Kentucky's athletic program, a well-balanced and ambitious activity featuring inter-collegiate competition in nine different sports, is organized under the Department of Athletics and a corporation known as the University of Kentucky Athletics Association.
The program is conducted without overemphasis or sacrifice of educational objectives and in strict compliance with the rules of the University, the Southeastern Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
A Board of Directors, headed by UK President Frank Dickey, maintains overall policy supervision of the athletic program. Dr. Leo Chamberlain, vice-president of the University, has general supervision over the Department and serves as vice-chairman of the Board. Dr. A. D. Kirwan, one-time Wildcat coach and UK's faculty representative to the Southeastern Conference, serves the directors as secretary and Dr. Frank Peterson, UK vice-president for business administration, acts as treasurer in an ex-officio capacity.
Supervising the steady growth and balanced development of one of the nation's top athletic programs is Bernie A. Shively, a former Illinois grid Ail-American and a veteran of nearly 25 years in the post of Director of Athletics.
The Association's Board of Directors is composed of the following:
Dr. Frank G. Dickey, Chairman
Dr. A. D. Kirwan, Secretary
James B. Allen
Dr. Ralph Angelucci
Dr. Aubrey J. Brown
Dr. Thomas Clark
Dr. Lyman Ginger
Prof. W. W. Haynes
Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, Vice Chairman
Prof. John Kuiper
Dr. W. L. Matthews, Jr.
Robert Stephens
Dr. D. V. Terrell
Prof. William A. Tolman
Floyd Wright
Raleigh Lane
(Student Representative)