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State University of Kentucky,

Lexington Ky. November ”th, 191 .
V D J a /

The Faculty met in regular session at 5:15 p.m.,
those present being president Ba_ker, Professors Anderson,
Bohennon, Boyd, Erummage, Dantzler, Easton, Freeman, Gilbert,
Gillie, Lieutenant Gullion, Hamilton, Hooper, Jones, Dr.
Kastle, hathews, Maxson, helcher, Miller, Noe, Norwood, Pence,
Peter, Pryor, Rowe, Terrell, Tuthill, Webb, Zembrod, Miss

The minutes of the last meeting Were read and ap—

Before proceeding with the revular business of the
Faculty, Mr. Hall, secretary of the Y. K. C. A. was give;
opportunity to make a statement reoarding the weekly conVo-
cations, and called attention to the list of noted speakers
who were to address the faculty and students upon these
occasiona during the coming weeks.

President Beiher then read a communication from the
authorities of Georgetown College, inviting this institution
to send representatives to the installation f President—Ehnt
Adams, upon Eovember 14th. President Barker stated that he
would be out of town upon that date, but urged as many of
the Faculty as could attend, to go to Georgetown upon this

Professor Miller celled the attention of the faculty
to the fact that the Association of Kentucky Colleges is to
meet with this institution ugcnthe first Saturday in December,'

and urged that members make plans to be present at this associa-

tion meeting.








C. W. Mathews renewed his application for release
from the office of secretary after a service of twelve years
and upon motion of Dr" J. H. Kastle, duly seconded, it was
ordered that the resignation of Professor Mathews be accepted.

A resolution expressing appreciation of the
Faculty for the services of the secretary, Was then offered
and carried by a rising vote.

Nominations for the secretary being called for,
Professor Anderson moved the appointment of Professor Gillis
to this office. Professor Kastle seconded the nomination
and moved that the nominations be closed and that Professor

Anderson be instructed to cast a Sinrle ballpt for the faculty


for Professor Gillie. The motion was carried, and Professor
Anderson deposited the ballot electing Professor Gillie to the

President Barker submitted a report of the committee
apgointed at the last meeting to look up and report upon the
regulations ordered by the Board of Trustees relative to the
holding of lectures in English deliVered by Miss Kinkead.
The principle records submitted showed that the time and condi-
tions under which Miss Kinkead's lectures are given should
be determined by tle faculty, and should be arranged to cause
as little interference as possible with the established order
of recitations. A later record indicated that the chapel hour
on Wednesday of each week, should be placed at the disposal

f Miss Kinkead, and the lectures made obligatory upon the


students of the Senior class, and furthermore that absentees
and delinquents shall be reported by her to the President, for

Professor Miller,in discussing the resort, thought

that the Senior law students should be included,as according














to the records, no exemption of these students was made.
After a further discussion of the report by Professors Rowe
and others, it was moved by Dr. Kastle, seconded by Professor
Anderson, that the report of President Barker be adopted.

After further remarks by Professors Tuthill, Norwood,
Gillie, Helcher, and Anderson, the motion was put to vote, and

The Examinations Committee reported, through Professor
helcher as Chairman, that this committee was still at work upon
the schedule of University work, hoping to indicate as fully as
possible, the exact location and the name of the instructor and

other needed information regarding every course to be given in

Attention being again called to the fact that the
third hour classes were seriously interfered with by the con-
tinuence of Various chapel exercises overtime, Dr. Terrill moved
that all rallies or similar exercises other than the regular
weekly convocation, be held after the close of the fourth hour.
The motion was discussed by Professors Nexson, Miller, Anderson,
and President Barker, some of Whom reported great loss of time
owing to the prolongation of these rallies, and similar exero
cises, On being put to a vote, the motion of Dr. Terrill was'

Inquiry was made by Dr.Kast1e regarding the part
which the faculty should meet in financing the Hellowe'en
party recently held. President Barker stated that this would
be cared for as last year, by sending a messenger to the mem-
bers of the faculty for the'r subscriptions, in a short time.

