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The Cats' Pause
Cats Open Practice To
Fans In LVille
n m
a IT;*
o en o
Katharine Hall
The Woman
Behind Joe B.
Cats vs. Cards
Saturday, 8:50 P.M. Freedom Hall
 UK To Hold Public Session In Louisville
A gigantic public shooting practice session will be held at Freedom Hall at 10 a.m. Saturday for Kentucky Wildcat fans.
Fans will be admitted free to the shooting practice which is being sponsored by WHAS Radio.
Such open practices have become customary in Louisville for the Wildcats on the morning of a UK game in Freedom Hall.
After the practice session, Coach Joe B. Hall and his players will sign autographs for fans.
In the past, anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 fans have attended the practice sessions, but a new record could be on tap for Saturday.
Because Kentucky's official allotment of tickets for the game is just 100, fans who normally saw UK games in Freedom Hall won't have that opportunity this time around. Instead, they're expected to attend the practice session.
Also included at the 10 a.m. practice will be a short pep rally for the Wildcats. It probably will be the largest shift of support in the history of an arena.
At 10 a.m., Freedom Hall will be rocking with UK fans, only to witness the opposite at 8 p.m. that evening when the Cardinal fans take over.
Reportedly, free Wildcat shakers will be given to fans attending the
practice session.
Wildcats Cardinals At 8:50 PM
The Kentucky-Louisville clash on Saturday from Freedom Hall will tip-off at 8:50 p.m.
The game will be televised by Sports Productions, Inc., shown over a network of stations around the country. However, the game will not be shown on Atlanta Superstation WTBS.
In Kentucky, the game will be televised by WKYT-TV, Channel 27, in Lexington and WAVE-TV, Channel 3 in Louisville. Fans living in other sections of the country should consult their local stations to see if it is being televised in their area.
The game will also be broadcasted over the Kentucky Radio Network, including WHAS, 840 on the dial out of Louisville and WVLK Radio in Lexington.
Benny Crum & Joe B. Hall / What A Pair!
When it comes to basketball in the Bluegrass State, nothing is impossible, not even Joe B. Hall and Denny Crum facing off in an arm-wrestling contest.
That's right, the two coaches went to the table for an arm-wrestling exhibition recently in Louisville, but it was all for fun and jest as the two posed for a full-color poster.
The poster, promoting a basketball
shoe manufacturer and the rivalry between the two schools, will be released this weekend in Louisville.
In fact, it will be part of a special promotion the night before the big Louisville-Kentucky game at Freedom Hall in the River City.
According to officials of Converse Rubber Company, the two coaches will make guest appearances at Allied Sporting Goods in Louisville to auto-
Kentucky Season Stats
Overall: 1-		3 Hose	: 1-1	Away: 0-2	SEC:		0-0		
Plaver	c-cs	Fi 1d Coa19	Tree Throw*	Rebounds	PF-D	A	TO	Points	High
WMJCER	4-4	22-46-47.8	24-29-82.8	27-6.8	13-0	5	5	68-17.0	19-SMU
BLACKMON	4-2	16-28-57.1	6-10-60.0	7-1.8	4-0	11	9	38- 9.5	17-TOL
MADISON	4-0	13-27-48.1	6- 8-75.0	15-3.8	5-0	4	9	32- 3.0	16-IND
Wins con									
BEKNETT	3-0	11-26-42.3	1-1-100.0	10-3.3	7-0	1	8	23- 7.7	13-IND
8 re c									
BEAR UP	4-4	10-32-31.2	7- 9-77.8	25-6.3	12-1	6	5	27- 6.8	13-IND
HARDEN	3-3	6-15-40.0	1- 2-50.0	6-2.0	4-0	12	3	13- 4.3	11-T0L
