated that Dr. John Oswald was out of the state and that
Dr. A, D, Albright, Executive Vice President, would present the agenda items
in his place.

       D. Report to the Trustees (PR 1)

       Copies of PR 1, Report to the Trustees, were distributed and Dr. Albright
briefly discussed the items contained therein, Following his presentation Mr.
Broadbent commented on the first item in the report relative to the Tobacco and
Health Research Project, saying that Kentucky was indeed fortunate to havte re-
ceived the Federal funds to support the project since North Carolina had made a
determined effort to get the grant. He expressed confidence in the ability of the
University to carry out this project effectively.



       Dr.Angelucci said that, inasmuch as it was not included in the report, he
would like to mention that Dr, Ben Eiseman, Chairman of the Department of
Surgery in the University Medical Center, had been invited to address the Royal
College of Surgeons in London, England, and had made a brilliant presentation
on the subject for which he has become quite famous, the perfusion of hog liver.

       On motion duly made, seconded and carried the Report on Activities and
the comments of Mr. Broadbent and Dr. Angelucci were accepted with thanks
and, with the usual understanding that copies would be distributed to faculty and
key alumni, were ordered filed.

       E, Recommendations of the President (PR 2)

       In presenting the Recommendations of the President, Dr. Albright indicated
that these were routine in nature and that he wished to call attention to only one
item in it, which was the naming of Professor John Masten as Chairman of the
Department of Economics.

       Since copies of PR 2, Recommnendations of the President, are mailed in
advance and the members of the Board are familiar with the contents, on motion
by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Judge Sutherland, and without objection, the
recommendations contained in PR 2 were approved as a whole and ordered made
a part of the Minutes of the August 20, 1965 meeting. (See PR 2 at end tof Min-
ute s)

       F. Supplemental Recommendations of the Fresident (PR 3)

       In presenting PR 3, Supplemental Recommendations of the President, Dr.
Albright called particular attention to Item I relative to ratification of the action
taken by Vice President Kerley in accepting from the University of Kentucky Re-
search Foundation a grant of the exclusive right to occupy 26, 149 acres of land
at Spindletop Farm for the purpose of constructing and operating an animal care

       On motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Dr. Murray, and without
objection. Mr. Kerley's action was ratified.

       Item II, the conveyance of a deed for the use of a tract of land located
at Quicksand, Kentucky, containing approximately 4, 01 acres to provide a site
for a Plant Materials Center was approved without objection on motion by Mr.
Hillenmeyer, seconded by Judge Sutherland,

       After calling attention to the appointments of Professor Joe Logan Massie
as Chairman of the Department of Business Administration and Professor Clyde
Irwin as Assistant Dean of the College of Commerce, Dr. Albright indicated that
Items III through IX were routine and, on motion duly made, seconded and carried,
were approved as a whole,



       Before taking up Item X, Dr. Albright indicated that recommendations
for three appointments had been received too late for inclusion in PR 3 but should
be acted upon as a part of it, These appointments are as follows:

       Dr. Harriet Rose, Acting Director, University Counseling Service

       Dr. James G. Morris, Acting Director, Department of Mining and
Metallurgical Engineering, College of Engineering, during leave of Dr. Mateer

       Dr. Edwin Dale, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, joint appointment as Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology.

       On motion by Dr. Murray, seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer, and without
objection, the appointments for Dr. Rose, Dr. Morris, and Dr. Dale were ap-

       Item X, Resolution re Kentucky Belle Dormitories, Inc. (a copy of the
resolution may be found as Attachment 2 to PR 3 at the end of the Minutes) was
discussed briefly prior to taking action and it was explained that the Board of
Trustees was not committed in any way by the adoption of the Resolution but was
me rely indicating its interest in and encouragement of private enterprise providing
housing facilities for University students, The Resolution, while not committing
the Board of Trustees to anything; does provide certain safeguards and under-
standings of advantage to the University,

       On motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Judge Sutherland, and without
dissent, the Resolution as presented was adopted and the Secretary was authorized
to so certify to Kentucky Belle Dormitories, Inc, (See PR 3, Supplemental
Recommendations of the President at the end of the Minutes),

       Go Approval of Degree Candidates

       Dr. Albright explained that since the University Senate does not meet
until September, the names of the candidates for degrees were being presented
without prior approval by this body. He requested that Board approval be given
contingent upon subsequent approval by the University Senate and proper certifi-
cation by the Registrar that all persons had satisfactorily completed all require-
ments for the degree for which application had been made, He reported a
total of 341 persons, 181 undergraduates and 160 graduate students were included
in the list which follows:



Candidates for Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

Batson, Jackie David
Curtin, Mary Ellen
Dickenson, Walter Ames
Gardone, Michael JO, Jr.