Dr. Ksstle read a.communioation from the Agricultural
Faculty, in which a student, Kr. Leonian, made application for
reléase from the required subject of Trigonometry, and uhich had

been referred to the General Faculty. Professor Gillie caned












vm-mymfinvfiz‘wmym-wumh, ‘ u

attention to a ruling of the facultj that such applications
should he made to the committee on courses of study.

Br. Kietle then called attention to a tentative
arranrement that had heen already put in operation for a
survey course in hone Economics, and moved that the changes


is made in this course be apQrOVed oy the General Faculty.



7 Professor Miller, and Carr
Professor hiller reno a letter from the fether of
Pr. G. F. Shaut, which seVerelr censured the University and
the faculty for the alleged lack of proner oversight of his
son's work and h hits of life while a student here in the
University. The reading of the letteifimsulted in a rather
extended discussion of Mr. Shaut's case, in which it was
shown that the attention of his father had been called, by

several memoerr of the faculty, to the fact that 113 son was

doing unsatisfectory work while a student here, Dr. Maxson


tating that in a personal interview with h's father, he had


aovised him to remove the young man from the University.


Professor GillTS further stated, in contradiction to state-
ments made in the letter, that his office hfid returned reports
to his father twice a year while the young men was a student

here. After further discussion of the case by Professors Zem-

brod, Anderson, Tuthill,and Terrill, President Barker asked


that all who had made Verbal repor e regarding Kr. shout’s
case, would put their statements into writing an; nanfi to him
so that he might suitauly respond to Hr. Shaut's father.


Following the discussion of hr. Shaut's case, Dr.

ed a resolution nhioh was duly seconded, to


Kastle introdu

th: effect that the Ferns he granted the power to recommend


to the President that, in the Case of three students who













wilfully absent themselves from their-scheduled studies
without authorization, or who are habitually absent, or
doing gene al.1y u eati sfactory work, he should request

the oarents to withdraw then from the institution.


A list of candida es for graduation in 1914

being called for, the following lists were presented:
Candidates for the degree, Moh.elor of lWech nioal

Engineering, from the College of Mechanical and E19 ectri-

cal EnCineering, to th conferred in June, 1014:


Bennett, Arthur Ray,
Tiakei, Edward Closson.Tomlinson
Carrithere, William Starley,
Cottrell, Robert Boyd,

Cross Will iam Caldwell,

aitno , Donald Negoffin,

Gay e, ..eorg e William,
Her , Cecil Chena ult,
Hayden, Ellis 3.

Ledges, Henry Berkley,
Howe r;-, Thomas Daugherty,
Joh.n neon, Edgar anman,
jelly. e rge Edelen,
Masters, Herbert Ray,
lorgan, Daniel Tennyson
Shelton, Herschel Russell,
Strong, Henry Glover,
Thornton, Roger Thomas,
Tcwnsend, Robert Presley,
Vietts, Henry Tyler,


Candidates for reduation in the college of Atriculture:

Babbage, Virgil Alexander
Fromm, John Lloyd,

Brown, Paul Dennis
Brueokner, Arthur Louis,
Christie, Jesse Roy,
Faulkner, Edward Hubert,
Gayle, Hubbard Kevanuugh,
Hatter, John Albert,
Richardson Gilbert Coleman,
Routt, Seneca Claiborn,
Schoening, Henry Wolf,
Smith, Graham Allen,
Smith, William Cameron,
Taylor, John Tee,

Wall, Joseph Raymond,
Wallace, John Fleling,
Waller, Adolph E.
vmitehouse, James W.

Home Ec conomics, Miss Rebecca Wilson Cockrell.








Candidates for graduation in the College of Arts and Science:

Behrman, Abe Sidney
Blevins, Charles Elmo
Baker, GraCe Elizabeth
Cassady, Earl

Dabney, Robert Cornelius
Panforth, Edward Friend
Denham, Clarence Wilder
DobIOWsky, Harry Benjamin
Gordon, Angus Nea
Hammonds, Lucius Madison
Keaton, Ethel

Hewlet, Coleman

Holbrook, McHenry

Hank, Pauline

Jackson, St01ewall

Jones, Otto Jefferson
Logan, Katherine McMurchy
Lauer, Carl Emil

Mathews, Sue Dorothy
YcChesney, Ruth

KcGuire, Frances L.
Nollau, Edgar H.