Pau i ANDREWS	4-2	7-15-46.7	0- 0-00.0	3-0.8	6-0	2	4	14- 3.5	8-SMu
DA VENDER	4-1	5-13-38.5	4- 5-80.0	5-1.3	10-1	4	9	14- 3.5	6-IND
Troy McKINLEY	3-0	3- 5-60.0	0- 0-00.0	1-0.3	1-0	2	0	6- 2.0	4-SMU
LOCK	4-4	3-13-23.1	0- 2-00.0	12-3.0	14-1	2	2	6-1.5	4-SMU
JENKINS	3-0	0- 4-00.0	0- 1-00.0	4-1.3	0-0	0	0	0- 0.0	---
ZIECLER	3-0	0- 0-00.0	0- 0-00.0	0-0.0	0-0	0	0	0- 0.0	--
BYRD	1-0	0- 0-00.0	0- 0-00.0	o-o.o	3-0	0	1	0- 0.0	---
Team							2		
KENTUCKY		96-224-42.9	49-67-73.1	126-31.5	79	49	57	241-60.3	68-ItJD
Opponents		106-216-49.1	45-66-68.2	133-33.3	76	66	56	257-64.3	81-1ND
MINUTES	PLAYED:	Walker 136-34.	0, Bearup 128	-32.0. Blackmon 119-29.8,		Harden		76-25.3, Hadlson	
		74-18.5, Lock	68-17.0, Davender 58-14.5,		Andrews 53-	13.3	, Bennett 52-17		.3,
		HcKlnley 17-5.	7, Jenkins 14	-4.7. Ziegler	3-1, Byrd 2	-2			
BLOCKED	SHOTS:	Bearup 4, Hadlson 2, Jenkln		s 2, Walker 2	Lock 2 (UK	12,	Opp	12)	
Walker 4, Blocknon 4, Bearup 1, Harden 1, Lock 1, Davender 1, Bennett 1, Andrews 1, Hadlson 1 (UK IS, Opp 16)
DEAD BALL REBOUNDS:    Kentucky 11, Opponents 15
Came L'K-Oop
Toledo (H-Nov. 27) 63-54
Purdue (A-Dec.  1) 56-66
SHU (H-Dec. 4) 54-56
Indiana (A,  Dec. 8) 68-81
Louisville (A, Dec, 15, 8:50 p.m. EST) UKIT (Dec.  21-22,  7-9 p.m. - 1st round:
Attend. High Scorer
23,129 Walker, Blackmon 17
14,123 Walker, Blackmon 16
22,846 Walker 19
17,214 Walker, Madison 16
James Madison vs. Cincinnati: Kentucky vs. East Tennessee)
Walker 9 Walker 9 Walker 7 Bearup 11
Kansas (Louisville. Dec. 31, 8:""- .o. EST) Auburn (H, Jan.  2, E:05 p.m. EST)
graph the posters.
The idea was a brain-child of a Converse executive and company officials say the poster is already in heavy demand from sporting goods dealers around the country who know
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UK Punter Hawaii-Bound
All-SEC punter and defensive ace Paul Calhoun has been selected to play in the 1985 Hula Bowl according to bowl officials.
The game features the nation's top senior athletes next month in Hawaii.
The Louisville Bishop David product led the Southeastern Conference in interceptions with seven during the past season and tied for the sixth spot nationally.
Calhoun fiinished the 1984 season with a 44.6 punting average, one of the best in the SEC.
For fans of the UK football Wildcats, we'll have two special bonuses this month in addition to a special 12-page salute to the Wildcats in this issue.
Today, TCP has a special salute to the Wildcat seniors, plus bowl predictions and a brief preview of the Wisconsin Badgers.
In the December 29 issue, we'll have a special bowl issue, complete with rosters, facts on the bowl game and interviews with coaches and players.
Because the Hall of Fame Bowl will be played on Saturday night, TCP will not publish an issue dated January 5, but instead will publish and expanded edition on January 12. TCP will make up the January 5 date with an additional issue in April.
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fate.' T^au^e
It's Just Not In The Cards For UK
It was to be a "Dream Game." But here we are, saddled with a combined 4-4 won-loss mark and the television people who put this particular package together must be taking a bath.
Sure, we're talking about Kentucky-Louisville, but outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky, fans could care less? Louisville, which zoomed high into the top ten a couple of weeks ago, came tumbling down with an exhibition loss to the Athletes In Action and were upset by Louisiana Tech in the Wendy's Classic.