Jones, Bernard M., Jr.
Poplin, Dennis Edward
Sewell, Homer B.
Wilborn, Thomas Lockart

Doctor of Education

Bruce, Herbert, Jr.
Cantrell, Paul Garnett

Lail, Sue Spears
Morris, Eddie W.

Specialist in Education

McClure, AQ  Walters

Master of Arts

Bain, Martha Doris
Beaird, Chloe Power
Brown, Christopher L.
Brown, Louise Adams
Bugg, Carol Sue
Cella, Doris Barlow
Clay, Brenda Johnson
Dodd, Sue Anna
Eastland, Grace F.
Flecke, M. Joyce Mann
Griffin, Larry William
Lewis, Janice Ann

Malof, Milton
Manning, Carol Sue
McNeilly, Don Quentin
Nims, Josephine Mazzie
Riddell, Sue Ellen
Slone, Gwen Cranfill
Smith, Kathleen M.
Smock, Wendell Hunt
Unger, Edward Daniel
Verbrugge, James Arnold
Wilkins, Herbert Victor

Master of Science

Barber, John R., Jr.
Barrett, Virginia Rapp
Cunningham-,: Jame-s A.
Fox, Philip Michael
Graybill, George R.
Hastowo, Soegyo
Houston, William Eddie
McGinnis, Rose Ann

Miller, James Ernest
Roehrig, Gerald Ralph
Schantz, Richard John
Smith, Edward Pryor
Sutardi, Toha
Tan, Freddy
Weatherbee, James E.
Wirjoamidjoio, Sudiman



Master of Science in Agriculture

Alfarhan, Kassim M.
Brinkley, William R.
Calve rt, Jimmie Ronald
Garrison, George W. ,Jr.
Grise, Verner Neal
Hoskins, Josiah, Jr.
Jacobs, John Allen

Ostberg, Marvin W.
Prewitt, James Thomas
Singh, Tej
Slamet, Margono
Travis, Leroy Keaton
Watson, Frederick Dale

Master of Science in Home Economics

Bellew, Harriet Elaine

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Rogers,Wayne Finis
Sankaran, Sudha

Thomas, Cecil W.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Brown, Donn Ward

Potts, John Kenneth

Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Wu, Lien Shu

Master of Arts in Education

Abdullah, Jacqueline S.
Bagby, Faye Maynard
Bakewell, Virginia Macy
Barnett, Joseph L.
Barnett, Mary Sue Batts
Bates, Charles A.
Beard, Rosalia P.
Blevins, Robert Lee
Boone, Billy Rextoat
Brtan,   Lydia Galliher
Burch, Sara Virginia
Butler, Treva
Campbell, Sidney J., Jr.
Cowen, Robert Smith
Dobbs, Frances Mae

Dunn, Andy
Gander, Marie Louise
Garland, Ramah Kidd
Gash, Joyce Jansen
Gordon, Billy Kenneth
Grider, Curtis Edwin
Grissom, Stephen D.
Harris, Herdisene R.
Heizer, Cecile Vaughn
Huffman, Bonita Lea
Hylton, William V.
Landon, Jon Carolyn
Lawson, Gayle Faulkner
Marshall, Ida Catherine
Martz, Helen Earlyn R.



Mayer, John Philip
McClellan, Lois Dedeaux
McClurkan, Jane B.
McGrath, Michael T.
Moore, Elwyn Lewis
Procter, Alice Ruth
Ridge, Richard Allen
Roddy, James Edward
Roy, Harold G.
Sams, Mary Crowe
Scott, Susan Rush
Smith, Leslie Clay

Stanley, Paul Edward
Taylor, Robert Elvin
Traugott, William M.
Turner, John Wesley
Varney, Muriel C.
Wade, Veda Tyson
Webb, Carol Tracy
Whelan, William P.
White, Betty Jean
Williams, Sara Wheeler
Wise, Stella Hall
Wvrick, Jack R.