Norris, Robert Allen
Uroctor, Edwin Thomas
Pence, Sallie Elizabeth
Peck, Myra M.

Pannell, Stephen Lemont c
Phansteil, Robert
Pinkerton, Julian Larahie
Payne, John Howard
Roemer, Joseoh

Sheldon, Elsie Grace
Sandman, Leo Jay

Turner, Idie Lee

Taylor, Reuben Thornton
Venable, Mary Kinkead
Vanarsdale, Geo. Thomas
Watkins, Caroline Taylor
Waddy, Annie Elizabeth
Wescott, Lydia Elizabeth

No.3 0 r .
Industrial Chem.
Indus. Chem.
7! '1
Indus. Chem.
Language (Modern)
Indus. Chem.
Indus. Chem.
Indus. Chem.

Mod. Language
" "
Indus. Chem.

Mod. Language


Education and Math.

Math .

Indus. Chem.
hod. Language

woodson, Harry Netherlandcfit-Law

Woodson, William Thomas
Wright, Walter F.

Candidates for degree of Bachelor

Jemés William Atkins,
Thomas Robinson.
Candidates for degree of Bachelor

Henry Joseph Jakobe,
Oliver Wolcott Smith.

Education and low

of Mining Engineering:

of Metallurgical Engineering:
















Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering:

Almstedt, W. C.
Croft, P, H.
C3Olenuni, In 0.
DunCan, C. A.
Gregory, R. L.
Hundley, H.
Pearre, T. L.
Palmore, H. D.
Steffy, R. E.
Schwartz, C, H.


Professor Anderson made a motion that recommendation
be made to the Board of Trustees at its December meeting that
Q/‘V/T-4VW‘CL»/—LE:¢;L Z//»—""‘
Yessrs. 9. Kurozawa and W. C. Aéaeizdt, having completed their
work reported last spring as unfinished, be granted their dea

gress and be considered as members of the class of 1915.

Professor Miller moved that in the case of Miss

Gertrude Tartar who also had made up her work, a similar re-

commendation be made for her degree at the December meeting
of the Board. The motion was carried.

-On motion of Professor Melcher, duly seconded, it
was ordered that a list of the candidates for degrees be made
out and sent to each member of the Faculty.

Professor Gillie called attention to the case of certain
students who would be able to complete their undergraduate
work by the Christmas Holidays, and who desire to begin, in
January, work in the Graduate School toward a second degree.
Upon motion of Professor Anderson, duly seconded, it was ordered
that the cases of all such students be referred to the Graduate

Upon motion the Faculty adjourned.


















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Lhereas ULGUQBJQMU hu:;_
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H . .7 . L I? .L ,. 'g. : n .14. :- .J. ,V ,1 ,.,
udiem 01 «uAS LaiVoreloy, L¢S moo a SOLu”

ohe service of his oountfy, we the face my of ,he mtifie


fioienoy, our sorrow for his loss and

1-1: .. 9.
.-’J u. LI;L







1 . , -~ 4 :v w . ,~ ,:‘ .17 _. _,. , 'n..1.~-x ‘
July 1, 1910, one eerved in “new CapaCl-w uuull was re-


lieved by operation of law on Wee mber 15, 1912. Mediatelv

upon assumiLg his duties hese, he eooued greet eoxetructive
ability. to iniiiated many needed reforms, devieeé ; comylete

syshem of and :ueliened & com-


preheLeive ease or the ouoets.


eleun out he “0mm;ndei 1L: roepeez of every

Sold ,


one and he joined to is essentially military virfiues a mod~
esfiy and EYLGlouSHeSS Unioh won fihe effoctio: of Cadets end

professors alike. 1h voluni


upon which he mefi his death he bui followed the hivh ideals

and displayed his 0

( .





h o Lieu


Bimet That in the untimely dee
Kelly the nation has lose & capable, loyal—hearted defender,

the University, one who served her well, and We, a




brave~spirited friend;

Second, What fee sympathy of this facul‘" is

extended to ihe bereaved parents, sisters 1nd brothers;













vMW'vW-wmr—v ' ' ‘


















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