Those weren't the big losses for Coach Denny Crum, however. His chief loss was Milt Wagner being sidelined for six to eight weeks with a bad foot. Still worse could be an entire year without Wagner.
And then there is Joe B. Hall. For the first time in his career at the University of Kentucky, a Joe Hall-coached team could be hit with a four-game losing streak. If Louisville wins Saturday, Hall has such a problem.
Kentucky has been hit with all kinds of injuries. Winston Bennett, Richard Madison, Kenny Walker, James Blackmon and even Leroy Byrd have all had the injury bug at one time or another since practice started October 15.
And the Wildcats are playing like they have some kind of a bug. If it's not one problem it's another. There have been some encouraging signs from time to time, but just when Hall believed the Cats were ready to play a full forty minutes, a breakdown would develop, either, injuries to key inside people, lack of defense, lack of rebounding, or lack of offensive execution.
After UK's 13-point thrashing at the hands of IU last Saturday, Hall and his charges are back to the basics before they go before the most hostile crowd of the season.
If the young Cats think Purdue or IU fans were tough, well, they haven't seen anything yet.
It's been said that IU coach Bobby Knight would trade three Big 10 wins for just a single victory over Kentucky. Louisville fans would trade an entire month of wins for a victory over the Wildcats. And, perhaps, vice-versa.
But, outside the state, who cares?
That, in effect, is what CBS-TV analyst Billy Packer told reporters in Bowling Green last weekend.
Asked to pick the outcome of the shootout, Packer responded, "it's impossible to predict and it doesn't mean anything. Now, if it was late January or February, that would be something else. It's just a nice regional game, but outside of Kentucky, who cares?"
Billy, try selling that to the 19,000 or so Big Red fans in Freedom Hall Saturday night, or try marketing that across the air waves to the thousands of UK fans who will be glued to a television set.
In Kentucky, it just ain't so.
When the two hit the floor, the outcome could very well depend on the play of the two teams' guards. Ironically, last year's two matches boiled down to a similar challenge.
In the first game, Kentucky's Jim Master, Roger Harden, James Blackmon and Dicky Beal outclassed the trio of Lancaster Gordon, Milt Wagner and Jeff Hall. In the second confrontation, UL's guards won the battle, but in both instances, the Wildcats came out winners.
A lot has changed in a few short months.
Beal and Master are no longer around, just as Gordon has departed the Louisville scene and Wagner is out with an injury.
Kentucky would appear to have an edge, at least on paper.  But Ken-
tucky's guards have been a very, very major disappointment for the Big Blue this season. And their worst play of the young season came in Bloomington where the Hoosiers exposed the Cats' weakness.
Yet, the Cardinals have not exactly been world-beaters from a position which has been so valuable to past Louisville teams, teams which stress quickness out front and the ability to press teams, defensively.
With the sudden loss of Wagner, Crum has frantically been testing all kinds of new schemes to compensate for the loss of his star guard. He even tried forward Billy Thompson out front and "that really didn't work too well" Crum said earlier this week.
Yet, Crum isn't writing the game off as just another practice session.
"It ought to be an interesting game," observed Crum, "we both (UL and UK) have had early season problems. Kentucky is getting back from its injuries and ours have just started."
Crum said his biggest challenge is
The Media Picks
Dave Koerner, The Louisville Times.......................Louisville
Mike Sullivan, The Courier-Journal.......................Kentucky
Cawood Ledford, UK Radio.................................Louisville
Ralph Hacker, UK Radio...................................Louisville
Rob Bromley, UK Television Network, WKYT-TV..............Louisville
Jerry Tipton, Lexington Herald-Leader....................Kentucky
D. G. Fitzmaurice, Lexington Herald-Leader...............Kentucky
Larry Vaught, Danville Advocate..........................Louisville
Dan Weber, The Kentucky Post.............................Kentucky
Oscar Combs, The Cats' Pause.............................Louisville
Russ Brown, The Courier-Journal..........................Louisville
Nick Nicholas, The Cats' Pause...........................Louisville
Billy Reed, The Courier-Journal..........................Louisville
Bob Domine, WAVE-TV, Louisville..........................Louisville
Jock Sutherland, UL Radio................................Louisville
Van Vance, UL Radio, WHAS, Louisville....................Louisville
Earl Cox, The Courier-Journal............................Louisville
Dave Conrad, WHAS-TV, Louisville.........................Louisville
Kenny Rice, WTVQ-TV, Lexington...........................Louisville
Mark Sok, WLEX-TV, Lexington.............................Louisville
Bob Watkins, E 1 i zabeth town News..........................Louisville
John Crawley, ScoreCard, Louisville......................Louisville
Garry Jones, ScoreCard, Louisville.......................Louisville
Jim Kurk, Somerset Commonwealth Journal..................Louisville
J. C. Dumas, The Cats' Pause.............................Louisville
Todd Hallum, The Cats' Pause.............................Louisville
Don Coffey, The Cats' Pause..............................Louisville
5 3 3 5 k 8 5 12
2 1 1
1 5 5 5 8
7 5 5 3 3
8 15
k 10
creating new identities and roles for players as a result of Wagner's loss.
