that Taylor, Little and Barker were thieves; gave Gregg leave of absence; said Todd had been elected captain of the band, 446; Todd admitted he was afraid of; Potter's version of' Todd's being ordered out of camp, 448; shot at Todd in camp in Texas; Gregg's account of the separation of Todd and Quantrill, 449; driven out of camp by Todd; humiliated; an outcast in Missouri, 450; kidnapped Kate Clarke; took her and went to Howard county, 451; took part in attack on Fayette; defeated; low estate of; Fayette last fight he was in in Missouri, 452; contemptuous treatment of by Todd and Anderson, 453; took no part whatever in Price's invasion; despised Shelby; seen by C. W. "Wright in Howard county; seemed afraid and without place to stop, 455; saw in deaths of Todd and Anderson and destruction of armies of Shelby and Price his own advancement; sent Kate Clarke to St. Louis; went to Jackson county and took chargo of old band; planned trip to Kentucky; object of trip, 456; object of trip as told by Akers; names of men who went with; represented his men as part of Fourth Missouri Cavalry and himself as Captain Clarke, 457; did not intend to go to Kentucky; captured Federal force at Tuscumbia, 458; when and where crossed the Mississippi, 459; arrived in Green River country; murdered a number of men; false story concerning, 460; robbed and murdered in   Kentucky;   uncertainty of

movements of; men of killed by Bridgewater; operated with Jerome Clarke (Sue Munday), 461; pushed and harried; in various towns always in retreat; plundered Hickman; escaped barefooted in snow, 462; appearance of in Spencer county; protected Long or Parmer for shooting Federal to get horse, 463; quarreled with Peyton Long; revealed his identity to Bridge-water and stood by Parmer; urged to surrender Parmer or kill him; poetry of; last scrap of writing of, 464; at house of Jonathan Davis day after President Lincoln was assassinated; drunk; exulting over Lincoln's death, 465; the fatalist; horse of absorbed his traits; horse became a guerrilla; hamstrung and ruined in shoeing, 466; when told that horse was hamstrung said his death was near; saw vengeance impending; instrument of vengeance; more about horse of, 467; account of wounding of in National Tribune; Terrill commissioned to kill or capture by General John M. Palmer, 469; wont up Salt river; what he said to Wakefield, 471; sleeping in hay-loft; number of men of at time of attack; said that he was on his way to surrender when attacked, 473; horse of not used to battle and escaped from; ran on foot to overtake his men; tried to mount behind Glasscock; tried to mount behind Hockensmith; . fatally wounded; robbed; bribed Terrill to leave him at Wakefield's, 474; physician sent to attend; wound fatal; spoke of mother and sister