will report tho Mime to the Governor-General of this State, am! I will keep n cl.   (Knights of the Iron Hand.) 1 will advocate the establishment of 63 (a Government.) which shall place the power in the hands of the most educated and moral, and oppose the recognition of any .S7 (Xecro. Mulatto, Indian or mixed blood.) to citizenship. I will sustain the effort to reduce the SS (Penn system) to S9 (Perpetual Slavery.) and to divide them to 1, (Kniehts of the Iron Hand.) 1\ (True Faith,) and 57, (Knights of the Columbian Star,) in the proportion of 1, 2, 3, to havo and hold forever. Hut the same laws shall be enacted for their protection as *rc recognized in every otlu-r 5S (Slave State.)

11th. Until the whole civil, political, financial and religious reconstruction of 1 (Mexico) has been completed, I will recognize a 90 (Limited Monarchy) as the best form of 03 (Government) for the purpose in view, since it can be made strong and effective.

12th. To prevent the entrance of any OS (Abolitionist) Into 2 (Mexico,) I will sustain a passport system, and any and every 73 (stranger or traveler) shall go before the customs officer nt the port of Ids entry, nnd there take an oath, stating whether he intends to become a citizen, and, if so, that he will sustain and support the government then in existence, and that he will not interfere with the system of S9 (perpetual slavery) then recognized, but that he will obey the laws then recognized, if he be a traveler merely, he shall give up his passport to the Chief of Police on bis entrance into each town, and which shall be returned to him on demand of the same officer, when about to leave for another place. And any 73 who shall pass, or attempt to pass, without a passport, shall be arrested and expelled from the country, and upon resistance he shall lie shot; but every traveler so entering 2 (Mexico) must be informed of this rule.

13th. Tho successor to 50 (Geo. Bickley) must be over thirty years of age, of Southern birth, liberally eduaated, a 57, (Knight of the Columbian Star,) sound of body and mind, and married, nnd GO (a Protestant.) He shall swear to carry out this policy, and to extend 91 (slavery) over the whole of 92, (Central America,) if in his power. lie ahull try to acquire 93 (Cuba,) and control 04 (the Gulf of Mexico.) No one else will 1 austain.  But for such a one, who must be proposed by the 95 (Cabinet