Master of Science in Education

Bishop, Reva Ingram
Engelhardt, Robert A.
Gibbs, Peggy Ann
Heagen, Dorothy Ann
Jett, Richard Harold

Poling, Junior Franklin
See, JO Lynn
Wade, Charles Douglas
Whitaker, Luther

Master of Business Administration

Adams, Gary Lee
Blumenshine, Roger Lee
Carroll, Henry Alvin

Coomes, Anthony Earl
Stumpf, Robert Clarence

Master of Science in Library Science

Arnold,Linda Ann
Barber, Raymond William
Barr, Janet Louise Cook
Bryant, John Maxey
Carlson, Albert Paul
Chapman, Lucy Ware
Cole, Herman, Jr.
Deaton, Woodrow Wilson
Gajdik, Ann Thomas

Humphrey, Helen C.
Kirk, Sue Grannis
Mchinney, Mae Belle
Moore, Joyce W.
Morehead, Joseph H., Jr.
Moss, Eugenie Lair
Neafie, Nelle Blackmer
Sutherland, Thomas A,
Zimmer, William Henry

Master of Music

Alberg, Richard David

Warren, Judith Kay



Bachelor of Arts

Allen, Robert Keith
Baynham, J. David
Begley, J. T.
Bellue, John Warren
Birdwell, Harland Bryan
Blyton, Julia
Bodenhamer, Ruth Ann
Brown, Collins Dale
Caldwell, Merrill Slade
Campbel], Donald W.
Clarke, Paula Marie
Combs, James Allen
Deignan, Barbara Ann
Edwards, Barbara Kunkle
Faulconer, Barbara Ann
Gaines, Margaret Scott
Gegenheimer, Sara M.
Glazebrook, George W., Jr.
Gray, Barbara Ann Jones
Grigsby, Jerry Roger
Gross, Monte Dexter
Grunwald, Thomas A.
Gum; Janice Johnson
Haase, Jane Nuckols

Haselden, Mary E.
Holmes, Mallie Todd
Ickes, Jean Ann
Jones, Jean Luckett
Konicov, Beverly Denice
Kuehner, Mary Jansen
Lubman, Maury A,
Maffet, C. Kenny
Mitchell, Mary Cecilia
Perkins, James Franklin
Pollitte, Richard W.
Powell, Eugenia G.
Quimby, John Miller
Reeder, Alvin Stephen
Rhoads, Joan Karen
Robinson, Diane Jeffery
Roelker, Arinda Lin
Shattles, David A.
Shelby, Penny Dillard
Thomson, David Clark
VanHorne, Robert Marion
Wellinghurst, Mary A,
Wood, William Jarmer
Wood.roof, Major G. III

Bachelor of Science

Allie, Donald Gene
Bunnell, Mary Kathryn
Carr, Slade Leroy, Jr.
Day, Victor Warren
Duvall, Walter Harold

McCauley, Joseph Lee
Mills, Robert Tilden
Richardson, William K.
Sledge, Lydia Wells
Withers, Ann Rae

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Pagan, Walter James
Rosenthal, Henry Lee

Sullivan, Margaret P.

Bachelor of Music

Dean, Barbara Nell
Ryen, Vera

Stratton, Ronald M.



Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Adams, Raymond Lawrence
Bonzo, Doyle Thomas
Brookshire, Rodney L.
Brown, Lowry Worth

Chiles, Robert Allen
Good, Jackie Ray
O'Neill, John Albert

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics

Hager, Patricia Ann

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Crace, William A.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Hamblin, Cecil Ronald
Harris, Milton

Kamrani, Ramiz

Kinnett, Kelley Allen

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Cook, Douglas Byron

Bachelor of Laws

Bullock, Robert Vaughan

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Abbott, Daniel Leslie
Adams, Regina S. Wheeler
Allen, Eleanor C.
Allen, Judy Truwin
Alvey, Susan Marriott
Antonini, William H., Jr.
Benton, Virvin Dolphas
Blythe, Sylvia Gosney
Bomesberger, Anne I.
Boster, Judy Landen