"We've not really had any time to adjust (to Wagner's loss) because of games last week," said Crum, "but we'll see what we can do this week. We just have to go out and play with what we've got."
Hall is also playing with what he's got, but he's not been impressed with his club's execution. Attitude? Yes, but not execution.
One of Hall's big problems has been adjusting his line-up because of key injuries to Bennett, Blackmon and to lesser degrees, Walker and Madison.
Bennett is believed to be at about sixty percent after missing several weeks of practice after knee surgery. In the two most recent games, Bennett appeared to be trying to hard to make up for lost time.
Madison wasn't expected to be a key contributor early because of his freshman status, but he was one of the few bright spots at Indiana and could be on the verge of acquiring a great deal more playing time.
Kentucky's inside game of Kenny Walker, Bret Bearup, Winston Bennett, Richard Madison and Robert Lock could have a slight edge over Billy Thompson, Manuel Forest, Mark McSwain and Barry Sumpter. The difference could be at the guard.
IF Louisville had Milt Wagner in the line-up, this game could have had the looks for a blow-out of major league proportions, perhaps 20 to 25 points.
But Wagner is not in the line-up and for that reason, the game will be more of a game. Were the game played in Rupp Arena, Kentucky would stand a shot at playing a close game. But it isn't.
After all those decades of trying, Louisville finally has Kentucky where the Cards and their fans want them - in their own backyard at Freedom Hall.
Never mind that UK usually plays well at Freedom Hall. The Cats aren't playing Digger Phelps and Notre Dame this weekend. It'll be Louisville by 10 or so.
If predictions by the media are any indication, Louisville is the overwhelming favorite, but not by a huge margin. For instance, writers who regularly cover the two schools voted by better than a 3-1 margin in favor of UL.
Of the state's largest newspaper, there are split decisions. Louisville Courier-Journal sports editor Billy Reed says Louisville will win by a single point. Mike Sullivan who has
[Continued On Page 34] 7tye4
7^ &itd ' Pau4c
Tka*Hfoi 75,79X4
Freedom Hall Will Not Lose Its Mystique
Just mentioning the name of Freedom Hall brings back many fond University of Kentucky basketball memories. Memories not only of the Wildcats, but other college, high school and pro hoop games as well. When Kentucky faces in-state rival Louisville Saturday in the remodeled home of the Cards, the arena may look different, but the unforgettable events will still be embedded on the red and gold Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center floor.
Nick Nicholas
Ceils' Pause Columnist
Even with the structural changes inside, additional seating, installation of the enclosed suits, and the new lighting, the ghost of basketball past, present, and future still remains at Freedom Hall.
Overall six NCAA championships have been played in the arena. The coveted college crown was awarded in Louisville during the years of 1958 (Kentucky), 1959 (California), 1962 (Cincinnati), 1963 (Loyloa, 111.), 1967 (UCLA), and 1969 (UCLA).
Here are just a few legendary Wildcat performances played at Freedom Hall.
The Final Four in 1958
Kentucky, coached by Adolph Rupp, entered the Final Four with a 21-6 record. The other three teams in the field were: Temple, Kansas State, and Seattle.
