J SUMI'AONS IN EQUITY. (Act of Legislature, March 29, 1902-) pnm-rzo AND sou: av PARAGON PRINTING Wonxs, BEAVER DAM Kv.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky, ’
TO THE . z 4". Mfr-’7 comm
You are comman ‘1 summon ,..-WW .WW”
-W W - - W W_....-....-" ’....W-_..-.--__---.--.W-., _WWW-W-
to answer, mums a ' the service of this summons, a petition
in eq ' fi agai ' %/tn the-... WW- ..Cir uit Cour
“’7 . . - . . l /
and warn «‘that upon-.... . - failure to answer, the petition in equity
will be taken for confessed, 07....--...- awtll be proceeded against for contempt
and you will make due return of this summons wdhtnfw ...,.-days after the
serviceflthereof t0 the Clerk’s ofi‘lee of said Court. w/g
,iven under my hand, as Cleric of said 0%, , this W/ day of
4J4. ,,,. > \- .
' ..W.:.--::'.-f;-.._W..-..-.-.-......-19%- W / / ,
f ' 2 1). 0.
*Insert TEN if to county where suit. is brought, and TWENTY if out, of uuty.