Brush, Thomas L.
Bryant, Charles Verlan
Chandler, Bonita Tapp
Charles, Leota Wolford
Chasteen, Donald Ray
Chavies, William Amis
Creech, Chloe
Crouch, Estelle G.
Davis, Margaret Cowgill
Davis, Nancye Carolyn



Eades, Ann Jeffers
Fields, Betty Roseann
Fletcher, Sondra Esther
Fox, Jane Farmer
Garrett, Karen Hill
Gibbs, Robert W.. Jr.
Gilbert, Jemie Lu
Gill, Patti June
Henry, Lelia Bowman
Hoehle; Chris R.
Hoffmann, Fred James
Humble, Elvis Randolph
Ishmael, Charles Ford
Jewell, Marlene M.
Johnson, Alice Tucker
Johnson, Norcie W.
Jones, David E.
Jurek, Marguerite E,
Kells, Marcia Sue
Lambert, Linda Lewis B.
Lewis, Mary Louise
McAbee, Marna S. Wilson
McCall, Nancy Carolyn
Meredith, Ruth Cavender
Miller, Fannie Smith
Miller, Susan A.
Mills, Joe Larry
Mitchell, Hardin Avery

Moore, Jessel Allen
Murphy, Elaine Barbara
Myers, Wallace Berry
Neville, Loraine G.
Penn, Florabel P.
Perry, Larry Kearns
Porter, Dorothy Louise
Ratchford', Jerome
Richardson, Reva S.
Riester, Judith C.
Schulker, Shirley S.
Scott, Daryl Elana
Shull, Daniel Lane
Sloan, Rex Kevin
Slusher, Carol June
Smith, Martha P.
Spicer, Sara Lynn
Stone, Alec Granade
Takacs, Billie Jo
Walter, Theodore B.
Williams, Lawrence D.
Wilson, Linda Lee
Wood, Meredith Louise
Wooldridge, Anne K.
Wright, Opal Pearl
Yadon, Stacia Pearl
Zarger, Kristen Ann
Zirkel, Cynthia Louise

Bachelor of Science in Commerce

Adams, Richard Wayne
Bachmeyer, Roy Wesley
Berend, John Edward
Blincoe, Charles Gonza
Clarke, David Winston
Cornett, Earl McCoy
Creech, Marion Davis
Duncan, James R.
Galati, Joseph John
Heath, Frederick R.
Hutchinson, Richard, Jr.
Kelly, David Lewis

Langford, Randolph F,, Jr.
Paul, James Robert
Peck, Alan Bowers
Smith, Joseph Leo
Stice, Bonnie Young
Sturgill, John Mason
Talbott, John Cotton
Taylor, Marion Redwood
Vance, Robert Dale
Vogelpohl, Thomas J.
Waterfield, Harry L, JI

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Patrick, My-ron C,



Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Hammack, Betty Lou

Bachelor of Architecture

Pinney, Paul Martin

      On motion duly made, seconded and carried, approval, contingent upon
subsequent approval by the University Senate, was given to the list of candidates
as submitted with the understanding that all requirements had been met and the
President of the University was authorized and directed to confer upon each
candidate the degree to which he or she is entitled at the commencement exercises
in May, 1966.

      H. Margaret H. Tuttle' s Service to Library Recognized

      Dr. Albright reminded the members of the Executive Committee that ap-
proval had been given to the retirement of Miss Margaret H. Tuttle at the June
17, 1965 meeting, such retirement to become effective July 1, 1965,  He said
he wished to recognize the service rendered by Miss Tuttle who was a member
of the University of Kentucky Library staff for almost 39 years and to express
appreciation for her loyalty and devotion not only to the Library but to the Uni-
versity as well.

       I. Dr. Paul Nagel Named Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

       In recommending, on behalf of President Oswald, the appointment of Dr.
Paul Nagel as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Albright made the
following statement:

              Early this year, Dean Martin M. White announced his intention
       to return entirely to teaching and research on July 1  The Board
       of Trustees has already expressed to him its gratitude for his years
       of leadership in the College of Arts and Sciences,  In planning for
       Dr. White's retirement from the deanship, President Oswald did two
       things: he named a faculty search committee to advise him in finding
       a new dean; and he appointed Dr. Paul C. Nagel, Professor of History,
       to be Associate Dean, On July 1, Dr. Nagel became Acting Dean.