UK was matched up against Temple in the semifinals. Temple came into the contest with a 26-2 slate, with one of those two losses coming early in the season against the Wildcats, 85-83 in triple-overtime. Led by the "Fiddlin Five" -- Vern Hatton, Ed Beck, John Cox, Adrian Smith, and John Crigler --Kentucky defeated Temple 61-60 to advance to the finals against Elgin Baylor and Seattle. Baylor won the outstanding player award, in the tournament,but UK won the overall battle 84-72. It was Rupp's fourth NCAA title in 11 years.
Indiana-Kentucky December 11, 1971
At the time, I was only 11, but I do remember the performance of IU's 6-foot-8 center Steve Downing. I recall Downing scoring 47 points against the Wildcats' Jim Andrews as Indiana won the game in double-overtime 90-89. The Hoosiers were coached by a first-year instructor of the name of Bobby Knight. Kentucky entered the game ranked sixth in the nation. Andrews paced UK with 22 points followed by 5-9 guard Ronnie Lyons with 19. .
Indiana-Kentucky December, 15, 1975
No. 1 ranked Indiana came into Freedom Hall as a big favorite over the Wildcats. With All-America Kent Benson and Scott May, everyone in the state figured that the game was a mismatch. However UK, 2-2, gave Indiana its closest scare of their championship season.
The year before Kentucky had knocked off top-ranked Indiana 92-90 in the finals of the Mideast Regionals, so the Hoosiers were looking for revenge.
In the closing seconds Benson's uncanny tip-in tied the score at 64 and sent the game into overtime. IU outscored the upset-minded Cats 13-4 in the extra period to pull out the win 77-68. Lexington Bryan Station product Jack Givens led the Wildcats with 20 points.
Indiana finished the season with a perfect 32-0 record and the NCAA championship.
Notre Dame-Kentucky December 30, 1978
Led by Truman Claytor and freshman sensation Dwight Anderson, Kentucky defeated the then undefeated and Top Ten ranked Irish 81-76.
With Kentucky trailing 65-53 midway through the second half, the Cats fought back to tie the score 70-70. Anderson poured in six of UK's proceeding eight points to secure the Kentucky victory. Claytor led the Wildcats in scoring with 18 points while Anderson finished with 17.
Other eye-catching events have been paraded in front of large Freedom Hall crowds.
Events such as Paul Hogue leading the Cincinnati Bearcats to their second straight NCAA championship. Twice UC upset Ohio State with Ail-American Jerry Lucus and John Havlicek. Cincinnati won the '62 championship game over the Buckeyes 71-59.
In 1967 the River City crowd was treated to the talents of UCLA's Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Houston's Elvin Hayes, and North Carolina's Don Chaney. The Bruins defeated Dayton in that tourney 79-64.
Two years later Coach John Wooden's squad again won the title in Louisville, this time beating Purdue, led by sharpshooter Rick Mount 92-72. For the third year in a row Alcindor was chosen the Final Four's MVP.
The Sweet 16 high school tourney also had some outstanding year's in Freedom Hall.__
In 1963, Louisville Seneca with Mike Redd, Kentucky's Mr. Basketball, and with Wes Unseld won this particular "showcase of talent" event. Including Redd (Kentucky Wesleyan) and Unseld (University of Louisville and Washington Bullets) the tournament featured Taylor County's Clem Haskins (Western Kentucky and Washington Bullets), Princeton Dotson's brothers Greg Smith (WKU and the Milwaukee Bucks) and the late Dwight Smith (WKU), and Owensboro's Charles Taylor (Kentucky Wesleyan).
In 1965 Breckenridge County, with an enrollment of less than 300, won the elite Kentucky title. The team from western Kentucky was paced by former Louisville great and NBA star Butch Beard. Breckenridge County is best remembered for beating Jimmy Rose (Western) and Hazard in the semi-finals.
Bruin seniors Jeff Lamp and Lee Raker were instrumental in helping Ballard win the state championship in 1977. The two players went on to have fine careers at the University of Virginia.
Pro basketball in Louisville during the early 70's was just as exciting. Watching Gilmore, Dan Issel, the late Wendall Ladner.Cincy Powell, Ron Thomas, and other Kentucky Colonels was just plain fun. It was a shame that this team never got to show off their talents in the more publicized NBA.
