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Group portrait "Cosmopolitan Club May 20, 1934 Camp Daniel Boone Louise Nichols, M.H. Bedford, Betsy Bowne, Elise Bureau, John Holmes, Eugene Cravens, Mrs. B?, W.H. B?, B. Peak, Betty Lebus, Augusta Roberts, Helen Fry, d. Bernoudy, W. Thomas, J. Vertuca, C. Yeyna, W. Steither, Sarah Whittinghill, Ruth Peak, Mildred Schneider, Mrs. Holmes, Margery Hoaglaud, K. Schneider, W. B?, Martha Koppins, Frances Martin, T.T. Jones, H. Michas, Mrs. L?, H. Bunvomo, Gertrude Wade, Alice M. Durling, Lois Neal, Hilda Capablanca, L. Wooldridge, Virginia Winslow, Miss Huber, Jeanne Bureau, N. Peak" 1934


  • Cosmopolitan Club (University of Kentucky).


  • English


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