              Beginning in the Spring, the faculty search committee has sought
       to complete its assignment.  This group consisted of faculty persons
       drawn from the areas of music, English, economics, chemistry,
       history and physiology. The committee was asked to scan the scholarly


community, both on our campus and across the nation, to discover the
persons best suited now to guide the University' s largest college. The
years ahead will be crucial ones for the College of Arts and Sciences.
During the coming year the College may be extensively reorganized so
as to enhance its programs in teaching and research while still accom-
modating large ninnbers of students, To lead in this endeavor,
President Oswald and the faculty committee were agreed that the choice
must be an individual with success as a teacher, a scholar and an ad-
mini strator.

       After a thoughtful search which culminated with the visit to
our campus of persons whom the committee felt were most appealing,
the faculty committee has made its unanimous recommendation to
President Oswald.  This recommendation was based on the premise
that at this critical point in the College's history, if a person could be
found on our campus who was at least as promising as any of those
discovered on other campuses, then that member of our faculty should
be made dean, President Oswald accepted both this premise and the
committee's recommendation with enthusiasm, In behalf of President
Oswald, I convey to the Board of Trustees the proposal that Dr. Paul
CG- Nagel immediately be appointed Dean of the College of Arts and

       It is our opinion that Dr. Nagel is well suited for this position,
He has enjoyed wide experience and success as a teacher,  Beyond
his four years on the faculty of the University of Kentucky, Dr. Nagel
has had visiting professorships at such institutions as Amherst College,
the University of Minnesota, and Vanderbilt University.  He has been
a member of the faculty of Eastern Kentucky State College. Dr. Nagel
is a nationally established scholar in the field of the history of American
ideas.  Last year, the Oxford University Press published his study of
the federal Union as a concept in American thought.  He is presently
preparing an interpretation of the ideological qualities of American
nationalism in the nineteenth century, Dr. Nagel will continue to take
part in teaching as well as in research and writing,

       Dr. Nagel knows the requirements of leadership in this University.
In addition to his work as Acting Dean, he served last year as President
Oswald's Assistant for Faculty Affairs. Such a background will give
both him and the College of Arts and Sciences increased momentum in
the search for excellence,

       With the endorserrent of the faculty search committee, it is my
pleasure to present to the Bc-arnd of Trustees the recommendation that
Dr. Paul C, Nagel become Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences,


       Dr. Angelucci expressed for himself and the other members of the
Executive Committee enthusiasm cover this recommendation and requested
that Dr. Nagel be invited to the meeting so that he might be introduced to the
Executive Committee and to memnbers of the press and also that he be invited
to a future meeting at which time he could discuss with them the program vh ich
he envisages for the College of Arts and Sciences.

       On motion by Judge Sutherland, seconded by Dr. Murray, unanimous
approval was given to the appointment of Dr, Paul C. Nagel as Dean of the Col
lege of Arts and Sciences, effective immediately.

       JO Appointment of My. Leonard L, Wilscn as Director of Develc-pment

       Dr. Glenwcod L. Creech, Vice President-University Relations, made
the following statement relati-ve to the recommendsation., concurred in by President
Oswald, that Mr. Leonard L. Wilson be named Diz-ector of Developtment, a
recently created position under Dr. Creech s E _risdiction:

       I wish to recommend the appointment of Mr. Leonard L. Wilson
       as director cf development, effective upon the date of Bcard

       Mr. Wilson, who is 39 years of age, has eight years experience
       in institutional planning and development.  He received the Bach-
       elor of Arts degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Hastings College,
       Hastings, Nebraska, with history and p)olitical science as major
       fields,  He has completed thirty hours of graduate study in the
       School of Public Relations and Communications cf Boston University
       and the Development Office Institute of the American College Public
       Relations Association,

       in 1950 he joined the administrative staff of Hastings Ccllege as
       admissions counselor,  Having served in the U S. Navy for three
       years during Wo -ld War II, he was recalled to active duty in 1951
       (the Korean War), and upon his discharge in 1954; at the rank of
       Lieutenant, he returned tc Hastings College 7^where he was director of
       admissions for two years.

       From 1957-6i, he was on the administrative staff of lIlinois College,
       Jacksonville, Illinois, serving first as director of public relations and
       alumni affairs and later as assistant to the president with responsibil=
       ity for admissions, oublic relations. a-umn:. affairs, and fund raising.