Even though the Colonels only won one ABA title, they may have been the best team that league has ever produced.
With Dream Game IV less than 24 hours away, a certain beautified arena will be the host of another basketball confrontation. Yes, no matter how you look at it, Freedom Hall was, and still is a place for exciting things to happen.
Anderson Rises To The Occasion T>ece*H4w?5.?9X4
16a       ' Pcut&e
7CK %W Sw^tf
The following are Joe B. Hall's postgame comments following Kentucky's 81-68 setback to Indiana Saturday.
Coach Hall: I would like to compliment Indiana, I thought they really played very sound, enthusiastic, and a agressive ballclub. I was very impressed with Uwe Blab. He really got into the tempo of the game both offensively and defensively. (Steve) Alford was as good as I've seen him. He's a great player, and he certainly plays with coolness. He picks his shots very well and plays good defense. (Mike) Giomi is certainly an outstanding player, he owned the base line. He did a fine job taking the ball to the basket on the base line and hitting the jumper when he was open. DelRay Brooks with 10 assists had an outstanding game. For a freshman I thought (Brooks) played very, very well.
What about getting outrebounded 17-11 in the second half?
Coach Hall: I thought we got tired. We just weren't going to the boards. I thought Indiana picked up their block out assignments a little better in the second half.
Did you plan to play Winston Bennett as much as you did?
Coach Hall: Yes, I thought we played Bennett a little too long, I thought he got tired. I thought when he fumbled the ball a couple of times he was getting tired. We didn't leave him in too long as far as I was concerned, but as far as he was concerned he needed the rest.
Coach, your team seemed to be forcing a lot of shots, was that the case?
Coach Hall: I think we've very impatiently offensively. We're not executing our offense.
What about the play of your guards?
Coach Hall: We're not getting good guard play, and we're not getting the leadership. Every time we run a play somebody breaks down. This has been the case in every game we've played.
What about IU's last four points in the first half that gave them a 43-36 lead at intermission?
Coach Hall: We gave them two baskets at half. We had a rebound shook loose and they scored underneath. Then we had a player over-dribble and they got a fast break. Both of those hurt.
(About the shooting of UK Guards)
The guards had a bad shooting day. We didn't get into our offensive patterns, and every time we did, someone busted the play. We just have to get better shot selection. We've got to choose better shots and get those shots to drop.
(About his performance)
I was scoreless several times last year, but I didn't think I would be this year. Indiana played aggressive defense, but we weren't executing.
(About Indiana)
They are a great-shooting ballclub, but maybe our defense had something to do with that. I know that when I tried to defense (Uwe) Blab, somehow, I'd wind up under the basket watching the ball come through the net. (About IU's picks on offense) You never play a team like Indiana
Bennett For Two
the rest of the year. They set so many-picks, they're so patient offensively and they never play a zone, although when you're surrounded by two or three men every time you touch the ball, you think it's a zone. They really help out defensively."
(About IU's shooting)
They shot, well, it was unbelievable. It seemed like every time I had Blab blocked out perfectly, the ball would go through the net.
(About his play against the Hoosiers)
Coach Hall noticed that Blab was sagging on Winston Bennett, and he told me if Blab sagged on me, to take a step and fire the jumper.
(About getting back on track) We're going to work on our composure this week in practice. We're young, but we're getting enough playing time so that we're starting to mature now. We've got enough time and experience in to win some games.
Walker Taking Control Of The Ball
Coach Bobby Knight's Comments
The following are Coach Bobby Knight's postgame comments following IU's victory over the Kentucky Wildcats in Bloomington Saturday.
Coach Knight: I thought the thing that was the big difference for us today, over other games that we've played this year, when things got away from us we were able to get back into the flow of the game. I don't think there was ever a point in the game when we lost control of the game. We went from a 10-point lead to a five-point lead in the second half. Any good team is going to make a couple of baskets or is going to make a little dent in what we do. We were able in the second half against Louisville and Notre Dame to make a dent in the play, but that was it. Those teams were able to shut us off and then do things that they had to. We were able to do that today throughout the course of the game. We came back and made some really good plays. We made more good plays today, when we had to, by far than in either of the other two games. I was really pleased with (DelRay) Brooks. Brooks is a very competitive kid and plays competitively. I think that spills over a little bit into what our other players are doing. I think this was his first game, as a starter, that he really handled himself well and handled what his responsibilities were.
