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5»:an at. ‘ W arm .

Stato University of
March 4,18l0.

The faoulty met in
Gymnasium In11n1nn in "
those prosr,vnt beingPr18
”n11 , Pagtmwoon, Vtyot
NOENCOG, Eiiitt, ZoWovo
Gorbusiot, Maxoon, Hooper,





11011153 , .1" rink; l ,
Jonza, Terrell.


Ttuazninut1-N of tlya v 1u1t xi “ob:~w:*y Kirot
1 roam and approved. 1 1 *1oont th;n called
1o? the tapOVto of committees in ornor;

Gonnnitmcwoo IL, 23 and 5 ha. 2,111 no reports to make.

" Prof:asor findc3812a ohu1tman, rep rte;
soooo“ Zemb:rod as 1pn3nuoo herewith. After
‘Lon it ”as ordoved ulzon motion that the
111nding to the faculty that no student

at the uw11nning of his Senior yea: be so at; ide1oda

monfi er of th: senior 0 ans if he is boning 111hio work
bo retested back to tho commit too for furtho: considera»
tion, and it 1am furtnor ordoxed that the remainder 01


tho topovt b1: roooived and1“1l:d


For Committee 33 upon (11$; Standing Professor
okonzie reported that it m11s recommended that all inw
:1”UCt -ors ohould confine tho examinations at the close
f the winter term to the hours Within which theI recita—
ions are usuallv held. Ha royortod also thattl1MMw
ownitteo had had under "ono1wn‘atlon 1:ho oonurovnrsv
at on P:rofo ossor Anderson not D1013530” renoo and t11at
how were noarlv ready to report out asked for further


r» >-

(T’V' C L 2

if [oh/(105 11‘,

1+ If!“ C4 Q

Committoos G, 7, S and 9 made no report. Conruittzae
10 upon Athletics made no report, but Mrs.3t0ut at th1s
juncture entered into a somewhat extended discussion 0.
the volaticns of the Athletic Connzlttoo r1d 1191éoolf to
th: games played by the bus.ket ba«l t=am. She PVM1ossod

bntinf, corrobo.:1tod by testimony whioh She You;
authorities upon the subject, t‘nat the 31m of bnokot


_ was a severe one for voung women and should be strictly
wooed to avoifi 1;-jmfv to thooo partioipating it 1
further ata Cd that the notion whereby the a;
conduct of oaskot oal.l had Eton transferred from h»
to tho Athletioo “onu1ttr1 had M elv nu111iiodm1 1
Hence among tho young vow)“ of an; ”n“vo*,1tv and she
bean given 1 )eath evidence qu1ingth1 past £01 months
at hot authorttr woo largely difif”"‘fu9d among tho young



M155 Boboio fiaydon was befovo the faculty o 11n the
diwouooion and axplainod tho position of hots ol” no her

"L ..
assooia :5 to basket ball in rofovonco to tnis COHtTOVOYSV.
She ota ad that any dietogfird of the directions of ”rs.
Stout was due to the _Euot that she ;upposod 1_&t 1
981tf11nin” to athletics tho Ath13t1o 101m111oo w
I r-


ofL1»T MFl snpotior o1 ».F.Sto1m



Mrs.Stout 3:1leo131
oipline ot1sting in tho gymn¢31n1
she #11111 31191" pupils had boon. s11?) 31:1
annowanocs by the nnseomly coniwot 0;

.tv m1ion Aloo ” do look of 413v

' " =5T15 ad that
root mont and
a who were in





 W ‘aumwxiWH-Y




v "71»
rinu‘3” u? find cmu.Ltv. Haven 4,1910.
dmtwin‘: tT1e ’if};¥§ f 1f j!01:1; IVONMBH.
mewrkv cf 30v Corbusiav ex
.‘md 71716113011211 Vim t'711'l'y to prawn-3171.;
t1‘1ehn1'1L1r-1 :31“ , 4n ‘77'r7'Y13‘ the gyrrmz:
women and beli- M” 11at any annoyances
‘ - ' " fasuited from
1N1 13,1 >er3m 7u1n 1.w13 I1ot 01 on;1
.1 mad bvan in@03731d upon thfin,
“ ° ” " of the Univevs

harrilead the ~
pOF'Si‘c-le to meat 133%:3'1
:Y1Y33 bath to the 77011111727 of
the cont-mats for" playing




“(on 0Y1 717111 to mnetim
0711731 teams.


the r1017?"
Izost+IJL‘Ilead 7 71‘: .1


{30071-311111'7/ 01"." 1:113 E‘s-“Loumtf.

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