       In 19b1 he joined the administrativ.e staff of Hancve7 Coll~ege, Hanover;
       Indiana, as director of development and sirace Jan.u-iry 1964, he ha.
       been vice president for de velcpment at Hancv r.- resrcns:ble for instl-
       tutional planning p-ublic relaticns.--,  mni affoirF and fu -n raising,



      M-r Wilscn is currently a ruling elder in the United Presbyterian
      Church cf America; direco-r of the Greate- Madison (Indiana) Charn-
      ber of Commnerce, and directc- of the Indiana College Public ReLatic.ns
      Association. He is mnacrried and has two da~ughters (aged i7 and 10)
      and one son (aged is),

      You are aware that I hrave searched extensively fcr a qualified person
      to serve as our director of de-veleoment and have intervi.ewed a large
      number of candidates, Among the standards to which harve held is
      that the person we emplov must have, demonstrated succsss in educa-
      tional fund raising.  Mr. W-Ilscn has done thiS,  During the past four
      years, through M-r Wilooin's crganizational effcrts, Hancver College
      has received gift ccmmitrnments of $5, 300, 000 for capital and educational

      I am pleased. to make thi2 recommendation as Mc.- Wilson has the,
      exDerience and possesses the qualities cf leadership, the organizaticnal
      skills, and the persona1 quahlificaticns which are essential to success
      in develcpment .vcrk, He has been highly reccm mended by several
      persons whose cpiniorn respect, including M:r. Ncrman Knights,
      director cf development at DePauw Univesity, whc is recognized as
      a nat onal leade- in thi.- -.rea f work, and P-esident Hcrre of Hanover
      College, who expressed much regret _-ver Mr. Wil.ncn` decision to
      leave Hancver.e  If Mr. Wilsonis app-cintment is appzrved,  am con-
      fident he will make a valuable contributicn tc the future de-v-elopment and
      growth of the Universltv,

      On motion by Judge Suther and, seccnded by Mr. Hillenmeyer, and without
dissent, Mr, Lecnard L, Wilson was named Director of Development, his appoint-
ment to be effective August 20, 1965.

      K. RetirementfcrSam.B, Oakes Apprcoved

      Anothe7 item received toc late for inclusion in PR 3 concerned the recom-
mendation that Mr. Sam B. Oakes, Tin Shop Foreman in the Physical. Plant
Division, be retired as cf Se-ember I, 1965 wi'h ann-ua  rernemet benefits of
$2, 636,

       Mr. Kerley, who made the recommendation, extlained that Mr. Oa.kes
has been employed by the Univerzsztv s.ince October 12, 19.  He wa.s born in
1905 and would not be elieib'e fo-r retirenment under USU-* cr- edut-:nti- 1970,
However, his health has faile i and hel has been a .-vis-ed byv h  phvsician to
discontinue all form of -,c-k-  H:;-:--.irement r -:ceci level -f benef:ts
is justified by his service pe i.ld of almcst 4 years

       On motion duly made, seconde ndn ca, r ied re  mremen' fcr Mr. Sam B,
Oakes prior to age 65 wa-.s app- ,-oei.



       L. Report on Housing

       Mr. Kerley reported that all students, both single and married, with a
very few exceptions, who have applied for University housing have been accom-
modated.  This was made possible through the action of the Board of Trustees
in releasing Cooperstown for single student housing. Mr. Kerley indicated
that housing was being provided for 3, 729 students, an increase of almost 800
over last year, with Kentucky students being housed before arrangements for
housing were made for out-of-state students. There are still a few out-of-
state students on a waiting list but these can probably be cared for if they come
because there will be some withdrawals among those already housed.

       In answer to a question, Mr. Kerley indicated that this report did not
include housing provided by the sororities and fraternities,

       M. Fall Enrollment Forecast

       Dr. Albright indicated that the campus enrollment last year had been 10, 800
students and an increase of 10% to 12% was expected this September.  The big
increase will come in upper-division, graduate and professional programs with
a smaller increase expected in the entering freshman class. One significant
point made by Dr. Albright was that a greater number of the total enrollment
will be Kentucky residents, more than at any time in the history of the University.
He explained that this was due in part to the fact that more Kentucky high school
graduates are attending college but in greater degree to the fact that an increased
number of Kentucky students are choosing the University in preference to other
institutions both in-state and out-of-state.