What about the performance of your center Uwe Blab?
Coach Knight: I mentioned to him that he has sometimes not a completely clear idea of what good play is for him and what good play is not. I told him last year that when we played
Coach Bobby Knight
Kentucky down there (Lexington) it was a game we could have very easily won. He didn't play particularly well, but he just played hard as he could. He rebounded well, he outrebounded (Melvin) Turpin and (Sam) Bowie together. That's what we were after from him. I thought he really played hard today. He dropped some passes and missed a couple of shots, but he made a lot of good plays. It wasn't like he played a perfect basketball game, but he did play very hard. That's the thing hopefully he can understand that's more important to us than anything else, and that's what he's got to do.
Coach Knight, What was your impression of Kentucky today?
Coach Knight: I really didn't pay enough attention to Kentucky to comment on them. I was trying to figure out what the heck we were doing. Ike @ate' Pau&c
Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman
Among the near-24,000 spectators at every University of Kentucky home basketball game in Lexington's Rupp Arena sits the wife of probably the most famous coach in the world; Mrs. Joe B. Hall.
Nearly every fan in attendance knows where she sits, only a few rows back behind the Wildcat bench. And, like her husband, Katharine Hall is scrutinized as much, or even more, by the general public present at the games. Her reactions to what happens on the court are just as important to some people as the way Coach Hall responds to the ongoing scene.
	i^lel Holbrook
	Cats' Pause Columnist
Take, for example, the reports on last year's Mideast Regional Championship
game between UK and the University of Louisville in Knoxville, Term., that featured her now-famous confrontation with Courier-Journal Sports Editor Billy Reed. It was the first and only time I've ever read a negative report about a coaches' wife in a column by a sports writer. If it had been any other wife of nearly any other coach, the incident probably wouldn't have even been mentioned by the national media. But because she was Coach Hall's wife, and because of what she allegedly said to Reed, it was.
So Mrs. Hall, who doesn't describe herself as a "basketball wife," has to be careful about what she does every moment she is in the public eye. It's not always a pleasant way to live one's life, especially when one considers it's only a game and she's the wife of a basketball coach and not the coach himself. But at UK, basketball is a religion. To some people, Hall is like a God. And his wife and family had better live up to their expectations.
"It's a lot like being a minister's wife," says Mrs. Hall. "You're somewhat exposed as a minister might be. People can 't see what's going on but they think they can."
"It's a lot like being a minister's wife," says Mrs. Hall. "You're somewhat exposed as a minister might be. People can't see what's going on but they think they
But for Katharine Hall, always the subject of people's curiosity, it's not a problem.
"I do not have an inferiority complex," she said. "I have an ego that's up. But I've never been a snob. Hey, we're all the same."
If being married to Joe Hall was such a pain, the former Katharine Dennis probably wouldn't have stayed around for 33 years, which was the wedding anniversary the Halls celebrated last Oct. 27. That's incredible because the Halls had what seemed to be a rather inauspicious beginning.
They eloped after dating for only one month.
"Joe was a super salesman," she said of Hall, who at the time was a representative for H.J. Heinz Products. "He was fun. He was sincere. And he was persistent. I've never changed that first impression of him.
"We got married in Lexington," she continued. "A friend asked the county clerk to open the courthouse in the middle of the night for us. We were married by the minister of a church I attended, the Rev. O. Ray Weeks, who was the minister at Porter Memorial Baptist. The only people present were Joe's brother, Bill, and his wife and child, my best friend and another couple we knew. Our parents found out
The Halls At Wildcat Lodge
the next day, but not from us."
The Halls were accompanied by the couple present at their wedding to a brief honeymoon in Tennessee. After all, there wasn't much they could do with the $220 the Halls had between them. Upon their return home, the newlyweds received a mixed reaction from their parents.
"Joe's mother and daddy were wo