       The enrollment in the Community College System is expected to show an
increase of approximately 40%o. The opening of two new colleges in September
contributes materially to this anticipated increase,

       N, Report on Dormitory Complex

       Dr. Albright indicated that Mr, Kerley and Mr. George Ruschell were in
Atlanta on August 18 and 19 for further discussions with HHFA officials and
asked Mr. Kerley to bring the Executive Committee up-to-date on the loan agree-
ment with HHFA,

       Mr. Kerley stated that there was no change from the situation as it existed
at the time of the called session of the Executive Committee on August 12, He
said the documents which would enable Mr. Joyner to proceed with the awarding
of bids were on their way and should be received any day.  In answer to a question
by Dr. Angelucci, Mr, Kerley indicated that the bids on the initial elements of
Phase I of the dormitory complex when opened were 6% above the estimates,



The next bids, to be opened between now and the end of September, will be for
(1) three additional low-rise dormitories, (2) a central dining facility, and (3)
two high-rise dormitories.  The bids may be submitted on any one of the three
parts or on all three as a whole, The call for bids on the central dining facility
is already oubt.

       0, Purchase of Porter Memorial Baptist Church Property

       Mr. Hillenmeyer, as chairman of the Board of Trustees' Real Estate
Committee, presented the following recommendation and background relative
to the purchase of property owned by the Porter Memorial Baptist Church:

Recommendation: that the Vice President-Business Affairs and Treasurer be
empowered to execute a contract with the Board of the Porter Memorial Baptist
Church providing for the acquisition of the church property located at 730 South
Limestone Street, Lexington, Kentucky, by the University of Kentucky, The
contract is to provide for passage of title on or before September 1, 1967, at
the purchase price of $240, 000,

Background: The Porter Memorial Baptist Church has expressed the willingness
to bind itself to sell the church property at the time when the said property will
be needed for expansion of the facilities of the University of Kentucky. In view
of the rapidly increasing value of real estate in the area, it would seem desirable
to secure a contract at this time based upon a current appraisal of the fair
market value.  The proposed purchase price of $240, 000 is substantially lower
than the current appraisal secured by the University.

       In answer to a question relative to the size of the lot, Mr. Hillenmeyer
indicated that it was approximately 69' x 205'. He further indicated that while
there was no planned use for the church building, it would probably be utilized
in some manner until such time as it became necessary to raze the building to
accommodate campus growth. This propexty is within that area recommended
for the central campus.

       Judge Sutherland made a motion that the Vice President-Business Affairs
and Treasurer be empowered to execute a contract with the Board of Porter
Memorial Baptist Church providing for the acquisition of the church property
located at 730 South Limestone Street, such contract to provide for passage of
title on or before September 1, 1967 at the purchase price of $240, 000.  The
motion was seconded by Dr. Murray, and was approved unanimously.

       P. Road Right-of-Way through Cottage Grove Subdivision #2

       Mr. Hillenmeyer said that the Real Estate Committee had an additional
recommendation to present to the Board as follows:



Recommendation: that the Vice President-Business Affairs and Treasurer, with
approval of the President, be empowered to acquire at fair market value either
all or a part of a parcel of land designated as Cottage Grove Subdivision #2, and
to adjust as necessary the boundaries of University-owned property adjacent
to this parcel, for the purpose of providing property upon which to locate an ac-
cess road from the south boundary of the Agricultural Experiment Station Farm
to the Tates Creek Pike.

Background: In future years; as the University campus is developed in a souther-
ly direction on agricultural land now owned by the University. a road access to
Tates Creek Pike will be a necessity, The Cottage Grove Subdivision #2 (ap-
proximately 6. 89 acres), which is planned for development but not yet started,
is the only unimproved area to the south of the University property.  The acqui-
sition of a road outlet at this time would avoid a much greater expenditure in
future years should this Cottage Grove Subdivision #2. be developed as presently
planned by the owners.

       On motion by Judge Sutherland, seconded by Dr. Murray, the recommenda-
tion of the Real Estate Committee to acquire approximately 6. 89 acres of land
designated as Cottage Grove Subdivision #2 at fair market value under the
conditions contained in the recommendation made by Mr. Hillenmeyer, was unan-
imously approv